Friday, August 31

Newspaper and Magazine Share Tips and Rumours

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Stocks to Watch

Newspaper and Magazine Share Tips


Buy – Addax Petroleum (AXC), Hardy Underwriting (HDU), Griffin Mining (GFM), Education Development International (EDD), Trading Emissions (TRE)
Sell – Corporate Services (CSV).

Tip Updates:
Buy – Shire (SHP), Leyshon Resources (LRL), Media surface (MSR)
High Enough – Scisys (SSY)
Sell – Avis Europe (AVE), Sci Entertainment (SEG).


Tempus Column:
Diageo (DGE) – Buy
RCG Holdings (RCG) – Long-term hold
Venture production (VPC) – Buy.

Tiddler to Watch:
Vislink (VLK).

Other news:
Vitec (VTC) interims may surprise on Monday, thought to have £170-million cash, available for acquisitions


Questor Column:
Diageo (DGE) – Hold
Serco (SRP) - Buy.

Other news:

BG (BG) rises as takeover talk resumes.

Investment :
BBA Aviation (BBA) – Buy
Hunting (HTG) - Buy.

Other news:
BG Group (BG) up on talks of Chinese suitor.


Other news:
Punters have taken a liking to Churchill Mining (CHL)
Cycladic has its eye on Evolution (EVG).

Share Whisper:
Vislink (VLK) rumoured to be considering more acquisitions in the US.

Oher news:
DSG (DSGI): Christmas bonanza in store.

Thursday, August 30

Worms in Chinese Chocolates

Stock Market News

Worms and Maggots in Chinese Chocolate

People in South Korea have been disgusted to find worms, maggots and moths in their favourite chocolates from China.

The chocolates were made in China as an imitation of a famous international brand of chocolates, that look like a rock and whose name begings with F.

The maggots were seen wriggling in tiny holes in the chocolate, they had even manage dto finish off some of the chocolate rocks completely (very fattening!).

A professor at Eulji University, said the larvae were of Plodia Interpun : "It seems to be seriously contaminated during the manufacturing process since the larvae of Plodia Interpun were found."

One consumer was told by the manufacturers to take the chocolates back to China if he wanted compensation.

After contaminated toothpaste, paint on children’s toys and bibs with lead in it, cars that are destroyed on impact Chinese manufacturing is fast losing all credibility.

Toothpaste, sweets, tyres and medicine exported from China in recent months have been found to be faulty.

Although, some people have also found worms in a local Korean-made brand of chocolate. They don’t say if the worms are edible or not though.

Buy Low Sell High Make Money - Free Trial Offer

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Buy Low and Sell High

Buy low sell high, that's all you need to do to make money on the stockmarket. All you've got to do is follow the system devised by Benjamin Graham and made available now by Philip Durell of Inside Value. If you sign up for the 30-day free trial of Invest Value you get access to the 'discounted cash flow calculator', which tells you how much a company is worth today based on the amount of cash it will generate. This allows you to find companies which are on offer at cheaper than what they are actually worth.

I haven't signed up for the free offer. It is recommended by The Motley Fool but it will require you to enter your credit card details.

Magazine and Newspaper Share Tips

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Stock Market Tips

Newspaper and Magazine Share Tips


Sell - Cadbury (CBRY).
Buy – Unilever (ULVR).

Plays Update:
Buy - Education Development (EDD), Jacques Vert (JQV).

Buy – Sondex (SDX), Autonomy (AU.), Britvic (BVIC), Guinness Peat (GPG), Galiform (GFRM), JJB Sports (JJB), Detica (DCA), Premier Foods (PFD).

Index Plays:
Sell – FTSE-100.

Short-term plays:
Buy – 3i Group (III), Carphone Warehouse (CPW).
Sell BAT’s (BATS).

Tempus Column:
Segro (SGRO) – Hold.
Whitbread (WTB) – Hold.
PartyGaming (PRTY) - High-risk buy for the brave

Tiddler :
Clipper Ventures (CLV).

Other news:

Intercede (IGP) rumoured to have signed a £500,000 contract.

Lex :
Six months after crisis at QWIL, another Cheyne Capital sponsored listed vehicle is in deep doo doo.
Asian subprime – Asian banks are left holding securities backed by US subprime mortgages

Other news:
PartyGaming (PRTY) needs US DoJ settlement.
Segro (SGRO) European business outshines UK .
Aricom (TIO) concerns ‘overdone’.
Robert Walters (RWA) up, on bet on results.


LogicaCMG (LOG) – Hold.
G4S (GFS) – Hold.

Other news:
PartyGaming (PRTY) fighting back after US ban on online gambling . (I wonder why they did that ?)


Buy Boot (Henry Boot (BHY)).

Managers buy up stake in Standard Life (SL.).

Share Whisper:
Petrel Resources (PET) rises on speculation that some major cos. are looking to tap in to Iraq’s vast black gold potential.

Further news:
Bright future predicted at Standard Life (SL.).

Investment :
Lonmin (LMI) – Sell.
Johnston Press (JPR) – Hold.
Irish Life & Permanent (IPM) - Buy.

Rebound despite fresh subprime fears.
Liquidity crisis could lead to a $43-billion ‘firesale’.

The Dow gained 247.44-points, to close at 13289.29, the Nasdaq added 62.52 to 2563, while the S&P put on 31.40 to close at 1463.76.
Copper prices to remain volatile, says Antofagasta (ANTO).

Wednesday, August 29

Digital TV for a Tenner from Tesco

Online Stock Trading - Digital TV

Digital TV for a Tenner!

Tesco has launched the cheapest digital set-top box in the UK, costing just £10 ($20).
The digital TV box, which is made by Techwood, offers the standard 40 digital terrestrial TV channels which are free to view as well as numerous radio stations.

The small margins mean the product is loss leader, but Tesco says it is designed to help customers make the digital switchover, how nice of them, I had no idea Tesco was such a philanthropic organization !

By 2012, the analogue TV signal will be switched off in the UK and we will have to use digital TV services. The digital switchover will begin in the north-west of England in Whitehaven on October 17.

Once people have bought a a Freeview box there is nothing further to pay, except of course the licence fee, which we all pay here in the UK (if you have TV).

"We know that many of our customers aren't ready for the change … so to get them prepared for the switchover from analogue to digital, we're offering this digital TV technology at the lowest price ever," a Tesco spokesman said.

Ford Ennals, the CEP of Digital UK, the organization responsible for promoting digital TV said "We've seen the cheapest digital box go from £100 to £10 in just five years, and this is further proof that going digital needn't be expensive," said "We're now working with Tesco and the other supermarkets to help them provide switchover information in their stores."

The previous cheapest set-top box offered by Tesco was £19.99, the same as rivals Comet and Argos.

From a stockmarket point of view Tesco has suffered along with everyone else over the last couple of months, which is a little odd given that they are seen as a defensive stock.

Online Gaming Company Beats Expectations

Online Trading

Online Gaming Company Beats Expectations

PartyGaming surprised analysts by posting first-half revenues higher than the forecast $203.6m.

The main reason behind PartyGaming's better than expected performance was the expansion in casino games, with revenues more than trebling to $64.6m. Poker, which is still responsible for just over 60% of cash profits, had more modest growth, with revenues up 8% at PartyPoker.
In the last 6 months, PartyGaming has worked hard to to widen its customer base and the products on offer, in order to make up for its forced withdrawal from the US after it passed laws against online gambling, in a move many see as having nothing to do with the US dislike of gambling but a lot to do with its dislike of online gambling run by non-US companies.

PartyGaming now has poker operations in 13 languages, it has acquired two casino businesses, Empire Online and Intercontinental Online, and is develping its sport betting division.

The group will soon be opening an office in Asia, and is exploring the possibilities for forming alliances with larger gaming groups as a so-called "white label", branding its own platform and technology for use by other companies.

Numis has a forecast of full-year earnings per share of 2 cents (12.4 cents in 2006), which is expected to rise to 3.4 cents in 2008.

PartyGaming CEO Mitch Garber said:

"In the four weeks ended 26 August 2007, average gross daily revenue was $1,418,000, a 1% decrease over July, but reflecting the peak holiday period in Europe. In poker, new player sign-ups averaged 1,138 per day and there were on average 59,000 active players per day, generating average gross daily revenue of $854,000. In casino, average gross daily revenue was $501,000 per day while in sports betting, gross win per day was $56,000 per day. "

"Over the coming weeks and months we expect to announce a number of further important business alliances with leading companies around the world that will help us to promote and grow our business. While the important fourth quarter lies ahead, the Board remains confident about the Group's prospects for the full year."

PartyGaming's share price has fallen regularly since it peaked at over 160p a year ago but today it has risen 24% - perhaps the recovery is finally underway? There is also talk of consolidation within the sector.

2 month candlestick chart

FTSE Recovers from Early Losses

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Stock Market News

FTSE Recovers from Early Losses

After starting the day down, following-on from Wallt Street and the Nikkei the FTSE has recovered to climb 0.3% to 6122, partly as a result of a recovery in financial stocks.

Aberdeen Asset Management (ADN) is up 3% at 168.5p, Investec (INVP) is up 1.5% to 525p.

Banks have also been recovering somewhat, with Barclays rising 1.9 per cent to 600p. Rises are however still very small and wil no doubt all change if the US turns negative.

Good interim results from Whitbread, with strong like-for-like sales growth of 11.3% also lifted the markets.

Mining stocks are also helping keep the FTSE above water Antofagasta is currently up 2% to 697p on strong interim earnings growth. Xstrata is up 0.5% at 2840p. Anglo American was up 0.3 per cent at £27.55. BHP Billiton is up 1,6% at 1384p

Worries for the economy persist however as the FED said that problems in credit markets worldwide “might require a policy response”.

BHP Billitonis often cited as being the pick of the mining bunch and certainly its chart looks like a recovery could be underway.

Dow futures are indicating a 75 point higher opening.

Tuesday, August 28

Shares Magazine Free Subscription Offer

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Shares Magazine Free Subscription Offer

Shares magazine is offering a free 4-week subscription to its magazine. Shares magazine is one of the two best-known magazines in the UK dealing with the stockmarket for the private investor. The offer has no strings attached, they don't ask for a credit card number, you just put in an address and an e-mail address and off you go.

The magazine looks good too, like the actual print version, not just a page of grey and white text. So I highly recommend you have a look at it and I don't even get a commission.

Sunday, August 26

Sunday Newspaper Share Tips

Stock Market Investing - Newspaper Share Tips

Sunday Newspaper Share Tips

After the recent carnage people have been out bargain hunting some of the newspapers think they have found some, I will try and put up some charts later on, I'm a bit busy with the day job at the moment.

Sunday Telegraph

Balfour Beatty –Oriel Securities rate it a “high conviction buy”. Sunday Telegraph agrees (for the long-term)

Sell- Punch taverns
Buy- Legal & General
Buy on weakness - Hochchild Mining
Keep buying - Biffa

The Sunday Times

Ten bargains
Marks & Spencer – Michael Page – Charter – British Airways – Millennium & Copthorne – BP – William Morrison – Legal & General - Royal Bank of Scotland

Mail on Sunday

Buy - Jelf Group
Buy- Hat Pin – Buy

Merrill Lynch intends bringing two Russian property companies to London’s main market – it hopes this will prove to be the catalyst to revive the new listings market

Northern Trust will be outsourcing work to India, but says there will not be hundreds of British jobs lost

Friday, August 24

Really Useful Stock Traders Sites

24 August 2007 - 14:40

Really Useful Stock Traders Sites

I have been trying to put together a definitive list of stockmarket and investment news, information, real-time quotes, forex sites etc.... It was taking me a long time, but fortunately I no longer have to. I happened upon the following excellent site that's done it all already !

Day Traders

Don't let the 'forex' in the blog title fool you, the list is not just about forex, in fact it is very little about forex, it's about every sort of financial site and it is long and comprehensive. So check it out.

Newspaper and Magazine Share Tips and Rumours

Online Stock Trading - Stock Picks


Sell - Mitchells & Butlers (MAB).
Buy – Amlin (AML), Inspicio (INP), 600 Group (SIXH), Healthcare Locums (HLO), Universe (UNG).

Tip Updates:
Buy – Hampson (HAMP), Oakdene (OKD), Speymill (SYG).
Sell - British Energy (BGY).
Good value - Invu (NVU).
Fairly priced - Vanco (VAN).

Company News:
Buy – Persimmon (PSN), WPP (WPP), Brazilian Diamonds (BDY), Nufcor Uranium (NU.), Hichens Harrison (HICH), Southern Bear (STBR), Xpertise (XPG), Brixton (BXTN).

Bank of America/Countrywide - BoA uses strong balance sheet to get attractive deal from Countrywide Financial .

Further news:
Takeover rumours around Abbot Group (ABG).
Output doubts hit ReneSola (SOLA).
Solar Integrated Technologies (SIT) advances on rumours a construction company wants a 29% stake.

Ukraine asset sale hopes boost Regal Petroleum (RPT).

Tempus :
Avoid - Rentokil (RTO).
Buy - Cape (CIU).
Avoid - Photo-Me International (PHTM).

Tiddler to Watch:
STM Group (STM).

Further news:
Northern Rock (NRK) retreats from sub-prime market.
More rumours of talks with Carlsberg help Scottish & Newcastle (SCTN).
Tech Data boost for Datatec (DTC).

Hold - Rentokil (RTO).
Hold - National Grid (NG.).

Further news:
Northern Rock (NRK) attracts Dutch admirer.

Calm returns, but not over yet.

Photo-Me (PHTM) boss finally faces the chop.

Buy - National Grid (NG.).
Buy - NETeller (NLR).
Buy - Clinphone (CNP).

At a Glance:
First in class (First Derivatives (FDP)).

Further news:
Top CDO resignation fuels Barcap debt fears.
ReneSola (SOLA) has lost its shine.
Small firms could lose free banking.

Share Whisper:
Rumours of bid by Pfizer (PFZ) lift Silence Therapeutics (SLN).

British Airways (BAY) $300 million fine - pleads guilty to fixing prices.
ING says not interested in Northern Rock (NRK).
BAE (BA.) wins $368-million contract with Royal Navy.
Eleco (ELCO) advises shareholders to be careful after some approached for an unsolicited sale .
Irvine Energy (IVE) to raise £1.5 million via issue of 66.72-million shares at 2.25p.
Mitie Group (MTO) to buy stakes in 4 units for £6.6-million cash and stock.

Dow closed down 0.25 points at 13235.88, Nasdaq lost 11 points to 2541, S&P fell 1.5 points to 1462.50.
Top Republicans call for Iraq pull-out.
Data on business investment from the Office for National Statistics suggest slowing economy.
US FED adds $17.25 billion liquidity to markets and announces 2nd Treasury bill redemption.
Countrywide Financial chief says sub-prime crisis will drag America into recession.
US first-time jobless falls to 322,000 vs 320,000 expected.
Australia to crack down on Chinese clothing and textile products after excessive levels of the cancer-causing agent formaldehyde were found in blankets.

Wednesday, August 22

Broker Stockmarket Recommendations

Online Stock Trades - Stock Market Tips


After all the stockmarket turmoil of recent weeks with the FTSE and DOW down around 10%, here's what the brokers say. I'll have a look at some of the 'buys' as I haven't got anything to sell (and shorts are too risky for me) or 'hold'.

Citigroup repeats hold on Brixton (BXTN) (price target is cut to 460p from 520p) - buy Weir Group (WEIR) (price target cut to 770p from 805p) and Persimmon (PSN) (price target 1716p).

Daniel Stewart has started coverage of Prodesse (PRD) with a buy recommendation and 500p target – repeats buy on Imperial Energy (IEC).
- buy Quintain (QED).

Cazenove repeats outperform rating on Northern Rock (NRK) [UPDATE Holy Bankrupt Bankers Batman ! Cazenove really outdid themselves on this one !] and in-line for HSBC (HSBA).

Deutsche upgrades Reuters (RTR) to buy from hold (target raised to 740p from 650p) - downgrades Pearson (PSON) to hold from buy (target cut to 915p from 930p).
- buy JKX Oil (JKX) (415p target).

Evolution repeats buy BHP Billiton (BLT) (1700p target) and says add ICI (ICI) (675p target).
- reduce Sainsbury (SBRY) (465p target) - buy Tullow Oil (TLW) (500p target), Venture Productions (VPC) (779p target) and Waterman (WTM) (225p target).

Credit Suisse repeats neutral stance on BP (BP.) (target cut by 4% to 615p) - outperform on Shell (RDSA) (price target cut by 2% to 2150p).

ING repeats buy Standard Life (SL.) (360p price target).

WH Ireland repeats market perform on Formation Group (FRM).

Goldman neutral on Sage Group (SGE) (price target cut to 250p from 275p) and Weir Group (WEIR) (price cut to 710p from 740p).

KBC Peel Hunt says buy Tullow Oil (TLW) and Venture Production (VPC).

Landsbanki downgrades Corporate Services (CSV) to hold from buy - initiates coverage of IQE (IQE) with a buy recommendation
- repeats hold BHP Billiton (BLT) and buy on Hidefield Gold (HIF).

Merrill repeats buy Weir Group (WEIR) (target raised to 800p from 785p) and sell Antofagasta (ANTO).

Morgan Stanley upgrades Kesa Electricals (KESA) to equal-weight from underweight (300p target).

JP Morgan overweight Punch Taverns (PUB) (1600p target) and overweight easyJet (EZJ) and Ryanair (RYA).

Panmure Gordon repeats buy Delek Global Real Estate (DGRE) (248p target) and says buy EBT Mobile China (EBT) (36p target) and Persimmon (PSN) (1423p target).
- hold Stagecoach (SGC) (214p target).

UBS repeats buy Persimmon (PSN) (target cut to 1400p from 1435p) - prefers BP (BP.) (buy 655p target) over Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA).
Seymour Pierce repeats outperform H&T Group (HAT) and says sell Lonmin (LMI).

NYSE shares closed mixed - conflicting signals on the FED and whether they would move again on the credit crunch. Dow Jones closed down 30.5 points at 13091, Nasdaq was up 12 -points to 2521, S&P closed up 1.5-points at 1447.

Monday, August 20

Spreadbetters and Traders Lose Money!

Online Stock Trading - Spreadbetting

Spreadbetters and Traders Lose Money!

Simon Bowers in the Guardian said on Saturday that spreadbetters and traders apparently had a terrible day last Thursday, one of the worst ever in fact. Both professional traders and amateur investors bet ‘aggressively’ that the stockmarket would recover only to discover, too late, that the FTSE 100 had its sharpest decline in over 4 years.

If so many traders were betting on a rise in the markets, then who was selling stock ? If so many people were buying, then you would expect the markets to go up. But apparently not, there must have been a whole load of ‘other traders’ who were selling even more aggressively than the first lot were buying. In which case it makes no sense to say that traders were aggressively buying, as there must have been others with deeper pockets selling even more.

That’s how it works isn’t it ? Markets rise when there are more buyers than sellers and vice versa. Yet people were aggressively buying and the markets went down. It makes no sense. It almost makes you think that the markets are being manipulated to cause the greatest number of people to lose the greatest amount of money.

No doubt my reasoning is too simplistic.

But I will add another simplistic thought, if somebody is losing all this money, then somebdy else is winning it. The money isn't just disappearing into a black hole, it's going into somebody's pockets. Into the market makers, i.e. the very people who set the prices ?

Will Armitage, at IG Index, said that heavy losses for traders "would have been industry-wide".
Fearless traders apaprently rushed in to bet that markets would bounce sharply after the previous day’s losses.

But in a strange reversal of logic, aggressive bets on a rebound coincided with a 4% drop in the FTSE 100.

Simon Denham, of Capital Spreads, said: "Wise traders would still be sitting on their hands unless there is a specific reason for being in the market. The present situation is as random as I have seen it for years and holding positions in virtually anything is a white-knuckle ride."

"Some punters made very good money but, in the main, most were caught in the headlights and run down."

Another senior fund manager said "Anyone who claims they know what is going on is lying."

Anybody who does know what is going on please leave a comment below, 'cause I would love to know.

Saturday, August 18

Newspaper Share Tips and Rumours

Online Trading - Stock Picks

Stocks to Watch

Newspaper Share Tips and Rumours

Avoid Jessops but hold if you've already got them -
Buy 3i
Infrastrucutre - Invest in Mirland

Tiddler to watch

Buy International Ferro Metals –
Buy Greene King

High volume helps broker ICAP –
Kelda and Severn Trent up on merger speculation

Are Stocks Cheap Enough Now ?

Online Stock Trading - Inesting in Stocks

Are Stocks Cheap Enough Now ?

After the recent stockmarket turbulence, the sharp falls in the DOW, FTSE, Nasdaq, Nikkei etc... and the Fed's decision to cut its discount rate, Shannon Zimmerman over at the Motley Fool in an article entitled Steal These Stocks says that there are some bargain stocks around now that are looking good enough to ‘steal’

The original article was written on 12 December 2006, but given recent stockmarket events it has been updated.

The stocks he recommends are :-

ExxonMobil (XOM), Bank of America (BAC), and ConocoPhillips (COP) as their P/Es are currently below the P/E of the S&P 500 but also their own 5-year averages.

If you are more adventurous he says you could also look into stocks like Intel (INTC), Sony (SNE) and Qualcomm (QCOM). They each have 5-year earnings-growth forecast of 15% or higher -- and a P/E better than the market average.

Personally I am inclined to still hang back a bit although I may have a short-term punt to see if I can make a quick buck, but if things start pointing down the pan again I’ll be out very quick. Consensus seems to be that volatility will continue until September or mid-September, depending on who you listen to. [UPDATE Ha ha - looks like all the stock market experts got it wrong]

For Art Hogan's view take a look at What is the Fed Discount Rate? And Art Hogan

, , , ,

Friday, August 17

What is the Fed Discount Rate ? And Art Hogan

Internet Stock Trading - FED Rates

What is the Fed Discount Rate ? And Art Hogan

The discount rate, also known as the window discount rate or the discount window is the interest that the Fed charges any bank that borrows money from the Fed. It is called a discount rate although it is actually higher than the normal rate. There used to be a stigma attached to borrowing from the Fed at a cut rate so a few years back the Fed increased the rate to above the normal rate, saying that it was willing to lend money to banks but they would have to pay for it.

Now by cutting the discount rate by half a percentage point to 5.75% the Fed is making money more easily to the banks which have been suffering from the inability to get credit from each other .

This time round the Federal Reserve Board said it was acting to "promote the restoration of orderly conditions in financial markets." The Fed also increased the time period from overnight to 30 days.

The cut in the discount rate instead of the fed funds rate, indicates that the Fed believes problems are being experienced in the financial system, not in the economy as a whole. The reduction in the discount rate makes funds available to banks, without affecting consumer and commercial interest rates, although many people are now expecting a cut in the fed funds rates in September.

The timing of the cut, before the markets opened was also significant, as it meant that lots of people who were short (i.e. they were selling stocks they didn’t actually owned) were caught out as shares prices soared before they could buy them back.

Ben Bernanke also said he would take further measures as necessary, so shorters will need to be wary.

Art Hogan, who has an uncanny knack of getting things right, was just on CNBC saying that the message from the Fed is clear :- liquidity will be more readily available and less expensive, the Fed does not want problems in the finance sector to affect the economy. He doesn’t see this move as being a prelude to a base rate cut in September, as the Fed is still concerned about the weak dollar and inflation. This move gives the economy room to breathe and there will be a positive reaction near-term. Fed is saying it will act as necessary, there should be a bit of a bounce, but the move up will not significant until we get more clarity, which should be sometime in September, end of 3rd quarter, before we can decide where the bargains are – should not be much impact on consumers.

So wait till September although there should be a bounce over next few days. Jim Cramer says today will see the greatest Dow point move ever ! We shall see.

Fed Cuts Window Discount Rates

Online Stock Trading - FED Rate Cuts

Fed Cuts Window Discount Rates

The Federal Reserve has announced that it is cutting the so-called window discount rate by 0.5% to 5.75% , in reaction to concerns about the subprime lending crisis and volatility in the financial markets.

The fed funds rate has not been cut.

The Fed said it took the move to "promote the restoration of orderly conditions in financial markets."

It also said that "financial market conditions have deteriorated, and tighter credit conditions and increased uncertainty have the potential to restrain economic growth going forward."

Adding "although recent data suggest that the economy has continued to expand at a moderate pace, the Federal Open Market Committee judges that the downside risks to growth have increased appreciably".

It also indicated that it was ready to take more action if required.

The timing, before the markets opened, was also designed to catch shorters off-balance. DOW futures have risen sharply, the FTSE has gone from fdown 30 to up 189 - it was up over 230 at one point.

Art Cashin says : "it's very unusual to cut the FED discount rate - banks don't like using it as it dras attention to themselves but it is the right thing to do - it is still above fed funds rate - shows Fed may do more down the road - Yen is still critical "

People have reacted very favourably - Bernanke seen as being a maestro.

Newspaper and Magazine Share Tips and Rumours

Online Stock Trading - Stocks and Shares

Stock Market News

Hello welcome to my amateur ramblings about the stock market. These are interesting times !

Newspaper and Magazine Share Tips and Rumours

Yes, there are still some share tips ! Personally I'm sitting on the sidelines as there is just too much volatility around, my own personal favourite Silence Therapeutics (SLN) has taken an absolute hammering for no apparent reason down from 145p to 65p in the last couple of weeks and down 20% two days in a row. I was tempted to buy in at 100p ! Fortunately for me I resisted the temptation.

Buy – Hays (HAS), Bellway (BWY), MyHome International (MYH), Hydro International (HYD).
Sell – Computacenter (CCC), Mariana Resources (MARL).

Tip Updates:
Buy – Maxima (MXM), Land Securities (LAND), Kingspan (KGP), Chieftain (CFT).
Sell - Micro Focus (MCRO).

High enough - Highland Gold Mining (HGM).

Company News:
Buy – Ladbrokes (LAD), Aviva (AV.), Rok (ROK), Leadcom Integrated Solutions (LEAD), LSL Property Services (LSL), Libra Natural Resources (LNR), Reflec (REF), County Contract Centres (CUY), Portmeirion (PMP), Balfour Beatty (BBY).

Lombard Column:
British Land (BLND) fall overdone.

Further news:
British Energy (BGY) output warning.
Markets suffer but belief persists in real economy.

Tempus :
British Land (BLND) attractively priced for the brave investor.
Hold - Psion (PON).
Avoid - British Energy (BGY).

Tiddler to Watch:
Dori Media (DMG).

Other news:
Traders expect CSR (CSR) to issue disappointing figures

More FTSE falls to come.
GCap (GCAP) is not walking on air.

Questor :
Markets: stay on board as equities head for stormy waters.

Investment :
Hold - British Energy (BGY).
Hold - Northern Rock (NRK).
Sell - Climate Exchange (CLE).

Other news:
Alliance & Leicester (AL.) slumps on bid skepticism.

Share Whisper:
New Star (NSAM) and Bluebay (BBAY) asset managers seen as attractive medium-term buys- 12 months.

A Macquarie consortium is said to be considering a £4-billion bid for Southern Water.
Smith & Nephew recalls hip implants after mix-up.
Cable & Wireless wins 3-year multi-million pound contract with Virgin.
GlaxoSmithKline and Baxter in £155-million flu vaccine deal.
Morgan Sindall unit and Amec win £134 million East Dunbartonshire schools project.
Rolls-Royce wins $296-million technology research programme with USAF.
Creative Education (CEC) refinancing talks have failed - shares suspended.

Dow down 15 points at 12845, Nasdaq lost 7 points to 2451.07, S&P up 4.5 points to 1411.
Moody's lowers Countryside Financial's debt rating to BAA3 from A3 as it borrows $11.5 bn from 40 banks.

Analysts Analysis on CNBC Powerlunch

Stock Investing - Stock Market Analysis

Stock Market News

Analysts' Analysis on CNBC Powerlunch

First a breakdown of US markets - futures all over this place this morning - plummeted in last hour - Moody's has cut piggy back loans (taken out at same time as primary mortage to finance down payment) - GM says market turmoil could hurt auto sales

Analysts were :-

Paul Tcherkow Bank of Tokyo - Mitsubishi -
"exporters have been on holiday this week and when they come back next week they will panic - more volatility next week - thinks FED will cut rates because of credit crunch - banks not lending to each other "

Andy Lynch - Schroders -
"lot of fear around because banks don't know who has problems - but won't spill over into the real economy - lower near-term, up by end of the year - doesn't think FED will have emergency rate cut - if it starts to affect real economy then FED might act- indices may drop another 5 - 6 % "

Elissa Bayer - Insinger de Beaufort -
"expects more days like this - banks made lots of bad loans - market was due for a correction and a reality check - some products are so complicated they can't be unwound - things should calm down by end of month - and should not affect rest of economy - doesn't think FED should make emergency rate cut - "

Q : Good level for long term ?
EB - get quality companies - wait till end of month -
AL - foreced sellers wil carry on for next 5 - 10 days - sitting on sidelines for the moment
PT - if FED doesn't act there will be a US recession - not buying at the moment - in cash - buy Euros. but not yet

Q : British Energy down 30% - is it a buy ?
AL - No - Elec price going up but BE have significant problems with their fleet but harder than they thought it would be - too risky - lots of liabilities re. nuclear waste - not confident
EB - go back to fundamentals - BE was not on most people's buying list - BE has too many problems - not a buying opportunity
PT - lot of froth in energy and commodity markets - could be sold aggresively to raise cash - oil price still relatively strong could be $20 too high - if there is a US recession all commodities could be hit

EB - doesn't agree there will be a commodity crisis - strong correction but market could bounce and there is quite lot of cash about
PT - neg equity in housing market - consumers will find new credit hard + houses going down - small businesses starved of new credit - so US economy could prove weaker than people expect

Q : ING Bank a buy ?
AL - they will be affected - have some subprime exposure - but medium long-term it is cheap

Q : Premier Foods ?
EB - says a weak stock - well-document problems - avoid stocks that were already falling before recent problems
AL - AB Foods is a much better play

Q : Why are economists saying fundamentals are good ? Isn't market looking forward into future ?
AL - current events are short-term panic and fear, not deterioration in fundamentals - not acting in forward-looking mode but in panic mode
PT - market is prescient - saying things not nearly as good as people thought
EB - activity in market way above fundamental considerations - perfectly good stocks getting hammered due to factors outside of what is going on in the economy

Q : Share Buy Backs ?
EB - not necessarily bad - but will probably stop soon - check each co. on its merits

Q : Which sectors ? Buy stock exchanges ?
AL - all stock exchanges are very expensive - takeover premium priced in, which could well go away - if there is a recession there will be lower volumes - even insolvency practitioners a bit overpriced

Top Tip
AL - don't panic out of high quality cos.
EB - cash over next few weeks - go for quality companies, not second line and unmarketable companies - still likes commodities
PT - fav. currency after dust settles euro against dollar - pound against dollar

All in all PT was more negative than EB and AL who both thought this was a short-term correction, which would give buying opportunities towards end of the month. Also said buy quality companies which were not falling before this correction started.
Have a nice day !

Thursday, August 16

DOW Surges Back up - Hewlett has Blow-Out Third Quarter

Internet Stock Trading - The Stock Market

Stock Market Report

DOW Storms Back 350 Points - HP Exceptional Third Quarter

The DOW hit 12,518 on the downside before rebounding to almost 12,800 before bouncing back down to 12,550 before bouncing back 350 points to around 20 points up although it finished down 14.

It was down 343 points at 1 p.m. before the financials led a late day rally to send the DOW into positive territory in the last hour. It finished down around 14 points.

Some people are saying the bottom has been ut in with a 10% correction from the highs.

Countrywide is however down 60% from its high of the year.

Bob Pisani says : record volume, some people short-covering to raise cash, no rollover at the close, financials short squeeze, fannie mae in constructive talks with regulators to add more mortgages, Bear Stearns moved up 12%.

Nasdaq dropped below 200 day MA but moved back above it at the finish. 10% correction but still +ve on the year, Etrade says it has seen no material changes to date,

Hewlett Packard announces blow-out third quarter. 0.71 actual vs. 0.66 estimated.Techs now being cited as a 'safe haven' by many.
Amazing performance in PCs.

Possible capitulation in the market seen today.

Markets Plunge Again - Newspaper Tips and Rumours

Stock Trading - The Stock Market

Stock Market News

Markets Plunge Again - Newspaper Tips and Rumours

Amid a sea of red in stockmarkets around the world with the FTSE down 221 the CAC down 173 and the DAX down 187 and the DOW expected to open up 129 down here are the newspaper tips and recommendations, which are surprisingly upbeat, but they were written yesterday.

Predicting is a mug's game of course but I predict a return of Hugh Hendry to our television screens, he hasn't been on for quite a few weeks, but I suspect they will want him on to tell everybody how well he's been doing. He's always good for winding people up!


Beat the credit crunch with these cash rich minnows:
Datacash (DATA) - Central African Mining (CFM) - Mwana Africa (MWA) - LMS Capital (LMS) - Invista Real Estate Investment (INRE) - European Nickel (ENK) - Numis (NUM) - Tanfield (TAN) - Hamworthy (HMY) - James Halstead (JHD).

Buy – London Stock Exchange (LSE), BP (BP.), Silverjet (SIL), Carpetright (CPR), British Airways (BAY), Lancashire (LRE), Straight (STT), ZTC (ZTC), Telecom Plus (TEP), Lonmin (LMI), Teleset (TNW).

Speculative Buy – Futura Medical (FUM) (they have just devised a condom that improves erections the CSD500 .

Hold – HSBC (HSBA), JSM Indochina (JSM), Beazley (BEZ), Hiscox (HSX), HSBC Infrastructure Company (HICL), RBS (RBS), Dawnay Day (DDC), ICI (ICI), Ryanair (RYA),.

Sell – Barclays (BARC), HBOS (HBOS), Lloyds TSB (LLOY), Premier Asset Management (PAM).

Accept the bid – Dobbies (DGC).

Avoid – Catlin (CGL), Game Group (GMG), Sports Direct (SPD), Servocell (SERV).

Plays of the Week:
Buy - BAE (BA.) and Heritage Underwriting (HUA).

Cashing in on Dining Out:
Domino's Pizza (DOM) - Fishworks (FSH) - Individual Restaurant (IRC) - Carluccio's (CARL) - Clapham House (CPH) - Restaurant Group (RTN) - - Prezzo (PRZ) - Tasty (TAST) .

Trading Plays:
Sell - Barclays (BARC).
Buy - WPP Group (WPP) and Informa (INF).

Lombard Column:

(Northern) Rock (NRK) faces a hard climb

Other news:
Builders rise on hopes of an end to interest rate rises.
Lehman cautious on British Energy (BGY).

Buy - Balfour Beatty (BBY).
Worth watching - Northern Rock (NRK).
Hold - Quintain Estates (QED).

Tiddler to Watch:
NetDimensions (NETD).

Other news:

Major investment bank said to be advising that hedge fund clients short G4S (GFS).


Buy - Balfour Beatty (BBY).
Long-term buy - Quintain Estates (QED).
Risky buy - EBTM (EBTM).

Other news:
Bankruptcy scare for Countrywide - leading US home lender.
Northern Rock (NRK) falls further on fears of a profit warning.

Hold - Britvic (BVIC).
Buy - Smurfit Kappa (SKG).
Sell - Border & Southern Petroleum (BOR).

Other news:
Quintain (QED) dives as HBOS (HBOS) says there is no takeover bid.


Oher news:
Cheer for S&N (SCTN) as gloom grows.
Privatisation hopes lift Intec Telecom Systems (ITL).

Share Whisper:
Traders believe Man Group (EMG) shares are oversold.


Merriell Lynch survey says equities still in favour despite market turmoil. (Maybe that has changed today ?)
Blackstone eyes up New Look.
Sefton Resources obtains $10-million line of credit to increase production at Tapia.

FKI wins $123-million baggage system contract for Qatar airport.

Shire (SHP) to invest $50 million for 6.5% shares in Renova (RVA); gets exclusive rights to Juvista drug.

Sony to go ahead with planned £1.3-million listing of financial unit despite market turmoil.

Dow closed down 167 at 12861, Nasdaq fell 40 points to 2458, S&P down 19 to 1406 (S&P now negative on the year).

BoE Monetary Policy Committee minutes cause speculation that interest rates may have stopped rising.
European Commission to investigate credit ratings agencies, as a result of their slow response to subprime mortgage crisis.

Countrywide, America's biggest mortgage lender, sharply lower on fears it may go bankrupt.

In the UK Northern Rock takes steps to calm concerns about funding of business.

Royal Dutch Shell evacuates Gulf of Mexico staff as storm approaches.
US homebuilders August index drops to 22 vs 24 July and forecast 23.
US Federal Reserve adds $7 billion to financial markets.
US home sales fall nearly 11% in second quarter.

Wednesday, August 15

No Stockmarket Bounce Until Visibility Returns

Stock Market Investing - Stock Markets Fall

No Stock market Bounce Until Visibility Returns

FTSE finished down 34 Dow Jones started positive but down 15 at the moment Nasdaq and S&P flat

The problem with the markets at the moment, according to Bob Pisani and people in the know, is that banks and brokerage firms are having to raise cash. They are therefore 'deleveraging' and the implications are that profit levels will fall because banks can't make money from cash.

Twenty-five per cent of profits in the S&P come from financials, but there is no visibility, nobody knows how much money financials are making and there is still the possibility that stocks might get hit badly. What people want is some sort of clarity, the need to see how much money bansk are making.

This sounds very much like what happened after the dotcom bubble burst, when everybody was saying 'we need visibility' i.e. they needed to see how much money the tech companies were making. Now they are saying the same thing about banks.

I doubt if the two scenarios will play out the same, as I suspect that banks will always make money, which is not the case with tech companies. The banks will also probably do better than some of the hedge funds I suspect over the next couple of months.

Doug Robert Channel Capital Research says this is a fairly large correction and we're in the middle of it but it's no more than that. Strategy should be to focus on most liquid stocks in the market, avoid thinly traded stocks - lean towards larger/midcap stocks.

Quincey Krosby Hartford Chief Investment Strategist - says corection might have a little more downside - says to wait a bit - hedge funds have been forced sellers - dollar-cost averaging is the name of the game and it is important to get in at the beginning of the upturn.

So all in all it seems that the correction has further to go and the banks need to provide clarity abot how much money they are making.

Newspaper Stockmarket Tips and Rumours

Online Stock Trading - Stock Picks

Stocks to Watch

Newspaper Stockmarket Tips and Rumours

National Express (NEX) – Steer clear.
InterContinental Hotels (IHG) - Hold.
Sinclair Pharma (SPH) - Only if you are very patient.

Tiddler to Watch:
International Ferro Metals (IFL).

Other news:
Rumours Britvic (BVIC) may buy C&C's (CCR) soft drinks business.

Carlsberg bid sends S&N (SCTN) higher.
Shell (RDSA) rumour lifts Regal Petroleum (RPT).

Inflation collapse is sign of hidden debt problem.
Warning from Northern Rock (NRK) seems inevitable.

Hold - National Express (NEX).
Buy - Nord Anglia (NAE).
Buy - Rok (ROK).

Share Whisper:
Ukrainian asset sale hopes boost Regal Petroleum (RPT).

Other news:
S&N (SCTN) up on £6.6 billion Carlsberg link talk.

Hold - InterContinental Hotels (IHG).
Buy - WH Smith (SMWH).
Risky buy - Celtic Resources (CER).
Other news: S&N (SCTN) steps back into the takeover spotlight.


Artilium (ARTA) says that it knows of no reason for the fall in its share price, says trading is in line.
MG Capital sells 29,691 shares in Celtic Resources (CER).
Schroders (SDR) has 16.16% stake in JD Wetherspoon (JDW).
Photo-Me International (PHTM) selling its vending division.
Cantor Fitzgerald confirms CFD margin rise.

Dow closed down 207 points at 13028, Nasdaq fell 43 points to 2499.12, S&P fell 26 points to close at 1426.

Two new foot-and-mouth cases suspected in Kent.
US banks caught in credit market problems have started refusing to lend money against hedge funds' subprime credit portfolios.
US hedge fund manager Sentinel wants to stop investors from cashing in their funds.
US July PPI up 0.6%; core PPI up 0.3%.
US trade deficit down 1.7% to 4-month low of $58.1 billion.
GlaxoSmithKline's application for oral vaccine Rotarix accepted for review by US FDA .

Tuesday, August 14

Headless Chickens Rule the Stockmarket Roost

Online Stock Trading - Stock Markets Fall

Stock Market News

Headless Chickens Rule the Stock market Roost

The FTSE 100 fell 75 points as credit market fears resurfaced (had they ever gone away) after a volatile session in which it bounced around, varying between up and down before finally deciding it was worried about sub-prime mortgages again and finished down. Volumes have also been low which has served to exaggerate market movements.

Shares started off brightly enough but turned down towards the close of play after disappointing earnings from Wal-Mart and Home Depot Inc. and fears that the credit environment will get worse. Although there is always the possibiltiy that Wall Street will turn around again and finish positive on hopes that the credit environment won’t get worse ! It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who doesn’t know what he’s doing. Just a few weeks ago everything was hunkydory and the Dow was setting new highs every day !

The markets were caught off guard as two Canadian trusts said they were no longer able to repay maturing commercial paper and that a bank had refused to provide liquidity.

According to Dan Bunting, Head of research at Fortis Private Investment Management "People just run around like headless chickens and everyone's an armchair economist." Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to figure out what the headless chickens were going to do next !

He (Dan Bunting) also said "Investors get very confused at times like this … It's the chasing tail exercise really." That’s all well and good Dan, but what we really want to know is which stocks are going to shoot up 10% like they did the other day. Was it only yesterday ?

Banks gave up early gains and ended in the red. Barclays fell 3.3% and Standard Chartered fell 2.6%.

RBS fell 1.3%. I remember owning a few banks during the dotcom bubble, I thoght they couldn’t fall any lower, but they just kept on falling, until I sold them of course !

Scottish & Newcastle rose 1.3% (not much) on rumours that Carlsberg was buying ahead of a bid.

S&N declined to comment, while Carlsberg also declined to comment except they did it with a lot more words.

Miners, which had surged yesterday, moved ahead again in the morning but fell back and finished down. Anglo American fell 1.3% despite being upgraded by HSBC to "overweight" from "neutral". Good, I wanted to buy AAL but was caught out yesterday when he rushed ahead, maybe it will drop back again.

The Office for National Statistics said CPI dropped to 1.9% on an annualised basis in July, down from 2.4%, analysts had only expected a decline to 2.2%. Leading to hopes that the BoE will stop giving money of mortgage holders and giving it to the banks.

So, all in all, more evidence that nobody knows what they’re doing, except those wise beings that are making money, where are they and what are they doing ?

Share Tips and Rumours

Online Trading - Share Tips

Share Tips and Rumours

Hold - GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).
Nord Anglia (NAE) - Avoid.
Blacks Leisure (BSLA) - Hold - developments expected

Small Cap to Watch:
ZTC Telecoms (ZTC).

Other news:
Hedge funds forced sellers of equities .
Metals Exploration (MTL) lifted by talks in Indonesian nickel exploration rights

ICI (ICI) - Hold.
Management Consulting (MMC) - Trading buy.


Rok (ROK) -‘compelling buy’.
ABN downgrade hits F&C (FCAM).

Highland Gold (HGM) – Worth a punt.
Nord Anglia (NAE) – Hold.

Other news:
Japanese takeover rumours boost Halfords (HFD).
Theme parks lift Venue Solutions (VSH).

Share Whisper:
Aveva (AVV) is worth around 1141p a share according to analysts.

Hold - Kingfisher (KGF).
Hold - SMG (SMG).
Buy - Management Consulting (MMC).

Goldman Sachs to use $3-billion of its own money to bail out Global Equity Opportunities hedge fund in an admission that its computerized funds malfunctioned last week.
Barclays (BARC) receives consent for merger with ABN Amro .
RBS consortium ups stake in ABN Amro to over 3%.

BHP Billiton (BLT) discovers gas at Thebe-1 in Western Australia.
Torotrak (TRK) raises £6.75-million from placing and open offer.
Northgate Information (NIS) wins £1.8-million 5-year contract.

Dow closed down 3 points at 13,236, Nasdaq fell 2.5 to 2,542, S&P lost 1 point to 1453.
American tourists put off visiting UK by strong pound.
US FED adds $2 bn in open market operation.
BNP Paribas (BNP) says it might unfreeze the three investment funds it froze by end of August.
Japanese recovery still underway despite recent turmoil and slowdown.

Saturday, August 11

The UK's Worst Banks

Stock Market Investing -UK's Worst Banks

The UK's Worst Banks

The Sunday Times has carried out a survey of the high-street banks in the UK, asking a panel of experts to rate their current accounts, savings, mortgages, credit cards, and investments.

The prize for the worst goes to NATWEST although it was a close run thing.

Barclays, HSBC, NatWest, HBoS, and Lloyds TSB will make record profits of nearly £40 billion this year, due to their "paltry current account rates, derisory savings interest and punitive charges". Their words not mine, but I wouldn't argue with them.

Saturday Newspaper Tips and Rumours

Online Stock Trading - Newspaper Share Tips

Stocks to Watch

Saturday Newspaper Tips and Rumours

Financial Times

Share Watch :
RPS reliable bet
Angus & Ross poss. buying opportunity –

Other comment
Kenmare Resources benefits by going it alone

Dobbies Garden Centres: accept Tesco's offer –
Sell WH Smith –
Avoid Old Mutual for now

Other comment
Avacta to seal a deal with Leeds University on early diagnosis of cancer –

Tiddler to Watch

Investment Extra
Tough times could be behind Xpertise.

Inmarsat still a strong buy –
Buy Blinkx

Friday, August 10

Newspaper Tips as Stockmarkets Tumble -

Online Stock Trading - Stock Picks

Stocks to Watch

Newspaper Tips as Stockmarkets Tumble

Bearing in mind that the DOW fell 387 points yesterday and Asian markets slumped overnight (Nikkei down 400 points, KOSPI down 4%, HK down nearly 3%, ASX down 3.7%- some of the following bargains may be even greater 'bargains' today. And there could be pressure on the FED to inject more liquidity.


Bargains at a great price:
Anglo American (AAL), AstraZeneca (AZN), Barclays (BARC), BP (BP.), GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), HSBC (HSBA), Rio Tinto (RIO), Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA), Vodafone (VOD).

Buy - Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), VT Group (VTG), Serica Holdings (SQZ), Eleco (ELCO).
Sell – Henderson (HGI), Clipper Windpower (CWP).

Tips Updates:
Good Value – Barclays (BARC).
Buy – BGlobal (BGBL), Entelos (ENTL), Standard Life (SL.).
High enough – Scotty (SCO).
Sell – ScS Upholstery (SUY).

Company Results:
Buy - Allied Irish Banks (ALBK), Senior (SNR), William Hill (WMH), Xstrata (XTA), Patsystems (PTS), Meggitt (MGGT), Scottish & Newcastle (SCTN), Manpower Software (MNS), Clipper Ventures (CLV), Bede (BED), Neutrahealth (NUT), Internet Business (IBG), MKM (MKM)

Sell - Jardine Lloyd Thompson (JLT), Tomkins (TOMK), Standard Chartered (STAN), Royal & Sun Alliance (RSA), Cadbury (CBRY).


Hold - International Power (IPR).
Buy - Portmeirion.
Buy - Spirent (SPT).

Tiddler to Watch:
Futura Medical (FUM).

Further news:
Galiform (GFRM) starting to look like a tempting bid target.
Kazakhmys (KAZ) is biggest loser in FTSE slide.

Avoid - BAE (BA.).

Sell - International Power (IPR).

Further news:
Dow crashes 387 as contagion spreads.
Wall Street woes lead to more misery for UK traders.

Buy - International Power (IPR).
Buy - Helphire (HHR).
A risky buy - Futura Medical (FUM).

Further news:
Man Group (EMG) slumps as subprime crisis rumbles on.

Sell – Schroders (SDR).

Share Whisper:
Stryker bid hopes lift Corin (CRG).

The ECB sets aside €94.84 billion to 49 banks .
US FED injects $24 billion to keep funds rate at 5.25%.
BNP Paribas freezes three funds, because it is can't value their assets.
Goldman and Renaissance Technologies also affected.
Dutch merchant bank NIBS also affected by US mortgage crisis and WestLB says it has credit exposure.

Fitch downgrades 546 classes of US subprime RMBS transactions.

Competition Commission hints at possibility of breaking up BAA.
Gazprom wants piece of E.On's (EON) British power plants.
Forth Ports (FPT) up on Peel Ports bid rumours.
US FDA looks at new data on increased risk of heart problems for AstraZeneca (AZN) drugs Prosec and Nexium.

In the UK the Labour party is believed to have contacted advertising agencies about handling its election campaign . (Election soon ?)
Minister gives gambling sites go ahead to advertise in the UK.

Thursday, August 9

FED and ECB Add Liquidity to Markets after BNP Shock Announcement

Stock Market Investing - BNP Shock Announcement

Stock Market News

FED and ECB Add Liquidity to Markets after BNP Shock Announcement

BNP Paribas, France's biggest listed bank has frozen 1.6 billion euros ($2.2 billion) worth of funds, due to problems in the U.S. subprime mortgage sector.

The news sent shockwaves through the financial markets which were already jittery. The FTSE is now down 114 the CAC is down 131 and the DAX 161 .

The European Central Bank said it is ready to act if required to ensure smooth functioning of markets.

BNP Paribas, the Eurozone's second biggest bank said the subprime crisis meant that it was unable to calculate the value of asset-backed securities funds and so has barred investors from redeeming cash from them.

In a statement it said : "The complete evaporation of liquidity in certain market segments of the U.S. securitization market has made it impossible to value certain assets fairly, regardless of their quality or credit rating."

"In order to protect the interests and ensure the equal treatment of our investors during these exceptional times, BNP Paribas Investment Partners has decided to temporarily suspend the calculation of the net asset value as well as subscriptions/redemptions, in strict compliance with regulations, for these funds."

BNP Paribas Investment Partners said the decision affected its Parvest Dynamic ABS, BNP Paribas ABS Euribor and BNP Paribas ABS Eonia funds

Valuation of the funds would resume as soon as liquidity returned to the market …. additional information on the measures envisaged would be given within a month.

News of the decision sent BNP Paribas shares down 4.5%

According to the rates futures there is now a 100% chance of a rate cut in September in the US.
In reaction to the BNP statement the European Central Bank has taken emergency action to stabilise money markets by injecting €94.8bn as part of an unlimited cash offer to borrowers at its main lending rate of 4% after overnight rates shot up to 4.7%.

According to the ECB : ”This liquidity-providing fine-tuning operation aims to assure orderly conditions in the euro money market. The ECB intends to allot 100 percent of the bids it receives.”

This move is highly unusual and represents the biggest intervention by the ECB since the September 2001. People are already talking about the FED cutting interest rates, possibly even before the next meeting.

Just last Thursday the ECB repeated its position that”overall financing conditions remain favourable, money and credit growth vigorous, and liquidity ample”.

Mark Chandler of Brown Brothers Harriman said ”Although the day-to-day money market operations of the Fed have long ceased to be a focus of the market, it would not be surprising if the Fed was extra generous in providing liquidity today.”

In fact they have just done it as I have been typing this. The FED has announced it will be adding $12bn in 'temporary reserves' to the market.

The day will probably be volatile !

Strong Surge from YELL - up 8%

Online Trading - Stocks and Shares

Stock Market News

Strong Surge from YELL - up 8%

Back on 24 July Yell announced good results, with an upbeat outlook for its UK, Spanish and US businesses. It beat beat forecasts with a 53% rise in Q3 pre-tax profits of £49.6m . In the UK, revenues in jumped 53.5%, more than compensating the fall in revenues from printed directories. In the US, the Yellow Book business will probably benefit in H2 from measures designed to increase competitivity.

So what happened to the share price ? It promptly fell by 10% over the next month.Until yesterday, whn, for no apparent reason it shot up 8% at one point. A crystal ball would be nice but unfortunately all we've got is charts. So have a look at this one !

3 month candlestick chart

So now it's almost back where it was when it announced its results.

Capital Group increased its holding recently by around 750,000.

It has been tipped in Shares Magazine today as being a 'bargain' but I doubt if that caused yesterday's sharp rise. Although I may be wrong.

It certainly seems too cheap to me given the reasonable results. It could be that there is news on the way.

It's up again today on a down day in the markets.

6-month candlestick chart

There is resistance around 510p but after that a lot of clear blue sky.

Newspaper and Magazine Share Tips and Rumours

Stock Trading - Newspaper Stock Picks

Newspaper and Magazine Share Tips and Rumours

15 Bargain Stocks:
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) - Northern Rock (NRK) - Yell Group (YELL) - AB Foods (ABF) - Persimmon (PSN) - Travis Perkins (TPK) - Gyrus (GYG) - Hikma Pharmaceuticals (HIK) - Carphone Warehouse (CPW) - HMV (HMV) - Oxford Biomedica (OXB) - European Nickel (ENK) - Land of Leather (LAN) - iSoft (IOT).

Plays of the Week:
Buy – Filtronic (FTC), Aricom (TIO).

Play Updates:
Buy - Civica (CIV).

Trading Plays:
Buy - RAB Capital (RAB), BP (BP.), ICAP (IAP), Standard Life (SL.).


Buy on weakness - Severn Trent (SVT).
Stay clear - Silverjet (SIL).
Hold on – Vodafone (VOD).

Tiddler to Watch:
Monterrico Metals (MNA).

Further news:
Bid rumours around Alliance & Leicester (AL.).

Buy - ITV (ITV).
Hold - Royal & Sun Alliance (RSA).
Buy - Severn Trent (SVT).

Other News
City likes EMAP (EMA) and Apax joint takeover bid.

Sixth rate rise should be the last.

Sell - Smiths Group (SMIN).
Hold - FKI (FKI).
Hold – Silverjet (SIL).

Other news:
Alliance & Leicester (AL.) rises on talk of bid by NAB.

Other news:
Buyers have dosed up on CeNes (CEN).

Share Whisper:
Possible bid interest in Arena Leisure (ARE).

Other news:
A&L (AL.) up on rumours of Aussie bid interest.

Fears of profits warning hangs over Marston's (MARS).

Apax puts EMAP (EMA) buyout plans on hold.
National Australia Bank suspends buyback programme, fuelling talk it will be making a bid for AL.
Arcapita names Dresdner Kleinwort to implement strategic review of South Staffordshire Water for possible sale.
Competition Commission tells Tesco (TSCO) to stop work on store in Slough.

Bank of England hints there will be one more rate rise to 6% and warns of more turmoil to come in financial markets.

Wednesday, August 8

More Wild 200 point Gyrations on Wall Street

Online Stock Trading - Stock Markets

Stock Market News

More Wild 200 point Gyrations on Wall Street

The DOW went potty again at the end of the day dropping nearly 200 points then surging back up 155 points in the last two hours to finish up 155 at 13,657. The Nasdaq was no better dropping 37 then surging back up 20 to finish at 2613.

The reason behind the turbulence was a rumour that Goldman Sachs would make a 'troubling announcement' after the close. Goldman however quickly denied any such rumours which sent the stockmarkets almost back to where they were. It seems to me that it is very easy to manipulate the markets when they are as jittery as they are at the moment. That 200 point drop will have made someone a lot of money.


Elsewhere, Blackstone, a US private equity firm, has pulled out of talks acquiring FKI the British engineering company.

FKI sid talks have ended but has not said who made the 130p-a-share approach,. Its shares fell five per cent to 101p.

Blackstone declined to comment.


In the UK Alliance & Leicester (AL.) rose 6.5% amid rumours of a bid by National Australia Bank.

The bank has been considerd to be a target since UBS issued a note in May, stating that it was likely it would be taken over within the year.

The bank has been criticised for low earnings, but the new CEO David Bennett said last month that their would be no change to strategy.

James Hutson, of Keefe, Bruyette & Woods, said: “We think a bid premium is already priced in.”

Spammers Launch Biggest Ever Pump-and-Dump Campaign on Prime Time Holdings

Online Stock Trading - Pump and Dump

Stock Market News

Spammers Launch Biggest Ever Pump-and-Dump Campaign on Prime Time Holdings

Spammers apaprently launched a mega pump-and-dump stock manipulation campaign in the last twenty-four hours, causing a 30% increase in global spam. (Can't say I noticed myself - my spam is pretty constant these days - I am getting a lot of job offers from Sydney and a lot of loan applications have been approved!)

Experts at SophosLabs say they have detected approx. 500 million emails recommending buying US-listed Prime Time Holdings Inc. This is described as the worst ever attempt at "pump-and-dump". For those who may not know how it works, spammers buy shares, launch their spam campaign to convince everyone else on the planet to buy the same shares, the share price rises if those who receive the e-mails are actually stupid enough to act on the anonymous tip off, then the spammers sell the shares they had already bought netting a large profit they hope.

Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant from the British company Sophos said "This particular campaign was first detected 24 hours ago in Germany." As a point of interest I should say that I have not received this spam e-mail myself and wouldn’t have acted upon it if I had received it.

"This is staggering. It's one of the biggest spam campaigns we've ever seen," he told Agence France-Presse.

The Prime Time Holdings share price rose 30% on Monday, 14.8% on Tuesday and 2.35% Wednesday morning.

Moral of the story ? Don’t buy shares from anonymous tipsters or upon a recommendation from some friendly guy who sends you unsolicited e-mail even if he promises you you'll make enormous amounts of money. Unless of course you can get in early.

DOW Rises After FED Statement and Cisco Results

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Stock Market Report

DOW Rises After FED Statement and Cisco Results

Stocks rose on Wall Street today after strong results from Cisco Systems and after the Fed predicted that in spite of credit concerns there would neverthless be moderate economic growth.

Cisco said profits increased by 25% in fiscal Q4 and raised revenue forecasts for fiscal 2008. Cisco was up more than 5% in early trading.

Wireless provider Sprint Nextel Corp. posted a steep decline in Q2 profit, but this was better than analyssts had expected and Sprint said its subscriber base had increased by 400,000 to 54 million over the quarter, its shares rose 2.8% as a result.

The good technology sector news persuaded buyers to return – the DOW currently is up 85 points to 13589, Nasdaq up 44 to 2606 S&P up 16 to 1492 (above the critical 1490 level)

Housing is still the weak sector with Toll Brothers preliminary measure of fiscal third-quarter revenue showing a drop in home building revenue by 21%. The CEO said however that he expects housing demand to increase, in addition the quarterly revenue estimate of $1.21 billion was better than what analysts had been expecting, Toll Brothers shares rose 3.9%.

French Oil Company Total Announces New Oil Well Discovery

Stock Market Investing

French Oil Company Total Announces New Oil Well Discovery

French oil company Total has announced it has discovered a new oil well just 100 miles offshore from the Republic of Congo. Production capacity is estimated at 5,600 barrels per day.

Total said that the well, which has been named Cassiopee Est Marine, is the fourth oil discovery under the ultra-deep offshore block (MTPS).

Italian oil giant Eni SpA has 30% interest in the MTPS permit.

Total says that tests have shown the new well is capable of producing 5600 barrels a day, although the reserves are still being evaluated.


Stock Market Trading - Upgrades

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There are a lot of them ! Mostly upgrades it has to be said :-

Daniel Stewart repeats buy Air Partner (AIP) (target 1590p) and Matchtech (MTEC) , says buy Ladbrokes (LAD) (target 435p) and Paragon (PAG) (target 700p).
Hold Morson (MRN).

Bridgewell upgrades EMAP (EMA) to overweight from neutral (target 896p) and repeats overweight on Greene King (GNK).

Evolution repeats buy on Smiths Group (SMIN) (target 1271pt) and says buy Friends Provident (FP.) (target 234p), FKI (FKI) (target 140p), Aquarius Platinum (AQP) (target 1700p), Ashmore (ASHM) (target 350p), European Goldfields (EGU) (target 326p), Management Consulting (MMC) (target 60p), March Networks (MNW) (target 700p) and Summit Corporation (SUMM) (target 165p).
Add Dimension Data (DDT) (target 61p).

Altium repeats its add Dimension Data (DDT) (60p target).

Lehman is overweight Mapeley (MAY) (reduced target to 3850p from 4250p), Standard Chartered (STAN) (cuts target to 1693p from 1730p) and Xstrata (XTA) (target down to 3700p from 4000p).

Merrill Lynch upgrades Rentokil (RTO) to buy from neutral (target 174p).

Ireland says buy Speedy Hire (SDY) (target 1400p) and outperform on RBS (RBS) (target 675p), Meggitt (MGGT), Mouchel Parkman (MCHL) and RPS Group (RPS).

JP Morgan downgrades RBS (RBS) to neutral from overweight (cuts target to 730p from 800p) and is underweight Standard Life (SL.) (cuts target to 290p from 310p).

Seymour Pierce says buy Aquarius Platinum (AQP), European Goldfields (EGU) and Patsystems (PTS) outperform on EMAP (EMA).
Hold Monterrico Metals (MNA).

UBS upgrades Scottish & Newcastle (SCTN) to buy from neutral (increases price target to 680p from 650p).

Panmure Gordon has a buy on Autonomy (AU.) (target 972p), Bango (BGO) (target 59p), Computercenter (CCC) (target 277p), Davenham (DAV) (target 400p) and EMAP (EMA) (target 1000p) and hold Friends Provident (FP.) (target 210p).
Buy Greene King (GNK) (target 1200p) and Whitbread (WTB) (target 2300p) and hold Pendragon (PDG) (increases target to 78p from 76p).

UK Banks Say It's My Way or the Highway

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Stock Market News

UK Banks Say It's My Way or the Highway

People in the UK face choice of outrageous penalties imposed willy-nilly by the banks (e.g. £40 to cash a cheque for 400 Euros charged by Abbey) or pay as you go fees.

This is what is euphemistically known as the ‘free market’, i.e. ‘like it or lump it’ or ‘we can charge what we like because all banks are the same’. You can always go ‘somewhere else’, except that ‘somewhere else’ is a non-existent fantasy land which no-one has ever discovered in the banking sector. has investigated what impact the introduction of pay-per-transaction banking would have in the UK.

Their findings are quite alarming and, of course, banks being what they are i.e. a monopoly or some would say a ‘cosy cartel’ they can impose whatever charges they like.

According to the moneysupermarket study there could be an average of 32.9p for every direct debit and 34.2p for standing orders.

Cash withdrawals would cost 23.9p, card transactions would be 53.8p and cheques would cost 44.7p.

There would also be a monthly banking charge of £4.13.

The average person would face account charges of £294.63 a year, and if you have a large number of transactions you could pay over £500 a year.

Interestingly 42% of people said they prefer the current system of free banking with high penalty charges (presumably because they think that somebody else will pay them and they will be smart enough or rich enough to avoid them).

Customers at the moment are typically charged £25-£39 for an unauthorised overdraft or for bouncing a cheque, whereas the actual costs involved are around £5. The effect is that people who are already experiencing financial difficulties just get into more trouble and the banks use this ‘more trouble’ to impose even more penalties, thus making themselves and their directors richer while making their customers poorer, is this what banking is all about ?

Analysts at Credit Suisse say that banks are making £1.2bn a year from these penalties and fines, which they will want to make in some other way if they are told to reduce their charges. So basically we are being told ‘pay our charges up front or we will impose them later’. What they don’t say is ‘OK we’ve been ripping off our customers by over-charging them so as to inflate our profits and to pay the inflated salaries of a few directors, by taking money from our customers accounts so we will reduce our charges’. That possibility unfortunately does not seem to enter their heads, at least not the heads of the directors who control what goes on.

The OFT has initiated a test case against the banks which could last a long time and banks are in the meantime able to continue with their policy of imposing inflated penalty fees. Although some banks are already beginning to investigate alternative ways of extracting money from their customers.

Such as accounts that charge a monthly fee but limit unauthorized overdraft fees to £5 a day or £17 a time.

What we actually need is a real alternative, some genuine competition, but let’s face it, the depressing truth is that banks have got their customers exactly where they want them and they can spend a lot of their time and energy on devising ever more devious ways of extracting money from them.

Please feel free to leave any comments or suggestions. Have a nice day !

Newspaper Stockmarket Tips and Rumours

Online Stock Trading - Stock Market Tips

Stocks to Watch

Newspaper Stockmarket Tips and Rumours

Hold - Carpetright (CPR).
Hold - Arla (ARU), Dairy Crest (DCG) and Robert Wiseman (RWD).
YouGov (YOU) - Take profits.

Tiddler to Watch:
Eleco (ELCO).

Further news:
Banks lead share recovery.
Ladbrokes (LAD), William Hill (WMH) and Arena Leisure (ARE) watch foot-and-mouth outbreak.

City should realize Xstrata's (XTA) true worth.

Hold - Scottish & Newcastle (SCTN).
Buy - Xstrata (XTA).
One to watch - MyHome International (MYH).

Further news:
Capita (CPI) rises on 'quality' buying.

Hold - Scottish & Newcastle (SCTN).
Hold - Mouchel Parkman (MCHL).
A speculative buy – Carter & Carter (CART).

Further news:
Anglo American (AAL) soars as brokers support plans.

City Focus
Obstacles to Delta’s Sainsbury (SBRY) bid.

Further news:
Accumulate Wimpey (WMPY).
Reports of pending bullish circular lift Capita (CPI).
Minerva (MNR) firm on revived takeover gossip.

Share Whisper:
*Speculation that several suitors are running a rule over Alexandra (AXD).

Borsa Italiana deal will put LSE into the FTSE 100.
Doubts arise around Friends Provident merger with Resolution.
Guardian Media and Apax Partners rumoured to be contemplating joint bid for EMAP.
BAE prime contractor for US GSA Alliant contract.
RAB Energy increases holding in Ascent Resources to 20.9%.
Compass Group wins 2 contracts worth £31-million.
ACP now has 29.19% stake in Davenham (DAV).
Enodis (ENO) signs ovens supply contract with Subway restaurant chain.

US says that Great Britain has “lost” the war in southern Iraq. The embarrassing claim said troops abandoning their base at Basra Palace, where official visitor from London described them as 'surrounded like cowboys and Indians' by militia fighters.

US Fed acknowledges that current turbulence in credit markets could threaten economic growth, but does not signal any interest rate cut later in the year.
Chinese govt. hints it may sell its vast holding of US Treasury bonds if Washington tries to froce yuan revaluation by imposing trade sanctions.
Gaming groups agree to reduce TV advertising.
March Networks (MNW) raises 2008 guidance due to increased sales from largest client.
Standard & Poor's may cut credit ratings of over $900-million 'Alt-A' mortgage bonds.
Cantor Fitzgerald lifts spread betting minimum to 20%.

Tuesday, August 7

Asian Markets Rise After Dow Jones Finishes in Positive Territory

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Stock Market News

Asian Markets Rise After Dow Jones Finishes in Positive Territory

The DOW Jones finished up 35 points after a highly volatile session following Ben Bernanke’s statment which was widely seen as being not particularly helpful.

Asian indexes rise early Wednesday, with Japanese financial shares Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group and Mizuho Financial Group being much in demand. Australian shares also rose, despite widely expected the interest rate increase by the central bank.

Japan's Nikkei 225 index rose 0.66% to 17,033, while the Topix index added 0.3% to 1,664.96.
In Taipei share prices opened higher at 9.06 am, the index was up 83.74 points or 0.94 pct at 8,946.05, after opening at 8,961.12 and reacging a high of 8,978.58.

South Korean share prices were also higher, as investors were encouraged by the news that the leaders of South Korea and North Korea will hold their first summit meeting in 7 years.
The KOSPI index rising 22 points or 1.15% to 1,877.09.

South Korea's Yonhap news agency said the summit would be held Aug 28-30 in North Korean capital, Pyongyang.

Investors were also relieved by the FED statement, which underlined the fact that the US economy will survive the subprime mortgage market fall-out and continue to grow.

Cisco Systems also raised its long-term growth targets, due to optimism around a new generation of collaborative technologies, such as high-end teleconferencing, which , according to Cisco will bring in a "second phase of the internet".

John Chambers, CEO said the world's biggest maker of networking equipment would increase its long-term sales growth target to 12 – 17% p.a., from the previous level of 10 – 15%.

FED Statement No Help to the Markets

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FED Statement No Help to the Markets

The FED Statement

"The Federal Open Market Committee decided today to keep its target for the federal funds rate at 5-1/4 percent.

Economic growth was moderate during the first half of the year. Financial markets have been volatile in recent weeks, credit conditions have become tighter for some households and businesses, and the housing correction is ongoing. Nevertheless, the economy seems likely to continue to expand at a moderate pace over coming quarters, supported by solid growth in employment and incomes and a robust global economy.

Readings on core inflation have improved modestly in recent months. However, a sustained moderation in inflation pressures has yet to be convincingly demonstrated. Moreover, the high level of resource utilization has the potential to sustain those pressures.

Although the downside risks to growth have increased somewhat, the Committee's predominant policy concern remains the risk that inflation will fail to moderate as expected. Future policy adjustments will depend on the outlook for both inflation and economic growth, as implied by incoming information."

So my theory as expressed in my previous post proved to be nonsense!

People have ben concentrating on the highlighted phrase above.

The DOW fell from 13,520 back to 13,350 i.e. a 170 point drop - and is now just 31 points down on the day. Who knows where it will end up ?

Why U.S. Stockmarkets Moved Up So Sharply Yesterday - Possibly

Stock Market Investing - US Markets Rise Sharply

Stock Market News

Why U.S. Markets Moved Up So Sharply Yesterday - Possibly

Warren Meyers - a stockmarket trader - just made an interesting comment on CNBC when talking to Mark Haynes.

He said people will be looking very closely at what the Fed says to say to see if there is any softening in the wording on interest rates, i.e. if the market sees any indication that the Fed agrees that interest rates may need to come down at some time in the future then this would give a boost to the market.

This not new of course many people have said something similar, but what was new was what he also said, namely that yesterday's 290 point move up on the DOW may have been an indication that people 'believed' this is what the Fed is going to say.

So, reading between the lines, it may seem that some people might have somehow got wind of what is going to be said today and that is why the markets moved up so strongly yesterday.

All speculation on my part of course, maybe that's not quite what he meant, but in any case we don't have long to wait and find out.

Newspaper Stockmarket Tips and Rumours

Online Stock Trading - Newspaper Stock Picks

Stock Market News

Newspaper Stockmarket Tips and Rumours

SkyePharma (SKP) falss on FDA query.
Premier Oil (PMO) steady progress on development.
Advertisers tune into ITV (ITV).
Mitchells & Butlers (MAB) up - Tchenguiz increases stake.

Tempus Column:
Hold - F&C Asset Management (FCAM).
Buy - SkyePharma (SKP) for the long-term.
Buy – Chrysalis (CHS).

Tiddler to Watch:
Bond International (BDI).

Further news:
Standard Life (SL.) buoyed by Friends (FP.) bid rumour.
Compass Group (CPG) may double its £1-billion share buyback, or raise dividend next month.

Questor Column:
Sell - F&C Asset Management (FCAM).

Buy - Land Securities (LAND).
Hold - Morgan Sindall (MGNS).
A risky buy – Afren (AFR).

Share Whisper
Hopes of public relations contracts lift Adventis Group (ATG).

Further news:
Galleon Holdings (GON) rumours of a TV format deal.

Monday, August 6

U.S. Luxury Retailers Could be Worth a Look

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U.S. Luxury Retailers Could be Worth a Look
According to Brad Dorfman at Reuters, luxury retailer stocks are getting more affordable and may soon be worth picking up.

In two weeks, shares of Saks Inc (SKS) and Tiffany & Co (TIF) have fallen 15%, Polo Ralph Lauren Corp (RL.) is off nearly 10% and Coach Inc (COH) is down more than 5%.

According to Esplanade's Kravetz Tiffany in the low-$40 range would be attractive.

The stock prices were down $2.70 at $45.82 on Monday.

Travelers from overseas are taking advantage of the weak dollar, so that luxury retailers in places like New York may get a sales boost.

The consensus is that high end retailers should do better than the low end retailers.

So all in all they could be worth a look particularly if the Fed starts reducing interest rates, as that could make the dollar even weaker and thus entice ever more foreign tourists to the U.S.

Impressive Late Day Rally on Wall Street

Online Stock Trading - Wall Street Rallies

Stock Market News

Impressive Late Day Rally on Wall Street

DOW rises 285 Nasdaq up 36 S&P up 34

In a strong late day rally the DOW moved up almost 300 points - over 2% - financials were particularly strong.

28 out of 30 DOW stocks were higher. Alcoa and Boeing were lower.

Added 200+ points in last 2 hours of trading.

No doubt a lot of shorts closing ahead of tomorow's Fed meeting.

Crude trading at below 72$ a barrel - lowest since 5 July.

DOW has biggest point gain since October 2002.

FED meeting tomorrow.

Lincoln Anderson says FED should ease although they probably won't - real rates are too high. Advocates shift into growth stocks.

Ron Insana - key reversal today in technical terms - lots of analysts saying Fed will shift its stance. If Fed doesn't change statment today's gains could disappear tomorrow.

Doug Sandler is not convinced thinks bottoms need to be re-tested.

Forex Trading for Beginners

Online Stock Trading - Forex Trading for Beginners

What is Forex Trading?

Foreign exchange, forex or FX all describe the trading of the world's currencies. The forex market is the largest market in the world, far larger in fact than the stockmarket, trades amount to more than $ 2 trillion each and every day. To put this in perspective this is more than 100 times the daily trading on the NYSE.

Forex trading is conducted by the “interbank” market, which is an over the counter market. Trades are made directly between the two counterparts involved, either over the telephone or electronically. The worldwide distribution of trading centres means that forex trading is a 24-hour market.

The most important forex market by volume is the spot market, called spot market because trades are settled immediately. This immediately in fact means two banking days, but that's banks for you !

One of the major advantages of foreign currency trading is that you can trade 24 hours a day from Sunday evening (20:00 GMT) to Friday evening (22:00 GMT).

Another advantage is that the forex market is so liquid that there are always buyers and sellers to trade with, this liquidity also ensures price stability and narrow spreads.

Forex is often also traded without commissions which naturally makes it very attractive as an investment for frequent investors. How much of your hard-earned stockmarket gains disappear in commissions ?

Leverage (gearing) means that you can hold a position worth up to 100 times more than your margin deposit.

Strangely you don’t need an enormous amount of money to trade the forex markets. Some firms will open an account for $250. Short selling is also just as easy as going long, which is not always the case with stock trading.

I have only just started taking an interest in forex trading and am surprised to find that it looks quite attractive and more straightforward than I thought ! For further information please check out the links.

Comments and suggestions most welcome.