Sunday, September 30

Share Tips in Sunday Papers

The Stock Market - Share Tips

Share Tips in Sunday Papers

Black Gold turns grey as western giants prepare to draw from the wells of Iraq -?

Inside the City:
Prudential looks undervalued - DSG International's current rating too low

Money Section:
Five shares to soar by Christmas:
Imagination Technologies - Autonomy - Verisign - Aquarius Platinum - Peter Hambro Mining

Midas Column:
Walker Greenbank at 50.25p deserves to go higher - BG Group: hold on to half your holdings for a while longer

The Real Business:
Immundiagnostic Systems is a great niche business

Share Tips:
Buy BP at 567.5p as a long-term hold - Buy Diageo at £10.74 - Buy Aberdeen Asset Management at 183p - Buy Sci Entertainment at 367.8p - Hold John David Group at 406.3p

British Airways faces potential £1 billion bill over alleged price-fixing - BP's monster rig in the Gulf of Mexico set to pump early - Ladbrokes, William Hill and Coral set to halve the amount they pay in subsidies to fund the racing industry –

Saturday, September 29

Share Tips from Tradindex

Online Stock Trading - Stock Picks

Share Tips from Tradindex

Manoj Ladwa from Tradindex gave his share tips and recommendations for the next few months on Bloomberg TV.

Overall he says the markets are usually bullish at this time of year and he expects there to be volatility but with a bias to the upside for next 3 months.

The FTSE is now back above the key 6400 level at around 6500 – and a reverse and head and shoulders has formed. He expects another 600 point move to the upside within next 3 months.

His share recommendations are :-

BGY (Brit Energy) – he sees it as a buy up to around 600 or 625p. It formed a triple bottom at £4 – and is half way into upward trend at moment - £6.25 is resistance – could go higher but keep close eye when it gets to 625

Munich Re – general trend is up – above 130p now should move back to around 140 and possibly higher – 145 /150 over 3 – 4 months

Sell RDSA – which is running out of steam – could drop to 1800p – over next 3 or 4 months - 1800 p represents good support and buy signal

Buy United Utilities –UU. – decent dividend – creeping upwards from 620-625p could get to around 750p - trending upwards –but it needs volume to increase

Aviva – if it gets through 725 could be a buy up to 800 but better to buy it around 700p or 650p - trade the range but if it breaks through range remain long

Expects oil to drop back to 70 – 72 dollars a barrel

British Gas BG. – already had a move up – resistance around 900p – sell at 900p – for move back down to 700p -

Get Rich Quick or Get Rich Slow?

Online Stock Trading - Investing

Get Rich Quick or Slow?

Get rich slow is a phrase you often here spoken by people who like to disparage get rich quick merchants and consider themselves in some way superior. As far as I understand it, it generally refers to making money from the 'magic' of compound interest. This seems at first glance sound advice, as, in order to be rich and stay rich you really need to get to the stage where your money is actually making you more money each month than you are spending each month.

This seems reasonable enough, the problem is it does take a very long time. Chuck Saletta at the Motley Fool has just posted an interesting article -Your First Million is the Toughest - in which he points out that getting to your first 1 million dollars if you invest $500 dollars every month at an annual rate of return of 8% will take you 33.3 years ! This assumes you have $500 dollars to invest every month and that you don't get run over by a bus in the meantime.

However, he helpfully points out, the next million is much easier ! To get from $1 million to $2 million if you continue to invest $500 dollars a month at 8% p.a., only takes you another 8.2 years :-). So that's great ! In all it's taken you 41.5 years to get to $2 million dollars !

This means that if you started when you were 20 you would be over 61 by the time you got to 2 million dollars. It is worth pointing out two things about this theory a) $2 million dollars at the moment buys you a reasonable house in London (nothing fancy - just a reasonably large house) so even today $ 2 million dollars is not an enormous amount of money if you are living in a developed economy and b) as far as I can see, it makes no allowance for inflation.

In 41 years time I seriously suspect that $2 million dollars will not be enough to live off ! Forty years ago large houses in London were selling for around $20,000 - so that in forty years time a $2 million dollar house will cost you around $200 million.

Conclusion : 500 dollars a month at 8% compounded annual interest just ain't enough! You've just got to find something a bit more viable than relying on good ole compound interest or you've got to invest serious amounts of money and get very high rates of return. Even investing $1200 a month at 11% p.a. it will still take you 19 years to get to that first million, by which time of course it won't be worth a million in today's money.

If you take 40 years to get your two million dollars it will probably be worth around a twenty thousand dollars and what you will actually need is 100 million.

Please have a look at the Motley Fool article and tell me it ain't so ! I would love to know where I am going wrong, particularly as in 40 years time I will be over a hundred years old !

Friday, September 28

Tate and Lyle Slumps 30%

Online Stock Trades - Tate and Lyle

Tate & Lyle Slumps 30%

Tate and Lyle (TATE) is the main sugar producer, in the UK at least, so it might have been reasonable to expect that it would be a fairly safe bet in these volatile times, but apparently not.

After announcing a profit warning it's share price slumped by 30% on the FTSE. Overdone ? Ready for a rebound? Will the shorters be closing before the cose today. Possibly, but given the market's erratic reaction to almost everything I will be waiting a while before deciding.

There are however two interesting articles which have just come out - and - - neither of them are particularly positive, and the Business Week article seems to suggest that CEO Iain Ferguson has made too many mistakes and the stockmarket might be happy to see him go. So if he were to announce his resignation I would expect a sharp rebound in the share price. All idle speculation on my part of course.

Tate and Lyle 5-year chart

Thursday, September 27

Domain Names as an Alternative Investment

Online Stock Trading - Investing in Domain Names

Domain Names as an Alternative Investment

Looking for a cheap alternative investment ? You could do worse than to have a look at the domain name market. There's money to be made in domain names if you can pick the right ones. Sedo are running an auction of 'Premium .mobi Domain Names' at the moment, for the next 5 days.

If you had registered one of these names a couple of years ago (cost $20) you could now be looking at selling them at many thousands of dollars. Top of the list at the moment is at an auction price of $30,000 so far and at a price of $19,500 -

What is a 'premium name' ? Basically a generic name that people search for again and again on the Internet e.g. loans, Cellphone, chat, chatrooms, Downloads etc....

.Mobi names are not particularly expensive - the really expensive names are the .coms where the generic names sell for millions of dollars e.g. which sold for $7.5 million back in 2006 or which sold for $650,000 to name just two. For more info. on prices achieved check out

Most of the good .com names have already been registered of course, but there are other areas where there are stil possibilities e.g. .tv, .cn (China) and my personal favourite .in (India) which I think has great potential and where it is still possible to find interesting generic names.

For more information on domain names and the money to be made see So You Wanna Be a Domain Name Millionaire ?

Newspaper and Magazine Share Tips and Rumours

Online Stock Trading - Stock Picks

Newspaper and Magazine Share Tips and Rumours


Buy Gas Turbine Efficiency (GTE) at 51.5p and VT Group (VTG) at 578.5p.

Hold Randgold Resources (RRS).
Sell Jacques Vert (JQV).

10 Stocks to Tuck Away:
BAE Systems (BA.), BAT (BATS), BP (BP.), BT (BT.A), Diageo (DGE), Premier Foods (PFD), Randgold Resources (RRS), Serco (SRP), Unilever (ULVR), WS Atkins (ATK).

Trading Plays:
Buy Scottish & Southern Energy (SSE) and Tesco (TSCO).
Sell Investec (INVP) and Vedanta Resources (VED).

Tempus :
Sell Barratt Developments (BDEV).
Hold Euromoney (ERM).
Sell Manganese Bronze (MNGS).

Tiddler to Watch:
Protherics (PTI).

Other news:
Hopes of discovery in Khurbert East lift Gulfsands Petroleum (GPX).

Takeover rumours lift Jubilee Platinum (JLP).

Investment :
Hold United Utilities (UU.).
Buy John David Group (JD.).
Buy Topps Tiles (TPT).

Questor :
Buy TUI Travel (TT.) and Tyratech (TYR).

Other news:
Gordon Brown U-turn on private equity tax,
Rumours abound as Sports Direct's (SPD) Mike Ashley and JJB Sports' (JJB) Chris Ronnie get friendly.

Bullish trading update hopes revive Findel (FDL).
Talks of acquisition buoy ADDleisure (ADE).

Monday, September 24

Share News and Rumours

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Share News and Rumours

Pelamis riding high in the marine power sector.


Barclays (BARC) close to offloading subprime arm.
Land Securities (LAND) pressed on sale.
Shareholders in Blacks Leisure (BSLA) are increasingly anxious about the uncertainty around its CEO .
Tullow Oil's (TLW) exploration work - rich rewards in Uganda.
Long-termist Caledonia (CLDN) in an excellent position.
Northern Rock (NRK) yet to hit rock bottom.

Investment Strategist :
Commodities are king in nervous markets.

Network Group Holdings.

Other news:
Boardroom coup expected at Blacks Leisure (BSLA).


Photo-Me International (PHTM) future uncertain due to credit crunch.
Market expecting excellent results from Commoditrade (CMM).
WIN (WNN) could be good bet.

RBS to sell train leasing company Angel Trains for £4-bn, about 10 times price it paid back in 1992.
Only 2 bidders for Barclays' subprime consumer loan business with an effective price of zero.
Airbus fighting to get $100-bn contract to supply tankers to the USAF.
Belgravia (BLG) close to announcing a $2 bn JV to create business parks throughout Russia.
Uralkali , Russian potash producer, plans London listing.
MSD Media may sell 'Shares Magazine' for up to £10-million.

Barclays Capital creates a new currency, the Ebu (European Borrowing Unit), thus entering the forex market, it has no real rate of interest but protects users from currency swings.
Waiting lists for certain business jet models extend beyond 2010 due to record demand .
Online advertising spending expected to continue rapid growth.
Gaming groups want the EU to stand up to the USA and reject American compensation for losses caused by the dismantling of the online betting market as inadequate.

Saturday, September 22

Woolwich to Lower Some Mortgage Rates

Stock Market Investing - Mortgage Rates

Woolwich to Lower Some Mortgage Rates

The Woolwich (which is part of Barclays) is set to lower some of its mortgage rates - on 25 September, the 5 yr fixed rate will be half a per cent lower than the previous 5 yr fixed rate, so if you're looking to re-mortgage your house it might be worth checking them out.

For the full story see Woolwich Slahes Fixed Rates :§ioncode=110

Bluetongue Virus Detected in the UK in Ipswich

Bluetongue Virus Detected in the UK in Ipswich

Bluetongue disease has been detected in Britain for the first time ever, in a cow in Suffolk, near Ipswich.

Defra officials confirmed the presence of the bluetongue virus, which is carried by midges and usually found around the Mediterranean, although it is present in Belgium.

All types of ruminants, including goats, deer and cattle, can be infected and if a flock of sheep is infected 70% of them could die (according to Sky News).

The virus does not represent a risk to human health. Cases were found in the Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands in 2006.

Bluetongue is carried by the Culicoides imicola midge. It is non-contagious,

Friday, September 21

Expert Share Tips on CNBC

21 September 2007

Expert Share Tips on CNCB

Which way the stockmarkets after the FED rate cut ? Generlly I have noticed that US analysts are far more positive than those inthe UK who tend to be a bit wet!

Bill McLaren says charts say we are heading higher until 10th October, after that back into long-term bear mode, so bear that in mind.

CNBC Investors’ Clinic guest were
Philip Lawler from Nomura and Greg Smith from Fat Prophets

Philip Lawler said :

NRK won’t survive how it gets dismembered is key - price an unknown – (150p was mentioned as a rumour by the interviewer )

We are going through a major transition in markets – now looking at reflationary trade – rotation back to sectors, cyclicals, energy, industrials will create leadership – but need to see which will be the leaders – reflationary trade is now the name of the game

Q. Is Mitchells and Butlers good buy ? Someone may be stake building – but overall cautious due to discretionary spending headwinds

Q. : Vodafone ? Now a defensive stock – if you want a defensive stock they are a good place to be

Q : Who is next banking victim ? Credit creation has been the anglo-saxon model – expects Europe to catch up – but regulatory regime hasn’t worked - but concept of higher debt is not dead – very few have same exposure as NRK – hard to see who is next but there is stress everywhere – but BoE will not make same mistake twice

Q : BP - Shell ? Oil is still a defensive sector – which is good at the moment – total return inc. dividends is good –

Top tips : US large cap –

Greg Smith
Fat Prophets

Sees more volatility over the next few months

Q : Mitchells and Butlers good buy ? Cautious about sector overall.

Q : Vodafone ? Overwight telcomms medium to longer term – a value play – good dividend yields – surplus cash flows – expansion into emerging markets – good core stock

Banking sector could see further weakness

Oil price will go to 100$ - maintaining positions in BP and Shell

Top tip : Overweight mining – BHP etc… gold stocks e.g. Randgold

So there you have it – not particularly inspiring but I dare say they make a good living at being boring. So according to them - buy Vodafone, BP, Shell, BLT, gold stocks, US large cap,

Thursday, September 20

Share Rumours and Tips

Online Stock Trading - Share Rumours

Stocks to Watch

Share Rumours and Tips


Bargain shares (I suspect this was written before yesterday’s surge) : - Vedanta Resources (VED), BHP Billiton (BLT), Kazakhmys (KAZ), British Polythene (BPI), Dragon Oil (DGO), Keller (KLR), Burren Energy (BUR), Oakdene Homes (OKD), K3 Business Technology (KBT), Speymill (SYG), Healthcare Locums (HLO), Aero Inventory (AI.).

Plays of the Week:
Buy - Energetix Group (EGX) and John David Group (JD.).
Aviation Super Highway:
Air Partner (AIP) - European Business Jets (EBJ) - MAXjet Airways (MAXJ) - Silverjet (SIL).

Trading Plays:
Buy – HSBC (HSBA), Sage Group (SGE), ARM Holdings (ARM).
Sell - Redrow (RDW).

Hold - Smiths Group (SMIN).
Buy - Management Consulting (MMC).
Long-term buy - Shed Productions (SHDP) .

Small cap to Watch:
Coda (CODA).

Other news:
Good results expected from Helphire (HHR) on Tuesday.


Rumours that Carillion (CLLN) may offer 100p a share for Alfred McAlpine (MCA).

Investment :
Hold - Imperial Tobacco (IMT).
Buy - Misys (MSY).
Hold - Brit Insurance (BRE).

Maypole (MPG) mayhem.

Share Whisper:
Rumours of bid from Carillion (CLLNl ifts Alfred McAlpine (MCA).

Other news:
Fed move excellent news for mining stocks.
Bid rumours lift TT Electronics (TTG).

Comment :
King (Governor of Bank of England) must go.

Questor :
Hold Smiths Group (SMIN).
Buy ARC International (ARK).

Other news:
Government forces King U-turn.

Analysts say bid for Northern Rock (NRK) unlikely in immediate future.
Standard Life (SL.) contemplating bid for Resolution (RSL) .
Sports Direct (SPD) increases stake in Umbro (UMB) to 10.2%.

Dow finioshed up 76 points to 13815, Nasdaq added 14 points to 2666, S&P up 9 points to 1529.03.
US regulators give Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac scope for $20 billion subprime aid.
Abbey initiates new home loan of up to 125% of property's sale price.
Halifax (HBOS) is first bank in the UK to dispense US dollars and euros from its cash machines.
Robert Shiller from Yale University warns that US residential real estate downturn could become 'the most severe since the Great Depression'.
US August housing starts and building permits hit 12-year lows.
US August CPI down 0.1%; core CPI up 0.2%.

Wednesday, September 19

Markets Surge on Surprise FED Rate Cut

Online Stock Trading - Stock Markets Surge

Stock Market Report

Markets Surge on Surprise FED Rate Cut

It's back to the race time on the stockmarkets after the FED rate cut - the words from a trader in New York, not mine.

Bill McLaren - a well-known chartist - reckons the S&P will continue rising until October 10th although he is bearish overall as he thinks that will prove a top and markets will fall from then on.

The DOW is up 45 points at the moment - off its highs - the NASDAQ is up 5 and the S&P up 4 - the FTSE 100 finished 2.8% or 176.7 points higher at 6,460 after the FED’s surprise 50 basis point rate cuts and the BoE injecting more liquidity into the markets

Banks (with the exception of Northern Rock –down another 16% on takeover speculation at a lower price 100p and 200p have been mentioned although 300p is a more accurate assessment of the bank’s worth – but their negotiating position s hardly the bet at the moment) and commodities led the way.

The FED’s move is designed to prevent a recession, which clearly they are fearing. They probably know something we don’t.

Personally I think Mervyn King has made a right dog’s dinner of the situation in the UK, and plenty of people think he should have done three weeks ago what he has been forced to do today. He would have thus avoid the whole Northern Rock fiasco, with 90 year old OAPs waiting for 8 hors on the pavement – he was lucky none of them died of a heart attack ! He will be grilled tomorrow by the Treasury Select Committee, perhaps they will tell him to go ? Ha ha – only joking as they no doubt don’t have that power anyway.

Standard Life surged 8% at one pint today until they announced they were considering the possibility of getting involved in a bidding war for Resolution – they slumped 8% after that announcement. Resolution rose 4.4%. Prudential rose 6.6% RSA rose 5% - hopefully they will continue rising onto next week – as I’ve bought some :-)

House builders also rose, Persimmon up 5.1% and Barratt Developments (BDEV) up 5.3%.
Merrill Lynch has just said equities are incredibly cheap at the moment.

U.S. crude prices hit record highs at $82.51 a barrel. T Boone Pickens is confident it is going higher in the medium-term although there may be a pull-back short term.

BP rose on 3% and Royal Dutch Shell was up 2.5%

Miners also rose sharply around 6% each as the US now becomes a factor along with China and India to drive metal prices higher. Anglo American (AAL.L: Quote, Profile , Research) rose 8.3 percent, topping the FTSE 100 gainers.

Lonmin was up 5.6% boosted by rumours of interest from Xstrata. Xstrata and Lonmin declined to comment .

Other interesting risers include Cable and Wireless (CW.) and Arm Holdings (ARM) both of which appear ready for a breakout and Brewin Dolphin (BRW) which saw a fair amount of buying in the afternoon - and all of which I hold strangely enough !

Tuesday, September 18

Bernanke Surprises Everyone with 50 Basis Points Cuts

Online Stock Trades - Interest Rates

Bernanke Cuts Rates by 50 Basis Points

Ben Bernanke has surprised everybody by cutting the FED funds AND the discount rates by 50 basis points each. After the FED rate cut the DOW surged and finished up 335 points at 13,739.

The rate cut is designed to foster growth and price stability - cut to forestall adverse eeconomic effects - future rate moves depend on data and economic outlook.

So congratulations to Guy Monson who got it right on CNBC this afternoon - see Guy Monson Stock Markets - - - I've got to admit Guy Monson is one of those people, along with Art Hogan, who I listen to when they talk - they usually seem to know what the market is think. He recommened insurance companies by the way.

Bernanke - 25 or 50 Basis Point Cut ? CNBC Guest Thoughts.

Internet Stock Trading - Interest Rates

FED Rate Cut Thoughts on CNBC Investos' Clininc

Some interesting thoughts on CNCB Investors’ Clinic

John Brady of MF Global

Thinks the FED will cut the funds rate by 25 basis points and the discount rate by 50 bp

He thinks a 50 bp would send a message of panic – some people may be woried about inflation effects – thinks FED will use other tools to combat seizng up of credit markets – problems emanate from previous low interest rate policy – longer term too many interest rate cuts may not solve problem

Guy Monson from Sarasin Investment Management

Thinks the FED will cut the funds rate by 50 basis points equity in houses is falling, which is why he thinks FED will be more aggressive

He also said things appear to be starting to normalize in the US –

His recommendations were to buy in the insurance sector – says it is a bit too early to be buying banks yet – at least for next 2 weeks recommended the ‘best’ banks without being specific

Also said there is value in metal and mining stocks - multi-year valuation lows – DOW most attractive market in the world – for supercap non-financial

In emerging markets – buy Western companies selling into Asia e.g. Cisco – also real-estate opportunities

Wednesday, September 12

Share Tips and Rumours from Newspapers

Online Stock Trading - Stock Picks

Stocks to Watch

Share Tips and Rumours

Long-term buy - Mecom (MEC).
Hold - Savills (SVS).
Sell - JJB Sports (JJB).

Tiddler to Watch:
Niger Uranium.

Other news:
Could be a bloodbath for retailers when interest rate rises start to take effect.
DSG (DSGI) down on brighter day on harsh comments.
Rumours that Francisco Vilaseca has sold his 5% stake in Cobham (COB).

Other news:
Tesco (TSCO) up on rumours foreign division is doing well.
Aga Foodservice (AGA) rises on possible Enodis bid for industrial unit.
Rumours of cash call at Costain (COST).

Tough times ahead for retailers.

Investment :
Buy - Derwent London (DLN).
Buy - Arc International (ARK).
Buy – Sportech (SPO).

Other news:
Morgan Stanley atacks ‘sickly’ DSGi (DSGI).

Questor :
Buy - Cairn Energy (CNE).
Buy - Carphone Warehouse (CPW).

Share Whisper:
Watch out for Craneware tomorrow (today).

Other news:
Hopes of positive reports from Ascent Resources (AST) and Central China Goldfields (GGG).

At a Glance:
Wolseley (WOS) worries.

Other news:
Investors expecting RBS (RBS) victory in battle for ABN Amro.
Craneware shuld get a good reception on AIM.

RBS backs Tesco's launch into financial comparison market.
Cairn Energy's Capricorn Petroleum increases stake in Med Oil to 14.3%.
VT Group signs IT contract with MoD.
ArmorGroup Holdings gets $4bn contract from US military.
FL Group has 18.9% stake in bid target Inspired Gaming (INGG).

Dow closed up 180.5 points at 13308, Nasdaq up 38 points to 2597, S&P up 19 points to 1471.
OFT says banks make £3.5 bn a year in overdraft charges.
US Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson warns crisis of confidence in global credit markets will probably last longer than any of the biggest financial shocks of the last twenty years.
Wharton Asset Management loses a quarter of its money in 1 month and a small Swiss fund collapses.

Friday, September 7

Bernanke Needs to Cut Interest Rates Now

Online Stock Trading - Interest Rates

Bernanke Needs to Cut Interest Rates Now

After the awful non-farm payroll numbers out of the US, shares have taken another hammering, the DOW is down 230 points with the NASDAQ down 55 and the S&P down 25. The FTSE is down 123 and the DAX down 191.

It seems that Bernanke, who was being hailed as a hero not so long ago, does not in fact know what he is doing. He has been concentrating far too much on inflation and raising interest rates whereas he should have been concentrating on the economic slowdown, which he appears to have missed altogether.

Roger Nightingale of Millenium Global Investments has just been on CNBC. He was scathing about the FED's handling of the economy, talking of a 'world economic meltdown' and saying that the FED had grotesquely underestimated problems.

The US jobs numbers today were awful and a surprise and the jobs picture will pan out badly. The problem he said has been caused caused by inappropriate monetary policy which needs to be put right.

Bernanke has basically got it all wrong and as a result the economy is in desperate trouble. He did however say that this could represnt a buying opportunity in equities as Bernanke will be forced to cut interest rates and that he will probably take interest rates down below 1%.

The European and US economies are in a complete mess and this is exacerbated by cheap imports from China not helped by it. Much lower interest rates are need and he said Bernanke should cut by 150 basis points not 50, as given the dire situation the US is in 50 points is neither here nor there.

He added that the European and UK central bankers were totally useless and should not be in their jobs! Nice one Roger, pity they won't listen to him.

Art Hogan from Jefferies (someone who seems to have an uncanny knack of getting things right) said very similar things to Roger Nightingale although he was a bit more guarded and diplomatic in his language. He said the FED was slightly behind the curve - as they had been more afraid of inlfation than slowdown (with an impication that they had got this badly wrong).

There were significant negative numbers in government jobs. If this is the beginning of a trend and not the end - then we are well behind the curve. There are certainly some buyig opportunities - he as particularly keen on Boeing which is insulated from the economic downturn but has fallen nevertheless along with everything else.

There will be bargains on the stock market over next several weeks. He said the FED should cut interest rates by 50 basis points - 25 points would be a mistake - Bernanke needs to be more aggressive - and he may even move before September 18th.

Wednesday, September 5


Online Stock Trading - Stock Picks

Stock Market Tips

Newspaper Share Rumours and Tips

Tempus :
Hays (HAS) – Sell.
Kazakhmys (KAZ) – Hold.
SCi Entertainment (SEG) – Buy on weakness.

Tiddler to Watch:
Advanced Medical Solutions (AMS).

Other news:
Paddy Power (PAP) posts solid results.
Premier Foods (PFD) says biofuel represents a ‘green tax’ on wheat.
SEG says talking with suitor - could be Ubisoft of France.
Media Square (MSQ) warns on earnings.
Shell (RDSA) recovery accelerates.
Panmure (PMR) up 4.5p to 138p on rumours an overseas investment bank is taking a close interest.

Tullow Oil (TLW) could soon be in FTSE

Other news:
Takeover speculation lifted Restaurant Group (RTN) 2% .
Songbird Estates (SBDB) also up on stakebuilding rumours.

Investment :
Kazakhmys (KAZ) – Buy.
Paddy Power (PAP) – Buy.
Playtech (PTEC) - Buy.

Other news:
Higher insurance premiums for motorists.
French rumoured to be interested in waste disposal firm Biffa (BIFF).

Other news:
Fidelity rumoured to be dumping its 13% stake in SMG (SMG) - shares fall 8.25p to 33.25p.
Cozart (CZT) bid rumours.

Questor :
Premier Foods (PFD) – Buy.
Tullow Oil (TLW) – Buy.
Hays (HAS) - Hold.

Other news:
Insurance premiums to rise despite 26% profits increase for Admiral (ADM) .
Kazakhmys (KAZ) benefits from boom in metal prices - decides on $700-million dividend.

Share Whisper:
Keep an eye on Medavinci (MVC).

Alliance & Leicester (AL.) provides detailed analysis of investments in debt securities to reassure investors.
Mergers dry up due to banks' debt mountain.
Land Securities (LAND) considering break-up.

Stock markets - Dow closed up 91 at 13449, Nasdaq up 34 points to 2630, S&P added 15.5 to 1489.5.

Sunday, September 2

US Markets Finish Up for the Month on Bernanke Speech

Stock Market Investing - Markets Finish Up

Stock Market News

US Markets Finish Up for the Month on Bernanke Speech

The comments on CNBC Friday re. Benanke's speech were :-

Bob Pisani

Broad rally on the DOW - Bernanke's and Bush's comments cheered the markets - stock markets expect interest rates to be cut soon

There will be help for those in mortgage difficulties - B & B will not let the economy fall - election issues are more important than any moral hazard - some stocks hit new highs HP, Nvidian, Smiths, First Data - techs and energy clear winners over the month - builders down - gold stocks down

DOW, NASDAQ and S&P all finished up for the month

Steve Liesman said stock markets were cheered because Bernanke was honest - no holds barred on the credit crunch - he did not argue that the strong economy would ovecome troubles - said credit crunch would hurt consumer spending and the economy - added that data before the credit crunch was not so useful - Bernanke was less forthcoming on what he'll do - he is not sure if a rate cut will actually be necessary -