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TDWaterhouse Problems Online Trading

Online Stock Trades - TDWaterhouse Problems Complaints Against TD Waterhouse UK

For a more complete description of my complaints against TD Waterhouse UK see Problems with TDWaterhouse online brokers UPDATE - in my dealings with the TDWaterhouse brokerage firm they repeatedly advised me to get in touch with the Ombudsman if I was not happy with their service.
After trying other avenues to get TDWaterhouse to admit they had a problem with their online trading software I finally did get in touch with the Ombudsman. The Ombudsman was even slower than TD Waterhouse in looking into the matter, taking months and months just to get to the stage where they would actually investigate my complaint. When the Ombudsman did finally get around to looking into my complaint against TDWaterhouse he concluded that he was not in fact qualified to deal with the matter as it was a matter for the FSA (Financial Services Authority) but that the FSA does not investigate individual complaints. No wonder TDWaterhouse was so keen for me to waste my time with the Ombudsman.
I recently posted about the problems I have had with TDWaterhouse's online trading system and their refusal to accept any responsibility in this matter - see here - Problems with TDWaterhouse Online Brokers - I have received a number of comments and e-mails so far but am still looking for more, if you have had a problem with TDWaterhouse, specifically their online trading software, in recent months please read my previous post and get in touch
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