Friday, May 9


Online Trading - Blinkx Shares Soar

Blinkx has issued an RNS saying it knows of no "bid-related reason" for share price movement.


"The Board of blinkx plc notes the recent increase in the Company's share price
and confirms that it is not aware of any external bids or bid-related reason for
the movement."

No external bids ? Are there internal bids then ?

Blinkx shares rose more than 50% at one point today on rumours of a News Corp Rupert Murdoch takeover. There were also rumours that MSN and Google were interested and rumours that the price would 60p. This is goo dnews for any long-term holders who got in when the company listed on AIM almost a year ago, as the share price has done nothing but fall since then, except for the last few days. So if there is a takeover then the long-term sufferers might at least get their money back.

Those who bought in under 20p were of course very pleased with the recent turn of events, perhaps less so after this latest RNS - as I type the share price is in backwardation.

Blinkx is a video search website which used to be part of the software group Autonomy. The group is apparently considering listing its shares on the Nasdaq.

Autonomy still has a 20% stake in Blinkx and it said would wait a year before selling its stake, due to a lock-up which ends on May 22. Could there be a connection ? Who knows ? Certainly not I or We.

Blinkx searches content according based on user requests and charges for ads. to be displayed alongside searches.

Media companies are among those who have signed up with Blinkx, which has over 200 clients.

The group has just launched new "indexing technology" and increased its sales team by 100%.

The shares were as high as 38p earlier they are now down to 27p. A fair amount of money has no doubt changed pockets !