Friday, March 28

Want a Slice of ?

Online Stock Trading : How Much is worth?

If you were in the pizza business, rather than in the stockmarket business, how much would you be prepared to pay for the domain name ? An interesting question at the moment, as is up for sale by auction - the price at the moment is $602,000 (Friday morning) and the reserve hasn't been met yet -

For an investor, investing in domain names is potentially very lucrative, the only problem is that all the 'good' .com names were sold long ago, so now in order to get one you have to be prepared to dig deep, as for You can sometimes find others which have not yet risen by so much, but then you have to find one that the owner is prepared to sell. Or you can buy cheaper extensions such as .net or relatively new extensions such as .in which may rise dramatically in the future as India extends its Internet footprint.

SharesCity|Investors Chronicle Tips

Internet Stock Trading - Investor's Chronicle Stocks Tips


Shares to beat the slowdown: - Spice, Mouchel, Pennon, Shanks, Begbies Traynor,, and Eaga

Sell – Ncipher, Standard Chartered
Buy –Prostrakan, Spice, Cineworld, Amur Minerals

Buy – Accsys Technologies, Aricor
Sell - Imagination Technologies

Buy - OPD, Ted Baker, H&T Group, Vindon Healthcare, Hardy Underwriting Bermuda, Asian Citrus Holdings, European Goldfields, Alpha Pyrenees, KBC Advanced Technologies, Nautical Petroleum, AFC Energy, Ridge Mining, Black Star Investors, Tepnel Life Sciences, Sovgem, EnergyBuild Group, Chieftain, Bateman Litwin, Bellway, Cenkos Securities,

Sell –Qualceram Shires, Next

Good Value – Cambrian Mining


Man Group - Hold
Northern Foods - Buy
Enodis - Hold

Tiddler to watch - Cyril Sweett

Further news
Indians set to buy London's oldest broker, Hichens Harrison
Bid speculation lifts Renesola

Buy - Laura Ashley
Hold - Songbird Estates

Skyepharma - A cautious hold
Clinton Cards - Hold
ShieldTech – Buy

Polo Resources lifts stake in GCM Resources to 29.72%

Thursday, March 27

Online Stock Trading

Online Stock Trading - Newspaper Tips and Rumours

Interested in learning about Forex Trading? Check out my earlier post - Forex Trading for Beginners


Oil stocks are featured, in particular, Volga Gas, Falkland Oil & Gas, Soco International, Nautical Petroleum, EnCore Oil and Faroe Petroleum.

Buy - Spirent Communications
Buy - Capita Group

Sell - Kesa Electricals

AstraZeneca – Buy (2400p target)
British Energy – Buy (800p target)
Standard Life – Buy (295p target)

Sell - Legal & General
Sell – Next
Buy - BP.

NetPlay – Hold
Phosphagenics – Hold
Eruma – Buy
DCD Media – Buy
Zeehan Zinc - Hold

Bellway - Avoided
Booker - hold
Tribal Group – Buy on weakness


SIG - rumours of French interest
Rumours of Manitowoc bid lift Enodis

Rumours of bid for International Greetings
Diageo up following Anheuser talk

Birch Partners share to keeo an eye on on Plus Markets

Buy – Xstrata
Hold - Scottish & Southern Energy

Tadpole Technology rumoured to have aroused interest of several parties for its Jukebox software

ScS Upholstery – Hold
Bellway - Cautious hold
FW Thorpe – Hold

Tadpole Technology issues loan notes witha value of £230,000 to provide further working capital
Bank of England has indicated it will cut interest rates again and do more to solve banks’ liquidity problems

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Wednesday, March 26

Shares City | What is DMA ?

Online Share Dealing for Beginners : What is Direct Market Access (DMA) ?

Direct Market Access (DMA) is a method which allows private investors to buy and sell stocks and shares directly from or to other private investors. About time too I might add.

Normally, in online share dealing private investors buy and sell stocks from brokers who act as an intermediary with market makers. DMA gives private investors greater control of their trades by dealing directly with other market participants, although this does not quite cut out the middle man, as you will still need to use a broker but one that offers DMA.

The great advantage of DMA is that it allows you to trade inside the spread. Normally a broker will quote you a price such as 220 – 224 which means you can buy at 224 but you can only sell at 220 the 4 point difference being referred to as the ‘spread’. Trading inside the spread is obviously an advantage as it means the stock price does not have to move as much before you are in profit.

The advantages of DMA to the private investor are:-

It creates a more level playing field
All orders on the order book have the same status, they are only prioritized with regard to price and time.

Increased visibility
Orders are visible to the whole market. This allowing all market participants “full contribution to central market liquidity”.

The depth of order book is visible
This ensures that you are aware of the number of buyers and the number of sellers and also the price at which they are willing to trade.

You can set your own priceLimit orders can be set at a price of your choosing and they are made available to the whole market.

Spreads are tighter
Limit orders are on public rather than private display, this ensures tighter spreads, which benefits the participant who placed the order, as he/she has a greater chance of obtaining the price specified. It also benefits the market as a whole as the public reference price is tighter.

Participation in the auctionPrivate investors can participate in auctions pre-market and post-market which is where the highest and lowest prices are often seen.

It would appear that in the UK we are late to the table in so far as concerns DMA, but given the obvious advantages I suspect it will become more available. So where do we sign up ?

Tuesday, March 25

Art Cashin says Interim Bottom

Online Stock Trading - Market Bottom In Place says Art Cashin

A number of people are saying that we have now seen a bottom (short term at least) in the markets and we could get a few weeks or months of rises. Jim Cramer for one, yesterday on CNBC.

Today on CNBC Art Cashin, who talks a lot of sense, has just said there is a good possibility that we are at an interim bottom. His reasoning is that yesterday was the third trading day after events on Tuesday and as yesterday was a positive day this indicates that bulls have regained control.

Art says that this looks like an interim bottom caused by the financial crisis although he still thinks that further out in the year there may be a lower low caused by the recession. These are the weakest shorts he has seen in 45 years – if commodities and the dollar stabilize shorts are cleaned up. We need a period of calm to the disadvantage of the shorts and an end to the rumour mongers.

All in all he was positive on the markets for the next few weeks/months.

[UPDATE : Well he got it wrong - the bottom sofar was in March 2009 - although there is still the possibility that that may be retested]

Scarlett Likes Empresaria - Buy

Online Stock Trading for Beginners - Buy Empresaria

Investors don’t like recruitment companies right now, fearing a downturn in the economy. But if you are lloking for a good long-term investment then Scarlett Moore from Sharecrazy Supermarket says that Empresaria (EMR), is one recruitment company that deserves a closer look. My thinking is ‘How can you disagree with a woman called Scarlett ?’ Probably not the best way to pick your stocks but hey nothing else works !

The company has operations in 17 countries, and the major part of its revenues come from outside the United Kingdom, which will offset the downturn if it does inded materialize.

EMR’s most recent trading statement was positive, for the year ended 31.12.2007 it declared revenues of £146 million, almost double revenues in 2006, and £40 million in net fee income. Growth was reported in all operating regions but there was also strong organic growth in the UK.

Shares were at an 187p in June 2007, the all-time high, before falling below 80p, although they have recently recovered to 88p. Scarlett thinks they are ‘worth a punt’. Earnings are expected to be around 9p for 2007. Boosted by earnings from Asian businesses they should rise to to 12p for the current year. This gives a valuation of 7 times earnings, which would seem to require a really horrendous downturn. EMR are therefore recommended as a long-term investment.

5 Year Candlestick Chart

3 Month Candlestick Chart

Personally I would like to see the red line get back above the black line before I jumped in but I am known for being excessively cautious.

Monday, March 24

Police in China Fire on Monks and Nuns

Online Trading - Chinese Police Fire on Tibetan Monks and Nuns

Police in Western China opened fire on monks, nuns and other Tibetans trying to march on government offices yesterday. They were demanding the return of the Dalai Lama.

People in Luhuo said that a monk and a farmer appeared to have been killed and a dozen or so people wounded in the latest demonstrations in Tibetan areas of China.

Bear Stearns Price Increased

Online Stock Trading - Bear Stearns

After offering a derisory $2 per share for Bear Stearns, JPMorgan has now increased its offer for to $10, hoping to win over Bear Stearns employees and shareholders.

The Bear Stearns share price has more than doubled as a result.

The reaction last week among Bear Stearns employees and shareholders was extremely negagtive as they felt the deal on offer significantly undervalued the firm, which afer all had ben trading at $30 on Friday afternoon.

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon has been trying to sweet-talk Bear Stearns employees all week. Together they own about 33% of the company.

"We believe the amended terms are fair to all sides and reflect the value and risks of the Bear Stearns franchise," Dimon said in a statement, "and bring more certainty for our respective shareholders, clients, and the marketplace."

The new deal includes a provision for JPMorgan to buy 95 million new Bear Stearns shares immediately, giving it a 39.5 % stake in the company.

The amended offer is JPMorgan's attempt to see off competition, and ensure the acquisition is done and dusted as quickly as possible. The deal for the JPMorgan is widely seen as being the deal of the century, although admittedly the century is young !

Sunday, March 23

Share Tips

Online Stock Trading - Share Tips from Sundays Newspapers

Bellway, IQE, Addax Petroleum, Pinewood Shepperton, Dignity and Begbies Traynor.

Wednesday, March 19

FSA to Investigate Shorters !

Online Stock Trading for Beginners - Share Manipulation Investigation

The Financial Services Authority in the UK has warned stock market traders, shorters and investors that it is investigating trades in UK financial shares after a number of rumours caused extreme reaction in share prices -at one point HBOS was down 18% on rumours it had approached the Bank of England for cash, rumours which HBOS have described as absolute nonsense.

The FSA issued a warning that traders should not take short positions then spread rumours to bring about a fall in the share price, after which they can buy back their shorted shares and make a substantial profit. Well I bet that's got them quaking in their boots ! Shorters have been spreading rumours for years, that's what they do ! The FSA might just as well issue a warning that people should stop shorting ! What planet have the FSA been living on for the past 200 years ?

My prediction ? The FSA, which is generally regarded as toothless here in the UK, will discover after their lengthy investigation that there was 'no evidence' to suggest that any malpractice took place

Tuesday, March 18

FED Cuts Rates .75 Point

Stock Trading - FED Cuts Rates by 3/4 Point

The FED has just cut interest rates by 0.75 point, not the 1 whole point that was expected by many. Rates are now at 2.25. It also cut the discount rate by .75 to 2.50

The DOW is falling as a result although it may rebound later of course. In fact it's already starting to re-bound (5 minutes later)

What the FED Should Do

Internet Stock Trading - the Credit Crisis according to Mohamed El-Erian

Mohamed El-Erian has just been on CNBC explaining his views on what the FED should do, as described in his article in our competitor publication The Financial Times.

According to Mr El-Erian the FED should first supplement monetary policy by filling the "void left by slowing moving fiscal agencies – through outright purchases of high-quality mortgage securities or by extending financing terms to one year." And, secondly, central banks should co-ordinate their intervention to try and counteract the effect of "disorderly exchange rates that exacerbate the credit turmoil."

Lehman Says Bottom Reached

Online Stock Trading - Lehman Calls Bottom of the Market

Lehman Brothers' says we are at the bottom of the market, ahead of today's FED meeting, where they are expected to announce a 100 basis-point cut in the wake of Bear Stearns' collapse. The FTSE 100 has bounced off its lowest level since 2005, in tandem with other world markets.

Ian Scott, Global Strategist for Lehman, has stated : "Events in the past couple of days indicate that global equity markets have moved on from discounting the recessionary impact of lower earnings to considering the implications of a systemic reduction in the availability of credit to otherwise profitable businesses and creditworthy households.

"We think this likely represents the culmination of the current crisis in capital markets." (Ha ha)

To be honest it sounds like a bit of wishful thinking to me, especially for Lehman which itself may be open to aggressive shorting, but for the full article have a look here :

[UPDATE - Well. It seems like Lehman's got that one a bit wrong ! A perfect example of someone in a sticky hole trying to talk up the stock market !]

Share Tips from the Experts

Online Stock Trading - Share Tips and News

If you are stil in the mood for share tips after yesterday's mauling here are a few from the wise men and women


The Lex Column
Those still baying for blood on Wall Street as payback for the sins of recent years should be sated by the implosion of Bear Stearns.
European banks - markets are shrieking over who might be next. European bank shares slumped on Monday, after Bear Stearns' collapse
Lehman Brothers can point to stronger liquidity, nearly $200-billion of cash and unencumbered assets, and fewer pressure points than Bear Stearns

British Energy may be taken over - shares rose 11%

Other News
Flometrics up on Mentor stake
Autonomy down after sale by chief

Imperial Energy – Don’t buy until further details
Headlam - hold

A Tiddler to Watch

Further news
Lehman Brothers slumps as Wall Street wonders: who’s next?
Powerflute close to an acquisition


Front Page
Financial crisis ‘is worst for decades’

How deep are Bernanke’s pockets
Wolseley gives worrying warning

Umbrellas for the storm: -
Reckitt Benckiser, William Morrison, BAE Systems, United Utilities

Further news
Wall Street rallies to aid Lehman
HBOS plunges on fears US crisis is spreading
Number of large blocks of shares change hands in Restaurant Group


Bear fire sale marks start of capitulation

Investment Column
Buy - IQE
Wolseley - A cautious hold
Shore Capital – Hold

Further news
Shire shines on a day of gloom
Panmure close to breaching FSA regulatory capital requirement
Rumours of bullish drilling report from Patgonia Gold.
Wimpey's plans for new bonus scheme
Sweet China returns to AIM market this week after reverse takeover

· Europeans may bid for British Energy


Joe Lewis trying to block JP Morgan Chase's takeover of Bear Stearns
Lone Star will ask lender HSBC to increase its offer for Korea Exchange Bank above £3.2-billion
Concern about prospect of a takeover of British Energy
BAE signs $715-million contract to supply vehicles to US marines
Terra Firma enters battle for Novera Energy
Rentokil Initial set for break-up with private equity seen as a possible buyer
Guinness Peat lifts stake in Newbury Racecourse to 29.01%

· Bank of England pumps extra £5 billion into money markets
pound has worst day since 1992

ABI turns up pressure on Marks and Spencer over chairman's £450,000 payoff
Oil tumbles from record highs as economic nerves grow
MF Global says that it has sufficient funding to combat business normally, saying it has no exposure to sub-prime mortgage-backed sector
US Federal Reserve calls on banks to aid Lehman Bros

Monday, March 17

Bear Stearns Employees Lose Millions

Online Stock Trading - Bear Stearns Employees Lose Millions

With JPMorgan offering virtually nothing to buy out Bear Stearns the firm’s employees, who own about 33% of Bear’s outstanding stock, find themselves having lost millions overnight and there is every possibility that they will initiate litigation to try and get back some of their losses, according to employee benefits attorneys.

Bear Stearns stock was worth $170 share last year, it was worth $30 a share on Friday today it is worth $2. People who thought they had $15 million worth of shares on Friday now find themselves with only $500,000 - the strange thing is this is seen to be a good result by the FED, which shows how deep the crisis must be that they are willing to flush so many people's savings down the pan -

McCartney Mills $48M Divorce Settlement

Online Stock Trading - McCartney Mills Divorce Settlement

Heather Mills os to get $46.8 million dollars from Paul McCartney for their four-year marriage, nice work if you can get it, but then so is singing silly love songs ! The award was determined by High Court judge Mr Justice Bennett who has been described as 'very, very, very clever' which means I guess that there are some judges who are not so clever.

Heather Mills was trying to get $250 million, Paul McCartney offered her $30 million, so I guess he is slightly more pleased with the outcome than she is, but the word is that she is going to appeal. The clever judge has also issued a 'gagging order' so that they can't talk about the trial or their life, or make a film of it, which apparently she was intending to do.

Saturday, March 15

China's War Against Tibet

China Wages Peoples War Against Tibet

In a new twist China has declared a so-called people's war against Tibet, by which they mean war pure and simple. The people have no control over what happens in China.

See the full story here :