Saturday, February 28

Website and Desktop Stock Tickers

Online Stock Trading - Stock Quotes - 5 Best Desktop Stock Tickers

Stock Quotes - Desktop Stock Ticker and Website Stock Ticker

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    Main Features:

    add/remove STOCK SYMBOLS
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    updates last and change quote values for specified symbols
  • News and Quotes Java Ticker

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Friday, February 27

House Price Rises in January

Online Stock Trading - House Prices Rise in January in Two UK Regions

Not the time to buy stocks? Fed up looking for cheap online trading sites? Maybe it's the time to buy houses again? There are plenty of property developers snapping up bargains at the auctions - don't believe all the doom and gloom!

For example the Land Registry published its latest report into house prices today and undoubtedly all the headlines will be about the 15% average house price fall, but in Redcar and Cleveland (north east England) prices actually rose in January by 3.9% ! An annualized increase of almost 48%.

It is worth noting also that in the East Midlands, and the East prices went up by 0.3% and 0.1% respectively in January. In Yorkshire and the Humber prices were flat in January and in London and the South East they only fell by 0.1%.

House prices in England and Wales did on average fall again in January. The average house is now cheaper than since March 2005. It should also be noted that small houses and flats fell faster than larger detached hoses.

The average price of a house in England and Wales fell by 0.8% in January to £156,753 ($224,470). House prices have fallen 15.1% since January 2008.

The Land Registry said that price falls vary depending on the region, the decline being highest in Wales (19.7%). In fact house prices in Wales fell by an average of 8.8% just in January.

The North East of England however seems to be holding up stronger, with house prices down just 12.7% over the year.

The Land Registry said however that the latest data are based on very small volumes of sales.

House prices in London are now falling, with a 0.1% drop for January and an annual decline of 14.1%. Could this mean the fall is slowing ?

City of Westminster showed the smallest annual fall at 6.4%, In London’s outer boroughs Harrow fell by 3.9% in January alone.

Volumes of sales fell dramatically however from November 2007 to November 2008 by 67% on average.

Newspaper Share Tips and Rumours

Online Stock Trading - Friday Newspaper Share Tips

Click here for Investors Chronicle Share Tips

RBS set for £25-billion rescue [another ? - I've lost count - Ed.]

Twitter – [so many people so little intelligence ] ... will this online fad make money?


Royal BS [ha ha very good ] - Insuring it was never going to be pain-free

Feature: Bank bail-out

Lloyds could face higher fees than Royal BS in bespoke deal

Small Talk
Rak Real Estate - One of the largest companies to join PLUS Markets for many years arrives next week ...

Further news

Stanford warning in 2003 – Whistleblower told SEC of ‘illegal scheme’

Small Caps: LonZim trouble hits Lonrho

THE Times

National Express cost cutting could put jobs at risk


Royal & Sun Alliance – Buy on weakness
Capita – Hold
Rank Group – hold

A Tiddler to Watch - Modern Water

Further news

Expected investor backing makes William Hill a safe bet with £350m cash call


Treasury approved £693,000 pension, says Fred


RSA Insurance – Hold
Capita - Buy

Further news

iPhone leads to 10.6% increase in O2 sales


Hamish McRae Column

Still months of pain ahead for the banks


Capita – Hold
BAT’s – Buy
Hays – Tentative buy

Further news
Scottish & Southern Energy will bid for wind farms


UK will bankroll Royal BS ‘for years’

Further news

Centrica may walk away from deal

William Hill odds on for cash call

BBA Aviation shares rise on upgrade by Cazenove to outperform from in-line - plus better-than-expected results


Share of the Day
- Bloomsbury Publishing [of Harry Potter fame - Ed.]

Investors Chronicle Share Tips

Online Stock Trading - Investors Chronicle Share Tips

Stocks to Watch


Kill the Spread – AIM is criticized by many for the unjustifiable size of its spreads

Tips of the Week
Carnival – Sell
Go-Ahead – Sell
Thorntons – Sell
Unite – Buy
Altona Energy – Buy
Manpower Software – Buy

Tips Update
Land Securities – Sell
Coffee Heaven – Buy
Balfour Beatty – Buy
Nighthawk – Buy
Fortune Oil – Buy
Emed – Buy

Company Results
Buy – Dechra Pharma, Keir, International Ferro, Rexam, BAE, Shire, Albermarle & Bond, London Capital, XP Power
Sell – Rentokil, Barratt Developments, Petra Diamonds, Travis Perkins,

High enough –, Bodycote, Redrow, Ladbrokes,

Fairly priced – Cadbury, Tomkins, Thomson Reuters, Logica, Galliford Try, Bunzl, Anglo American, Reed Elsevier, Spirent, St James’s Place, Colt Telecom, Spectris, Ashmore, Elementis, Brammer,

Long-term good value – Goldplat, Morgan Sindall,

Good value – Low & Bonar, SDL, Kerry, Fresnillo, Morgan Crucible, Dori Media,

Click here for newspaper stock tips
Finally a word on cheap online brokers, there are plenty of good brokers available for stock trading over the Internet but if you are interested in cheap online trading avoid TDWaterhouse.

Thursday, February 26

Amazon Kindle Selling Well

Online Stock Trading - Amazon Kindle Set to Do Well

The Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader has just got a bit of free pubilcity on CNBC in the shape of Erin Burnett and analyst Jeffry Lindsay from Sandford Bernstein.

According to analysts the Kindle Ebook Reader 2 is already showing a modest profit. Mark Mahaney of Citigroup estimates that Amazon sold 500,000 Kindles in 2008, it is estimated that that figure may rise to 1 million for the Kindle 2 for 2009
Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader
There is also an expectation by many that the price will be cut at some point from $358 to $298 which means it will still be too expensive for a lot of people.

But according to Jeffry Lindsay Amazon "don't want to antagonize the book publishers and they don't want to cannibalize their own book sales". According to Lindsay Amazon makes around 5% to 10% higher margins on print books than it on Kindle digital ebooks.

According to analysts Amazon should avoid marketing the Kindle as a mass-market product. "There are already so many ways for a consumer to spend free time in front of a mobile device or PC. People have no need for an iPod of books." says Simba Information's Michael Norris.

The people most likely to be interested in the Kindle are those who hav a constant need of access to large numbers of books, such as students.

One of the features that the Kindle ebook reader lacks of course if the ability to carry out online stock trades, but maybe that wil come too one day.

Magazine and Newspaper Share Tips

Online Stock Trading - Shares Magazine and Newspaper Share Tips

Shares to Watch

Picks for Income Seekers –
Buy … Tesco, Serco, Royal Dutch Shell,

Potential Bargains –
Buy … BSS, Aviva, ITV


PV Crystalox – Buy
HSBC – Speculative Buy
Informa – Buy
Genus – Buy
Symphony Environmental – Buy
Firestone Diamonds – Buy

Southern Cross Healthcare – Buy
Gem Diamonds – Sell

Plays Update

Kalahari Minerals – Sell

Small Caps
Shed Media – Sell
Intec – Buy
Biocompatibles - Buy
Fortune Oil – Buy



Half-full container ships sail the seas as Japan, South Korea, China, and Taiwan see severe drops in exports

Further news

Cadbury improves its margins

Small Caps: Northgate 43% drop

Small Caps: Kalahari down 5.6% on profit taking, but Extract Energy, in which Kalahari has 40% stake released encouraging drilling update


Collapsing services sector activity could lead to deflationary slump

Where have all the trillions gone? - What recession ? Prices at Christies Paris auction for Yves Saint Laurent paintings and nick nacks beat all expectations


Tomkins – Avoid
Bodycote – Wait
A&J Mucklow – Hold

Tiddler to Watch - Handmade

Smaller Companies: Norseman Gold up 0.25p to 11.25p on upbeat update


Gordon Brown ordered ‘light touch’ on bank regulation, says FSA


Cadbury – Buy
Bodycote - Buy

Further news

RBS to increase lending in return for state handouts [does that mean they will be lending us our own money ? - Ed.]

Logica suffers from global restructuring programme



Logica – Hold
Fiberweb - Hold

Further news

Northgate surprises with profit warning

Market Report: ICAP up after reassuring City


At a Glance
- Amec award


People sometimes ask me about where they can learn about day trading, futures trading, commodity trading and more importantly cheap online trading - there are plenty of people on the Internet who will take your money and teach you something but how do you know they are worth the cash? One guy I can recommend, mainly because he does a lot of his teaching for free is Oscar Carboni - he's a day trader but he explains how it works and he is right more times than he is wrong - he has plenty of videos up for anyone to see on - so check him out if you are interested in learning about online stock trading . One thing I would just like to point out is that if you are looking for a cheap online broker to execute your cheap online trading orders then you may be wondering are TDWaterhouse any good? - all I can say from my personal experience is that they should be avoided, on a scale of 1 - 10 I would rate them 0 - I do not recommend them or their software or their customer 'service' department .

Don't read this if you're not interested in using charts to help you trade stocks

Wednesday, February 25

Wednesday Press Stock Tips

Online Stock Trading - Wednesday Press Stock Tips

Online Stock Trading


Signs of turnaround in housing market – Housebuilders say sales are rising

Tui Travel out of favour as buy-out hopes recede;
National Express eases 0.6% on speculation of cash call;
Chaucer up on renewed bid hopes

Max Petroleum up 19% after increasing credit facility to $100m

Rail firms told to cut fares

Man Group’s flagship RMF Four Seasons Strategies Fund had $360-million invested with Bernie Madoff, even though nobody at the company had met him since 2001

Spirent – Solid hold;
Spectris – Hold ;
Elementis – Avoid

A Tiddler to Watch: Petroceltic

Bank of America will fight to not disclose details of Merrill Lynch’s $3.6 billion bonus payout;
Friends Provident - fear over insurers’ reserves

Smaller Companies: Punters like Sports Media


Savers withdraw record £2.3bn as interest rates fall

Morgan Sindall – Buy;
St James’s Place – Hold

Builder Redrow says no recovery until 2010;
Property freeze worst since 1950’s;
Yell under pressure on rumous Axa is selling

3 Year Yell Chart with 200 Day Moving Average - Charting for Beginners


Investment Column:
Spectris – Cautious hold;
Morgan Sindall – Buy;
Ashmore Group - Hold

Lonmin cuts 5,500 jobs and stops one mine due to low prices

Cairn down as Morgan Stanley warns on valuation


Desperate Japan will shore up Nikkei

F&C criticizes ‘catastrophic’ bank culture


Share of the Day
: CustomVis

Spending curbs may bring about ‘deeper, longer recession’

Tuesday, February 24

Bartering Your Services

Online Investing - Bartering Your Services For No Money

I've just seen this UK organisation on French TV so I thought I'd mention them here as it seems like a good idea for people who are financially challenged in these financially challenging times.

LETS - Local Exchange Trading Systems or Schemes - mutual aid networks where people exchange services and goods with one another, without the need for money. You can get your plumbing fixed by a plumber to whom you give a few 'beaks' who can then use them to get some service he may require, from you or from someone else, in exchange for the few 'beaks' you gave him. A form of bartering not online investing, but it could be considered a very basic form of investing for beginners I guess.

Solar Panel Producer Income Doubles

Online Stock Trading - Alternative Investments - Investing in Green Energy

Stocks to Watch

President Obama has promised to make renewable energy a major plank of his energy policy. I am not qualified to give investing advice but it would seem ike a good idea however to seek out alternative energy companies that may be in a position to make some nice fat profits.

First Solar Inc. which produces thin-film solar panels more than doubled Q4 net income, to $132 million, up from $62 million in 2007. Net income for the year rose to $348 million, compared to $158 million in 2007. [Update : FSLR is down 17% on the NASDAQ futures due to "guidance".]

Revenues amounted to $1 billion thanks to its development of a solar cell at less than $1 per watt.

CEO and Chairman, Mike Ahearn, told investors that the company passed another threshold in the quarter: the creation of a solar cell with a 98 cent per watt cost.

“Breaking that $1 per watt cost barrier is a major milestone. It’s something that the industry has been searching for 20 years.”

First Solar has been seeking to lower the cost per watt in order to make solar power more competitive with utility-generated electricity.

First Solar 3 Year Chart with 200 Day Moving Average

The company has set itself a target of producing cells with a cost per watt of between 65 cents and 75 cents by 2012, and even lower after that.

Strangely the main challenge facing the company in 2009, is obtaining loans from a financial system reluctant to lend to solar projects.

Solar manufacturing however is headed for an even greater boom as an increasing number of countries seek to make use of green energy and who knows one day solar powered laptops may allow us to partake in that most precarious of activities, investing online.

Clearly those smart bankers know something the rest of us don't, although given the drop in FSLR today, they may be right..

Some Chinese Foodstuffs Still Tainted

Online Stock Trading - China Says It Still Has a Problem With Food Contamination

The Chinese Vice Minister of Health, Chen Xiaohong has said that Chinese dairy products, meat, flour, and a range of other foods are still dangerously contaminated with illegal additives. There has been a crackdown to try and clean the food production up, but the health minister said some food and liquor makers are still using banned additives.

"Some food businesses still lack a grasp of the harmfulness and severity of illegal additives," Chen said. "Their commitment to correcting this is not high."

China's problems with tainted foods and medicines came under the international spotlight from 2007 through a string of scares over toxins in exports.

Public worries over tainted foods and medicines and toothpaste and toys came to a head last year, when it was discovered that the Sanlu Group and a number of other dairy producers were adding the industrial chemical melamine to raw milk.

Official figures say that 6 children in China died from drinking infant formula with melamine in it, and nearly 300,000 fell ill. Unofficially the figures are said to be much higher.

The Chinese government has dealt with 1,274 cases of illegal use of food additives since late 2008.

Four people have been arrested.

Chen said the crackdown is not enough and some companies have still not mended their ways.

"The illegal use of additives over a long time in some sectors has still not been effectively halted," he said.

China has already sentenced the former chairwoman of the Sanlu Group to life imprisonment in connection with the melamine-tainted milk scandal.

The honesty of the Chinese Vice Minister of Health is very welcome but it hardly inspires onfidence in Chinese exports.

Newspaper Share Tips and Rumours

Online Stock Trading - Tuesday Press Share Tips

Stocks to Watch



De Beers has gone for cash conservation mode by pausing diamond production
Latvia is a test case for all emerging Europe states with fixed exchange rates

Lombard Column
A horrible screeching sound as the Northern Rock mortgage machine is slammed into forward gear again.

3i requests cashback
UK turns down LDV loan request

Albermarle & Bond (pawnbrokers) looking for growth

2 Year Chart with 200 Day Moving Average

Market Report – Change at the top boosts ITM
Click here for explanation of moving averages - stock market for beginners

Thousands of police to lose jobs
Northern Rock loses £1.4 billion and announces plans to reward top execs. Northern Rock was ordered to stop lending but now is authorized to offer £14bn in fresh loans to homebuyers

Fresnillo – right price for now
Bunzl – may be time to buy
Brammer – Solid hold for value investing

Tiddler to Watch - Goldplat

Further news
Short-sellers target big insurers
Rolls-Royce shares hit by fears over aircraft orders
Indago gets energy boost



Prudential – Buy [see above re. short sellers first - Ed.]
Albermarle & Bond - Buy

Further news

US Treasury may end up with 40% stake in Citigroup
Tesco being clever in recession [except in the US apparently - Ed.]
BP and Shell down on dividend fears
ECB could face mutiny from top bankers over its stance

Bankers say they need a pay rise

Outlook Column

90% mortgages courtesy of the taxpayer


Bunzl – Hold
Fresnillo – Buy
Craneware – Buy


Sodexo under attack over defence deal


3i – Avoid
Bunzl – Hold

At a Glance - Serabi slide

Further news
Tesco banking on financial services

Goldplat release good interim results


Share of the Day
- Cineworld

Market Report: 3i down on debt fears

Monday, February 23

Weekend Newspaper Share Tips

Online Stock Trading - Weekend Newspaper Share Tips

Stocks to Watch

ITV to sell Freeview slots

Centrica to report bumper profits of £2 billion

BAA putting Stansted up for sale

Tesco says it got it wrong in the US, as the head of Fresh & Easy says its early market research was mistaken and big changes may be needed

Brown wants to ban 100% mortgages [was he saying this 10 years ago? - Ed.]

Japan in spiral of despair

Logica – still not enough reasons to buy shares.



Hargreaves Services – Buy
Fresnillo – Hold
Anglo American – Hold



Halfords – Buy
Midas Update
Asterand - take profit



Centaur shows that trade press will not avoid media pain

Tiddler to Watch - Xcite


Investment Extra

Autonomy – Sell

At a Glance - Centaur plunge

Friday, February 20

Investors Chronicle and Newspaper Tips

Online Stock Trading - Investors Chronicle and Newspaper Share Tips

Shares to Watch

Rio increases stake in Kalahari Minerals
Lloyds face increased state control

Tips of the Week
Buy - Smith & Nephew
Sell - Abbey
Sell - Hunting
Buy - Polo Resources
Buy - Local Shopping
Buy - Sepura

Tip Updates
Helesi – Fairly priced
British Land – Sell
AssetCo – Buy
Halma – Fairly priced
Relax – Buy

Company Results
Sell – Morse, InterContinental Hotels,
Buy – Domino’s Pizza, Diageo, EnCore Oil, Antisoma, Centamin Egypt, Fiske,
Fairly priced – Reckitt Benckiser, Hargreaves Services, Schroders, Elephant Capital, Hargreaves Landsdown, Fidessa, Rolls-Royce,
Good value – Croda International, Devro, Beazley, Fidessa, AMZ, Catlin,
Speculative buy – 1st Dental
High enough – Millennium & Copthorne

Tip of the Week City Financial Strategic Gilt Fund … Buy


Iran has enough uranium for a bomb

US public-private fund, Tim Geithner’s plans have problems to overcome, such as heterogeneity of assets and vast uncertainty as to values, that dogged previous plans

Market Report: Citigroup expects cash call by William Hill

Pace Micro gives out right signals


Ladbrokes – Hold
Shire – Speculative buy
Go-Ahead – Avoid

Tiddler to Watch - Plant Impact

Market Report: Rexam spending spree backfires

Shed in spotlight after bid



BAE Systems - Buy
Morgan Crucible – Hold

Market Report: Volumes surge at Melrose



Reed Elsevier – Buy
Shire – Buy
Ladbrokes – Hold

Market Report: Bargain-hunters like banking sector


At a Glance
- Cape contract

Thursday, February 19

Magazine Share Tips Thursday

Online Stock Trading - Thursday Magazine and Newspaper Share Tips

Stocks to Watch


Top Takeover Targets
– Aquarius Platinum, Allied Gold, Chaucer, Centamin Egypt, Morse, Clapham House, Rensburg Sheppards, Psion, Tullow Oil, Salamander Energy, Vectura and YouGov.


Sell - Helesi, Shanks, BPP, Rolls-Royce, Anite, Spirent
Buy - Aviva, Antisoma,
Hold – Prudential
Avoid - Legal & General

Small Caps
Blacks Leisure – Speculative buy
AEA Technology – Sell
Patsystems – Buy
Care UK – Sell
Iofina – Buy
Norcross – Avoid
Hallin Marine – Sell

Sector Report - Food Producers – Buy - Robert Wiseman and Premier Foods,
Sell - Tate & Lyle


Market Report: FTSE falls to 3 month low on RBS rumblings
Travis Perkins held back by Fundraising fears hold
Turkish delight for Euro Nickel


London Capital Group – hold
Sports Direct – Avoid
Millennium & Copthorne Hotels – Not the time to buy

Tiddler to Watch - Advanced Medical Solutions

Market Report – Headache for Neuropharm



UK Retail Sector – Avoid



Sports Direct – Hold
Holidaybreak – Cautious hold
Melorio - Buy

Market Report: Liberty International up on bid talk and placing hopes


At a Glance
- Ashtead hit


Share of the Day
- European Nickel

Market Report: Liberty International beats property-sector gloom

Petrolatina up 25% on drilling results

Wednesday, February 18

Newspaper Share Tips Wednesday

Online Stock Trading - Newspaper Share Tips Wednesday

Stocks to Watch

Another day another fraud - Stanford charged by SEC - If SIB is revealed to be as described in the SEC complaint, it will be another blow to a fund management industry still having to deal with Madoff [What is a Ponzi scheme? ]

RBS rewards employees by allowing them to lend it money


Small Caps: Kalahari Minerals up 5.6% after Rio Tinto declared a raised holding of just under 16%


Shares plunge on investor fears that global slump is unavoidable [was there ever any doubt ? - Ed.]


InterContinental Hotels – Sound long-term hold
Devro – about right for now
Raven Russia – One to watch

Tiddler to Watch - Mwana Africa



BG Group – Buy
Croda - Buy


Randgold Resources shines


Google bets on Vodafone to break Apple’s spell


InterContinental Hotels – Sell
Pennon Group – Buy
Devro - Buy

Market Report: Brixton slides on renewd talk of fund-raising chatter


Market Report: cash call talk at Travis Perkins
Kalahari Minerals up on news Rio Tinto has increased holding


Share of the Day
- Tullet Prebon


Empty beds at InterContinental Hotels

Tuesday, February 17

Tuesday Newspaper Share Tips

Online Stock Trading - Tuesday Newspaper Share Tips



Lloyds Banking – Sell into rallies
Lancashire Holdings – Hold
Ramco Energy – Avoid

Tiddler to Watch - Ark Therapeutics


Catlin – Buy
Fidessa – Hold


Japanese horror show reveals depths of the global slump

Fidessa – Buy
Umeco – Cautious hold
Mondi – Sell


Share of the Day - Lonrho

Friday, February 13

More Friday Magazine Share Tips

Online Stock Trading - Magazine Share Tips

Stocks to Watch


Tips of the Week

Buy - Education Development –
Buy - Aviva –
Sell - Liberty International –
Sell - Clapham House –
Sell - Ryanair –
Sell - Maxima Holdings –

Tips Updates
Sell - BSkyB
Buy - London & Stamford
Sell- Morsel
High enough - Peter Hambro
Sell - Zetar

Company Results
Buy - BG
Sell- Randgold
High enough - Unilever–
Fairly priced - McBride
Sell - Wolfson Micro
Sell - Barclays
Buy - GlaxoSmithKline

For share tips from other newspapers today see stocks to watch

Thursday, February 12

Friday Newspaper Stocks Tips

Online Stock Trading - Friday Newspaper Share Tips

Stocks to Watch


Bulgarian Property Developments not interested in Windsorville offer
Max Petroleum rises 135% after stock overhang is cleared


FSA staff to get £33 million in bonuses and top-ups

Rolls-Royce a true British powerhouse

Diageo – Hold
Smith & Nephew – Hold
BSS Group – Buy lower down

Tiddler to Watch: Lifeline Scientific

BT’s quarterly profits plunge 80% on £501 million loss from flagship Global Services
Legal & General cash call fear

Smaller Companies:
Shadow falls on Castings


City Comment
Tough talk from Gordon Brown fails to conceal his lack of action over remuneration

Pennon – Buy
British Land – Hold

Cowdery and RSA stalk FTSE-100 financials
Agility gets £7.5 billion ‘Super Express’ train contract
Smith & Nephew sales rise


Hamish McRae: Possible share price bounce this year .. but further falls are possible after that

Smith & Nephew – Buy
Catlin Group – Buy
BSS Group - Avoid

Wolseley cash-call prospects

Swoop on LSE - time is ripe


Falling profits raises fears over BT dividend payout

Eidos agrees to takeover

WH Smith doing rather well


BTW if you are in the UK there is an alternative to ADVFN - you can also get real-time quotes and realtime stock prices and create your own share portfolios at MoneyAm - and your portfolio stays on screen for more than half a second - so it is actually quite useful unlike ADVFN

Ebook Reader Amazon's Money Spinner

Online Stock Trading - Invest in Amazon?

Is Amazon a good investment? Amazon presented its new Ebook Reader at its conference on Monday and explained that over 10% of the units it sells are Kindle book sales. So wil I buy stocks in Amazon ?
Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader
The new Ebook Reader has been re-designed to make it much thinner - only 0.36 inches, compared to the Apple iPhone which is 0.48 inches

It also has seven times more storage space than Kindle Ebook Reader 1

It was also helped in its presentation by best-seller author Stephen King who wrote a new novel called Ur, specially for the Ebook Reader and so far is available only on the Kindle in person live and kicking and reading his story written specially for the Kindle Ebook Reader.

The price is still $359 which is the same as the Kindle 1. It is Amazon's ambition to put every book ever written on the Kindle, which seems rather extravagant, and are they all worth the trouble?

The latest newspaper available on the Kindle is USA Today, you can also put your blog on the Kindle if you want.

The Kindle Ebook Reader 2 will be available on Feb. 24

This is expected according to Citigroup - Investing in Amazon - to be a big money spinner for Amazon and according to Citigroup - not only from the actual devices themselves but also of course from the continuing sales of the ebooks and newspapers, magazines etc...

Obama Mortgage Buy Out Plan

Online Stock Trading - Obama Mortgage Buy-Out Plan Lifts Stock Markets

The Obama administration is apparently putting together a plan to subsidize mortgage payments for homeowners who have undertaken a standardized re-appraisal and affordability test. The DOW was down 210 points at the low point of the day but finished down just 7.

Art Cashin said yesterday that 822 was a critical point on the S&P - today it fell to 808 at one point before recovering to finish at 835 - so quite a recovery.

The Obama mortgage buy-out plan would be a major departure from existing plans which are only implemented once the mortgages are already in arrears.

The plan provides for mortgage companies applying a "uniform eligibility test" before a borrower goes into default.

The government would help subsidize a lower mortgage payment. The hope is that this will put a bottom on home prices.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac would apparently have a supporting role to play in the government's new plan, but they are not expected to expand securitization of any loans.

James Lockhart, the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac regulator, said the mortgage finance industry was eager to have a standardized mortgage modification standard.

"I've talked to all the major servicers -- both the big bank ones and the big independent ones -- and they are all ready to go, they're chomping at the bit. The other thing they're asking for standardization."

Under the proposed plan homeowners would need to prove hardship to qualify for the loan renegotiation.

The thinking is that the mortgage market needs to put in a bottom so that people will once again be encouraged to consider real-estate investments.

Find the Best Bank Rates

Online Stock Trading - Best Bank Rates and Bank CDs

In these economically challenged times it is important, if you still have any money, to find the best bank rates. Interest rates have been plunging of course, in the UK they are now down to 1% in the US they are 0.25% and in the UK at least they will undoubtedly drop even further next month. With the stockmarket and stock investing being so uncertain you may even think a bank account is the closest thing to a high yield investment you can find.

In the UK you can now get better rates on your current account or checking account, than you can on a deposit account.

High interest CDs, bank CDs or High-Yield Savings accounts are an interesting area that you can research if you are looking for somwhere to park your cash for a decent return, check out here for information on Best CD Rates.

CDs or Certificates of Deposit are a special type of U.S. savings account with a savings & loan institution or a bank, that you leave in the account for a stated period of time and which generally offer higher rates of interest than ordinary savings accounts. The CD attracts a fixed rate of interest at regular intervals.

The rates of interest vary across different banks and regions. They may be as wide as 2 to 4 percentage points.

CDs are insured up to $250k per depositor and per insured institution by the FDIS (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation), or up to $500k for a joint account.

There is generally a penalty charged for early withdrawal, which once again vary widely between banks.

High-Yield Savings accounts are also insured by the FDIC up to $250k per insured institution per depositor, or up to $500k for a joint account.

High-Yield Savings accounts operate in a way that is similar to a traditional savings account.

You can also get access to such accounts by deciding to auction your money and letting banks bid for your business! What a neat idea.

Magazine Share Tips

Online Stock Trading - Some magazine Tips and Thoughts on Trading using Moving Averages for Beginners

Online stock trading is easier if you have a clue - so here are some thoughts for your wise consideration

Trading moving averages for beginners - video - there is no magic moving average apparently, which is a shame, but he does say elsewhere that the moving averages he uses the most are the 50 day and the 200 day

For other newspaper tips from Thursday see - stocks to watch


Sell – DSG
Buy – Randgold Resources

Buy – Beazley
Buy - Cattle
Buy – Chaucer
Buy – Omega

Hold – Brit Insurance – Novae
Sell – Amlin

Glaxo (GSK) Take profits
Sell – Vodafone

Autonomy – Update – Take profits

Holiday break (HBR) – Buy
Coal of Africa (CSA) – Buy

JD Sports (JD.) Outstanding buy
NWF – Buy
Immupharm (IMM ) buy

Innovation Group (TIG) Buy

Morgan Sindall (MGNS) – a healthy balance sheet but market conditions say Sell and have another look in Q4
Dana Petroleum (DNX)- buy
Peter Hambro (POG)- take profits
Buy the pound against the dollar at $1.46
Sell pound against kiwi

Buy – BP, BG, Tullow
Sell – R D Shell, Xcite Energy, Borders and Southern

Newspaper Stocks to Watch

Online Stock Trading - Newspaper Stocks to Watch Thursday

Check back later if you are looking for Shares Magazine tips

Hargreaves Lansdowne – Buy on weakness
WS Atkins – avoid for now
Shaftesbury – Hold

A Tiddler to Watch: Cagney

M&S continues to recover despite analysts’ worries

Smaller Companies:
Dawson slide

Aveva – Buy
Hammerson - Hold

Liberty in fundraising talk



Reckitt Benckiser – Buy
WS Atkins – Hold
Hargreaves Lansdown - Hold

Logica up on ‘buy’ note from Goldman Sachs


At a Glance
: Wolfson woes

BAE huge Hawk sale to India
British Land - £600m cash call


Share of the Day:
Salamander Energy

Debt-laden Daily Mail hit by advertising slump
Shares in Randgold hit high

Wednesday, February 11

Market Rally Unconvincing

Online Stock Trading - Stockmarkets Poised at Critical Levels

Is it to time to buy stocks yet ?

NYSE - U.S. stocks opened higher today as brave investors stared into their online stock trading screens and decided there were bargains to be had after yesterday's stockmarket sell-off, which was started by concerns about Tim Geithner's financial rescue package which many saw as unexciting.

Bank shares recovered a bit, with Wells Fargo up 1.2% to $16.60 and Bank of America up 4% to $5.78.

The Dow Jones industrial average is up 41 points or about 0.5% at 7,933. The S&P is up 4 points, or 0.5% at 831. The Nasdaq Composite is up 7 at 1,531. The FTSE is flat.

Research in Motion is down 10%.

It looks as though markets are not too convinced by their slight rally and could well turn down.

822 Critical Level on the S&P.

Art Cashin sounded a slightly negative note on CNCB this morning, saying that 822 is the level you need to watch on the S&P, if it drops through that then we could be back to November's lows.

Brown Advisor James Crosby Resigns

Online Stock Trading - Gordon Brown's Favourite Banker Resigns

James CrosbyAnother day another banker bites the dust! He'll be alright of course, but all the same this is geting a bit too close to Gordon Brown for comfort.

Sir James Crosby has resigned as deputy chairman of the FSA (Financial Services Authority) after criticism over his performance when he was CEO of HBOS (2001 - 2006).

It is claimed by Paul Moore, former head of risk at HBOS, that he had been sacked by James Crosby after he warned that HBOS was expanding too fast. Moore was sacked by Crosby in 2005, with Moore stating that Crosby wrote "The decision (to sack Moore) was mine and mine alone."

Sir James said there was "no substance to the allegations. .... I nonetheless feel that the right course of action for the FSA is for me to resign from the FSA board, which I do with immediate effect."

He also said that HBOS had "extensively investigated" Mr Moore's allegations, concluding that they "had no merit". [Ha ha - it turns out they had rather a lot of merit ! Nice investigation ! - Ed.]

Gordon Brown has now said in the House of Commons that the allegations were investigated and not substantiated ! [How strange that HBOS went bust! - Ed.]

Sir James is also an adviser to the Treasury and was knighted by Gordon Brown for his "services".

Gordon Brown in the House of Commons has just accused the Tories of wanting to trivialize the matter !

Iain Martin said today in the Daily Telegraph that Sir James Crosby was Brown's favourite retail banker, so when his name was dragged in to the Treasury Select Committee hearing yesterday, alarms bells should be ringing in Downing Street.

Crosby timed his departure from HBOS perfectly in 2006 to become deputy chairman of the FSA and advisor to the government on leading a task force to improve the workings of the mortgage market!

"Number 10 and the Treasury will spot the danger here. Will they hug Crosby close and hope the story does not take off? Or will they drop him like a stone? Let's see." So, well spotted Iain Martin, who has just updated his blog "Anyway, Crosby is gone. And for Brown it is the end of a beautiful friendship."

So, where does all this leave us with regard to stock trading ? It just convinces me that there is still more to come and things will be getting worse before they get better. The DOW fell over 300 points yesterday on reaction to Geithner's uninspiring rescue plan, I'm surprised the FTSE did not follow it down.

Newspaper Share Tips and Rumours

Online Stock Trading - Geithner Gate and Stocks to Watch from Newspapers

Stocks to Watch

You too can vote on Tim Gethner's appointment ! Check out the poll over at GeithnerGate - In Geithner We Trust

$2 trillion US bank bail-out - the Obama administration could have wowed with its forceful improved approach but it failed

Gearing levels falling dramatically – The pendulum swinging back to conservative balance sheets as private equity groups buy back debt

C&W confirms guidance on profits
National Express down on rumours of equity shortfall
Cattles up 9.4% on ‘buy’ note from an Evolution and rumours it might sell a businesses to a hedge fund
Rumours of a cash call harm BBA

Small Caps:
Desire Petroleum down 18.6% after saying two environmental impact assessments were behind schedule


CSR – Hold
Brit Insurance – long-term buy
May Gurney – Hold

Tiddler to Watch: Phynova

JJB calls in administrators at footwear division
Decline in longhaul at Gatwick damages BAA sale hopes
ITV - UBS warns over dropping shows
Cookson, up 50% in a week after rights issue, fell 15% on profit-taking


Petrofac – Hold
Croda - Buy

Current accounts offer better returns than deposi accounts
Dow down over 300 points falls as Geithner plan attacked [strangely the FTSE is flat today - Ed.]
National Express rights issue expected


PM’s adviser blamed for HBOS collapse

Cable & Wireless – Buy
CSR – Avoid
Elan Corporation - Avoid

British Airways priced to take off, says Merrill


Share of the Day:

Demand fears hit C&W shares

Talk of Centrica bid after Gazprom visit

Online Stock Trading

So is this the time to buy stock ? If you've got right down to the bottom here your guess is as good as mine !

Monday, February 9

Amazon a King Size Investment?

Online Stock Trading - Amazon To Team Up With Stephen King?

Should I buy stocks in Amazon ?
Amazon Kindle 2
I have already mentioned in - Investing in Amazon - that Amazon may be worth a look for those looking for a long-term investment as their Kindle Ebook Reader has been selling out as fast as they can make them.
Now, according to the WSJ Amazon are to announce the launch of the Kindle 2 and also that they have signed a deal with best-selling horror writer Stephen King for an exclusive book written solely for the Kindle.
This should bring in a lot of Stephen King fans in addition to Oprah fans and just plain old Kinlde fans.

Kindle Ebook Reader sales for last year were estimated at between 400K and 500K units.

"iPod of the book world?!" wrote Mark Mahaney of Citigroup in a note to clients. "Yep. 500,000 would be 32% more than the number of iPods sold in its first year."

Citigroup forecast revenue of $1.2 billion. Now with Stephen King on board it is quite possible sales will be higher

Amazon would also have sold more if they hadn't been caught on the hop by Oprah Winfrey declaring the Kindle to be her favorite gadget.

The Kindle Ebook Reader could be a big money earner for Amazon as students start using it to avoid the need to carry a pile of heavy books around with them, soon boys will be asking girls if they can carry their Kindlle for them !
The press conference is today at 10 a.m. EST i.e. in 30 minutes time.

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Tanfield Soars on Ford Deal

Online Stock Trading - Ford USA Likes Tanfield Electric Vehicles

Ford Likes Electric Cars

Could this be a good time to buy stock in Tanfield (TAN) (not a recommendation just thinking out loud).

Tanfield are a small UK company that makes electric vehicles, you would think therefore in these green energy, renewable energy and pollution-conscious times that they would be raking in the cash, this does not appear to have been the case. The share price has plummeted from 200p to a low of 4p ! If you are into charting you would have fun analyzing this 8 year chart



However, could all this be about to change? One for the long-term investors or the day traders? Or maybe Warren Buffett - the Oracle of Omaha will take a look - he was investing in a Chinese battery company earlier this year.

Tanfield has just announced a collaboration agreement with Ford to develop a battery-driven light van. I would expect a lot of press coverage of this deal, from both Tanfield and Ford and journalists keen to strees the green energy aspect of this deal in the light of Obama's energy-saving and pollution-reduction drive.

This electric vehicle is the first in Ford's electrification strategy for the North American auto market. The van design will be based on the European Ford Transit Connect, which will be available in North America later this year.

Tanfield will be making a limited number of the electric vehicles in North America next year, and production will be increased in future dependent upon demand. The vehicles will be branded by Ford.

The move comes on the heels of the announcement last week by Tanfield of the creation of Smith Electric Vehicles US Corporation. Tanfield has a 49% equity stake in Smith who will manufacture the vehicles under licence.

Darren Kell, Tanfield CEO, said, "The collaboration with Ford and development of the battery-electric Ford Transit Connect demonstrates that Smith Electric Vehicles is the industry leader in commercial electric vehicles."

The share price is up 30% on the news, it was up 40% earlier, and in theory this has got to be seen as good news, the problem of course is that although environmental issues and green energy are being encouraged by Obama, viable electric vehicles always seem to be "just around the corner" and the auto market is going through its worst recession in living memory. This particular van has a range of 100 miles between recharges.

"After scuttling an earlier plan to build trucks in the U.S., a new Tanfield Group announcement reverses that reversal. The company has just incorporated Smith Electric Vehicles (SEV) US Corp. and expects them to begin building copies of the Newton (above) in the U.S. sometime this year. In a shrewd move, Tanfield will hold 49 per cent of the company, thereby allowing the new U.S. majority-owned entity to qualify for government funding and other benefits."

The recent trading statement from Tanfield was all about 'adverse trading conditions' 'difficult markets' 'downsizing' etc...

"As previously notified we experienced much poorer market conditions in the
second half of 2008. The Group had a number of loss-making months before the
impact of cost cutting restored us to a break-even position on a monthly basis,
before exceptional restructuring costs. We were however still able to grow the
Group year on year, with revenues of GBP146.5m."

I will certainly be keeping an eye on Tanfield from now on and Tanfield is certainly back on the radar as far as my stock trading portfolio goes, but I will let the dust settle before jumping in I think. Just a final word the Tanfield website - you need to go to to see the vehicles.

On another and totally unrelated note - Amazon should be announcing the launch of version 2 of their Kindle Ebook Reader today - a big money-maker for Amazon see Investing in Ebook Readers.

Sunday, February 8

Jeremy Clarkson's Crapology

Online Stock Trading - Clarkson's Carefully Constructed Crapology

As everyone and his dog must know by now - UK media personality and tall balding curly-haired motor mouth Jeremy Clarkson called our glorious unelected leader, Gordon Brown, a "one-eyed Scottish idiot" on live TV in Australia.

This, predictably, had a variety of people shocked and reaching for their Thesauri to describe how they felt about Mr Clarkson's cruel categorization.

Mr Clarkson therefore in a partial attempt to extricate himself from the Brown stuff he had stepped into put out an 'apology' via the BBC.

The apology, however, was not quite what it seemed, which is why I use the term 'crapology'. I thought I had invented a new word. but no such luck, it already existed, although I had never heard it before.

So here is Jeremy Clarkson's crapology in all its glory

“In the heat of the moment I made a remark about the Prime Minister’s personal appearance for which, upon reflection, I apologise.”

MP Nigel Griffiths, said: “He should give a more fulsome apology, especially for commenting on somebody’s disability.”

Clarkson was also criticised by the Royal National Institute of Blind People, and if there was an association for idiots I'm sure they would have criticized him too.

Mr Clarkson however told the Sun newspaper in a supplemental note to his crapology

“I very specifically apologised for making fun of his personal appearance - very specifically. I have nothing against the Scottish and of course I regret making any remark that might have upset the disabled. But the idiot bit - there is no chance I’ll apologise for that.”

Weekend Share Tips

Online Stock Trading - Weekend Share Tips

Shares to Watch from the Weekend Newspapers

for Long-Term Investors and Day Traders


Tiddler to Watch
- EServGlobal

Robert Cole, Personal Investor

Break with tradition may help Unilever - Buy


Investment Extra
Cryptologic is a recovery play


Ones to Watch

System C


BG Group – Buy
Carluccio’s – Hold
YouGov – Hold


Apple’s next scheme - the iTelevision


Secret £642 million bonus for Barclays bosses – Anger as bankers keep their share scheme out of results [to paraphrase the criminal John Dillinger "why do people work in banks?" - "because that's where the money is"]


Scottish Power to invet over £100 million over 3 years by building underwater turbines to boost new tidal-energy industry,

Charting and Market Bottoms

Online Stock Trades - Have the Markets Bottomed?

DOW Charts and Stock Market Trading

It is generally accepted that the stockmarkets will bottom out before the economy does and that the stockmarket is in fact a forward indicator, such that the stockmarket will start to recover between 6 and 9 months before the recession ends. Stockmarket investors would be well-advised therefore to be ready with their cash if they consider that the mrkets are about to turn.

One chartist that I follow as he seems to get his technical analysis of the DOW, NASDAQ, S&P etc... right more often than he gest them wrong is Oscar Carboni. He posts his videos on youtube under futures analysts. His style is that of day trading however and he closes all his positions at the end of the day so as not to hold any equity positions overnight.

He believes that we may get a couple of days of upward market movement so it may be reasonable to buy stocks for a quick day trade, but at the moment he is still bearish overall and thinks the markets will be heading down again soon, so day traders need to take care not to be caught out and keep a close eye on share prices in real-time.

Andre Gratian is another chartist - over at the - he believes we may see a good stock market rally but he too is stil bearish for the long-tern as he says the bear market may continue until 2012 - 2014 ! - his most recent summary is that
"there is evidence that the stock market indices have tested their November 2008 lows successfully, with the exception of the Banking and Financial indices. All of them show plenty of positive divergence at their second lows, which were reached at the beginning of last week, and they have since rallied, totally ignoring Friday's worst unemployment report in recent history.
This has all the markings of the beginning of a good stock market rally, but it will have to prove itself over the next few days by overcoming the January top, and keeping on going with good breadth and volume support."
Charting is useful in online stock trading as stock charts reflect in real-time and historically the combined effects of the emotions and decisions of all the stock trading carried out by all those involved, but as the main stockmarket traders use charts the charts themselves often become self-fulfilling, if all the market traders and day traders are looking for the same buy and sell signals.

Saturday, February 7

Any Decent Online Brokers?

Online Stock Trading - Choosing an Online Broker

Online Brokers - Are TDWaterhouse Any Good?

Online stock trading is not as straightforward as it may seem. If you intend to buy stocks it is important that you find an online stockbroker that provides reliable real-time quotes and uses trading software you can trust.

I used to use TDWaterhouse for my online trading but not any more.

How to Buy Stocks Online
Before you decide to buy stocks online an online broker should enable you to make financial decisions based on as much reliable information as possible. Such as real–time charts, real-time quotes, streaming news, and their software must be reliable and fast even when the market is going crazy. My advice is to test your online stockbrokers before signing up with them by sending in annoying questions to see how they react.

The site online-stock-trading-review .toptenreviews com - despite its ridiculously long name provides a lot of information and reviews on online stockbrokers so I recommend you check them out. The only thing I would say from my own online stock trading experience is I cannot recommend TDWaterhouse, check out the other online stockbrokers.

Bear in mind too that back in 2001 TDWaterhouse was fined $225,000 by the NYSE for poor service

"The New York Stock Exchange has levied a $225,000 US fine against the discount brokerage firm TD Waterhouse for being unable to process thousands of orders and failing to deal properly with customer complaints over an 18-month period because it wasn't equipped to handle the volume.
The ruling from the NYSE reads like an indictment of how not to run an online brokerage. The exchange found that the firm was unable to process online trades on 33 separate dates between November 1998 and April 2000."

My problems with TDWaterhouse are more recent.

When choosing an online stockbroker you should apply the following criteria :-

  • Type of Investments Offered – stocks, mutual funds, options, exchange traded funds (ETFs) and fixed income investments mean that you can diversify your investment portfolio.
  • Security – paramount of course
  • Trading Features – practical tools, resources, charts, real–time news, and quotes
  • Ease of Useonline stock trading is complicated enough without the software making it more complicated - the software must be absolutely reliable at all times and not have little quirks and glitches that will cause you to lose money because it is giving false information
  • Fees/Commissions – the lower the better obviously.
  • Customer Service – must actually be service not an atempt to cover up your online broker's problems and errors, if they make a mistake they should acknowledge it put it right and compensate you for any losses you may have suffered as a result

    So bear this in mind when deciding which stockbroker to use for your online stock trading I have no special information except to say that if you intend to buy stocks and shares online, sell stocks or just sit around and look at real-time quotes for stocks, I do not recommend TDWaterhouse, personally I use a spreadbetting firm who are actually more reliable.

    Home : Stocks and Shares

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Self-certification decreasing mortgage refinancing increasing

Online Stock Trading - Self-certification Mortgages and Mortgage Refinancing Tips

Self-certification mortgages are disappearing but mortgage refinancing is on the increase

Online stock trading can seriously modify your wealth! So if you are fortunate enough to have increased your wealth rather than the opposite you may be looking to invest in property. If you are a self-employed stock trader you may require a self-certification mortgage.

According to reports, self-certification mortgages, i.e. where the buyer makes up his own accounts, and presents them to the mortgage provider have almost disappeared from the UK market. Banks now no longer want to take risks.

There are just two providers for self-certification mortgages left – the Nationwide (via The Mortgage Works), and Britannia (via Platform).

Self-certification mortgages were popular with the self-employed whose revenues are variable and not always verifiable. They were also useful for employed people who earned extra income.

In self-certification mortgages borrowers declare their earnings with no need for accounts, i.e. a nod and a wink and the bank takes a risk and if you get into trouble they boot you out and repossess your home - foreclosure if you are in the USA.

Banks now no longer like these mortgages, as some borrowers used to inflate their income (the scoundrels!) to get larger loans.

David Hollingworth of London & Country Mortgages, said “The self-employed will certainly have more hoops to jump through in order to secure a new mortgage.”

Those banks that continue to offer self-certification loans have high hurdles and high mortgage ratesm such as only lending 65% of the property value. Platform lends 75% loan-to-value but 2 year fixed rates start at 7.19% and there is a signing on fee £1,995.

Self-employed borrowers can still take out non self-certification mortgages but they need to have up to 3 years’ of accounts. Large deposits also help.

The reluctance of banks to provide self-certification mortgages reflects the general trend away from specialist lending.

His advice is to compare mortgage rates online before signing any loan agreements to ensure that you get the best mortgage rates.

“Near prime” mortgages are also proving more difficult to find.

Restrictions are also being introduced on buy-to-let lending.

If you have been lucky or skilful and your stock trading has been successful, you may want to consider remortgage deals , i.e. renegotiating the terms of your mortgage.

Mortgage refinancing however, in the USA at least, is on the increase. Although home sales are still difficult, the aggressive moves by the federal government to revive the economy led to a boom in mortgage refinancing that has continued into 2009.

Chuck Tonkin, from the Mortgage Investors Group in Knoxville, estimated that mortgage refinancing volume for his company is up 400 to 500% this month over January 2008, and he is confident that he will see an even bigger number in February.

Tonkin said “many, many people are working until 10 every night just to keep it going,” and said that this is probably happening at other mortgage refinacne companies too.

Friday, February 6

Amazon Kindle To Outsell iPod?

Stocks and Shares - Amazon Kindle 2 Set For Launch Monday

Is Amazon a Good Investment ?
Amazon Kindle 2
In a previous post - Investing in Amazon - I mentioned that Amazon could be a good investment as they had a winner on their hands with the Kindle Ebook Reader.

Two analysts reported on Monday that they estimate Kindle sales for last year were between 374K and 500K units.

Mark Mahaney of Citigroup says this is better than early sales of the iPod.

"iPod of the book world?!" wrote Mahaney in a note to clients late Monday. "Yep. 500,000 would be 32% more than the number of iPods sold in its first year."

Citigroup forecast revenue of $1.2 billion which would be an increase of 4% over Amazon's annual revenues.

Amazon would have sold even more if it wasn't for the fact that they underestimated sales and have been sold out for months.

Amazon is expected to launch the Amazon Kindle version 2 next Monday.

Leaked images have started appearing particularly at Boy Genius Report.

Many analysts believe sales of the Kindle could be key to Amazon's future, as demand for ebooks and ebook readers grows and also as students at schools and colleges start using them for their textbooks.

Sarkozy Attacks Brown's Mistakes

Online Stock Trading - Sarkozy Attacks Brown's Mistakes

First Jeremy Clarkson calls Gordon Brown a "one-eyed Scottish idiot" and accuses him of lying, now French President Nicolas Sarkozy has added his two centimes worth and ruffled a few feathers in Downing Street by making disparaging remarks about Gordon Brown’s policies on French TV. Is he an idiot too? Does he not realize how much the 2.5% VAT cut has changed our lives over here !? Has he not been told Gordon Brown saved the world?

Mr Sarkozy had nothing to say about Gordon Brown's recommendation that people should eat waste - Gordon Brown says Let Them Eat Waste - which is a pity as there are clear parallels with unelected import Marie Antoinette.

But he did say he would not repeat Brown's economic “mistakes”, and said that the Mr Brown's much trumpeted 2.5% VAT cut had “been a failure”.

"Cutting VAT by two points does not incite people to buy if they are scared about their future. If anything, consumption in Britain has gone down."

Mr Sarkozy suggested that France's response would not be the same as the UK's, because the "English have no industry". and said: "Britain is cutting taxes. That will bring them nothing. Consumption continues to decrease in Britain."

Perhaps some irate Scottish MPS will try and put Sarkozy on the naughty step along along with Clarkson.

Magazine Share Tips

Stocks and Shares - Shares Magazine Tips and Recommendations

I finally managed to dig up yesterday's stock trading tips and recommendations from Shares Magazine

Five Share Buy Recommendations

Atkins at 567.5p
Balfour Beatty - 359p
BATM 26p
Ceres power 104p
RM Group 173p

Kalahari Minerals - Buy 44p - stop loss 35p
Tomkins - Sell 112p stop loss 125p
Astra Zeneca take profits 2721p
Healthcare Locums - take profits - 140p

Polar Capital - Sell

Porvair - Buy
Sportech - Buy
Central Rand Gold - Buy
System C Healthcare - Buy

Hornby - Avoid
John Menzies - Sell
Eage (energy efficiency group) - buy at 141p
Island Gas Resources (coal bed methane specialists) - buy-

Gem Diamonds - buy
Petra diamonds - buy
Diamondcorp - hold
Mano River Resources - hold

Canadian dollar - buy at C$ 1.22
Buy pound against Euro
Avoid NZ Kiwi
Buy dollar against Yen
Buy Shanghai index at 2011
Buy Gasoline Composite (RBOB) at $1.2689

Buy Clarkson - at 450p target 580p stop loss 408p
Buy Lamprell at 83p target 185p stop loss 72p

Capita Group - buy
Homeserve - Sell at 998p
Payzone - Avoid

Clarkson Calls Brown Lying Idiot

Online Stock Trading - Fatty Clarkson Calls Gordon Brown an Idiot

Shock, horror! Jeremy Clarkson is under fire after revealing that Gordon Brown has one eye, is Scottish and is an idiot. Shocking revelations that no-one had ever noticed before. How could this fool be elected as Prime Minister? Oh sorry, he wasn't, people elected Tony Blair but somehow ended with a different incompetent idiot instead.

People seem to be objecting to the fact that Clarkson has strung all these qualities together in a single phrase "Gordon Brown is a one-eyed Scottish idiot" .

Scottish MPs apparently reacted with fury, there was no mention however of how one-eyed or idiot MPs reacted.

The comments were made by the offensive English loud-mouth BBC presenter on a live version of his show in Australia.

Clarkson is well-known for being deliberately offensive to just about anybody who has the misfortune to make an appearance in his brain cell. He is offensive in fact to anybody who isn't Jeremy Clarkson.

He also accused Gordon Brown of lying during the live stage show in Australia. Est-ce possible? Mon Dieu. A lying politician? More terrible revelations.

Comparing Ozzie Premier Kevin Rudd to Mr Brown he said .

"It's the first time I've ever seen a world leader admit we really are in deep s***. He genuinely looked terrified. The poor man, he's actually seen the books."

"[In the UK] we've got this one-eyed Scottish idiot, he keeps telling us everything's fine and he's saved the world - and we know he's lying, but he's smooth at telling us." (He's not that smooth Jeremy - in a prescient reminder of Marie Antoinette he also told us to eat our own waste, while stuffing his face at a junket in Japan paid for by us (along with his lightbulbs))! Gordon Brown says Let Them Eat Waste!

Clarkson also then allegedly insulted his own British Top Gear fans, saying: "You should see some of the apes that turn up."

Then for good measure added he didn't care whether the show's stuntmen got injured. "They're French, so if they get killed it's not the end of the world."

He also said he has a crush on feminist Germaine Greer. Germaine Greer
Jeremy Clarkson Topless on Beach
"Germaine, she's a good looking woman."

He said Hammond was a coward for stopping smoking and blamed the snow in London on "too many green people in the world and they aren't buying enough Range Rovers."

When asked about the state of the Australian auto industry, he said he didn't care.

But it was "one-eyed Scottish idiot" jibe that provoked anger among Scottish politicians.

Labour leader Iain Gray said: "Most people here are proud that the Prime Minister is a Scot and believe him to be the right person to get the UK through this global economic crisis."

Gordon Brown Margaret Thatcher
(...... Gordon 4 Margaret)

Lord Foulkes said Brown was "honest, brave, a most experience world leader and the one person who really can lead us out of the current world slump." Ha ha - Brown also said he had saved the world (sorry banks - which he hasn't saved anyway) and that he had put an end to boom and bust! The guy is clearly an idiot, and he thinks we are too.

Some people are saying that the BBC should put Clarkson on the naughty step until he apologises.

So the idiots have reacted after all!

The presenter, who is after-all an overpaid prat is thought to get around £2 million of our money a year, about the price of Jonathan Ross's armpit.

Thursday, February 5

Interest Rates Cut to 1%

Online Stock Trading - Bank of England Cuts Rate to 1%

The Bank of England has cut the Bank base rate by 0.5% to 1.0% The lowest in the 500 year history of the Bank of England . In fact at 1.5% it was already the lowest but now it is even ower.

5 February 2009

"The Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee today voted to reduce the official Bank Rate paid on commercial bank reserves by 0.5 percentage points to 1.0%. The global economy is in the throes of a severe and synchronised downturn. Output in the advanced economies fell sharply in the fourth quarter of 2008, and growth in the emerging market economies appears to have slowed markedly. Business and household sentiment in many countries has deteriorated."

Halifax has said it will reduced its rates - let's hope Barclays do the same !

House prices were reported to have risen by Halifax in Jnuary by 1.9% - a sign the economy is bottoming out?

This rate cut may also help the stockmarket and make life easier for stock market trading as leaving money in a bank becomes even less attractive.

Wednesday, February 4

Bloomberg Axing Financial TV Channels

Online Stock Trading - Bloomberg to Axe Financial TV Channels

Bloomberg the financial channel and news agency, which provides real-time prices and stockmarket news and is the supplier of the famous Bloomberg terminals is axing 100 positions and reorganizing its radio and television operation.

Lots of investors and stockmarket traders watch Bloomberg TV whilst carrying out their online trading operations with their online stock brokers. Speaking of which have I mentioned lately that you should avoid TDWaterhouse lke the plague, even if they advertise on this site, as I have no control over the ads. that appear. But TDWaterhouse's software is unreliable and their customer service department is to truth what Tim Geithner is to tax returns. As the vernacular would have it TDWaterhous sucks!

Bloomberg said : "The company is adding around 1,000 employees this year in print news, product development, sales and customer service."

"We are also reorganizing the radio and television operations, moving towards a more global 24/7 business network."

"This will entail the elimination of around 100 positions in the US and possibly other job changes in Europe, the UK and Japan."

"We're positioning the television network for growth. The company is growing. But its broadcast operations need to restructure in order to grow and make programming changes."

She also said that Bloomberg plans to "leverage our tremendous global television production assets and the 145 bureaus Bloomberg has around the world" to "transform Bloomberg Television into a network like no other.

You can't help feeling the woman talks too much and in plain English that means they are cutting back their foreign language TV realtime investment news channels and consolidating everything into one global English service for the stock trading fraternity.

On the weekend Bloomberg will ditch its current arts and entertainment programming (hooray) and provide more news and analysis of the stockmarkets and politics and hopefully some decent stockmarket tips.

The TV service has always been something of a loss leader, losing around $20 million a year but bringing in clients for Bloomberg's financial services.

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Investment Ideas and Stock Tips from Wednesday's Newspapers

FINANCIAL TIMES Alice in Wonderland Croquet Flamingo
LSE shares feel 7% on fears of a poor January update and worries about stock overhang
British Land up on sale rumours
Redstone up on school project
Photo-Me falls 14% on another profit warning

(.................... Alice soon came to the conclusion that this was a very difficult game indeed)



Vodafone –Short-term investors should take profits
ARM Holdings – Hold
Electra - Pass

Tiddler to Watch: Solomon Gold

National Express falls as equity investors sold on fears of a bid bid for its East Coast rail franchise by Virgin Trains

Smaller Companies:
Developments hit Photo-Me
Andor Technology down 15p after saying Photonis was no longer contemplating bid



BP – Buy
Mitchells & Butlers - Buy

Other comment:
Carpetright up on January sales figures
Dairy Crest boosted by John Lydon campaign
Vodafone gets £500m boost from weak sterling
Bank of Japan shops for shares to bolster lenders


Vodafone – Buy
Shanks Group – Hold
Dairy Crest – Avoid

Other comment:
Cookson down 1.83% after Citigroup cuts target from 275p to 153p


Share of the Day
: Leni Gas & Oil

Solomon Gold strikes gold up 3.25p to 5.87p after saying JV deal almost signed

Tuesday, February 3

Obama I Screwed Up Video

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Presidente Barack Obama has apologized on CNN for making a mistake by picking Tom Daschle - he says he can't send a message that there are one set of laws for prominent personalities and another set for the rest of us who are non-prominentational (or maybe that was Bush said that last one).

So here he is saying it

Apologizificating and saying "I screwed up" is very good at least it shows he ain't a complete idiot, but it's not a trick you can pull off too often. Tim Geithner is still in place - see GeithnerGate to cast your vote!

So what's all this got to do with equity trading ? Not a lot except that Tim Geithner is supposed to be sorting out the economy so that we can all get back to investing in the stockmarket and rectifying the economy that Bush and his sidekick Alan Greenspan so comprehensively screwed up.

Daschle Political Death and Taxes

Stock Trading - Daschle Withdraws Nomination Due to Tax Malfunction

Daschle Political death and taxes

Tom Daschle

Tom Daschle withdraws his nomination to be Health and Human Services secretary, lucky he wasn't an equity finance guy in charge of the IRS, now that would be serious.

It was Benjamin Franklin in a letter to Jean-Baptiste Leroy, 1789, who used the now famous phrase - "In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." and I'm not so sure about death. Undertakers and tax lawyers are pleased of course.

Something clearly went on behind the scenes. Obama is fast losing credibility if he keeps picking people who have trouble paying their taxes and then tries to justify it by saying it was a mistake or inadvertent or some such euphemism.

People are bemoaning the fact that Daschle has withdrawn but they do not seem to bothered that he didn't pay his taxes. How very odd. Perhaps none of them pay taxes? What the hell do I know. Like I said earlier maybe Obama has decided to make taxes optional. But you would think with their money and connections they would be able to get themselves a good tax attorney.

There are also people, (serious people not Joe Schmos like me) who still think it's not too late for Tim Geithner to withdraw - to have your vote on whether you think he should be US Treasury Secretary please visit GeithnerGate and click yea or nay!

Daschle's statement has surprised everyone and has come less than three hours after Nancy Killefer, the Obama nominee to be the government's "first chief performance officer" also withdrew also over tax problems. She said she "didn't want her bungling of payroll taxes on her household help to be a distraction."

Daschle is the 3rd high-profile Obama nominee to withdraw. Obama had wanted Bill Richardson, governor of New Mexico, as Commerce secretary, he withdrew amid an investigation by the grand jury into a state contract awarded to his political donors.

About Daschle, Obama said "Tom made a mistake, which he has openly acknowledged. He has not excused it, nor do I. But that mistake and this decision cannot diminish the many contributions Tom has made to this country."

Daschle was also facing questions about possible conflicts of interests concerning speaking fees he accepted from health care interests.

According to Republican Sen. Jim DeMint Obama was "losing credibility" through his support for Daschle. "Part of leadership is recognizing when there has been a mistake made and responding quickly."

The New York Times had described Daschle's ability to move "cozily between government and industry" as a problem for any role he might be called upon to play in reforming the health care system.

The Chicago Tribune said "to proclaim high standards and then suspend them exposes Obama to charges that he is either hypocritical or obtuse."

Daschle explained his tax malfunctions by saying "It was completely inadvertent, but that's no excuse. I apologize to President Obama, to my colleagues and to the American people."

Clearly he wasn't going to say forgetful, Geithner had already grabbed that one so a quick look into the thesaurus provided 'inadvertent'. What next?

Best to stick to stock trading it's far more predictable.