Tuesday, March 31

Stock Markets at Critical Levels

Online Stock Trading - Stock Markets at Critical Levels

Stock Market Quotes

Stock markets are hovering around critical levels at the moment with the DOW at 7625 the NASDAQ at 1527 and the S&P500 at 797 the FTSE is at 3926. The markets have bounced back around 20% in the last 2 weeks and that is quite a hefty bounce but they now need to get above certain critical resistance levels if they are to carry on upwards rather than turn around and head backdown and even take out the lows of around 6600 on the DOW.

Oscar Carboni says on his site that he is short the S&P at the moment in his two recent videos - stock trading - he has pointed out that we may be seeing a fundamental shift in the stock markets from being bearish to being bullish, although in his most recent video he did in fact sound more bearish than bullish, saying that the tests of the highs had failed at resistance levels and therefore we can expect to see more moves to the downside.

As Oscar has a lot of experience and usually (although not always) gets things right he is worth listening to. Similarly Brian Shannon at Alphatrends is also pf the opinion that the markets are breaking down at the moment, with the 5 day moving average turning down.

So all in all most people seem thinkthe stock markets will be heading down, but at the moment they are heading up ! Maybe the G20 meeting on Thursday will change perceptions, as not many people are expecting much to be decided, particulary not with regard to the stock markets.

Online Trading Newspaper Stock Picks

Online Stock Trading - Newspaper Stock Picks

Stocks to Watch

Geithner's plan -- Tim Geithner is right, waiting until banks earn their way back to health could prolong the slump
Mol/Surgut -- Surgut's acquisition is another sign of European refiners falling prey to Russian companies
Asian shipbuilders -- orders for new builds have practically drid up

Rio Tinto down despite rumors it may soon be selling Alcan packaging business
Metals Exploration said to be trying to refinance


Babcock & Brown first-time buyers should sit on their hands --
Buy AG Barr --
Buy Asterand on weakness

Cadbury sales melt away
Compass Groupup on cContract rumours
Bet of the day: Cairn Energy
Tiddler to watch - ProStrakan


Buy Jardine Lloyd Thompson --
Hold Mitie Group


Buy AG Barr --
Hold 888 Holdings
Hold Oxford Catalysts

Fundraising talk undermines Liberty International

Sunday, March 29

Weekend Newspaper Share Tips

Stock Market Investing - Weekend Newspaper Share Tips

Stop Press : The British Home Secretary (Minister of the Interior) Jacqui Smith has made expenses claims for an 88p bathplug and two "adult videos" - I'm not sure which is worse. This is even more pathetic than Gordon Brown putting in a claim for £15 for lightbulbs !

Back to the serious business!

Stocks to Watch


Marks & Spencer will this week announce slightly improved sales since disastrous Q3 Christmas trading update

Buy Qinetiq at 133.25p
Hold Smiths Group at 687p
Buy Northern Foods at 51p


Andy Brough, fund manager at Schroders will stake his money on William Hill

Autonomy figures look good

Other comment:
BT slashes dividend
State is wavering over RBS pay deal

Store wars hit high street brands
Analysts believe discounting will knock 10% from Laura Ashley annual profits
Bondholders may sue Pearl for their £33 million interest


Sir Stuart Rose on the edge as City wants blood.

Saturday Stock Market News

Financial Times
Phorm expected to announce a large deal with a South Korea telecoms company

Bid rumours around Morse

The Times
Talk of 10p-a-share bid for Kopane Diamond Developments

Tiddler to watch - Akers Biosciences

The Rest
Rio Tinto up on talk of new BHP Billiton offer

Eidos approves £84.3 million bid from Square Enix of Japan

UKRD Group cash offer of 2p-a-share for outstanding shares in Local Radio

Oz government blocks Minmetal's $1.8 bn Oz Minerals bid for

M and A activity collapses as downturn tightens grip

Friday, March 27

Site Build It Review Update

Site Build It Review Update

This site is under normal circumstances devoted to online stock trading and stock market investing, but the world of small business is just as fascinating as the world of big business and trading is trading no matter what particular commodity you are trading in.

As mentioned in an earlier post about an online money making scheme called Site Build It which is supposedly designed for people who work from home as a means to allow them to make money online , there have been some strange goings-on in the blogsophere.

The initial post that caused all the furore was writen by Lissie - Site Build It Scam Review - this post led to much outrage by the people who use SBI and find it very useful and this led in turn to much heated debate between the propnents of Site Build It and those who think Site Build It is a scam, a waste or money and nothing more than a glorified pyramid scheme. It is very expensive at $300 per site per annum - you can do all that Site Build It does and more for a minute fraction of that cost - even if you are a beginner with no Internet skills.

You can create a free blog in 5 minutes on Blogger.com (this site is a free blogger blog) and learn from there by following the information given for free by people such as Griz at make money for beginners

The point of the Site Build It scam review exercise was, however, nothing to do with the merits or otherwise of Site Build It, but an exercise to show how search engine optimization (SEO) works on a site and how you can get your site to the topspot in Google, where Lissie's site now is for the search term - "Site Build It" scam - the irony being that if she were to use Adsense on her site to make money then the SBI affiliates' ads. would show up on her site, where she says that Site Build It is a scam and she would be paid each time someone clicked on an Adsense ad. for Site Build It by the very people who are selling SBI.

Well a job well done by the Griz and some useful lessons learned by those who were willing to listen - such as this fellow Site Build It Review Site who at the moment is languishing in the SERPS but hopes to battle his way through the sticks and arrows of outrageous fortune to someone closer to the top ! He's a foolish fellow.

And my opnion of all this is the same as it has been throughout - don't buy Site Build It it is waaaayyy too expensive !

Stock Markets Fundamental Shift ?

Stock Market Investing - Fundamental Shift in the Stock Markets?

Online Stock Trading - Have We Finally Seen the Bottom of this Bear Market?

[UPDATE : Oscar has turned bearish on the markets - on 2 November - to see his first bearish video in a long while click here - Oscar Carboni]

In recent weeks stock markets have rallied strongly off the bottom of around 6600 on the DOW and 666 on the S&P and the online stock trading community has been pretty positive about life in general. But is this just another short-term rally or a fundamental shift in the direction of the Stock markets?

Oscar Carboni is a day trader with over 20 years experience of trading the stock markets, who puts his money where his mouth is and comes out on video to say what the stock markets might be doing the next day and which way you should be trading stock, currencies or commodities.

Around October 2007 Oscar turned bearish on the markets and he has been beariss ever since, all the way down from 14,000 to 7,000 and below. Until recently he was still bearish, but this week he has changed his stance somewhat and says there might be a fundamental shift taking place in the stock markets.

This fundamental shift would mean that instead of selling rallies he would recommend that stock traders buy dips. This may be a short-term rally, but he says today (Friday) is a critical day and how the stock markets react today could determine whether this is the real thing or not. So if you are an online trader or an investor then I highly recommend you have a look at what he has to say.

Oscar is a good guy who tells it like it is and his opinion about the direction of the stock markets is right more often than it is wrong. He puts videos up on youtube and on his site, the video below is Oscar Carboni's latest video in which he explains why he thinks the markets may be entering a bullish phase.

While watching the video you can also check out the currency converter in the left hand corner of this site ! Hours of currency trading fun totally free of charge !

Online Trading Newspaper Stock Picks

Online Stock Trading - Investors Chronicle and Newspaper Stock Picks

In recent stock market rally 838 is a critical level on the S&P apparently if this is to prove to be more than just a short-term rally

For info. on desktop stock tickers with live real time prices see - Desktop Stock Tickers

Stocks to Watch

Ten shares set to bounce back:

Rok -- 32Red -- Cookson -- Punch Taverns -- Stadium -- Old Mutual -- Taylor Wimpey -- Costain -- Raymarine -- Uniq


Buy Scottish & Southern Energy at £11.39
Buy Catlin at 301p
Buy Brady at 50p
Buy Northern Petroleum at 81p

Sell Regus at 63p
Sell Cape at 77p


Sell Barclays and Oxonica
Buy Lonrho

Company Results:

Buy Bioquell -- Vindon Healthcare -- Mallett -- Nautical Petroleum -- Glisten -- Prostrakan -- European Goldfields -- Alkane Energy -- Stanley Gibbons -- Brainjuicer -- Mount Engineering -- Tenon.


Geithner's new rules -- bold talk must not become empty rhetoric

China -- bankrolling customers is often used to generate sales - but it is generally to little avail

Best Buy's good results suggest predictions for the death of non-essential spending are premature at least

ConAgra -- sales and earnings rose

3i Group -- pressure to use funds is outweighed by fears of acting too soon.

Small Talk

Ceres Power: on an upward incline --
The number of AIM companies has dropped below 1,500


Yell shares hampered by debt mountain

Intelek may bid for Bureau Veritas

Concateno up on rumours of a 120p-a-share bid


Man Group a buy for the brave
United Utilities hold
M&C Saatchi buy on weakness


Army poised for Afghanistan surge

Tiddler to watch - Velosi


Hold Plant Health Care
Hold London Stock Exchange


BHP Billiton rumoured to be considering bid for Potash Corp of Saskatchewan


Buy United Utilities
Avoid 3i Group
Buy Northern Foods


G20 will disappoint --
Canary Wharf owner teetering on the brink


Premier Foods bid rumours


US banks withdraw from $11 bn Barclays tax avoidance partnerships


ITV may increae cost of phone-in lines by 50%

Google militants direct their hatred at the City

Barclays' up on iShares rumour


Bid rumours boost Concateno


Into currency trading - check out the currency converter

Thursday, March 26

12 Recession Beating Stocks

Internet Stock Trading - 12 Stocks to Beat the Recession!

Online Stock Trades

The stock markets may be turning. Why have they turned ? Because a few days ago I said they would probably fall back to 4000 on the DOW ! Clearly I am the best contrary indicator for online stock trading on the planet and somebody should hire me.

However, we could well be seeing a fundamental shift in the stock markets from a bear market to a bull market - the next few weeks will tell. The difference will be that if it is true that the stock market has turned then Internet stock trading fans will need to start buying the dips instead of selling the rallies.

Why do I think the stock market may have turned at last - simply because I follow Oscar at livewithoscar.com and he talks a lot of sense.

Stocks to Beat the Recession

So what are the 12 stock market tips to beat the recession? These are tips which I have gathered together from the 2 Motley Fool sites - the US site and the UK site - Rich Smith wrote an article on the US Motley Fool site and gave 6 stock tips to beat this recession - this was then transposed to the UK site and 6 different stocks were chosen to fit in with the UK stock markets.
So for anyone interested in trading stocks online you now have 12 stock tips instead of 6 ! So here they are - if you want to read the rationale behind these articular stock stips you will need to visit the MotleyFool sites- but just bear in mind that Rich Smith likes companies that:

  • have superb management;
  • generate significant free cash flow;
  • increase that cash flow quickly; and
  • are traded at cheap prices.

How cheap? He likes companies that sell for a price-to-growth ratio (PEG) of less than 1.0

6 US Stocks to Beat the Recession

Adobe (NAS : ADBE)
IntercontinentalExchange (NYSE : ICE)
Stryker (NYSE : SYK)
Marvell Technology (Nasdaq : MRVL)
Excel Maritime Carriers ( NYSE : EXM)
Sohu.com (Nasdaq : SOHU)

6 UK Stocks to Beat the Recession

Smith & Nephew (LES : SN.)
London Capital Group (LSE : LCG)
Hargreaves Services (LSE : HSP)
Petrofac (LSE : PFC)
Healthcare Locums (LSE :HLO)
Research Now (LSE:RNOW)

For more information on trading these stocks given that they have probably moved up in the last few days, check out the Motley Fool site.

Stock Trading Newspaper Share Tips

Online Share Dealing - Shares Magazine and Newspaper Stock Tips

Trading stocks online ? You may like to consider some stock tips from 'experts' before trading any - take care - online share dealing is a risky business!



Buy Cape at 75p
Sell Future at 12p


Coal of Africa may pause for breath soon

The Bear

Sell BP and Barclays and BP

The Bull

Buy Ricardo and British Airways


The US government finally appears to have a coherent plan

Goldman -- foreign banks would be crazy to ignore Asia

PetroChina is out of favour as oil prices languish

Japanese exports plunge over 49% the worst decline since 1957.


Give the bankers a break --
Premier Oil: the art of buying well

WPP and Aegis hit hard by advertising worries

Morse rumoured to have declined a 15p/ share bid offer

Tempus - Stock Market Tips

Hold Eurasian Natural Resources
Severfield-Rowen looks cheap --
Hold TUI Travel


RBS set to see an exodus of traders as pay review is implemented

Fairtrade suffers as hard up shoppers abandon their principles in favour of budgets

Bet of the day: Next

Tiddler to watch - Air Partner

Questor Stock Market Tips

Hold Eurasian Natural Resources
Hold Severfield-Rowen


Talk of dividend cut and rights issue at BT


Investment - Stock Market Tips

Sell Ted Baker
Buy Melrose Resources
Sell HR Owen


Gilt auction failure underlines challenge of public finances
Legal & General cuts dividend in two -
Goldman may not be allowed to repay Tarp


JJB Sports implements emergency measures to stave off collapse of its sports goods empire


Buyers turn up for Toumaz Holdings as Future Waves starts mass production of Fenix 1 its digital power chip


Share of the Day: 888 Holdings

Wednesday, March 25

The Brown Stuff - a Video

Online Stock Trading - What is the Brown Stuff?

Daniel Hannan's Rottweiler Video Attack on Gordon Brown

The stock markets are in a mess (not over the last week of course but over the last 18 months) the economy is in a mess that could get a lot worse. Unemployment is soaring - nobody is investing - businesses are closing down right left and centre and yet Gordon Brown (let them eat waste !) insists Britain is doing much better than everywhere else (patently untrue) and that despite the fact that he has been responsible for the economy since 1997 it was none of his fault - what was he being paid for then? Ever wondered what the Brown stuff is - well we are in it.

In this speech at the European parliament Daniel Hannan lets Gordon Brown know in no uncertain terms what he thinks of his Brown stuff. Gordon Brown grins on undeterred of course as usual, just keep grinning Gordon maybe one day you'll wake up and find it was all just a terrible dream.

Don't forget to use the currency converter while watching the video !

Online Trading Newspaper Stock Tips

Online Stock Trading - Wednesday Newspaper Share Tips

Stocks and Shares to Watch


The WTO estimates global trade will drop by 9% this year

The People's Bank of China has called for a new global currency 'disconnected from individual nations'

Chinese banks are reporting profits, growth and a long list of awards. But the writing is nevertheless on the wall

AbitibiBowater, the producer and recycler of newsprint, may be just days from bankruptcy

Prices for carbon emissions permits have plunged

Almost 1500 hedge funds out of 10000 closed up last year.

Lloyd's shows value of discipline and diversification


Banking crisis helps Evolution to build its trading desk

Premier Foods up on talk of potential disposals

Kingfisher up on China exit hope

Raymarine up on rumours of bid approach

Rumours of tie-up with leading mining group lift Glencar Mining


Ferrexpo avoided
Buy Qinetiq
Hold IQE


War on Goodwin's pension intensifies as Tom McKillop fights back

Australia is BP and Shell land of promise

Davenham under a cloud of debt

Bet of the Day: Signet Group

Tiddler to watch - Xaar


Hold Ferrexpo
Buy BG Group


Buy RM
Avoid Ferrexpo
Buy Proximagen Neuroscience


Bank governor tells flash Gordon he cannot spend any more

Other comment:

Legal & General down on capital fears ahead of results

Share of the Day: CWS Group.

Fred Goodwins House Shredded

Online Stock Trading - Group Claims Responsibility for Shredding Fred Goodwin's Edinburgh House

The Edinburgh house of Fred Goodwin, disgraced ex-Chief Executive of Royal Bank of Scotland, who eFred Goodwin House Edinburgh Online Stock Tradingnjoyed the nickname of Fred the Shred, while he was in charge at RBS, was slightly shredded itself last night. It had a number of windows smashed and a car in the drive of the house was vandalized l by a direct action group that has stated that further action will be taken.

The statement from the group said: "We are angry that rich people, like him, are paying themselves a huge amount of money, and living in luxury, while ordinary people are made unemployed, destitute and homeless."

"This is a crime. Bank bosses should be jailed. This is just the beginning."

It was originally thought this attack was carried out by a lone individual and this statement by an unknown group has come as a bit of a shock.

The police are appealing for witnesses.

(... Fred Goodwin atop his pension pot)

RBS is currently paying £290 a month for security for Goodwin at his Edinburgh home. This is "normal practice" for departing senior executives. It seems that getting other people to pay for things you need is a very good way of hanging on tFred Goodwin Fred the Shred Online Stock Tradingo your own cash.

(... Fred's House in Edinburgh)

The attack comes on the heels of the anger many people feel around the world at the bonuses bankers have been paying themselves for their outstanding performance of wrecking the world's economy and making millions of people unemployed. Fred Goodwin himself has left RBS with a pension of £703,000 (over $1 million) a year for the rest of his life (he is 50 years old). He has received this despite destroying the bank he was working at and has refused to pay any of it back despite being urged to do so by members of the Labour government.

There are plans for a series of demonstrations to be held in the heart of the London's financial district next week to reflect the anger felt throught the UK towards the fat cats in the City and MPs to coincide with the G20 summit of world leaders

Tuesday, March 24

Online Trading Newspaper Share Rumours

Online Stock Trading - Newspaper Share Tips

Stocks and Shares to Watch

Tim Geithner 's plan - the latest proposals are better than past announcements and there is the occasional nice touch

Car-scrapping incentives -- the state-run incentive schemes in Germany and France achieve what giving money to manufacturers doesn't

Bonus backlash -- SocGen awards stock options to its chairman, CEO and senior staff. What were they thinking?

Suncor and Petro-Canada -- this will be a Canadian behemoth in the energy sector

Hungary -- the latest to play the role of IMF victim

Asset mangers -- the response of the fund management industry to the biggest financial crisis in generations has been virtual silence


Futura Medical up on rumours of GlaxoSmithKline tie-up interest

Caledon Resources up on Bid rumours


BH Macro keep buying
Avoid Wincanton
Avoid Hogg Robinson

Two suitors said to be competing to bid for Caledon Resources

Bet of the day: Prudential

Tiddler to watch - Smiths News


Buy Vedanta Resources
Buy Templeton Emerging Markets Investment Trust


Obama and Geithner's $1 trillion plan must pay off --
Gordon Brown's profligacy hampers job creation


Buy Huntsworth
Ceres Power a tentative buy
Avoid Xaar


Geithner's $1 trillion flying elephant takes off --
Daily Mail spots signs of stabilisation


Brixton - Fears of debt-for-equity swap


US follows UK down the wrong road --
RBS: bullied or blind?


Futura Medical - Talk of global distribution deal

GlaxoSmithKline closer to approval for Cervarix cancer drug


Rumours of positive update from American Resources


Thomas Cook to defy le crunch and give its 15,000 UK staff a pay rise. Cor.

Site Build It Blog Reviews

Online Stock Trading - Site Build It Reviews List

UPDATE : I have now posted an update to this post about Site Build It Scam ? or not ? and the plethora of Site Build IT review sites that have sprung up like mushrooms recently - see Site Build It

In between investing in stocks and shares and planning our retirement investing we here at online stock trading have been watching the strange goings-on in the blogosphere concerning a website development system called Site Build It! and whether it is a scam or not.

Site Build It! is a system for setting up a website which purportedly helps people make money online. In these difficult economic times there are lots of people who know very little about website development but who are being forced to consider all alternatives when it comes to making some money. Site Build It ! or SBI is designed to allow such people to set up a site with little or no knowledge, so it is very tempting, the problem is, however, that it costs $300 for the system and support and this is not a one time payment - it costs $300 for each site you set up and each year - so if you set up 5 sites you are paying $1500 a year ! Many people find this excessive and even exorbitant. Also why would you need to pay for 'support' each time you buy the system? Surely you got the support the first time you paid for it ? Do you get 5 times more support for 5 systems ?

A lady called Lis looked on the Internet for reviews of Site Build It but all she could find were glowing reports saying how wonderful it was from people who clearly had a vested interest, as they get $75 each time they sell the system through their affiliate link. She thought it was odd that she could not find a single negative comment about Site Build It and she wondered if it might just be a MLM pyramid scheme (what is the difference between a pyramid scheme and a Ponzi scheme ? - see here - What is a Ponzi Scheme ) so wrote a review of the system on her blog -Site Build It Scam Review - in which she called Site Build It a scam, harsh words which did not go unnoticed. She promptly received a reply to her 'review' from the owner of the SBI Dr Ken Evoy, who was not a happy bunny. Susbequently, a whole host of people who had bought Site Build It and did not think it was a scam visited Lis's blog gave their own reviews of Site Build It and left comments about her review and why she should take it down and that she could soon find herself in court etc... etc...

This however led to Lis's online friends riding to her rescue by writing their own reviews of the Site Build It system so they could decide whether it was a scam or not.

The result is that many people found Site Build It to be a scam, but it has to be pointed out that you do get what you pay for, so really it is not a scam, BUT at $300 SBI is seen to be way too expensive for what you get. You can set up your own free blog for free on blogger, or set up a website with a host for $10 a month and with a little freely available knowledge achieve the same results as with the Site Build It system.

The debate has been raging in the blogosphere ! Now, if you type Site Build It Scam or Site Build It review or even Site Build It reviews into Google you can get a whole range of different opinions about Site Build It on which to base your decision. Below is a list of some of sites involved in this Internet blog war ! There are lots more which I haven't included.

Site Build It Scam Review - Lis's original SBI Scam reivew blog post - ouch !
SBI - The Evoy Empire - a summary of the SBI story so far with pretty pictures !
Site Build It - Don't Buy It - the counsel for the defense
Is Site Build It a Scam? - a video by Allyn with some fine insights
Site Build It Review Site - a Site Build It Review list
How Not to Make Money with Site Build It
Site Build It is a Waste of Money
Site Build It the Scam - Nick's site

So that's it Site Build It is still around but now there are a lot of different opinions about whether SBI is a scam or not. Your best option if you are looking to build an online presence is to start with a free blogger blog fromblogger.com (it's owned by Google) and see how things go - you can always spend $300 on Site Build It later if you absolutely feel the urge to do ! But SBI is way too epensive so really I can't see why you would want eschew Blogger in favour of Site Build It !

Saturday, March 21

Stock Market News

Online Stock Trading - Stock Market News

Stock Market Report

Stock markets finished down on Friday - the DOW fell 122 points to 7278, the Nasdaq fell 26 to 1457 and the S&P fell 15 to 768 - all this was as expected.

This move downwards did, however, take slightly longer than expected, but most people were convinced that stock markets around the world had risen too far too fast and were due a pullback. Resistance on the S&P for example was around 800 - 806 and that's more or less where it rose to before turning round and heading down, it has since fallen 30 points.

Next week should see further falls on the markets as they have to deal with Treasury's long-awaited and delayed rescue plan for the banks, in advance of the G20 meeting in early April.

So far Tim Geithner has not inspired much confidence and there have been calls for him to go, which is a bit odd as he has just got there, but when you forget to pay your taxes you can expect some flak I guess when you ask people to trust you.

According to analysts the toxic-asset plan is an essential element in relaunching the economy with unemployment rising steadily to multi-year highs.

We can also expect to see figures for sales of new and existing homes, the final figures for Q4 GDP and weekly jobless claims.

Electronics retailer Best Buy Co will also give some insight into what consumers are doing with what's left of their money, along with March consumer sentiment and a report into personal income and consumption in February.

It will be the bank rescue plan however that investors will be focussing on.

The FED's decision to "expand its balance sheet and purchase mortgage-backed securities" gave a boost to the markets but rather than being a positive move it is in fact an admission that things are very bad. So the initial euphoria was a bit odd, but that seems to be the norm for stock markets - irrational reactions before reason sets in (it is after all the stock markets that got the world economy into this mess in the first place by investing in rubbish - so much for the theory that these people are extremely intelligent key elements that must at all costs be retained by the age-old practice of waving large wads of cash in front of their noses - let them go ! Who needs them ?). Very odd behaviour but markets move in mysterious ways their wonders to perform.

So personally I expect stock market news next week to be less inspiring, as markets move back to their recent lows and probably even below them, some say a drop of 20% from these levels is quite possible, as the over-optimistic statements about green shoots fade into the background and reality once again takes hold.

I personally will be cautious and will resist any temptation to indulge in mass euphoria.


For info. on retirement investing check out retirement investing tips
And if you have any foreign currency please avail yourself of your wonderful new online currency converter !

Friday, March 20

Online Trading Healthy for Gyms

Online Trading - Health Clubs Keep Fit

The economic crisis may be hurting but it seems fitness and gym memberships are still booming. People don't just use their exercise equipment at home however as you might think given the financial sitution of a lot of people right now, they are actually going to health clubs for the sense of community.

Chelsea Piers sports center health clubs members are coming more often and they stay longer when they do come, a sure sign of unemployment in my opinion, swappingnthe rat race for the motorised treadmill.

“Members find comfort in their master swim team or sitting in the cafĂ©,” Chelsea Piers say, and health clubs are nwo also hosting events to allow members to network and promote themselves or their businesses.

In a recent recent survey for the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association, the majority of clubs reported attendance equal to or better than last year.

IHRSA president Joe Moore said “Members equate value with usage.”

Becky Frusher from Curves says the club chain has seen a 22% increase year-on-year in gym usage.

Health clubs are offering deals to retain customers — so you may be able to renegotiate lower fees.

Bally’s Total Fitness is offering special deals bu tyou should beware of Bally's as lots of people report finding it very difficult to cancel their membership and being harrassed by collection agencies and their credit ratings suffering as a result -

Regular gym attendance can in fact lower your health-care costs in the long run.

Working out is good for your bottom line in more ways than one.

People are also increasingly turning to the Internet as a means of making a living and an attempt to make money on the internet and the like.
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Online Trading Newspaper Share Tips

Online Stock Trading - Newspaper Share Tips - Investors Chronicle Tips

Online Trading Stocks to Watch

Jim Slater's Three of the Best:

Advanced Medial Solutions -- London Capital Group ---- Education Development

Tips of the Week:

Buy Weir Group at 383p
Buy Circle Oil at 19p
Buy Rok at 33p
Buy Savile Group at 49p

Sell Game Group at 150p
Sell Carluccio's at 61p


Sell Debenhams

Buy OPD -- Hirco -- -- K3 Business Tech

Good value -- Leeds Petroleum

Company News:

Buy Dignity -- Venture Production -- RCG -- Derwent London -- KBC Advanced Tech -- BATM -- Advanced Medical Solutions -- James Fisher -- Falkland Oil & Gas -- Axis-Shield -- French Connection -- Quarto -- Emerald Energy -- HealthcareLocums -- Epistem -- Coal of Africa -- Medical House

Sell Brixton -- JD Wetherspoon -- Aga Rangemaster -- PartyGaming.


Goldman Sachs -- Goldman bought into Universal Studios Japan almost 4 years ago; the latest bid would mean the whole cmpany would be private

US car parts bail-out -- the Treasury's plan undervalues the size of the problem

Nike -- Q4 sales down by 2.3% and growth indicates a sharper slowdown in the months ahead


SThree firm on takeover talk



Buy Aegis on weakness
Hold Arena Leisure
Hold T Clarke for yield alone


SThree is just right for Adecco

Petroceltic up on bid rumour - [after being tipped by Midas at the weekend - Ed.]

Barclay Bros rumoured to be considering engineering a bid so they can sell their 10% stake in Intercontinental Hotels

Tiddler to watch - Prodesse Investments


Hold Pinewood Shepperton
Avoid Inchcape



Buy FirstGroup
Buy Thomas Cook
Buy Playtech


Punters like SThree stock


SThree up on Adecco bid speculation
Investors want sale of Barclays Capital

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Thursday, March 19

Amazon Kindle Patent Lawsuit Problems

Online Stock Trading - Amazon Kindle Patent Lawsuit

I have mentioned Amazon on this blog previously and their Kindle Ebook Reader and how Amazon would be making a pile of cash from sales of the Kindle. It is worth mentioning therefore that Discovery Communications - the people behind the Discovery Channel - have filed a lawsuit against Amazon for infringement of their patent.

For full details see Kindle Ebook Reader Patent Lawsuit.

In another development Sony have signed a contract with Google to make 500,000 out of copyright books available for free.

Amazon 3 Year Chart

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Stock Market News

Online Stock Trading - Stock Market News

The newspaper share tips have been temporarily moved to stock market investing

Don't forget to make liberal use of our free online currency converter

If you are wondering what quantitative easing is and why the FED is doing it now along with the Bank of England - see What is Quantitative Easing

As far as the markets are concerned they continue their gravity defying rise, although as we are now up at the resistance levels of around 800 on the S&P so we strongly expect markets to turn down ! But we could be wrong of course.

Bear in mind that in online trading you need to check the moving averages and in particular never buy when the 5 day moving average is trending down and also don't short when the 5 day moving average is trending up.

An interesting snippet of information Peter Mandelson (one of the big-wigs in the UK government) will be visiting Tanfield tomorrow afternoon. Tanfield make electric trucks - very trendy at the moment although their share price is not doing too great - but the share price may get a short-term boost from Mandy's visit - just a thought and here is the Tanfield share price chart to accompany that thought

Tanfield (TAN) 2 month Candlestick Chart

The red line is that 5 day moving average and it is just about pointing up.

Tanfield announced a major deal with Ford back in February - Tanfield Ford Deal
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Wednesday, March 18

Online Currency Converter Online

Online Stock Trading - Currency Converter - Currency Rates - Currency Exchange - Forex

Online Currency Converter

Convert currency online free now via the currency converter widget above (sometimes spelled currency convertor - incorrectly I might add).
The currency exchange rate calculator automatically converts from the currency of your choice to the currency of your choice. Simply choose the desired currencies and the amount to be converted.
There's not much else to say really - it's a currency converter and it converts currencies and exchange rates. So if currency conversion is what you're looking for you have come to the right place.
The currency rates or money exchange rates are current - it does dollars, euros, pounds, rupees, dinars, yen, yuan and all other major world currencies. You will need to provide the money yourself though, but if you are looking for the best foreign exchange rates then have a close look around this site!

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DOW Surges FTSE Flat

Online Stock Trading - Stock Market News

The newspaper share tips have been temporarily moved - please click here - newspaper share tips

For information re. investing for retirement in the USA click here - retirement investing

In the meantime the stock markets surged again yesterday in the US - in London the FTSE is more or less flat - up 6 points at 3863. We are stil confident this rally will soon fizzle but it may get as high as 3940 on the FTSE and 800 on the S&P before turning back down to revisit the lows. Of course if the markets get through these levels then we may have to re-assess our assessment !

We are of course just guessing, like everyone else. Like Russell Brand said "people in the City get paid millions for paying guessing games ".

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Tuesday, March 17

Retirement Investing Tips

Online Stock Trading - Retirement Investing Tips

Worried about Retirement? Check out Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities

In the current harsh economic times lots of people won't be retiring as soon as they thought. Lots of us will have to work on when we should be relaxing in our beach-front retreats with an assortment of bimbos, floozies housekeepers and health care specialists. But let's face it - it probably ain't going to happen.

So if you are wondering what to do about retirement investing then the place you need to look, if you are in the U.S., is : Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities, or TIPS i.e. bonds issued by the federal government that are guaranteed to keep pace with any increases in the CPI (consumer price index) as calculated by the government.

TIPS are a wise investment but they do have their disadvantages. For example, in the event of deflation (considered unlikely at the moment), the value of any TIPS will fall. And in an environment where inflation is low, your TIPS earnings will be low too. However, if there is persistent deflation, you are at least guaranteed to get back the principal you invested.

Another issue with TIPS is that the government inflation rate is not guaranteed to keep pace with your "personal rate of inflation." Your age, lifestyle, and location, cost for transportation, housing, energy, or health care, will determine your own rate of inflation which may rise much faster than the average.

For this reason you must also diversify by creating a broad portfolio that includes stocks, bonds, and other investments.

Many investment advisers agree that diversification is the best strategy, even if you are a conservative investor.

The key is balance. Equities need not be a large percentage of your portfolio unless you want to profit from any rebound in the stock market. For retirement investing, retirees are advised to focus on Treasuries and high-quality corporate and municipal debt.

With regard to equities, investors could focus on the energy or basic materials sectors, which should offer a better hedge against inflation than other shares, at least according to Joe Terranova of Virtus Investment Partners.

Investors are also advised to ensure they have plenty of cash, without dipping into long-term investments.

You also need to watch all your risks. Do you have enough insurance ? Health insurance and long-term care insurance will be particularly important.

If you are fortunate enough to be very wealthy, you should also consider litigation insurance to make sure your fortune is protected from litigation.

Above all of course whatever your financial situation you need to take charge of your own affairs, double-check any advice you are given and carry out your own research.

Fortunately, thanks to the Internet, it has neven been easier to find information whether on retirement investing, health insurance, medical insurance or retirement planning. The judicious use of an online retirement calculator will also make it easier to work out just how much you can expect to have when you retire.

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Newspaper Stocks Shares Tips

Online Stock Trading - Tuesday Newspaper Stocks and Shares tips

Stockmarket Investing

Is the rally petering out ? I suspect so - so am confidently expecting a down day today and a move back down to where we were before at least

Stocks to Watch

Barclays -- if Barclays is selling the family silver (iShare) to raise cash, then surely this is a sign that it is more worried about its capital position than it says

Fortress Investment Group -- investors seem to realise that Fortress, having survived so far, is in an ideal position to reap a bonanza in the future

Interwoven fears causes Autonomy to miss rally

Victoria Oil & Gas up on oil field hopes



Hotel industry held back by lack of credit and falling occupancy rates
Independent News & Media - avoid
Hold Cryptologic


Capita appears to have a head start in recovery race

Talk that De La Rue may bid for the Royal Mint

Bet of the Day: Debenhams

Tddler to watch - Mediwatch



Hold Inmarsat
Buy IG Group


Great expectations for Debenhams

HSBC says state funding is 'unthinkable'



Hold Emerald Energy
Hold Clarkson
Sell Aero Inventory


Loan insurance yet another banking scandal
Barclays battles to avoid Gordon Brown's embrace
Ben Bernanke does his best to talk up the economy


[NB : Sunday's tip of Petroceltic (PCI) by Midas led to an almost 50% increase at one point - no doubt it will fall back but could be worthkeeping an eye on - Ed.]

Marks & Spencer boss Stuart Rose heading for another showdown with institutional investors

Compass Group points to bright future

Talk of fundraising at Inchcape

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Monday, March 16

Tomorrows Stock Markets

Online Trading - Stock Markets Today and Tomorrow!

Stock markets move even higher ! The FTSE has just closed up for the fifth day running - it ended up 100 points at 3854. The DOW is currently up 135 points at 7359 the S&P is currently at 770 up 14 points and the NASDAQ is up 2 at 1434.

Quite an achievement really. The last time the markets were up 5 sessions in a row was back in 2007. So is the bear market over or will it all end in tears ?

Well, there are very few people saying it's all over and there are very few people saying we have seen the bottom. Most people expect us to re-test the recent bottoms and some expect us to continue on down through the bottom to make new bottoms !

One day trader I do like to listen to for his tips on online trading is Oscar Carboni and here is where he sees the markets going -
first, he expects the S&P to move up to around 790 - 800 before turning round and coming back down -
second, the DAX could move up to around 4200 -
third, the FTSE could move up to around 3940

Once these levels have been reached (more or less) he expects the markets to turn around and start coming back down and probably head a lot lower, so he will be shorting the markets once they get up there. If the stock markets in fact continue on up through the levels he states then he will revise his strategy.

So there are some precise targets to keep an eye on.
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Reading for beginners to the stock market : stocks and shares for beginners

Sunday, March 15

Online Trading Weekend Share Tips

Online Stock Trading - Weekend Newspaper Share Tips

Stock Market Investing - Midas, Tempus and Questor Tips + a Chart !



Barclays alleged to be making about £1 bn a year from financial schemes aimed at avoiding payment of tax in the UK and abroad



Buy Cineworld at 120p
Hold Dignity at 595p
Buy National Grid at 554p


Rumours that Chinese predators are stalking Tullow Oil refuse to go away



Buy Petroceltic (PCI) at 4.03p

Midas verdict: "Petroceltic has barely touched Iberdrola's first chunk of cash so it has about £40million in the bank yet it is valued on the stock market for the same amount, which implies brokers are assigning no value whatsoever to its massive Algerian gas field. This seems illogical.
In a few weeks Petroceltic is going to start drilling wells in Algeria and the results will be published a couple of months later. The share price is languishing at 4.03p, but it should start to motor once the drilling starts. Buy now."

I would expect a sharp surge on Monday morning as the market manipulators put the price up for no other reason than they can. Some long-term holders may see this as an opportunity to lighten up a bit.

PCI 5 Year Chart

PCI 6 Month Candlestick Chart

The trend has been up for the last 6 months so the Midas tip should give it a boost but probably short-term unless there is some news from the company - IMHO etc...


Hold Cobham
Hold G4S


FSA worried that Irish crisis could hit mutuals


HSBC faces new US sub-prime debt row

Debenhams to report drop in sales of 3.5% in 2009, but appears to have increased market share


Berkeley Group says bottom of the property market reached



Fears of dividend overshadow Friends Provident

Rank Group up on talk of stakebuilding

Allied Gold looking like a good bet

SDL should be at premium to sector



Andrew Witty's planned gradual growth fr GlaxoSmithKline looks like a sound strategy

Xstrata up on prospect of Glencore mines deal

Qinetiq down on fears demand for its kit will drop off

Tiddler to watch : Collins Stewart

Buy Ventus Renewables fund


Reckitt Benckiser up on Sara Lee healthcare acquisition talk

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Saturday, March 14

Journalists and Stock Market Investing

Online Stock Trading - Stock Charts and Day Trading

There has been an interesting 'debate' going on the Daily Show in the US about how accountable financial journalists in particular those on CNBC should be and about their degree of responsibility in the current stock market mess. The argument put forward by the people on the Daily Show is that the journalists on CNCB knew what was happening and knew that the CEOs they were interviewing were being 'economical with the truth' yet did nothing. They just let them get away with saying whatever it was they wanted to say.

The fact of the matter is that there is some truth in this, but the feeling was tha the system was working (up until around 2007) so why rock the boat. The market was heading up, people were making money and so by the famous 'trickle down' effect it would be good for the rest of us. It turns out this was not the case at all - it was more a case of the whole system being nothing but a house of cards and once one fell they all fell. Very much like a giant Ponzi scheme in which new money was constantly need to keep it afloat, when the new money stopped coming the mess that is now became inevitable. The Daily Show says the journalists over at CNBC knew this and should have been doing more to alert their public to the fact.

One guy who has been telling it like it is, is Oscar Carboni who has also been critical of the so-called experts and analysts on CNBC - he has been consistently bearish since late 2007 and as far as I know is still bearish - he usually puts out a video over the weekend to explain his thoughts and after the recent surge in the DOW and the possibility of a rally in the stock markets, his analysis will be interesting to see.

Below is a video of Oscar saying how he sees things in his own inimitable style - in fact he was slightly wrong this week but from what I can see he actually stayed out of the stock markets this week and concentrated his trading on gold and currencies. But he gets things right more often than not and he also provides lots of free information on online trading and how to read stock charts - so well worth following

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Friday, March 13

Daily Show Jim Cramer

Online Stock Trades - Jim Cramer on the Daily Show

Jon Stewart has been a critic of CNBC's stock market coverage and Jim Cramer has taken exception so the Daily Show invited Jim Cramer to have a cosy chat with Jon Stewart from the Daily Show and take the criticism in his face.

Jon Stewart doesn't pull any punches and blames Cramer and CNBC in general for not doing their job and even making things worse by ramping stuff up during the good times and now saying "hey it's nothing to do with us" when they knew what banks were doing and did nothing to expose them.

Cramer says they made mistakes but they were genuine mistakes. Generally Cramer does not come off too well trying to defend the indefensible. Watch the video below.

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Online Trading Newspaper Stock Tips

Online Stock Trades - Investor's Chronicle and Newspaper Share Tips

First online stock traders a word of warning - there is a virus going around called the Tigger Virus or Syzor that is targetting people who trade stocks online -it has been around since November and has infected at least 250,000 PCs - it looks for passwords and login information on your PC and is very sneaky - for more information see Online Stock Trades Virus Tigger

Newspaper Share Tips

Jim Slater's recommended investments:

Gold, convertible loan stocks, agriculture and equities


Buy Imperial Tobacco at £15.14
Buy European Nickel at 8p
Buy FDM at 94p

Sell Michael Page at 197p
Sell Lonmin at £10.51
Sell DSG International at 19p


Buy Abcam -- United -- Bulgarian Land Development

Sell GTP Resources -- Zenergy -- Scott Wilson

Company Results:

Buy International Power -- Interserve -- G4S -- Chime Communications -- Tullow -- Mears -- BPP -- Petrofac -- Talvivaara -- Aviva -- SQS Software -- Brit Insurance -- Novae -- Biocompatibles -- Cobham -- Balfour Beatty -- Genetix

Sell Wolseley -- Galiform -- Premier Foods -- Aggreko -- Marshalls .


Chinese bank loans, banks are finally doing what they are supposed to do, increasing lending and increasing provisions against bad loans

UK life assurers, Standard Life slides on earnings statement and bearish broker note

Insider trading, cases and convictions are on the increase and heads on spikes will discourage others


FSA to get tough or so it says [how long did that take ? - Ed.]

Positive drill report speculation boosts Heritage Oil



Buy Inmarsat on weakness
Hold Amec
Cineworld hold for yield alone

Other comment:

Central Tand Gold down on uncertain resource estimate

Bet of the Day: JD Wetherspoon

Tiddler to watch on Plus : FeONIC



Buy Amec
Buy Group NBT


Norway to invest billions from oil in UK commercial property



Buy Dignity (undertakers)
Buy Inmarsat
Buy Cineworld


SocGen advises to sell Standard Chartered


Heritage Oil firm on talk of expected upbeat circular

Fox-Davies Capital likes Circle Oil


Clouds swirling around Thomas Cook

Lavendon gets domestic boost

Kalahari Minerals up on Rio Tinto bid speculation


If you are looking for a desktop stock ticker i.e. a stock ticker that will give you free realtime quotes right on your desktop without the need to visit a financial site then take a look at Website and Desktop Stock Ticker

Thursday, March 12

Online Stock Trades Virus Tigger

Online Stock Trades - Tigger Virus Targetting Online Trading Accounts

The Tigger virus is a trojan that is targetting people with online trading accounts and stealing information regarding their online stock trades.

KY3 is reporting that there is a virus around called Tigger also known as Syzor that is stealing online stock trades data. It is a Trojan and was also reported back in February by Brian Krebs on Security Fix who said that it had already claimed over 250,000 victims.

This is all news to me and I am surprised we haven't heard more about it in the press.

Apparently the first time the virus was spotted was back in November 2008 by iDefense and they discovered that none of the 37 anti-virus products they used recognized it.

One month later, only AntiVir was capable of detecting it.

The quasi total invisibility of the virus allowed Tigger to infect over 250,000 Microsoft Windows systems.

Michael Ligh from iDefense said that the Tigger virus seems to target principally customers or employees who carry out online stock trades or options trading.

The short list of companies targeted being : E-Trade, Vanguard, ING Direct ShareBuilder, TD Ameritrade, Options XPress, and Scottrade.

The Tigger virus is thought to be the first malware to exploit a vulnerability patched by Microsoft in mid-October 2008 known as a "privilege escalation" vulnerability. It cannot be exploited remotely, but allows the virus to gain access to the Windows "administrator" account.

As a result, even running the system under a limited user account with no permission to make changes inside the OS -- this unpatched vulnerability on a Windows system would allow the virus to override any protection.

Operating Windows under a "limited user account" is an important step to keep your system safe, it is also important to install the latest patches, more important than anti-virus protection as most anti-virus tools seem to be rather poor at protecting against the latest viruses.

To set up a "limited user account" on your computer: -
- go to Start, then Control Panel
- click User Accounts
- click Create a new account
- name the account
- click Limited
- finally click Create Account

Using a limited user account will not allow you to add or remove programs like an administrator account would, so Pitt says logging in to that limited account for banking and trading would provide some protection from viruses.

"The scary part" said Ligh "is, none of us are really sure how Tigger is even being distributed. I look at a lot at info-stealing malware, and this is the first one I've seen in a while that goes to the trouble of removing other pieces of malware."

So what does the Tigger virus do and how does it target online stock trades ?

First it spends some time cleaning your PC, deleting 20 or so bits of malware you may have already on your system. The belief is that it wants your PC to appear clean and free of viruses.

It then installs a "rootkit", that runs in safe mode. This "rootkit" "compromises FAT and NTFS file system drivers, disables kernel debuggers, and blocks other processes from accessing the kernel driver's memory" -- this is designed to ensure that even if you reboot in safe mode you are still stuffed.

It then focuses on any anti-malware software you may have, disabling many products from AVG, CA, Avira, Outpost and Kaspersky, in addition to Windows' Defender and Firewall options. After it has done all this it gets going.

It gets your passwords for IM, remote-access, email, storage and network; along with FTP and POP3 authentication information, and helps itself to your cookies and certificates. It also takes screen shots and logs keystrokes to see what sites you are looking at. After which it gets system information, creates a backdoor, and tries to phone home for instructions.

As mentioned above it is doing all this as it wants to target onine brokerages and online trading firms among them Ameritrade, e-Trade, ING Direct, Options XPressScottrade, ShareBuilder, and Vanguard.

Scary stuff if you are involved in online trading !

For the latest info. - all incomprehensible to me unfortunately - you may wish to check out - this guy's blog he seems to be the world's leading expert on the matter - http://mnin.blogspot.com/2009/03/finding-tiggersyzor-infections-and.html

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Online Stock Trading Magazine Tips

Online Stock Trading - Shares Magazine and Newspaper Share Tips

Stock Market Investing

The DOW finished more or less flat yesterday after surging almost 400 points on Tuesday - the FTSE is down around 70 (2%) this morning and the DOW futures are down around 66 - let's face it this bear market probably ain't over yet - the fat lady is still gargling in her dressing room - some people say we will see DOW 4000 and S&P 500 - the FTSE is actually holding up remarkably well, it hasn't even tested the 2003 lows yet An interesting comment from Art Cashin who has already called the bottom wrong once - see Art Cashin - he said yesterday "there are still some long-term buy and holders who haven' t been flushed out, so we will probably see more drops to finally get them to give up" Strange how the market works - peopl e who bought in 1996 and held on are now back to where they started from, although they probably cashed in some dividends on the way, but the market wants to flush out the real diehards!

[UPDATE : Richard Cunningham from Alecto Financial has just been on CNBC (Thursday morning) his projections, based on the charts, are 5450 for the DOW and 3000 for the FTSE - so bearing that in mind here are some tips from the analysts. ]


Buy Admiral at 860p


Take profits in Holidaybreak

Keep buying:

Fairpoint -- Lancashire Holdings -- Immupharma -- Penna Consulting

Keep selling:

Anglo American -- Carpathian -- Barclays -- Pursuit Dynamics -- Laird


Chinese exports plummet and the currency is the strongest in the world, but this is causing headaches in Washington and Beijing

Glencore -- available liquidity rose above $5 billion at year end, roughly when the Xstrata rights issue was being finalised

Staples -- the surprise is that the results are not worse, - Staples has remained profitable by drastically cutting costs and inventory


Barclays' board cannot expect to survive unscathed

National Grid may be contemplating a cash call


Hold International Power
Buy Melrose on weakness
Hold PartyGaming


Pace may benefit from the misfortune of French rival Thomson

Tiddler to watch - Circle Oil



Hold Intertek
Buy International Power


FTSE reshuffle: We are no longer a service economy


Buy Tullow Oil
Hold Ark Therapeutics
Hold Chime Communications


Solar Integrated Technologies expected to benefit from Obama's energy plans
Falling oil price lifts transport stocks

Wednesday, March 11

Online Stock Trading Newspaper Tips

Online Stock Trading - Newspaper Share Tips

Stocks and Shares

Talk that a big investor in Caledon Resources' might sell stake to Chinese bidder


Hold G4S
Pass on Soco International
Hold SQS Quality Software

Britain's local newspapers in crisis as a result of advertising slump

Traders spark life into International Power

Mears said to be contemplating a number of large acquisitions

Bet of the day: Tullow Oil

Tiddler to watch - Interior Services


Buy Kier Group
Hold Antofagasta


Things are not going to improve for qutie a while
Dough being spent at Greggs

Rumours that Chaucer may receive takeover bid from Pamplona Capital management


Buy G4S
Hold Tullett Prebon
Buy Axis-Shield



Is this the time to think about a small bet on buying bank shares? Don't bank on it


Shore Capital say to take a look at Paddy Power's strong internet division and growing UK high street branches


Talk also that the FED will re-instate the Uptick Rule - see What is the Uptick Rule? - which may make online stock trading a little easier by making things more difficult for shorters.

Tuesday, March 10

What is Uptick Rule?

Online Stock Trading - the Uptick Rule

What is the Uptick Rule?

The Uptick Rule was introduced by the SEC and "requires that every short sale transaction be entered at a price that is higher than the price of the previous trade. This rule was introduced in the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 as Rule 10a-1."

The aim was to stop people engaged in short selling from driving companies' stock prices lower and lower. At the end of 2007 the SEC abandoned the uptick rule, much to the dismay of many, and the result has been precisely the situation the uptick rule was designed to prevent. It appears however that the uptick rule will soon be brought back.

The uptick rule says that you cannot short a stock on a down tick, you have to wait until the price of the stock you are short selling has an uptick before you can short it.

This is designed to reduce dramatic bear runs on stocks, as obviously if a stock never ticks back up, short sellers will be unable to short more shares.

Recently Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke said that reinstating the uptick rule for all stocks, "might have had some benefit" on stock values during the market collapse in 2008.

On March 10, 2009, Republican Barney Frank, Chairman of the Financial Services Committee, said that hopefully the Uptick Rule will be reinstated within one month from said date.

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Woman Lies to the SEC !

Investing Basics - Beware of Frauds and Scams

If you are at all interested in online stock trading, the first thing you need to do is to avoid giving your money to a crook or a fraudster. Not easy you may think in the light of the Bernie Madoff and Allen Stanford scams - see What is a Ponzi Scheme.

Now even women are getting in on the act ! What is the world coming to ? A woman telling lies? How is this possible ?

The SEC has today charged a money manager for creating a fictitious billion-dollar client with the aim of gaining credibility and attracting legitimate investors.

The unusual thing about this complaint is that the money manager in question is a woman. But is this unusual ? Or is it unusual that it should be considered unusual ?

The SEC has charged Leila Jenkins and her firm, Locke Capital Management Inc., with "making up the supposedly massive client and then repeatedly lying about its existence to land real clients".

According to the SEC, Jenkins lied to SEC staff about the "existence of the invented client and furnished the SEC staff with bogus documents in 2008, including fake account statements that she created".

"Today's enforcement action demonstrates that investment advisers who lure clients with false claims will be held accountable for their actions," said George Curtis, of the SEC's Division of Enforcement. "In this case, the conduct was particularly egregious because Jenkins lied to the SEC staff to try to escape detection."

The SEC's complaint alleges that Jenkins invented "confidential" client accounts, in Switzerland, and claimed these accounts had more than $1 bn in assets.

Falsehoods were communicated in brochures, submissions to online databases, meetings, and in SEC filings.

"This brazen web of lies to investors constituted a serious breach of fiduciary duty," said David Bergers, Director of the SEC's Boston Regional Office.

The SEC's complaint also alleges that Jenkins and her firm told further lies to investors, including misrepresenting Locke's performance for years, during which time Locke had no clients and deceiving clients about the number, identity, and role of its employees.

This fraud doesn't seem to be on the scale of Bernie Madoff or even Allen Stanford, but people find it odd because it was perpetrated by a woman ! I guess statistically there are more investment frauds carried out by men, but then there are more men working in investment than women too.
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Online Stock Trading Newspaper Tips

Investing Basics - Newspaper Share Tips - Tempus - Questor

Shares to Watch


UK banks - RBS and Lloyds have insured their balance sheets, but what about Barclays. It looks isolated - even HSBC is implementing a $17.7 bn rights issue

US power utilities - depressed valuations make them a relatively low-risk punt for economic recovery


Recession hits playing fields and racetracks

German banks take lead in financing property deals


Hold Intertek
Hiscox shares have further to run
Avoid Spirax Sarco


Salamander Energy said to be close to agreeing production-sharing contract with Petro Vietnam

Bet of the day: Greggs

Tiddler to watch - Fuller Smith & Turner


Buy Petrofac
Buy Tullow Oil

Inchcape gears up for cash call

United Utilities rumoured to be carrying out equity capital raising



Sell Cookson
Hold Statpro
Unite a cautious hold

Assorted Rumours
BSkyB circling Tiscali
Merck to buy Schering Plough for $41.1 billion

Roche said to be near deal to buy Genentech for $95-a-share

Iceland takes over its last big bank - Straumur

Georgica offer talks ended

WH Ireland and Blue Oar say talks about merger are advanced

Oliver Ellingham taks 5.2% stake in Lok 'n' Store from Town Centre Securities
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Friday, March 6

NYT Will Consider Anything

Online Stock Trading - New York Times should Cosy Up to Google

While watching CNBC this morning I saw Scott Wapner reporting that he bumped into Arthur Sulzberger Chairman of the New York Times, when asked by Wapner if the NYT would consider charging a subscription for access to its online content, Sulzberger replied :

"We'll consider anything," then added that the current economic environment is the worst he's ever seen. A slightly strange admission to make to a journalist but maybe he thought Wapner would keep it under his hat.

Trouble is of course, nobody likes paying for subscriptions to newspapers online they just go somewhere else for the free stuff. So newspapers end up like everyone else looking for ways to save money

Things must be bad though, so my suggestion is that the NYT should cosy up to Google. Google is making piles of money even in this disastrous downturn - so Google owning the NYT doesn't seem too far-fetched. After all newspapers rely on advertising so the NYT would simply become totally free and totally financed by advertisers.


On an unrelated note I just learned a new word - CRECESSSION.

What is a crecession ? - A credit recession.

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Kontera Payment Problems

Stocks and Shares - Make Money Online - Payment Problems with Kontera

We all know how easy it is to make money online trading shares, some people however prefer to seek out difficulties and, given the harsh economic times we are going through, are looking on the Internet to find ways of how to make money online by working from from home. One popular activity is blogging and one popular way of making money is by putting ads. on your blog. Most of these ads are provided by Google but there are other companies who have tried to provide similar services.

Google is a bona fide company that does what it says on the tin, it would appear however, allegedly, that Kontera has a different approach to business and appears to view paying its publishers (bloggers to you and me) as being optional .

Kontera has in its Terms and Conditions a Clause known a Clause 4.2 or Catch 4.2 as it is also called, that goes like this :-

"4.2 Payment Terms ............ Notwithstanding the foregoing, if the Revenue Share for any given month is five dollars ($5) or less, Kontera shall not be liable to the Publisher for any such payment. "

which means in plain English, if you make $5 or less in any given month then Kontera keeps it for itself. You also need to get to $100 dollars before Kontera pays you anything, which will take years if you have a small blog and even longer if Kontera pockets every month that you make $5 or less.

There are also people saying that even when they get over the magic $100 they are still having trouble getting Kontera to pay up.

If you are using or were contemplating using Kontera then clearly the advice is don't bother - for further details check out - Make Money Online

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Thursday, March 5

Daily Show CNBC Video

Online Stock Trading - Daily Show Video about CNBC

A couple of weeks ago Rick Santelli of CNBC let rip with a well-documented rant about how disgraceful and un-American it was to bail out homeowners who had got into trouble with their mortgages - who he described as 'losers', wondering why people should have to bail out losers who were not paying their mortgages.

The Daily Show has its own analysis of Rick Santelli's all American rant and also of other CNBC regulars like Jim Cramer who appear to have got everything wrong over the last 18 months - regularly telling people to buy stocks all the way down from DOW 14,000

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Inspector Clueless Cuts Interest Rates

Online Stock Trading - ECB is Clueless Says Nightingale

ECB Doesn't Have a Clue and BoE probably only has a quarter of clue

Roger Nightingale has just been on CNBC talking about the economy and the decision by the Bank of England and the European Central bank to cut interest rates.

His verdict ? The ECB is the only bank that makes the Bank of England look good. They are "hopeless", "the worst bank in the world", "they haven't got a clue" "they are 18 months behind the curve".

The peak of the economic cycle was Autumn 2006 in the USA and early 2007 in Europe and yet Trichet continued to increase interest rates ! That is how clueless he was. He should have been cutting interest rates 2 years ago and they should be at 0% now. Hopeless and paid for by your tax money - salary of €345,252 - plus perks no doubt, although I'm guessing on that one.

However, Jean Claude Trichet has the enviable quality of being always right. Even though we are in the midst of the worst recession/depression in anybody's living memory and with no end in sight, every time Trichet speaks it is to say he was right, always and under all circumstances he never makes a mistake ! Ha ha ha. God help us if he ever got anything wrong, then where would we be ? And don't get me started on Gordon Brown.

(Inspector Clueless)

The DOW is down 200 again today and some people are saying DOW 4000 is on the way. Other more moderate analysts say another 10% downside i.e. 6,000 on the DOW and 632 on the S&P.

Roger Nightingale also said BUY GILTS ! Yields will come down - a bubble will be created but it will be in 5 or 10 years time. This is more like a depression than a recession and the economy is not picking up any time soon. He suspects banks will still not lend because they don't think people or companies will be in a position to pay back due to the terrible economic climate.

It is worth bearing in mind that Roger Nightingale has been highly critical of the Bank of England and the ECB and Trichet in particular for the last 2 years, and he has been right ! They are clueless, and so were the bankers that created this mess. For someone who wasn't clueless and who got out when the going was good, read the Letter to the Idiots by Andrew Lahde

Jack Bouroudjian on the US CNBC says Trichet is late to the party. He said however that it makes sense to start nibbling at these levels provided the government helps the entrepreneurs - thinks the bad news may be baked in. He's braver than me !

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