Tuesday, June 30

Harami Candlestick Pattern Stock Charts

Online Stock Trading - Stock Charts for Beginners - Harami Candlestick Pattern

Stock trading for beginners using stock chartsCandlestick Charts Harami Pattern

In candlestick charts the Harami is characterized as a two candle reversal pattern i.e. two candles representing two trading periods which indicate that the trend may be reversing. The “harami” comprises a long body that overlaps the smaller body of the second candle.

The trend can be either bullish or bearish i.e. either an uptrend or a downtrend. In the case of an uptrend, the appearance of the Harami is a negative signal which may mean that the trend is over and will either become a sideways trend or a downward trend.

In the case of a downtrend the Harami may signal a move sideways or upwards.

The Harami requires two candles side by side - the first candle shows that the uptrend (or downtrend) is continuing but the second candle has a small body which is entirely overlapped by the first candle. There may or may not be shadows present and the body can be any color. Confirmation that a change in trend has taken place requires that trading continues below the low of the first candle in an uptrend (or above the high of the first candle in a downtrend). Conservative traders will prefer to wait to see if prices actually close below the low (or above the high)

The Harami shows that there is indecision in the market. The second candle is showing that the trend is running out of steam. It means that no trend is dominant and is not a strong signal which is why confirmation is needed.

A common variation of the Harami is the Harami cross, which is two candles in which the second candle is just a cross i.e. it has no body. The concept is the same, indecision and a possible reversal.

If you are a beginner to stock trading you need to learn at least the basics of stock charts for beginners as if you don't you will be at a disadvantage compared to those who do !

Other candlestick patterns - Doji Candlestick - Inverted Hammer Candlestick
Piercing Pattern
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Newspaper Share Tips Tuesday

Stocks and Shares - Newspaper Share Tips June 30

Shell in Russia -- foreign oil companies are winning minority Russian stakes, despite problems, US companies have been ignored however

US bank deposit caps -- it makes sense to lift the restriction limiting US banks to 10% of domestic deposits

Coffeeheaven - rumours of a 30p-a-share takeover bid


Share Tips

Hold Serco
Hold Premier Foods
ASOS: buy lower down

Bet of the day: HMV Group

Tiddler to watch - Cluff Gold


Share Tips

Buy Bunzl
Buy Centamin Egypt


Earthport in takeover fever

Chloride up on Emerson Electric takeover bid hopes


: Stock Picks

Hold Informa,
Hold Premier Foods
Sell Titan Europe

Home loans - no let-up in sight
ASOS: online retail loses its shine

Other comment:

Restaurant Group shines

Morgan Crucible up on bid hopes

Dealers believe Mercator Gold is a good recovery play.

For information on charting and technical analysis see stock market charts for beginners
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Sunday, June 28

Sunday Share Tips

Stocks and Shares - Sunday Share Tips June 28



Buy FirstGroup at 370.75p

Trafficmaster is on track with Ryder tie-up

Buy Park Group

Other comment: M&S sales better than expected


Inside the City:

Booker is a good medium-term bet
REITs are still the best bet for exposure to commercial real estate

Other comment:

Profits plummet at Carpetright

Bumper pay deals are the order of the day in the City again

Sharewatch: Inchcape



Buy Hill & Smith at 203p
Buy Kier Group at 931p
Buy Standard Chartered at £11.59

Other comment:

UK supermarkets are making the most of the property crash to grab land for new stores that will define retail space for years to come


Car industry's £2.3 billion rescue plan flops

Falling sales at Eurostar lead to cheaper tickets


Banker means bonuses - guaranteed


Rebel investors oppose Marston's cash calls

Premium seats pulled by holiday firms


For beginners stock chart information see stocks and shares basics
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Saturday, June 27

Stocks and Shares Basics

Stocks and Shares - Stock Market Charts Basics for Beginners

Technical Analysis

If you want to buy stocks online Technical analysis is one of two methods that investors use to decide whether to invest in a share or not (the other method is fundamental analysis -as practised so well by Warren Buffett) - it involves studying stock charts and stock market indicators with the aim of determining whether a stock price is likely to rise or fall. One of the strengths of technical analysis is the power of self-fulfilling prophecies, i.e. if enough traders believe a stock will behave in a certain way, then by their actions they can cause it to behave in the way they expected it to behave, thus proving to themselves that they were right. Because of this it is useful to have at least a basic understanding of stock market charts and indicators when trading stocks and shares , or indices or forex.

Basic Stock Market Charting ToolsOHLC Bar Chart

OHLC Bar Charts
The OHLC bar chart is an elementary tool of technical analysis. An OHLC bar chart shows the opening price of a stock, as well as the high for the period in question (e.g. day), the low for the period in question and the closing price. The starting price is marked by a horizontal line to the left of a vertical line, the high is marked by the top of the vertical line, the low is marked by the bottom of the vertical line and the closing price is marked by a horizntal line to the right of the vertical line.

Support and Resistance Levels
A support level is a price at which a stock is said to have 'support' i.e. there are more likely to be buyers than sellers at this point and the price will either stabilize or move up. A resistance level is a price at which a stock is said to meet resistance i.e. there are more likely to be sellers than buyers at this point and the price will either stabilize or move down.

Trend Lines
A trend line is created by connecting two or more points and extending the line thus formed into the future. If prices remain above a trend line, traders consider this to be a positive signal and therefore have confidence in the uptrend. Connecting two low points where the second low point is higher than the first and extending this line into the future gives an uptrend. Connecting two high points in which the second high point is lower than the first high point and extending this line into the future is seen as being negative and if a stocktrade beneath the downward sloping line, traders expect prices to continue to fall.

Volume is the number of trades completed over a given period of time. It shows whether a stock is in demand or not.

(A 3 month chart showing OHLC bar chart, volume and 13 day moving average (red) 50 day moving average (green) and 200 day moving average (black))

Moving Averages
A moving average is merely the average stock price over a given period of time e.g. if a stock price is $1 $1.10 $1.20 $1.30 $1.40 over a 5 day period then by adding the 5 prices together and dividing by 5 we get the 5 day moving average i.e. in this case $1.20. The line formed shows the trend and by using different periods such as 5 day, 20 day, 50 day etc... we can see whether there is a divergence between the short term trend and the long term trend. Different moving average lines can be compared. If the shorter period moving average crosses over the longer period moving average whilst both are moving up this is considered a buy signal. If the shorter period moving average crosses over the longer period moving average whilst both are moving down this is considered a sell signal.

The 200 day moving average is considered particularly important. If a stock price moves above the 200 day moving average this is considered a positive sign. If a stock price moves beneath the 200 day moving average this is considered a negative sign.

For further information on technical analysis see Candlestick Charts and Stock Market Charts for Beginners

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Friday, June 26

Investors Chronicle Share Tips

Online Stock Trading - Investors Chronicle Share Tips and Stock Picks


Tips of the Week

Sell Robert Walters - Renesola

Buy Tesco – James Fisher – Churchill Mining – Bango

Tips Update

RCG – Good Value
Buy Aviva
Sell Mouchel - GKN
Buy Segro

Company Results

Buy - OMG
Buy - MS International
Petrel Resources – Speculative Buy
Sell - Carnival
Proteome – Sell
Kewill – Fairly Priced
Ashtead – High Enough
Trifast – High Enough
WS Atkins – Good Value
Porvair – Long-Term Good Value
Victoria – Good Value
Falkland Islands – Good Value
RPC – Good Value
Creston – Good Value
Domino Printing – Fairly Priced
Gulf Keystone – Good Value for Risk Takers
OPG Power – Good Value
Chemring – Good Value
Immunodiagnostics – Fairly Priced
CareTech – Long-Term Good Value


British Airways staff agree to work for nothing [I thought they'd abolished slavery, apparently not - Ed.]
DS Smith takes cautious stand with dividend cut
Petrofac up on cash return hopes
Vodafone hit by Goldman concerns hit Vodafone
Centamin up on bid talk

share tips

Misys – buy on dips
DS Smith – Buy on weakness
Clinton Cards – Pass

Tiddler to Watch - Climate Exchange

Further news

Pru affected by worries new life policies costs

stock picks

Diageo – Buy
Dignity – Buy


Chaucer up on tales from Pamplona


share tips
Buy Costain
Buy John Menzies
Buy Cohort


Morgan Crucible bid talk


Tullow Oil up on China talk

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Thursday, June 25

Online Stock Trading Stock Picks

Online Stock Trading - Shares Magazine Share Tips

Stocks and Shares - Share Tips


Buy JD Wetherspoon
Buy Venture Production
Buy Vertu Motor
Buy Anglo American
Buy Xstrata
Buy JKX Oil
Buy KCom
Buy Immunodiagnostics Systems
Buy Theo Fennell
Buy N Brown
Buy Computercenter
Buy CareTech
Buy easyJet

Take profits in H&T
Take profits in Game

Small Caps

Speculative buy - Volga Gas
Buy Sportingbet
Buy Hardy Ol & Gas
Buy Axis Shield
Buy Portrait Software


share tips
Avoid Stagecoach

Wait before buying Imagination Technologies

Buy Consort Medical

Tiddler to Watch - Afren

Further news

Tullow Oil -hope of new discovery

RAB Capital said to be selling down its 12% stake in African Eagle


stock picks

Buy Northern Foods

Buy Templeton Emerging Markets Investment Trust

Further news

Man Group down on rumours that Morgan Stanley trying to place 12-million shares



Avoid Kesa

Buy Stagecoach

Hold Avocet Mining

Further news

JJB Sports up on bullish comments from Citigroup

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Wednesday, June 24

Stocks Shares Wednesday Share Tips

Stocks and Shares - Newspaper Share Tips


The fact that so many investors are wondering if the rally is over proves how few ever really believed in it

Xstrata/Anglo - After rejecting Xstrata’s offer Anglo has a number of options to consider as investors wait for the long-promised jam


Tempus share tips

Chemring – hold
Domino Printing – Pass
Yule Catto – Buy on weakness
Tiddler to Watch - IS Pharma

Further news

Hikma higher on comment from Pfizer

Goldshield up on bid talk

Talk of raised bid for Wogen


MP’s to black out expenses in future

Questor stock picks

Buy Aggreko
Buy Standard Chartered


There may be other suitors for Anglo American
Xstrata enhances bid team with Lazard


stock picks
Buy Yule Catto
Hold Chemring Group

Hold Oxford Metrics Group


L&G down after SocGen says “sell”


Bid talk helps miner Sylvania
American buyers said to be keen on ReNeuron


Profits soar at Chemring

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Tuesday, June 23

Stock Picks Share Tips Tuesday

Stocks and Shares - Share Tips for Tuesday

Normal service should be resumed soon ! In the meantime here are the stock picks and share tips and some news.


Investment Column: Share tips
Buy Kewill
Buy Circle Oil - shares have risen nearly 80% since March, but more to come with increases in production expected in Egypt and Morocco later this year.
Hold Netplay

THE TIMES - Stock picks

Says Hold Kewill - At seven times earnings, and net cash and a dividend rising sharply, they are still attractive.

Kcom's traditional business is very cash-generative, and its managed services might draw the atention of consolidators. Buy on weakness.

Reckitt Benckiser
shares are trading on an earnings multiple of 15.7. Buy says the Telegraph.


Executives cash in their shares

ECB will get record ‘stimulus by stealth’ - unlimited one-year funds

Sarkozy rejects austerity makes jobs his priority

The pledge by manufacturers to subsidise Medicare drug bills will help Obama's US administration deflect criticism

Talf may avert large disasters in commercial mortgage-backed securities, but the rest of the market will be more difficult to save

British Airways won't go bust soon, but its £3bn pension deficit will cause problems

Xstrata / Anglo American - the Swiss miner needs to find another 25%-30%, otherwise its friendly approach is not likely to succeed

China’s stock transfer - Even in China ordering people to give up assets for free is unusual, and shows how equity markets are manipulated there


RBS £9.6 million pay package to Hester criticised [talent needs to be rewarded (or is that compensated?) otherwise he might leave the country - God forbid - Ed.]

Shareholders force Rose to wave godobye to £1m M&S shares

ESPN wins Premier League live football rights

Another gas war on the horizon over Ukraine's Gazprom bill

Rate of repossessions is slowing

Markets down on world recovery prospects

Segro to raise £250m to pay for Brixton takeover

Independent falls on rights plans


Check here for technical analysis tips

See here for Sunday Share Tips

Monday, June 22

DOW Falls Back Again

Stocks and Shares - U.S. Markets Tumble Again

Is this the end of the stock market's bull run? If you are into online stock trading then the bull run since March has either made you very happy or very frustrated. If you got in then well done, a lot of people however have been sitting on the sidelines waiting for the DOW and S&P to test the market lows seen in March. So far the markets have stubbornly refused to fall back, but we may be seeing signs that the bull rally is finally running out of steam.

Lowered expectations for the global economy are giving investors more to be wary about.

U.S. stock indexes fell more than 2% today after a prediction by the World Bank that the global economy will decrease 2.9% in 2009 this is an icnrease from its previous forecast of 1.7%.

The possibility that there will not be a quick economic recovery also affected the price of oil, metals and commodities, with share prices falling sharply.

The Dow Jones fell 171, or 2% to 8,367. The S&P 500 index fell 23, or 2.6% to 897. The Nasdaq fell down 55, or 2.9 percent, at 1,772. In London the FTSE closed down 111 to 4234.

Last week was the stock market's first weekly loss for over a month after mixed economic resultsk.

Analysts are expecting trading in New York to be cautious this week after the DOW fell 3% last week.

Crude oil also fell $2.65 to $66.90 a barrel.

Chevron Corp. fell $1.95, or 2.9%, to $66, Alcoa Inc. fell back 79 cents, or 7.2%, to $10.20.

The dollar was higher against most other major currencies,.

For information on retirement investments see retirement investing tips

Sunday, June 21

Warren Buffett Lunch Auction

Online Trading - Warren Buffett Lunch AuctionWarren Buffett The Oracle of Omaha

UPDATE 2 : High Bid - $123,888



Time left:2 days 11 hours 58 mins

UPDATE 1 : The Warren Buffet lunch auction is underway
Current Bid - $71,100

Bidders:4 Bids:29 Time left:3 days 15 hours 21 mins

Each year an auction is held for people who would like to have lunch with Warren Buffett aka the Oracle of Omaha and get the benefit of his Omaha wisdom. Last year the winning bid was over $2.1 million, so it's not for your normal online auction junkie. This year, who knows, there is a degree of economic turmoil around, but then there was last year too, and somebody still managed to come up with $2 million.

(Warren Buffett - The Oracle of Omaha)

There were 35,000 people at recent Berkshire Hathaway's shareholders meeting, so maybe Buffett should consider going out to lunch more often.

Online bidding for the Buffet lunch starts at $25,000 next Sunday. The proceeds of the auction will go to the Glide Foundation, which provides assistance to the poor and homeless in San Francisco. The auction closes Friday evening at 10 p.m. EDT.

Glide has a budget of $17 million budget most of which comes from charity, so they are keeping their fingers crossed and hoping for some frenzied bidding.

Warren Buffett is known for his legendary investing success long before online stock trading was ever heard of, but also now for his philanthropy. In 2006, he announced he would be giving away most of his $36 billion fortune. A large chunk of which will go to tSmith and Wollensky Restaurant New Yorkhe Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

(Smith and Wollensky Restaurant - New York)

The winner of the auction and a maximum of seven friends will have lunch with Buffett at the Smith and Wollensky restaurant in New York, which describes itself as America's "premier traditional steakhouse". The restaurant contributed $10,000 to Glide.

Last year's winner was Mr Zhao Danyang from Pureheart China Growth Investment Fund in Hong Kong, and he due to eat his lunch with Buffett on Wednesday.

"I am looking forward to enjoying lunch with Warren Buffett. This is truly the chance of a lifetime." he said.

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Online Trading Sunday Share Tips

Stocks and Shares - Sunday Share Tips

Not a lot this weekend in the way of Sunday share tips, as my usual source appears to have dried up - so here are the share tips I have managed to get from elsewhere.

Mail on Sunday

BUY and HOLD Pinewood Shepperton. Some analysts say its properties alone are worth 150p per share.

Yet they are trading at just 147½p. As news improves over coming months, the shares should rise.

Avanti Communications should benefit from Gordon Brown's super duper broadband initiative and brokers reckon Avanti should be worth nearly 600p in a couple of years, so despite recent increase in price they are still an attractive BUY.


Venture Production shares offer good value, even without potential takeover by Centrica. The cautious may prefer to wait and but the quality of its assets, makes them a BUY.

Mouchel shares slid more than 25% last week after the group said it would miss earnings estimates. Current year earnings multiple is less than 9 times. HOLD and wait for recovery in price before getting out of position.

Cadbury shares yield 3.2%, - not spectacular, but worth having all the same. But with shares trading on a 2009 earnings multiple of 15.7 times, falling to 13.1 in 2010, they remain a BUY.

Check out here for info. on technical analysis

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Friday, June 19

Newspaper Stocks and Shares Tips

Stocks and Shares - Newspaper Share Tips

Stocks and Shares Tips - see here for Sunday Share Tips

Water Bets:
WS Atkins -- Modern Water -- Hyder Consulting -- Suez Environnement -- Renewable Energy

Share Tips:

Buy William Morrison at 251p
Buy National Grid at 536p
Buy Cranswick at 611p
Buy Indian Film Co at 34p
Buy Brulines at 98.5p

Sell SIG at 121p


Sell Lonmin
Sell Punch Taverns
Sell Game Group
Sell Whitbread

Tullow Oil fairly priced

Company Results:
Buy AEC Education -- Ten Alps -- London & Stamford Property -- Plant Impact-- Intercede

Sell Majestic Wine.


Glencore -- the world's largest commodity trader is considering an IPO this represents a paradigm shift for the company

HeidelbergCement has gained breathing space to reduce its massive debt, but is not out of the woods

Marston's: vultures are circling


Aberdeen Asset Management rumoured to have put in a $350 million bid for Delaware Investment


Share tips

Wait for clearer signals before buying Carnival
GKN: take up the rights
Hold Ashtead Group


Hotels tough times ahead on slump in earnings per room

Cadogan Petroleum down on Ukrainian fears

First Quantum Minerals could be a consolidation prize for Chinese, says Citigroup

Bet of the day: Taylor Wimpey

Tiddler to watch - African Eagle


Stock picks

Buy EFT Securities Agriculture
Hold Ashtead Group


Chaucer - rumours of raid by Pamplona


share tips

Buy Go-Ahead Group
Avoid Ashtead Group
Buy Plant Impact


Oxford Biomedica up on talk of US licensing deal

Rumours of distribution deal for FeONIC

For info on technical analysis and stock market charts for beginners check out Doji Candlestick

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Thursday, June 18

Technical Analysis Doji Candlestick

Online Stock Trades - Candlestick Charts - Doji

Using Technical Analysis of Stock Market Charts and Japanese Candlesticks in Online Stock Trading

In technical analysis using Japanese Candlestick charts the Doji candlestick is a single candlestick reversal pattern. It can be either bullish or bearish. It is bullish if it comes at the bottom of a down trend in ther market. It is bearish if it comes at top of anuptrend in the market. It has no real body because the stock price closes at the same price as it opened. This does not need to be eact but very close. There needs to be a trend before the doji for it to be a valid reversal signal. There also needs to be confirmation of the reversal by the price trading below or above the doji as the case may be. If trend prior to the doji candlestick was sideways then the doji is not meaningful and should be ignored.

The doji candlestick means that neither bulls nor bears are in charge, it therefore represents indecision, which is in itself a powerful market signal that a change may be imminent.

There are three types of doji - the normal doji, the gravestone doji and the dragonfly doji. In all three types the opening price is very close to closing price. In the normal doji the price moves up then down then back up and settles in the middle at the opening price. In the gravestone doji, the price moves up then down to close at the low. The gravestone doji is considered more bearish. In the dragonfly doji the price moves down from the open then moves back up and closes at the high - this is considered more bullish.

Inverted Hammer Candlestick
Piercing Pattern
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Fred Goodwin's Pension Pay Back

Online Stock Trading - Fred Goodwin to Have his Pension Shredded in Half

Sky news is reporting that Fred Goodwin is to be paying back part of his £703,000 a year pension that he got at age 50 after destroying Royal Bank of Scotland, for services rendered. The government is reported as being confident that he will pay back half of his pension. so he will have to get buy on £351,500 and some public sympathy. [UPDATE : He is paying back £342,500 of the pension - so just under half]

It has also been revealed today that Gordon Brown our illustrious and prudent Prime Minister put in a charge in his expenses for around £170 for a CD of some photos of himself. At the same time we hear that Gordon Brown is considering making seeking for pecuniary advantage a 'criminal offence'. How odd. For more on Gordon Brown's Exepenses see - Gordon Brown's Expenses

There may also be another 50 or so MPs resigining. We live in hope.

Worried about your own retirement and what to do with your retirement investments - see retirement investing
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Tuesday, June 16

Online Stock Trading Best Brokers

Best Online Stock Trading - Best Online Brokers

I have scoured the Internet to see which online brokers are regarded as having the best online stock trading sites in the U.S.. By 'best' I basically mean the cheapest, as in my experience they are all very average when it comes to service, so you may as well go with the cheapest.

The five that I have short-listed are given below in alphabetical order.

  • E*Trade charges between $6.99 and $12.99 per trade (depending on how often you trade). But they also have a $45 fee per trade if you require broker assistance, plus online commission, inactivity fees of $40 per quarter if you fall asleep and don't trade often enough.

    They do however offer some advice in many ways similar to what you would get from a full-service broker. Their customer service does not have Live Chat or IM, and they are slow at answering the phone.

    Smart Money picked tham as number 1 online broker for 2007 and 2008 and they got four stars in Barron’s Online Broker Survey. They also have a large number of easy-to-understand videos on topics such as technical analysis.
  • Firstrade charges $6.95 per stock trade. They also get the least number of fines from regulators for customer complaints, which can't be bad. But their websie seems to have less to offer than the others.
  • OptionsHouse is even cheaper at just $2.95 per stock trade. They are easy to contact via phone, and also offer Live online Chat. THey also have a Virtual Trading system for virtual trading, Webinars, and they will refund $100 of any transfer fees.
  • TradeKing charges $4.95 per trade regardless of your account balance. There customer service is highly regarded and you can get through to a live representative via email, phone, or IM. They will also refund up to $150 in charges if you switch to them, and give you $50 for any referral that signs up with them through you.

    TradeKing has also won plenty of awards - e.g. Smart Money ranked them number #1 in customer service in 2008, the best US discount broker two years in a row and they get the highest ranking of four stars **** in Barron’s Survey of Best Browser-Based Online Brokers.

    They also have a forum which seems quite active.
  • Zecco - they offer free trades if you open an account with a $25,000 or more or if you trade actively. If you maintain a $25 K or make 25 trades a month, you will get 10 free trades each month. If your account balance is below $25,000 trades are $4.50 per transaction.

    They also have a forum which seems pretty active and which you can read even if you don't sign up for an acount with them.

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Tuesday Newspaper Stocks Shares Tips

Stocks and Shares - Tuesday Newspaper Share Tips

Anglo American there are renewed calls for Cynthia Carroll to merge with Xstrata

HCM up on Phulbari talks



Avoid Lonmin
Hold Scott Wilson
Pass on Ten Alps


Debenhams hit by talks of purchase by House of Fraser

Avanti Communications boosted by hopes of Scottish contract extension

Axa cutbacks may benefit Admiral may benefit

Bet of the day: Tesco

Tiddler to watch - SovGEM



Buy Unilever
Buy Imperial Tobacco



Buy Gallfiord Try
Hold Ten Alps
Hold Webis Holdings

Marks & Spencer is to launch home shopping in 70 countries

Sunday, June 14

Sunday Newspaper Stocks Shares Tips

Stocks and Shares - Sunday Newspaper Shares Tips


Inside the City:

Recession may eventually put an end to Clinton Cards

Sharewatch: 3i Group


Buy Petrofac at 664p
Buy Cape at 181p
Buy Vedanta Resources at £15.99

Figures to show Tesco beating rivals and the recession


Tesco growth lacklustre as rivals surge ahead [is this the same Tesco the Telegraph is talking about ? - Ed.]

Buy BP up to 565p

Travelodge rumoured to be up for auction again

Expect National Australia Bank to make a move soon for UK building societies


Buy Hardy Underwriting at 263.5p
Goldshield returning to full health


Take profits in about 75% of Goals Centre Centres

Other comment:

Debenhams tells staff at head office it will cut bonuses for junior managers


William Morrison to sign up to online shopping

Toys 'R' Us profits crash over 95% to just over £13 M

Whitbread's Premier Inn starts bookings war with Travelodge


Clogau Gold is 'running out of gold'

Saturday, June 13

Weekend Stocks and Shares Tips

Stocks and Shares - Saturday Newspaper Share Tips

Online Share Trading Tips from Newspapers

US consumer confidence despite strong equity rally and occasional green shoot, the rebound seems less and less convincing

BlackRock and Barclays BGI - the BGI executive chairman trousers $36 M from sale of BGI to BlackRock


Business orders rise

Positive figures make city confident of recovery

Punch Taverns overshadowed by equity fundraising talk


Surge in oil may be short-lived

Weekend Share Watch:
Vedanta Resources: miner's bond issues like gold dust to investors


Don't neglect tobacco stocks (Imperial, BAT)


Gulfsands Petroleum - oil service contract hopes in Iraq

Bet of the day: copper

Tddler to watch - Chariot Oil and Gas

Investment Extra:

Healthy pharma stocks (AstraZeneca, Shire, GlaxoSmithKline)


Sainsbury's getting closer to Tesco in battle for number one spot
Water firms face takeovers
Peterborough presentation boosts Mears Group
Plus Markets - Suretrack looks interesting


Dubai bubble bursts - investors panic and expats flee

Friday, June 12

Stock Market Newspaper Share Tips

Stocks and Shares - Investors Chronicle and Newspaper Share Tips

Rapid recovery share tips:

Aero Inventory -- Meggitt -- Hamworthy -- XP Power -- Melrose


Sell Kingfisher at 196p
Sell Speedy Hire at 139p

Buy Balfour Beatty at 340p
Buy Melrose at 287p
Buy Hansteen at 80p
Buy Next Fifteen at 46p


Buy Begbies Traynor

Hammerson fairly priced
Dragon Oil fairly priced

Company Results:

Buy Focus Solutions -- Halfords -- Relax Group -- Intelek -- Redhall -- Helical Bar -- Penna Consulting -- Synergy Healthcare -- Lonrho -- First Property -- BP Marsh & partners -- IS Pharma.


Buy Premier Farnell
Buy London & Stamford on weakness
Hold Park Group just for the yield

Carnival investors head for the life rafts on fears about bookings

Dry well talk hits Tower Resources
St Helen's Capital has ended talks to buy HB Corporate
Bet of the day: Gold

Tddler to watch -Indian Film Company


Buy Tate & Lyle
Buy BP


BHP Billiton down on fears of China trade sanctions
Goodwin up on takeover rumours
Sources say Brit Insurance has carried out due diligence on Chaucer


Premier Farnell a tentative buy
Buy Charles Stanley
Buy Park Group


Rising bond yields indicate economic recovery may be underway


Victoria Oil & Gas expected to give Upbeat drill report next week


Takeover gossip around Coffeeheaven

Stocks and shares

Thursday, June 11

What is a Reverse Mortgage?

Stock Market Investing - Federally-Insured Reverse Mortgages

What is a Reverse Mortgage?

Reverse Mortgages - the Facts

If you are aged 62 or older, and live in the USA, and are looking for some extra cash, for whatever reason, then you may like to consider taking out a reverse morgage. A reverse mortgage is a financial product, that is different in many ways to normal remortgage deals , due to the fact that it lets you convert some of the equity in your home into cash but with the advantage that you don't have to sell your home and there are no additional monthly payments to make.

No monthly payments? What sort of a morgage is that ? Reverse mortgage loans are a form of home loan in which you receive money from the mortgage provider, that you don't have to pay back until you leave your home (feet first if necessary).

The mortgage is paid back when you die or if you sell your home, or if your home ceases to be your primary residence. Reverse mortgages are generally tax-free, and many have no restrictions regarding income.

This may all sound too good to be true, but bear in mind that reverse mortgages also have a significant disadvantage - namely, because you are not paying any money back, the reverse mortgage increases over time as the interest on the loan adds up. You can end up handing your home over to the mortgage provider/bank and some people call it Generational Theft. Remember banks are not your friend, they are there to make money and they will make their money from you, so you really do have to think 36 times before entering into such a deal. Avoid reverse mortgages if you possibly can.

There are 3 types of reverse mortgage

  • single-purpose reverse morgages - these are offered by a number of state and local government agencies and non-profit organizations
  • federally-insured reverse mortgages, aka HECMs (Home Equity Conversion Mortgages) which are backed by HUD (the US Department of Housing and Urban Development)
  • proprietary reverse mortgages, i.e. private loans backed by the loan providers

Single-purpose reverse mortgages cost the least, but are not available everywhere and are restricted to one purpose. This purpose is specified by the government or non-profit lender e.g. it may be stipulated that the loan can only be used to finance home repairs, or property taxes. The majority of homeowners on low to moderate incomes qualify for such loans.

Proprietary reverse mortgages and HECMs cost more than traditional home loans, and can involve high up-front costs. This is important to bear in mind, particularly if you intend moving out quite soon or want to borrow only a small amount. HECM mortgages are widely available, can be used for any purpose and have no requirements regarding income or health.

If you want to apply for a HECM, you must first meet a counsellor from an independent housing counselling agency that has been government-approved. There are a number of lenders that offer proprietary reverse mortgages that also require counselling. The counsellor must explain the costs invovled and the financial implications, and also indicate any alternatives there may be to a HECM, such as government and non-profit programs, single-purpose and proprietary reverse mortgage.

Counselors must also be able to provide advice on the costs of the various types of reverse mortgages and explain how payment options and fees will affect the overall cost of the loan. Counselling agencies generally charge in the region of $125. You can choose to pay the fees from the loan, and you cannot be refused a loan simply for not having the money to pay the fees. .

The amount you will be able to borrow with a proprietary reverse mortgage or HECM is governed by a number of factors - age, the type of reverse mortgage, the appraised value of the property, and interest rates. Generally speaking, older people with more equity in their home, and less still owing on their mortgage will be able to borrow more.

With an HECM you can choose between several payment options.

  • a “term” option – you receive fixed monthly payments in cash over a specific period of time.
  • a “tenure” option – you receive fixed monthly payments in cash for the length of time you continue to live in your home.
  • a line of credit - you can draw from the loan whenever you choose and in whatever amount you choose, until the line of credit has been used up.
  • a combination of a line of credit and monthly payments.

If you wish to change your payment option at any time you may do so but there is a fee of around $20.

HECMs normally advance larger loans for a lower overall cost, when compared with proprietary loans. But if your home is a higher-value home, then you may find you will be able to get a large loan advance from a proprietary reverse mortgage.

Features of Reverse Mortgages

  • Reverse mortgage loans are not taxed, and usually do not affect any Medicare or Social Security benefits.
  • You keep the title to your home.
  • You don’t make any monthly repayments.
  • The loan must be paid back when the last surviving borrower either dies, sells the home, or the home ceases to be their principal residence.

With a HECM loan, you can live in a nursing home or medical facility for a maximum of twelve consecutive months before you need to repay the mortgage.

However, be aware that:

  • Lenders will usually charge an origination fee, a mortgage insurance premium (for federally-insured HECMs), and additional closing costs. Lenders also sometimes apply servicing fees during the period of the mortgage. The lender can set these fees and costs, but origination fees are laid down by law.
  • The amount owed on a reverse mortgage increases over time. Interest is applied to the outstanding balance each month and added to the amount owed. This means of course that the total amount owed increases over time as you draw down the funds interest accrues on the loan.
  • Some reverse mortgages have fixed rates, but most of them have variable rates tied to a financial index: it is probably that these interest rates will change along with market conditions.
  • Reverse mortgages can eat up all or a part of the equity in your home, thus leaving less equity for you and any heirs you may have. Reverse mortgages generally have what is known a a “non-recourse” clause. This clause means that you or your heirs cannot owe more than the value of your home at the moment the loan is repaid.
  • You keep title to your home. This means that you are liable for property taxes, utilities, insurance, maintenance, fuel and other expenses. If you fail to pay your property taxes, take out homeowner's insurance, or maintain your home, your lender may require you to repay the mortgage.
  • Interest cannot be deducted fromincome tax returns until the loan is partly or fully paid off.

One final point, shop around and make sure you understand what you are signing. Most reverse mortgages give you at least 3 business days after agreeing the mortgage to cancel it for any reason, without penalty. To cancel the mortgage, you have to inform the lender in writing by certified mail, with a return receipt.

Stocks and Shares Newspaper Tips

Online Stock Trading - Shares Magazine and Newspaper Share Tips

Stocks and Shares


Buy Sutton Harbour Group at 56p
Robert Walters a gamble on unemployment data

Take profits in Go-Ahead Group and Prosperity Minerals

Five rock solid stocks:

Connaught -- Royal Dutch Shell -- Diageo -- Vodafone -- Severn Trent

Banking Sector:

Hold Standard Chartered
Sell Royal Bank of Scotland
Sell Lloyds


Home Depot has revised its expectations to "merely dreadful" - and the depths of the housing market's have not yet been completely plumbed

US trade -- for economic health to return the rest of the world needs to buy American - but we appear unwilling to oblige

Heritage Oil falls after Iraq says Kurdish contracts are not legal

Oxford Biomedica up on Travax trial hopes

Rumours of share placing at London Town



Charter International - take profits
Halfords a solid hold
Buy Interior Services


Ocean Power Technologies said to have completed work on its wave power machine upgrade

Colombia partnership hopes boosts Pan Andean

Bet of the day: Home Retail

Tiddler to watch - Firestone Diamonds



Buy Randgold Resources
Hold Royal Dutch Shell



Sell Charter International
Buy PZ Cussons
Buy Intercede Group


Shanta Gold and Caledon Mining takeover gossip
Rumours of Desire Petroleum funding deal

Co-Op Financial Services to get rid of nearly 25% of its door-to-door sales force.

Wednesday, June 10

Newspaper Share Tips Questor Tempus

Online Stock Trading - Newspaper Share Tips

GSK/Shenzhen Neptunus -- a successful association should increase sales of flu injections for GSK and pave the way to co-operation on other more profitable vaccines

Oz Minerals -- the 60% rise in the share price since the revised bid from Minmetals - is reason to back it

UK housing -- no bubble on the horizon - the correction still has legs


A block of 8 million JJB sports shares rumoured to be changing hands


Pass on Edinburgh Investment Trust
Hold Punch Taverns
Buy Oxford Instruments


Talk of profit boosts Majestic Wine

80p-a-share bid talk boosts Caledon

Bet of the day: Halfords

Tiddler to watch - Ramco Energy


Buy Playtech
Buy IG Group


Many more job losses to come as high street banks close branches and shed jobs


Buy IG Group
Avoid Oxford Instruments
Hold Stagecoach Theatre Arts


Rumours that Griffin Mining is being eyed up by Teck Mining Group of Vancouver


Rumours that Mike Ashley may be reducing his 29% stake in Blacks Leisure.

Tuesday, June 9

Newspape Share Tips

Stocks and Shares - Newspaper Share Tips

Stock Market Investing

With the Fed struggling to maintain mortgage costs low, talk of US interest rate rises is premature

Global aviation is set to lose $9 bn this year, but the top 3 Chinese airlines alone lost almost as much last year

Anglo American shares are outperforming its peers for the first time since the start of the crisis - now is the time to press home advantage

Low US petrol prices have helped growth


Chaucer up on talks of offer from Brit Insurance
BowLeven firm on fundraising talk
Bid rumours around Lamprell still


Workspace buy if you're brave
Hold Great Eastern Energy
Hold Hyder Consulting


Bet of the day: gold

Tiddler to watch - Marwyn Value Investors


Take up rights in Rio Tinto


Rejuvenated Barclays grows stronger


BowLeven - £100 M fundraising expected


Hold AG Barr
Buy JD Sports Fashion
Buy Latchways


Gamblers do well in a crisis (Playtech, Sportingbet, PartyGaming, 888, Paddy Power)

Monday, June 8

Online Stock Trading Brokers

Online Stock Trading - Choosing an Online Stock Broker

Buying Stocks Online

If you are interested in buying stocks online you will need to sign up with an online broker. There are basically two types of online stock broker you can sign up with - the so-called Full Service Broker or the Discount Broker.

What is the difference between a Full-Service Broker and a Discount Broker?

Full-Service Broker

Full-service stock brokers provide a range of services and most importantly advice. They can advise you on such things as stock picks, retirement planning and taxation. They also offer a wide selection of products for investment, such as insurance or derivatives, plus they will provide access to their research.

Goldman Sachs is the leading full-service broker at the moment and they say of themselves that they are "a world class provider of wealth management solutions for high-net-worth individuals, their families and foundations". There does not appear to be any mention of cost on their website but you can expect commissions in the $150 dollar range plus no doubt other fees, but high net worth individuals are probably not too worried about such minor inconveniences. They just need the best advice money can buy.

One problem with full-service brokers is that their compensation is often based on how much you trade, not on how well your investments do. This can lead to unscrupulous full-service stock brokers advising you to sell or buy stocks when you don't need to. They have a term for this of course, it is called 'churning'. So if you are using such a brokerage service, then take care they are not using you to fund their extravagant lifestyles.

Discount Brokers

Discount stock brokers do not provide advice. They just take your order, either over the phone or, increasingly, online and buy or sell whatever stock it is you want to trade, although if you have access to a system then you could of course use some form of system trading. Their commissions are generally low (a few dollars per trade) but they do sometimes charge 'inactivity fees' if you don't trade often enough, or other fees if you require a special service.

The best-known of the cheap online brokers is probably Charles Schwab. There is another cheap online broker known as TDWaterhouse, but based on my personal experience I can't recommend them and I even hesitate to mention them here, except as a warning.

Fees are kept relatively low by discount brokers because they offer fewer products and no advice. These brokers are paid on salary not commission, so they are not concerned by getting you to trade stocks unnecessarily, but bear in mind the above-mentioned inactivity fee.

If you are looking to buy stocks online, and if you are not a high net worth individual then the discount broker is probably what you are looking for.

For a list of online brokers see online brokers

See here for an account of problems with TDWaterhouse

Home : Stocks and Shares

Sunday, June 7

Online Stock Trading Newspaper Tips

Stock Market Investing - Weekend Newspaper Share Tips

Sunday Share Tips and Rumours


Inside the City:

Home Retail Group: good weather revives Homebase
Avoid Workspace for now


Mike Ashley is planning a £50 M bonus scheme - more than 2,000 Sports Direct staff could get one year's salary in free shares

Banks sitting on property time bomb

Sharewatch: Wincanton


Buy Wood Group at 296.5p
Buy Tesco at 363.5p
Avoid Air Partner at 515p


Retailers exploiting Channel Islands tax loophole to sell CDs, DVDs and video games online with no VAT

Small businesses delay paying taxes amounting to almost £2.5 billion in fight to stay alive amid worsening trading conditions

Hold Halfords for the ride

Healthcare Locums practically recession-proof
Confidence returns to Coutts unit of RBS


Buy CVS Group -- Mothercare expanding abroad


Immupharma could get boost from drug trials


BBC may be ordered to share £3.6 bn licence fee with ITV
M&M Direct - Online retailer - sales have rocketed in the past year


Lloyds Bank to start branch closure programme that should lead to closure of up to 1,000 branches and loss of 10,000 jobs over 3 years

Ikea profits halved

Saturday Share Tips and Rumours


Wal-Mart gains customers through recession, and announces a $15 bn share buy-back, with shares at a relatively low 13 times prospective earnings

Electric cars are gaining speed but, they are no more popular than in 1985

US jobs -- companies still have little reason to start drawing up job ads.


Liberty International and Great Portland firm on stakebuilding hopes

Lamprell - takeover rumours

Weekend Share Watch
Goal Soccer Centres: placing will strengthen balance sheet and allow acceleration of new openings --
Redhall - blast-proof doormaker could be worth a look


Bet of the day: sugar

Tiddler to watch - GB Group


Whitbread down despite rumours of Abu Dhabi-based buyer interest


Hopes of return to FTSE 100 causes 3i Group rally


Bag a bargain - Brit Insurance, Mitie Group, Compass Group,


Wolseley's blue-chip surge


BG Group's takeover chances boosted by latest Brazilian oil find

Booker up on vague bid speculation

Friday, June 5

Analysts US Share Tips

Stocks and Shares - Analysts U.S. Stock Picks

Nike Inc. (NKE) upgraded to outperform from neutral by R.W. Baird analyst Mitch Kummetz. According to Kummetz the shift in foreign exchange could lead to a low single-digit change in the 2010 sales outlook. He is encouraged that athletic footwear continues to do relatively well, and says Nike brands should continue to take market share.

He raised his $3.52 fiscal 2010 EPS estimate to $3.60, and his $3.89 fiscal 2011 forecast to $4.04. He increased his $61 target price to $69.

Exide Technologies (XIDE) downgraded to neutral from buy by Merriman Curhan

Kenexa Corp. (KNXA) upgraded to outperform from neutral by Cowen

Peter Goldmacher from Cowen raised his $0.61 2009 EPS estimate, on $152 million in revenue, to $0.66 on $156 million, above.

He pointed out that Kenexa is trading at 1.5 times enterprise value/sales. He also believes consensus estimates are overly conservative.

Planning your Retirement Investing

Stocks and Shares - Planning Your Retirement?

According to the Motley Fool we should all be taking a close look at our retirement investing, for the simple reason that we might not have enough money by the time we retire.

The reason for this is that we are too haphazard in our retirement planning, we don't bother to do the sums. As a result retirement might well turn out to be grim for a lot of us.

To make your savings last, you need to plan conservatively during retirement as you will need to use up at least 4% of your savings each year (adjusted for inflation).

For example, you may have a pot of $400,000 under your mattress for retirement. 4% of that is $16,000 i.e. $1333 per month plus perhaps some money from the state pension so you may have $2000 a month in total or $24,000 per year. Hardly enough to finance a golden retirement.

You Need More Money !

In fact you need to aim for $1,000,000 - 4% of that will give you $40,000 plus maybe $5,000 a year from the state to make $45,000 a year.

In retirement, you can live on less than when you were workingL-

No commuting costs, less clothes costs, less lunch costs.
Your taxes will be lower.
Your mortgage might be paid off.
You hopefully won't be supporting dependents.
You won't be saving for retirement !
You may get discounts for being older.


You will probably have more health costs.
Inflation may erode your purchasing power.
You may want to play golf or travel.

Hopefully it's not too late to put things right. Things you can do:-

Start saving and investing more for your retirement.
Double the amount you are saving for retirement.
Consider postponing your retirement date by a few years, this may add hundreds of thousands to your savings.
Consider moving more of your assets into the stock market - higher risk of course, but choose solid earners, growers, and dividend payers. Check out Warren Buffett 's unvestments in this respect.

Shares generally average around 10% a year - that means that $30,000 over 20 years will turn into $200,000 !

So start your retirement planning now and set yourself a goal of $1 million by the time you actually retire.

Check out here - retirement investing - for concrete tips

How Does the Stock Market Work

Friday Newspaper Stocks Shares Tips

Stock Market Investing - Friday Newspaper Share Tips

Stocks and Shares


Sell Man Group at 254p
Sell Restaurant Group at 155p
Sell Bloomsbury Publishing at 124p

Buy Segro at 25.37p
Buy Ultra Electronics at £11.06
Buy Iofina at 72p


Sell Wolseley

Buy EDI Development International
Buy May Gurney

Talvivaara fairly priced
Sepura fairly priced

Company Results:

Sell Ryanair
Sell Umeco

Buy Alterian
Buy William Sinclair
Buy Pennon Group
Buy Severn Trent
Buy Booker
Buy Printing.com


3i's fall raises speculation about cash-call troubles
AstraZeneca said to have put in a bid for parts of Solvay's pharmaceuticals arm
Futuragene rumoured to be in discussions with Monsanto on possibility of a licensing deal
Booker up on vague Makro bid rumours
Talk of equity fund raising at Lookers


Hold Signet for now - buy on any future weakness
Buy Helical Bar
Buy Goals Soccer Centres

Other comment:

According to Panmure Gordon, Office2Office may start attracting attention from foreign players

Bet of the day: Carphone Warehouse

Tiddler to watch - DCD Media



Buy HSBC Infrastructure
Buy Templeton Emerging Markets

Other comment:

Pearson sets its sights on BPP Holdings

Shed Media - management buy-out talk



Buy Wincanton
Hold Low and Bonar for now
Buy Synergy Healthcare


Rio Tinto dumps Chinese connection
Latvia must devalue
Correction in house prices is still not over


Hays boosted by Swiss bid talk

Thursday, June 4

Stock Market Investing Share Tips

Stocks and Shares - Shares Magazine and Newspaper Share Tips

Stock Picks



Buy Nautilus Minerals at 79p
Potential bid candidates:

Buy YouGov
Buy Cello

Sell Chime Communications.

Buy Land securities
Speculative Buy Finsbury Food Group
Buy COncateno
Trading buy Pearson
Sell Hornby
Buy Micro Focus
Trading Sell Senior
San Leon Energy Speculative buy
Buy Victrex
Buy VT Group
Buy Ffastfill
Buy Patsystems
Sell Fidessa
Buy Vertu Motors
Buy Albemarle and Bond
Buy Charles Taylor Consulting
Buy Innovation Group
Buy Cairn Energy
Buy Kefi Minerals

Australian GDP -- the country is still in love with credit but this may be storing up problems for an eventual crash that may be even bigger


Shopping still volatile

Fall in Libor doesn't paint true picture

Vedanta Resources falls on prospect of bidding war with Asarco



Buy Northumbrian Water
Hold Sportingbet
Hampson Industries only a hold

Business Editor:

Sheikh Mansour's sale of stake in Barclays may put an end to Rio Tinto's attempts to get £12 bn from the Chinese


Indian regulators want to meet Hardy Oil & Gas executives urgently

Taylor Wimpey up on talk of Canadian assets sale

Bet of the day: oil

Tiddler to watch - May Gurney


Buy Standard Chartered
Buy BAE Systems


Hold Northumbrian Water
Sportingbet a speculative buy
Buy Alterian


Weak dollar is a sign that things are getting better

Wednesday, June 3

Candlestick Charts Inverted Hammer Pattern

Stocks and Shares - Stock Charts for Beginners - Inverted Hammer Pattern

Candlestick Charts Technical Analysis

In candlesticks charts the inverted hammer is a bullish single candle reversal pattern. The body can be red or green or black or white (green or white is considered more bullish). The upper shadow is at least two times the size of the body amd the trend needs to be heading down leading up to the inverted hammer.

Ideally there should be a gap down leading to the inverted hammer. Trading above the candlestick pattern is seen as confirmation. The inverted hammer has a lower probability than the shooting star or hanging man and needs good confirmation before a long trade can be entered.

If the price trades above the high of the inverted hammer then shorters will get stopped out, which will help the price move higher. There is however no guarantee, only a probability. The inverted hammer is considered less bullish than the hammer.

For beginners to online stock trading it is important to have an understanding of stock charts as many thousands of professionals use them and evenfor beginners to investing it is important to understand what the professionals may do next. Other candlestick charts see - Hammer Candlestick Chart- Hanging Man Candlestick Pattern
For further details about the Inverted hammer Candlestick pattern take a look at this excellent video

Related post : Buy stocks online

Microsoft's Bing Challenges Google

Stocks and Shares - Microsoft's Bing Search Engine to take on Google's Google

Microsoft has revamped its search engine and re-launched it as Bing in an attempt to compete with Google.

The first problem of course for Microsoft is that Google is now synonymous with search.

Danielle Tiedt from Microsoft said "Google is so much a part of everyday culture. It is the verb. If you talk about search you talk about Google."

The second problem is that people are not desperately looking for a better search engine.

"We know there is this latent dissatisfaction in the search market," Tiedt said. "When people don't get right search result they thing it's their fault."

Microsoft will be launching Bing with a huge TV ad campaign on Wednesday, to put familiarize the pubilc with Bing.

"A big part of the campaign is 'It's not just you',"

Bing officially launches on Wednesday, after many months of development and internal testing.

Microsoft won't say how much it is spending on the ad campaign, but industry experts say $80 and $100 million.

"Obviously, we are spending a significant amount of money," Tiedt said. "We're trying to get entered into the conversation of search. We are spending enough money that people (will) have heard of us."

Online ads start on Wednesday, with Bing ads on the front page of MSN.com.

Google is of course making enomous amount of money from its online advertising and Microsoft would dearly like to get a share of the profits. It will be interesting to see just how well Bing does and whether it improves Microsoft's bottom line.

Newspaper Stocks and Shares Tips

Stocks and Shares - Newspaper Share Tips

Online Stock Trading



Buy Pennon Group
Hold on to Penna Consulting and Hamworthy

Business Editor:

Green shoots are in fact tumbleweed
Barclays: brave investors reap their fortune


Wolfson Microelectronics boosted by Nokia
BowLeven overshadowed by talk of rights issue
Bet of the day: William Morrison

Tiddler to watch - Epistem


Equity market rally -- many markets have risen by more than 40% since early March but it could be doomed from the outset

Nokia -- is targetting Apple in the smartphone wars - but it may be too late

UK credit supply -- for people who believe in greenshoots the credit crunch appears to be fading from memory, but lending is still weak, despite government support for the banks and lashings of quantitative easing

Ryanair is now Europe's largest by market value

Japanese luxury sales fell 10% in 2008 and are set to fall another 7% this year.


Deflation concerns lessen as inflation barometer rises

Fiberweb boosted by Brazil joint venture

Fenner firm on bid rumours sustain

Circle Oil up on talks of a gas find


Buy Pennon Group
Avoid Barclays


Drug tester Concateno boosted by talk of US sale


Buy Pennon Group
Hold Laura Ashley and Penna Consulting


Abu Dhabi's makes a quick £1.5 bn bucks on Barclays


London Town, pub company, is said to be arranging funding for major expansion
Positive news expected from Physiomics.

Tuesday, June 2

Poundland Results See Profits Surge

Stocks and Shares - Poundland Profits Surge 47%

Poundland Store
Can you buy shares in Poundland , the shop where every item costs £1 ? Well, the chain is wholly-owned by Advent International. And given that Advent International is a private equity company, then unfortunately the answer is 'no', which is a pity as Poundland has just posted a 47% increase in operating profits ifor the year ending 29 March 2009.

It also opened 41 new stores over the past year (it now has 212 stores), and saw operating profit increase from £8m to £11.8m. Like-for-like sales rose by 2.2% and CEO Jim McCartney says they want to increase the total number of stores to 250 by the end of 2010.

The closure of Woolworths also undoubtedly helped Poundland.

McCartney also said that Poundland would continue its policy of adding branded products such as Kellogg's, Heinz, and Pampers. Selling brands such as Johnson's baby powder an Toblerone (who eats that stuff !) was a key factor which encourages people to use Poundland. Once in the shop people buy other stuff too - over 40% of its sales are impulse buys.

Jim McCarthy, chief executive, said: “There’s so much to do yet in the UK. As we get further down the track, which will be several years I assume, then we can turn our attention to opportunities elsewhere.

“Continental Europe is probably the place to go, particularly countries like Germany which have a very high retail sale content from discount.”

If you are looking for stocks and shares that may help you profit from the recession then you could take a look at pawnbrokers Albemarle and Bond (ABM) - they have been tipped in the past by newspaper share tipsters and financial experts.

Stocks Shares Newspaper Stock Picks

Stocks and Shares - Newspaper Stock Picks

Stock Market Investing


Hold on to Chloride
Buy Phoenix IT on weakness
Hansteen shares a speculative buy

Other comment:

Numis warns that earnings for Catlin and Novae swollen by currencies

Bet of the day: Kingfisher

Tiddler to watch - San Leon Energy

Barclays -- some of Barclay's Gulf investors are cashing out much to the embarrassment of Barclay's top brass (Barclay's is down 15% today - Ed.)

Computer gaming industry is meeting in Los Angeles for its annual jamboree but is unlikely to change the status quo

Kohlberg Kravis Roberts -- potential investors should be wary

Hong Kong property -- aggregate market capitalisation of the big 6 property developers has more than doubled since October - a genuine mini-bubble

US dollar -- is being increasingly spurned

Other comment:

Netbooks open new possibilites for ARM Holdings

Centrica down on spike in short-term gas price

Takeover rumours bolster Heritage Oil

Silence Therapeutics (SLN) up on hopes of positive drug update


Buy EFTS Agriculture
Gold expected to re-test $1,000 oz level

HSBC fails to join rally due to Gulf stake worries


Hold Chloride for now
Sell Sterling Energy
Hold William Sinclair


Falling dollar hits Amlin


Critics want to strip FSA of power

Mini heatwave for holiday firms

Tiddler to watch - Plant Impact


Thomas Cook riding storm
DotDigital Group on Plus Market lifted by EDF and Dunlop contract hopes

Newspaper Stock picks for Tuesday have been moved - please click here - Stocks and Shares