Thursday, July 9

Online Trading Magazine Share Tips

Online Stock Trading - Shares Magazine and Newspaper Share Tips - July 9

Stocks and Shares



Buy BGlogal at 16.25p.
Sell WPP Group at 391p.


Barratt Developments - take profits
Sutton Harbour - take profits

Buy First Quantum Minerals,
Buy BP
Buy Land Securities.

Sector report

Buy Kingfisher
Buy JD Sports
Buy Dunelm.


Container shipping cos. - very weak demand and extreme levels of oversupply.
China may be ready to do whatever it takes to create an 8% economic growth rate.

Other comment

Concerns over Aviva's dividend as insurers fall

Worries about delays pressure Cairn Energy

Northgate hit by talk of deeply discounted £150 million fundraising

Bateman Litwin down on talk of a cash call.


- Share Tips

Hold Tullow Oil.

Hold Crillion
Telecom Plus buy later.

Other comment

Order prospects boosts Cobham
Quorum Oil and Gas Technology said to be close to joint venture with a Saudi Group.
Pearson rumoured to be contemplating bid for Bloomsbury.

Tiddler to watch - May Gurney


- Stock Picks

Buy JP Morgan Indian Investment Trust and Cape.


- Share Tips

Buy Tullow Oil
Buy Carillion
Buy Booker


Diageo bid talk lifts Britvic

Cookson hit by talk of a bearish circular

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Monday, July 6

Sunday Share Tips Online

Online Stock Trading - Sunday Share Tips - Midas

Sharewatch: Game Group



Buy RM Group at 159p
Buy Hill & Smith at 227p
Buy Templeton Emerging markets Investment Trust at 372.5p

Other comment:

BT Group is first major UK company to fix executive salaries below the average paid to its competitors top managers



Buy Modern Water at 44p


Afren: new investors may want to buy in

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Saturday, July 4

Ten Stocks to Buy Now

Online Stock Trading - Ten U.S. Stocks to Buy

Is this the time to be buying stocks? The markets have rebounded strongly since their lows of early March and now people don't know whether to get in in case the markets just keep on going up or wait until they fall back again to re-test the lows.

Personally I am in the second camp. I still think the markets will fall back, so I'll wait a while still before deciding to buy stocks online, but there are market analysts who are confident enough to recommend stocks.

John Buckingham from The Prudent Speculator has written a piece over at in which he recommends the following ten stocks.

As he puts it "10 stocks that I'd be comfortable buying today, given their combination of financial stability and modest valuations relative to likely five-year growth rates. Along with each stock is my estimate for a likely share price in the next 12 to 24 months" A brave fellow !

.......Company ........... Target Price

  • Aceto Corp. ................$12.60
  • AAR Corp................... $30.00
  • Baxter Intl ..................$83.00
  • BB&T Corp. ................$41.60
  • Heartland Pmt........... $16.65
  • Olin Corp..................... $26.00
  • Supervalu ....................$33.15
  • TCF Financial............ $24.80
  • Titan Intl. ..................$17.60
  • Verizon...................... $48.06

Some ideas for you to check out at least.

If you are looking for info. on charting for beginners see stock market charts
or for remortgaging info see remortgage deals

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Friday, July 3

Investors Chronicle Stocks Shares Tips

Online Stock Trading - Investors Chronicle and Newspaper Share Tips

Investors Chronicle - Stocks and Shares

Share Tips:

Buy Kier Group at 900p
Buy Melorio at 150p
Buy Serica Energy at 56p

Sell British Airways at 126p
Sell Kesa Electricals at 107p
Sell Niger Uranium at 26p


Buy: Serco, Hill & Smith, International Power, Pace
Sell: Wolseley

Company Results:

Buy: Eredene Capital, Green Dragon Gas, Immupharma, GMA Resources,

Sell: DSG International, ASOS, Carpetright,



NRG: management would do well to consider the latest offer carefully

US jobs: data point not only to a slow recovery but also to the fact that there are very few signs of life at all

UK telecoms: closing redundant networks and cutting costs a priority

El Nino: weather forecasters predictions of an increasing probability that El Nino will be back this year, cause commodity traders to take notice


Old Mutual is the latest company to be linked with Resolution

The Times

Tempus: Share tips

Hold Greene King.
Avoid Wellstream.
Buy NCC on weakness

Tiddler to watch - Penna

Daily Telegraph

Questor: Stock picks

Buy John Wood Group
Buy Cineworld
Buy International Power

The Independent

Investment - Share tips

Buy Greene King
Buy Care Group
Buy Photo-Me International

Daily Mail

Fury of BT investors at executive pay

Independent broker Galvan says Inmarsat is recession-proof

JD Wetherspoon reported to have acquired co-existing pubs from Regent Inns

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Thursday, July 2

Trading Stock Charts Double Top

Online Stock Trading - Stock Charts for Beginners - Trading Double Tops and Double Bottoms

Technical analysis is a very useful and in fact essential tool if you want to trade stocks online  and any beginners trying to make money investing would be well advised to have at least a basic graps of stock charts. Stock charts and charting software packages are used extensively whether trading stocks and shares, commodities, currencies, futures or options. The main reason this should be so and that it is important for beginners to stock investing to understand is that the charts are not just a random set of numbers in graphic form, they are a reflection of human behavior over time and also, given that so many professionals use them, they actually become self-fulfilling prophecies. So you ignore chart patterns and trading signals at your peril.

One pattern that is very widely followed is the double top after an uptrend (or the double bottom after a downtrend).

A double top is formed when buyers force a stock or index price up to a certain level then the sellers take over and force the price down again. After this the buyers take control again and force the price back up to the previous level, but are unable to force it through that price (one reason being that many people are expecting a double top to be formed and so are getting ready to sell). Sellers then regain control and force the price back down. Buyers are then reluctant to try and force the price back up and so the price continues to fall.

Take a look at this mother of all double tops which was formed on the S&P500 - a 30 year chart

Back in 2000 the S&P peaked at around 1530 in 2007 it peaked at around 1575. The low point between the two was around 780 in 2002. This gives a difference between the peak and the trough of around 800 points.

Double tops (and double bottoms) are considered to be reversal patterns, indicating that the trend may be coming to an end.

To trade a double top (or double bottom) it is important to understand that the low price between the two peaks is seen as a support level. If this support level is broken then traders will sell - as breaking this support level is seen as confirmation that the uptrend is over.

What is equally important is that the distance from the bottom between the two peaks back to the top of the peaks is considered to be the potential for profit on the downside once the support has been broken i.e. if the distance is 500 then the fall could be 500 below the support level. In the case of the S&P above the difference is around 800 and the low point of the trough was around 780 so theoretically the S&P could fall back to zero ! Highly unlikely but many people are still predicting that the S&P could fall well below the 666 it hit back in March 2009.

Volume is also considered to be important. Volume on the second peak should be lower than the volume on the first peak (this ties in with the theory that some people are selling in expectation of the double top being formed). There should also be an increase in volume when the support is broken.
So if you are new to stock trading and consider yourself a beginner then do yourself a favor and learn how to read charts the double top is one of the most basic patterns but one that beginners to stock charts need to learn to recognize.

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Online Stock Trading Magazine Share Tips

Online Stock Trades - Shares Magazine and Newspaper Tips

Afren (AFR) seems popular today - the 5 year chart is certainly impressive !

Share Tips

Buy Cryptologic at 400p
Buy Elementis at 28p


Hold Arriva

Time to buy US assets:

Diana Shipping -- Cisco Systems -- DR Horton -- Home Depot -- Microsoft -- Barrick Gold

Oil and gas

Buy BG, BP and Emerald Energy
Sell Melrose Resources and Soco International


America's largest employer, Wal-Mart, has changed course and endorsed Obamacare - health insurance for all provided by the employer

Game Stop -- retailers see a future in which PC games players will buy updates online with no need to use a retailer

Online piracy -- the Jolly Roger scallywags have left the Pirate Bay with a sale to Global Gaming Factory of $7.8 million


Fidessa up on talk of better results


Tempus: Share Tips

Buy Venture Production on weakness
Hold AstraZeneca
High risk investors should buy Avanti


BP/CNPC - Bet of the day

Tiddler to watch - Afren


Questor: Stock picks

Buy Afren
Morgan Sindall - Take profits


Rumours of merger between Whitbread's Premier Inn and Travelodge downplayed


Investment Share Tips

Hold Morgan Sindall
Hold WSP Group for now
Hold CustomVis


Rumors that Greene King may put in a bid for Marston's

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Wednesday, July 1

Stock Trading Wednesday Share Tips

Online Stock Trading - Newspaper Share Tips July 1

Stocks and Shares

Markets -- the 2nd quarter may have marked the bottom, alternatively it may become infamous as the most deceptive 3 months in economic memory

Facebook -- planning to go public, their choice of former Genentech CFO David Ebersman is a no-brainer

US supermarkets -- investors nervous that there may be a food retailing price war

Ford -- the announced output boost seems more like a tactical shift.


Tempus: Share Tips

Hold Reed Elsevier
Pass on Carpetright
Buy Hill & Smith on weakness

Other comment:

Hot weather good for Cranswick's sausages

Bet of the day: sugar

Tiddler to watch - ProStraka


Investment: Share Tips

Carpetright a cautious hold
Sell Laird Group
Buy Atlantic Coal


Double dip coming soon to the UK


Earthport a rising star