Thursday, August 20

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Buy land Securities at 599p
Buy Power Flute at 27.25p.

Tip review

Buy Dana Petroleum, Johnson Matthey, Vodafone, VT Hargreaves Group, Amlin, Fairport, Brooke McDonald, Clapham House, Kazakhmys.

Cash flow kings
Buy Dunelm, BG Group, Kingfisher, Invensys, and Shire.


Sony's knocks $100 off the price of the PlayStation3
Jessops - not a pretty picture

Cash-for-bangers/clunkers impact may prove temporary

Tempus - Share Tips

ENRC too expensive
John Menzies attractive
Dimension Data risk appears to be on the downside.


Bet of the day: Rio Tinto.
Tiddler to watch Energetic Group.

Questor - Share Tips

Buy Dentsply (US)
Buy FirstGroup.

Rumours of Harbinger stake in African Minerals.

Investment - Share tips

Buy Hochschild Mining and Shore Capital
LiDCO Group - tentative buy

Messaging International up on talk of a deal with Apple


Yell up on talk of pending bullish circular
AFC Energy lifted by talk of a major deal


Messaging International rises on talk of licensing deal with Apple
Renovo Group boosted by rehashed bid speculation


How does the stock market work ? - Jim Cramer video

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Wednesday, August 19

How Does the Stock Market Work

What is the Stock Market and How Does it Work?

In forums people often ask the question - How Does the Stock Market Work ? The simple answer is that the stock market is a market like any other and it works on the principles of supply and demand. The more complicated answer is the stock market works the way the maket manipulators want it to work, and to believe otherwise is to be very naive.

In the following video 'how does the stock market work' Jim Cramer explains how he and people like him use millions of dollars to make the stock market work the way they want it to work.

In the first explanation you may consider the stock market to be like an ordinary market where people buy and sell stuff to each other. If there aren't many apples available in a fruit market and lots of people want apples, then the price of apples will go up and vice versa.

In the stock market a company divides itself up into small 'shares' and sells these shares to investors who thus become entitled to a part of the profits (if there are any). These investors can also sell these shares to other investors. The aim of course is to sell your shares for more than you paid for them. Sooner or later however somebody will buy the shares and then find that nobody else wants to buy them off him. This is known as the 'bigger fool theory' i.e. you have sold your shares to a bigger fool than yourself.

This is what happens when the stock market reaches a high point and can go no higher, because nobody is willing to buy the shares anymore. This happened back in 2007 and led to the stock market crash from 14,000 down to around 8500.

Well that's the theory at least but in fact simple supply and demand is not the whole story. There is a lot of market manipulation that goes on by people with very deep pockets who can drive prices up and down as suits them. Imagine if someone were to start a rumour that apples were bad for you, then people might stop buying apples and the price would dive as traders tried desperately to get rid of them. Well this sort of thing goes on in the stock market too, every day of the week.

In his video - How Does the Stock Market Work - Jim Cramer explains some of the tricks that market manipulators get up to. He is very well placed to know as he was one of them, as he readily admits, and probably still is. There are some people who maintain that the whole of this recent stock market crash was manipulated by Goldman Sachs, who have managed to eliminate or destroy three of their main competitors over the last year. On the stock market things are never what they seem. There are people who maintain however that you can see which way the market is heading from the charts and you can therefore see how the stock market works by studying stock market charts - for further info. see stock market charts for beginners.

How Does the Stock Market Work by Jim Cramer

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Stock Market Today

How the Stock Market Works

How the stock market works

This post on how the stock market works has been moved please click here - How does the stock market work to see the updated version of this post - please accept our apologies for any inconvenience

Monday, August 17

Online Stock Trading Markets Down

Stocks and Shares - Stock Markets Pull Back but how Far ?

Is this the start of the pull-back in the stock markets ? Those of us who missed out on the rise from the lows in March have been waiting for a pull-back and for the stock markets to retest the lows. It may be too late now for a pull-back to the absolute lows in March but some sort of fall in the markets seems to be well overdue.

So could today be the beginning of a significant market correction ?

Oscar Carboni is still recommending 'buying the dips' so he sees today's fall a buying opportunity. I've got to admit he is right more often than he is wrong and called the bottom back in March - but it would still be nice to see a signigicant correction so we can all get in at the bottom.

World oil prices have been falling today possibility as a result of the weak consumer confidence data in the U.S.

September light sweet crude fell to 65.82 dollars a barrel.

October Brent North Sea crude fell to 69.73 dollars a barrel in London.

Earlier, they had both hit two-week lows of 69.54 dollars and 65.65 dollars.

Prices nosedived last week as weak US consumer confidence data dampened hopes for a recovery in demand.

Global stock markets are down today despite the fact that Japan, like France and Germany, has emerged from recession.

China, Tokyo and Hong Kong stock markets fell sharply.

Traders have also started worrying about storms in the Gulf of Mexico, which could disrupt the US energy installations.

At the moment the FTSE is down 77 and the DOW futures shown an open of around 140 down in the US - S&P futures show an open around 15 down.

The dollar is also falling - down to 1.63 against the pound and it seems that the markets fall when the dollar falls.

Stock Market Charts for Beginners

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Sunday, August 16

Vedanta Resources Risks Prosecution

Online Stock Trading - Vedanta Resources Risks Prosecution by the Indian Government and Long Fight with Indian Populations

Thinking of investing in Vedanta Resources ? Check out this can of worms first. The Indian Government is threatening Vedanta Resources with Prosecution over its proposed mining on Nyamgiri mountain - see Guardian article - Vedanta Resources Prosecution Threat

See Survival International site - Vedanta Resources - Behind the Lies

See also Yotube video about Vedanta Resources lies

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Friday, August 14

Stocks and Shares Press Tips

Stocks and Shares - Newspaper Share Tips

Next Oil Giants

Addax Petroleum, Petrel Resources, Heritage Oil, Gulf Keystone Petroleum and BP.

Share Tips

Sell QinetiQ at 132p
Sell African Minerals at 340p

Buy Shed Media at 66p
Buy Victoria Oil & Gas at 3.65p
Buy Begbies Traynor at 105p
Buy Nicholls at 265p


Buy BAE Systems, Euro Goldfields, Trading Emissions, Development Securities, and Prodesse Investment.

Sell Thorntons.

Company results

Buy Catlin, International Power, Mallett, Morgan Sindall, Hardy Underwriting, Aviva, Stanley Gibbons, Cobham, Vernalis, Genetix and Stagecoach.

Sell RSA Insurance, Intercontinental Hotels and Logica


Prudential: the strategy of foresaking volume growth and conserving capital has paid off.
French and German 0.3% GDP but still too soon to say the worst is over.
US foreclosures almost a 33% more homes got foreclosure notices in July than a year ago


Inchcape up on bid speculation
Hopes that Gulf Keystone is close to selling its Algerian assets to CDF Suez.
ServicePower Technologies' management said to be holding out for a 10p bid.

Tempus - Share Tips

Buy Tomkins lower down
Hold Thomas Cook
Buy Psion


Bid speculation lifts Alphameric
Cineworld may report better-than-expected earnings on Thursday
Tiddler to watch - Indus Gas

Questor - Share Tips

Buy Primary Health Properties
Buy Standard Chartered

Brent Hoberman looking for new dotcom darlings.
Stepstone up on Axel Springer bid speculation

Investment - Share Tips

Sell Tomkins
Buy Greencore
Hold Psion

Mitchells & Butlers flat on fears of capital-raising


Looking for a job see the best paying jobs in America

For charting see - candlestick charts

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Wednesday, August 12

Online Stock Trading Newspaper Share Tips

Stocks and Shares - Wednesday Newspaper Share Tips



UK dividend cuts, if companies were as optimistic as investors appear to be, dividends would have been maintained.

US spirits : data shows a steady downward trend seems to be forming.

Electric cars: mass-market electric cars may be nearly here, but US manufacturers have lost the technological lead.

Chinese property: few signs so far of any let-up in mortgage lending, despite official murmurings of a bubble.

Liechtenstein : the Alpine paradise has signed an agreement with the UK to uncover up to £3 billion belonging to UK investors.


WPP Group hurt by cash call fears
Sterling Energy hit by talk of $100 million share issue
Silence Therapeutics up on revived bid talk

Tempus - Share tips

Interserve starting to look cheap
Time to get some Greggs
Hold Collins Stewart.

Bet of the day: BHP Billiton.

Tiddler to watch - Serica Energy.

Questor - Stock picks

Buy International Power
Buy Greggs


Mitie Group falls on talk of £125 million Dalkia deal

Investment - Share tips

Intercontinental Hotels a cautious hold
Buy Greggs
Avoid NWF for now


Concerns about credit rating weigh on WPP Group


Diageo priced for expansion
Rumours of contract win at Pentagon Protection

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