Friday, November 27

Investors Chronicle Share Tips Fri27

Online Trading - Investors Chronicle and Newspaper Share Tips

Share Tips of the week:

Sell Xstrata at £11.27
Sell CRH a €1.732

Buy Hardy Underwriting at 285p
Buy Fuller, Smith Turner at 513p
Buy Chine Communications at 226p
Buy Sea Energy at 43p


Buy Hansard Global
Buy Chesnara

Sell Anite
Sell General Financial

GTL Resources fairly priced

Company Results:

Sell QinetiQ -- Paypoint -- SABMiller

Buy Compass Group -- Severn Trent -- Pennon Group -- Renewable Energy -- National Grid -- Halfords -- London & Stamford -- Oxford Instruments -- SWP -- Dart Group

Tempus Share Tips

Worth holding Daily Mail
Hold Clinton Cards
Hampson Industries - too soon to buy


Deal of the day: Brand Licensing
Bet of the day: Hogg Robinson
Tiddler to watch - Polo Resources

Questor Share Tips

Buy Dana Petroleum
Buy The Water Sector

Investment Stock Picks

Hold DSG International
Avoid Jarvis
Hold Clinton Cards

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Saturday, November 21

Free Stock Picks from Zacks

Free Stock Picks from Zacks

Looking to trade stocks online and US stock picks ? Then check out the free stock picks provided by Zacks. is part of Zacks Investment Research, Inc., formed in 1978 by Len Zacks. The website provides a whole range of services including stock picks. There is so much stock market information on their site it is in fact a bit overwhelming, they even have a TV channel and you can also wander off over to their youtube site to catch up on all their videos. If you feel so inclinded you can even put their TV channel on your own website using thei widget, the problem with that is that it slows your site down so much you lose the will to live.

Online Stock Trading - Stock Picks from Zacks

Zacks provide 5 categories of stocks and shares  - Strong Buy - Buy - Hold - Sell - Strong Sell. Their proprietary stock-picking system, so they say, outperforms the market by a margin of nearly 3-to-1, I haven't verified it but I'll take their word for it.

Today for example they have provided the following list of selected highly rated stock picks: -

Stock Picks from Zacks

Aggressive Growth - Universal Health Services, Inc (NYSE: UHS)
Good value - Zacks Consensus Estimate continues to climb.
Growth & Income - Crane Co. (NYSE: CR)
Momentum - Nordstrom Inc. (NYSE: JWN)
Nordstrom is still trading near its 52-week high after better than expected Q3 results.
Value - Cooper Tire & Rubber Company (NYSE: CTB)

Zacks also provides a whole range of free reports and guides to aggressive growth, good value, growth and income, momentum and value stocks, which are well worth a read. Check out the link above or on the left to download their free online stock trading guides.

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Thursday, November 19

Burberry Expands into Indian Market

Online Trading - Norwegian House Painted Burberry Colours

Norwegian Jens Werner really likes Burberry, so much so in fact that he has covered his home in Burberry's trademark Haymarket check black, tan and red pattern.
Norwegian House Burberry Check Colours
Mr Werner wanted to turn his home, which used to be a public lavatory in Larvik, Norway, into a place where happy people could gather. So let us hope he gets his wish.
Meanwhile back in the world of stocks and shares, Burberry, the quintessentially British luxury brand, which went through difficult times a few years back is now positioning itself once again as an upmarket brand selling handbags and designer Wellington boots for $1,000.
They have recently said that they will be targetting shoes and purses for the expected economic recovery.

In an important development they have also decided to expand into India with its vast market of wealthy and willing customers keen to buy some stylish Burberry handbags.

Burberry is teaming up with Indian retailer Genesis Colors and is hoping to repeat the success it has had in China, where it already has 44 stores and is experiencing double-digit growth in revenues. They expect to have over 100 stores eventually in China. At the moment in India they only have two but they see the same growth potential as in China.

Burberry is expected to invest £2.1 million for a 51% stake in the joint venture, with the aim of rolling out 21 stores in India.

Last year Indians spent almost £2 billion on luxury goods, a number which, accordinBurberry Wellington Bootsg to analyst AK Kearney should reach £15 billion in 2015. India according to marketing research company Nielsen, is the third most "brand conscious" country in the world – after Greece and Hong Kong.

Burberry recently announced operating profit before one-off items down 19% at constant currencies to £86.3 million in the 6 months to September 30, which is slightlyy better than analysts' forecasts of £83 million, due in part to cost cutting.
(Burberry $500 Wellington boot - if you want the other one it will cost you another $500)
The half-year dividend was lifted 4% to 3.5p a share.

In another development Burberry has created a new social network which has already attracted over 200,000 unique users and 3 million page views since it launched last week.

The network known as the Art Of The Trench invites people to upload pictures of themselves wearing a Burberry trenchcoat thus building its own community of Burberry fans. Burberry already has 700,000 fans on Facebook (note to myself - "figure out what Facebook is one day before it is abandoned in favour of something else").

It seems to me that Burberry is serious about making money so may well be a good long-term investment ! But I would be more inclined to buy the shares than Burberry bags coats, handbags and thousand dollar wellies.

Check out the Burberry stock chart ! Congratulations if you bought Burberry's shares back in December !
Burberry Five Year Chart with 50 and 200 day moving averages

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Investing in Burberry - Burberry Stock Fashionable Again

Tuesday, November 10

Make Money Online Stock Trading

Make Money Online Stock Trading

How to Trade Stocks Online - Swing Trading

Trying to make money from online stock trading ? Then you need to decide a strategy. For beginners the easiest way to get started is probably swing trading. Swing trading is basically trading stocks for a short period of time, usually a few days or weeks, after which time hopefully you will be in profit and you can sell (or buy back if you were shorting).

When swing trading, however, it helps if you know which stocks to trade. Picking stocks with a pin might seem an attractive option if you are lazy, but even if you decide to do that then you should still follow certain basic trading rules.

First, go for a stock that is in a trend i.e. heading higher or lower, but not going sideways. Swing traders look at stock charts to discover repeating and predictable patterns. If a stock is in a predictable pattern then you have a chance of seeing when it is likely to make a 5 or 10% move that you can profit from. Once you have found such a pattern then you need to calculate the risk/reward ratio. Basically, if the risk is high and the potential rewards are low then you don't make the trade. Only buy stocks online when the risk is in your favor.

When swing trading there are a number of criteria to be met.
  • The stock price needs to be over $10
  • The daily volume needs to be higher than 500K shares. The reasoning behind these criteria is that market makers find it easier to manipulate the prices of low volume and low cost penny stocks.
In addition, you need to be able to read basic stock charts to identify potential stocks. The charts most traders use these days are so-called candlestick charts, these are analyzed in combination with with 5-day, 10-day, 20-day, 30-day and 50-day moving averages.

As mentioned above, the stock you decide to trade needs to be in a trend. For an uptrend the closing price must be above the 10-day and the 20-day simple moving average and the 10-day moving average needs to be above the 20-day moving average. If this means nothing to you then don't worry it is simple enough to see on any finance site with charts such as Yahoo. One final point on moving averages - if the 5 day moving average of a stock is pointing down then it is not a good idea to buy that stock, wait until you find a stock with the 5 day moving average pointing up (and all the other criteria in place too).
A simple 3 month line chart of Barclays showing 5, 10, 20, 30 and 50 day moving averages.

There are a number of tips to be taken into account when swing trading to enable you to limit your risks and maximize the rewards.
  1. Buy the stock you have chosen in stages. If a stock gaps up 1% to 2% as soon as the markets open, then buy using half the amount of money you intend trading with. After this you wait to see what happens to the stock price. If it continues to move up then you can increase your position.
  2. If the stock price gaps up 2% to 3% as soon as the markets open, then only trade a quarter of the amount you intend trading.
  3. If the stock price gaps up more than 3% as soon as the markets open, then the trade is not worth it, the risk/reward ratio is too high so forget it and look elsewhere.

    The objective when swing trading is a profit of around 5% to 10 %. The reasoning being that once a stock in a trend has moved up 5 or 10% then it will probably move back down again before reversing and moving back up. So you close your trade and if necessary buy back after the price has fallen back.

    If the stock price does not move up after you have bought the stock then close the position anyway and look elsewhere.
  4. Stop losses are important. When trading stocks online you will always make some losses,it is important therefore to limit your losses and ensure that your gains are greater than your losses. This is why you need stop losses. You set your stop loss when you place the trade. A stop loss means that if the trade moves against you then you automatically sell after the price has fallen back around 4%. The actual percentage may vary but it is generally around 4%. This means that you have a profit objective of around 5-10% but you are only willing to risk 4%.
In addition to these basic swing trading tips you will also need to spot specific stock chart patterns. The charts used are generally candlestick charts and the main bullish patterns which you will need to recognize are the Engulfing pattern, the Hammer Candlestick Pattern, the Harami Candlestick Pattern, the Piercing Candlestick Pattern and the Doji Candlestick Pattern. Good luck, online stock trading is not the easiest way to make money online but if done correctly holds a lot of potential.

Monday, November 2

Oscar Carboni Sees Market Downturn

Online Stock Trading - Oscar Carboni Turns Bearish on the Stock Markets

NB : If you are looking for the Weekend Newspaper Share Tips please click here - Weekend Newspaper Share Tips

[UPDATE : As of today (Nov. 11 2009) Oscar Carboni is no longer so bearish - the markets have risen back up above key levels on his stock charts so he is buying dips again although he is not totally bullish yet - but may be by this time tomorrow - so his bearish phase as mentioned in the post below, was short-lived but if the markets head down again today or tomorrow then he could go back to being bearsih again - so it seems the markets are being volatile !]

Stock Market Charts for Beginners

One guy I like to keep track of is Oscar Carboni, he is a day trader who bases all his decisions on stock market charts, and, importantly puts his thoughts and analysis up on Youtube free of charge for everyone to see, before the event.

He does have his critics but as far as I have seen his predictions about the direction the markets are heading have been pretty accurate. All through 2008 he was bearish, if memory serves me right he turned bearish on the markets back in November 2007 saying the S&P, DOW etc... were headed a long way down. He stayed bearish all through 2008 then back in March 2009 he changed, see Oscar Carboni - after being bearish for over a year he turned bullish and has been consistently bullish ever since, until now, throughout this 50% rally. A number of people have been predicting a crash in the markets for October or November see - Stock Market Crash Coming?, but up until this weekend Oscar Carboni was still in the bullish camp.

He has now put a video up on youtube and on his site saying that the markets have turned and that he is now bearish and expects further downside from here. You can see all his previous videos on youtube. How does this affect his trading, given that he is a day trader ? Quite simply he has changed from buying the dips to selling the rallies. This is a significant change for him as he has been buying dips since back in March. For today (Monday 2 November) for example, he says to sell the S&P at around 1044-1046 with a stop in above 1054. He is not 100% accurate of course, and I haven't signed up for his paid service to see how he does when you are a subscriber, but I consider his free videos very interesting and the fact that he has joined the bears very significant. The video below was made this weekend and gives the details of why he thinks this rally has broken down - it's about 20 minutes long.

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