Saturday, August 14

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Online Stock Trading - Questor Small Cap Share Tips

First of all it appears that we have seen the Hindenburg Omen on the stock markets. Everyone is talking about it. Including the Daily Telegraph and David Buick. The first I heard of it was on the Zero Hedge website where it is described as "most feared technical pattern in all of chartism" - for a full explanation of what it is and why we should be afraid see - Hindenburg Omen

As for Questor - he does not normally take much interest in small caps, but he was asked by a reader to come up with a few recommendations so he cast his eye over the markets and came up with 3 - which you can listen to in the podcast below

A 5 year chart of Quercus (QUPP)- also tipped in Shares Magazine - Quercus are the publishers of Stieg Larsson's books - who wrote the Millenium trilogy starting with The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo and The Girl who Played with Fire - which have become international best-sellers and something of a cult phenomenon and have been turned into equally successful films. UPDATE : Quercus has just been tipped again by Shares Magazine - see Questor Share Tips

Quercus 5 Year Chart

For Friday's newspaper share tips and the Investors Chronicle tips see - stocks to buy

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