Friday, September 17

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The Daily Telegraph

Questor Share Tips

Buy JP Morgan Indian IT at 463½p - Questor has recommended this Investment Trust several times as it is a great way for UK investors to play the Indian growth story

Kier Group - Buy at 1117p - the Government’s review of spending next month has led to some uncertainty, but the strength of their current order book ought to negate some of these fears. Kier also has strong links to local authorities

From Thursday

Buy Rio Tinto at 3572p

Buy Biocompatibles at 270p - they have developed a cancer treatment with potential - Biocompatibles is different to other biotech companies, it is profitable a year earlier than expected and management says the group will be consistently profitable from now on ! It also pays a dividend ! It has an exciting pipeline of products and a small punt / investment in Biocompatibles could form a speculative part of your portfolio says Questor

Here is Questor's latest podcast in which he delves into the profitable world of health investments - strangely he doesn't give the name of the 3rd company he recommends and the interviewer was clearly not listening as he didn't bother asking him what it was - but it is in fact the above-mentioned Biocompatibles - Questor's main argument for investing in health and drug companies is that the middle class is growing around the world and as people get richer they tend to spend more money on healthcare (I must be a weird exception - or maybe I'm just too young and healthy or not rich enough yet - I'm certainly not rich enough to be able to afford a trip to the dentist's ! )

The Independent

Investment Column

Hold Booker at 48.75p
Buy BTG at 224p - steady news flow is expected from Varisolve and other programmes so there is plenty of headroom.
Strong buy Bluebay Asset Management at 345p (+24.5p) -

From Thursday

Hold Gem Diamonds at 196p
Hold Bowleven at 166p
Sell Aqua Bounty Technologies at 22.5p

Daily Mail

Midas Share Tips
From 13 September
Buy Sinclair Pharma - Over the next few years, Sinclair Pharma ought to deliver exciting growth, particularly if the new CEO's ambitions are fulfilled. SP is a relatively small company so there are some risks attached, but for those willing to have a punt, the shares could prove highly rewarding at 271⁄4p.

Titan Europe -
For investors who bought in July, Titan Europe has been a good investment. The shares have soared, in response to current conditions and also in anticipation of future improvements. Some brokers say the shares are high enough and will probably take a bit of a breather. Others think the stock price could reach 100p over the coming months. Midas says sell at least half your holdings if you bought in July.

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