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Newspaper Weekend Share Tips Sep26

Online Stock Trading - Weekend Newspaper Share Tips Sep26

The weekend newspaper share tips are few and far between but perhaps their quality is more important than their quantity. If anyone knows of any more tips please leave them in the comments section - either newspaper tips or your own tips/ramps/deramps etc...

For the tips from Shares Magazine see share tips

Daily Telegraph

Questor Share Tips
Buy Ryanair at 3.81 euros - it's an easy target for critics, but is exceptionally well-run says Questor. Despite the fact that there probably won't be a dividend for a few years, Questor still says they are a buy.

Buy HSBC Infrastructure Company (HCL) at 113.7p - a dividend play for income seekers. - first recommended at 109½p in June 2009 - up 4% since but they are not an investment for capital gains, although this is probably over time

For Questor's latest podcast have a listen here - Questor podcast

Daily Mail

likes gold - if you want to buy a bar they are selling them at Harrod's apparently - [alternatively you can try winning a bar at the Humraz auction/game site Online Auctions - that free bit of info. and gratuitous plug is from me and not from Midas by the way and I get no benefit from Humraz for plugging their site - Ed.].

Midas recommended Medusa Mining in September 2009. They produce 100,000oz of gold a year, but expects to triple this over the next few years. The share price was 163p - now it is 281p and some think there is plenty more to come.

Peter Hambro Mining was recommended in December 2008 at 342p. The business has changed name to Petropavlovsk and is now at £12.25 - many believe it could go much higher.

For both Midas' advice is - those who bought in 2008 or 2009 may wish to take some profits and sell up to half their stock.

Midas' two new tips are - Goldplat at 10¾p and Red Rock shares at 4¼p. Analysts say the shares for both of them are worth closer to 20p. Both carry risk, but if everything goes according to plan the shares should do very well.

Investors Chronicle

Investors Chronicle share tips (yes we scoured the known virtual universe and could only dig up 2 stock picks)

Buy Tate & Lyle - shares have a dividend yield of over 5% and continued debt improvement should help support a return to dividend growth. A recovery story worthy of a buy.

Buy CPP - they take over all the tedious stuff re. cancelling cards etc. if some low-life snatches your wallet or bag. It floated in March and now has 57% of the UK card protection market. It also does identity theft security and a mobile phone insurance. It has customers in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. Buy.

Daily Express

Burberry rose 56½p to 1002p on takeover talk by traders. The rumour is there is a US private equity firm "sniffing around Burberry.” Although another 'expert' said the share rise was linked to Chinese demand for trenchcoats and handbags. Burberry have been tipped numerous times in the lat year or so and why didn't I buy them ? - you can see their meteoric rise from 200p to almost 1000p here - Burberry shares

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