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Potential Takeover Targets

Stock Market Trading - Potential US Takeover Targets

Don't you just love surprises ! Especially when they arrive unexpected in your e-mail box and invite you to sign up for stock market tips. Well I gave them my e-mail address (which they already had anyway) and got the possible takeover target tips. They are for US stocks so may be of interest to folks who invest in North American stocks. They are all also under $10.

Ballantyne Strong, Inc. (AMEX: BTN) - a leader in the transition to digital and 3-D, and making profits as the transition grips the industry.

BTN can outfit a theater, and is one-stop shopping mall for folks who want to get a movie theater up-and-running, or want `to retrofit an older theater with digital or 3-D technology.

It recently reported a surge in revenues 67% to $32.7 million—a quarterly record—and earnings rose to $2.8 million.

Takeover Target 2
Strong Alliances

Anheuser-Busch InBev (BUD)— owns 36% of the company and is its distributor. It pays big dividends and is expanding rapidly. 3 year revenue growth of an average of 50% annually and net income growth of 35% a year.

Takeover Target 3:
Lionbridge Technologies

Lionbridge Technologies (NASDAQ: LIOX) provides language, development and testing services to businesses throughout the world, given the globalization that is going on, there is plenty of money to be made.

The 10 largest software companies and 5 largest Internet portals in the world use LIOX to help them localize their products e.g. Merck, Expedia, Porsche, Motorola, Oracle, Nokia, Sony Ericsson and IBM.

Takeover Target 4
Diversified Leader
The third-largest temporary healthcare staffing company in the U.S.

Takeover Target 5:
International Distributor
The company manufactures and modifies, products produced by independent companies, to their own specific modifications to customize them for its customers and sell them under the company’s private brands e.g. radio frequency (RF) and microwave components, power semiconductors, electron tubes, microwave generators and data display monitors. RF, wireless and power divisions—will grow like Topsy as the recovery picks upd.

So there you have it 5 possible takeover targets as tipped by an ex-securities analyst in the brokerage industry. They sound reasonable enough but potential takeover targets is a rather loose term, but I'll be keeping an eye on them all the same to see how they turn out. And why do people trading stock on the stock market need to ply their wares via my mailbox ? That implies, as far as I'm concerned, that they are making their living selling stuff rather than actually investing on the stock market. Why don't they give all their tips away free not just a few to draw you into their e-mail list ? They may even manage to drive up the price of the stocks they have bought that way if they sent out enough e-mails. I wonder if anyone else has thought of that ?

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