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Questor Share Tips
May Gurney
- Buy at 206p - worries about cuts have hit the shares hard. They have fallen 5% below the initial recommendation price, at one point this year they were above 270p. Over 95% of contracts are long-term. The CEO told Questor the company has cut a number of staff to make any cuts easier to manage – but he said bins still need to be emptied and potholes need to be filled.

Anglo American - buy at 2726p - high commodiity prices make this a long-term play

Questor's Podcast - fund managers say never invest in Russia but Questor thinks there are very good reasons to invest there due to its large deposits of natural gas, petrol and coal, large Arctic territorial waters. His recommendations are to invest in Russia by buying shares in BP or Gazprom, which is a pure Russia play and has 70% of world's natural gas reserves. Russia is not the faint-hearted he says but if you are risk-averse then there is JP Morgans Russian Securities Investment Fund (JRS).


Midas Share Tips Saturday

Buy Dunelm (DNLM) at 420p. Dunelm is a chain of over 100 stores. Selling a broad range of household products. A solid company run by experienced managers with a supportive and experienced founding family.

Mulberry - luxury Mulberry handbags and shoes etc ... the price has risen from 206p in June by 138% to 490p. An extraordinary performance - but what should investors do now? Supporters say it has real potential, but recent increases are eyecatching. If you bought back in June sell 50% to 70% to lock in some profit and keep the rest. Don't forget shareholders get a 20% discount on Mulberry products sold in their stores.

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