Monday, November 1

Midas and Newspaper Share Tips

Stocks and Shares - Weekend Newspaper Share Tips

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Daily Mail

MIDAS Share Tips

Providence Resources - Oil from Sussex - at 178½p the shares should rise fast in the next 6 to 18 months. Several Irish projects are soon to enter a new phase, plenty of positive news on the way next year and the year after. Some analysts say the shares are worth over 700p. Not for the cautious, but adventurous investors might do well

New Britain Palm Oil - Investors who bought in 2008 have had an interesting time, since August 2010 it has risen sharply. Investors are advised to take profits and sell around half their stock. But keep half as the long-term potential is good. New investors should consider buying on short-term weakness.

Share tip

Buy Rentokil, the current share price doesn't recognise the hard work of McAdam and his team in turning Rentokil around


Sunday Telegraph

Questor share tips

Buy Lookers at 61p.
Buy Vatukoula Gold Mines at 3.31p.

The Independent on Sunday
Hikma Pharmaceuticals, has another $500 million war chest for more acquisitions.
Alan Sugar sells Mayfair property for £68 million - he bought it for £24 million in 2002 [did he have a mortgage we wonder ? -Ed.]

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