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Questor Share Tips

BP – Buy at 431.5p - shares trading on December 2010 earnings multiple of 6.5 x , falling to 6.2 x next year. First tipped at 487½p in April last year - down 11% - market up 43%. Dividend likely to be rebased, prospective yield still 6.2% in 2011

1 year BP chart with 50 and 200 day moving averages

[You will note that the BP share price is still below the 200 day moving average which is generally not considered postiive by the chartists, but it may cross above it soon which would be considered positive - bear in mind that we still don't know if BP is going to be charged with gross negligence (which would be bad)
For basic stock market trading strategies using charts see - stock market for beginners - Ed.]

BG Group - Buy at 1252p - trading on December 2010 earnings multiple of 16.8 x falling to 15.3 x next year. Dividend yield is only 1%, but this is not an income play. First recommended at £10 on January 5 2009 - up 25p%.

Stock market newsOcado chief delivers an unexpected view
Energy consultants takeover talk (RPS)


Investment Column Share Tips
Aviva – Hold at 402.3p
Reckitt Benckiser - Hold at 3557p
Rightmove - Hold at 786p

Stock Market NewsBP finally out of the red
Banks recovering at borrowers' expense
Sky is the key for ‘The Times’ online
Regulation fears leads to PartyGaming drop

Spending cuts to 'cost 1.6m jobs'
Lloyds on track for 2010 profit
The art market indicating that the recession is over
General Motors IPO to raise $10bn
Bill for BP oil spill to reach $40bn

For latest Midas share tips see - Midas share tipsStock market News
Gem Diamonds sparkling after £7 million find
Time could be up for Game Group
Rumours that reverse takeover could be on the cards at Tricor

PartyGaming hit by tax worry
Bid rumours persist at Yule Catto
Rumours of 125p-a-share offer for Game Group

Stock market sabotage suspected in LSE stoppage (breakdown of Turquoise stars investigation)

BP - spill cost rises by another $8 billion but investors barely blink

Stock market newsPartyGaming misses Footsie rally on betting rules fears
Petropavlovsk unsettled by rumours of production cut targets
Petroceltic lifted by appointment

Visitors to Times site drop by 87%, they said they were expecting a drop of 90% [surely that has led to a drop in advertising revenue even though they have got 200,000 subscribers ? - Ed.]

Tempus Share Tips
Stagecoach - High enough
Aviva - Shares have further to go
Davis Service - Worth tucking away
Tate & Lyle - Sugar price good news for T&L

Tiddler to Watch - Sovereign Mines

Stock market newsBG says my barrel overfloweth in the new oil frontier of Brazil
Gulf Keystone Petroleum up on bid speculation

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