Tuesday, June 29

Stock Market Today More Doom

Stock Market Today - DOW Plunges Again

Last time I mentioned the 'death cross' that was forming on the DOW and that had already formed on the FTSE, well today's plunge brought it ever closer - see here for definition of a death cross.

Investors jumped out of the U.S. stock market today, the S&P 500 fell to an almost 8-month low in a sell-off caused by worries over the global economic outlook. The S&P 500 broke through 1,040.78 a key technical resistance level.

The Dow fell 268 points, to close at 9,870.30. The S&P fell 33 points to close unofficially 1,041.24. The Nasdaq Composite fell 85.47 points to end at 2,135.18.

The S&P 500 is testing significant levels for stock chart analysts.

Dan Wantrobski, of Director of technical research at Janney Montgomery Scott LLC said “The S&P can break below 1,040 and go on to test the 1,000 zone. That would be a 38.2 percent retracement of the cyclical bull run off the March 2009 bottom to the recent April 2010 highs.”

Death Cross in place on FTSE

Death cross not quite there yet on the DOW - but as someone pointed out, the rate of decline of the 50 day moving average makes it inevitable that the two moving averages will cross.

So, unless you have to be long these markets I see no reason to get long, unless of course you are a contrarian gambler.

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Friday, June 25

Stock Market Today Death Cross ?

Stock Market Today - Death Cross in the Markets?

DEATH CROSS UPDATE : July 15 - After the recent moves higher in the stock markets the stock price chart is moving back towards the 200 day moving average, it will be interesting to see what the markets do once they hit their 200 day moving averages and if the famous Death Cross will hold or if it will be cancelled out.

Banks moved higher today on the DOW as the financial reform bill was seen as being not too bad for banks after all, but the rest of the market was broadly flat.

The new financial reform bill is designed to stop banks making risky bets with their own money, but some will still be allowed to participate in hedge funds and private equity funds. Financial services rose 3.4%, investment banks and brokerages rose 3.1%, and specialized finance rose 3.0%. Overall the financial sector was up 2.8%.

The DOW finished down 9 points, the NASDAQ was up 6 and the S&P was up 3.

There is still plenty of talk however of a double dip recession and the FTSE is apparently forming a "death cross" which sounds very nasty. A death cross occurs when the 50 day moving average crosses the 200 day moving average on the way down. For a particularly nasty example of such a chart formation take a look at the BP chart here - BP death cross

FTSE 100 1 year chart with 50 day (in red) and 200 day moving averages (in green) - Is this the dreaded "Death Cross"?

DOW Jones 1 year chart with 50 day and 200 day moving averages - similar too the FTSE but not quite

It has also been pointed out to me that the rate at which the 50 day m.. is approaching the 200 day m.a. is too fast to prevent the death cross from forming. So we shall see what happens thereafter.

So what is a death cross on the stock market and what does it mean, if anything ?

A death cross is defined as the long-term moving average breaking above the short-term moving average or support level or to put it more clearly it is when the short-term moving average corsses below the long term moving average and it is a bearish signal indicating nothing good on the stock markets. It is a particularly strong signal when the 50 day moving average crosses the 200 day moving average.

It is also worth noting that if the markets do sell off after this 'death cross' then the crossing point then becomes resistance on the way back up.

The next few days will show whether there is indeed a death cross on the DOW and the FTSE or if they will pull themselves out of it.

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Wednesday, June 23

Buy Stocks like George Soros

Stocks to Buy - George Soros Stock Holdings
George Soros is one of the most famous and successful investors ever. In 1992 he famously took a $10 billion short position against the British pound and is said to be the man whoe "broke the Bank of England". He is also rumoured to have earned a billion dollars in a single day.

Coattail investing is a respectable way of investing without doing all the hard work of researching companies, all you need to do is to find out which stocks successful investors are buying and buy the same !

Fortunately large investors are obliged to file their investment positions with the SEC each quarter, so you can see what people like George Soros and Warren Buffett have been buying.

Stocks George Soros Holds

In his filing with the SEC on March 31 Soros says he has added to his overweight positions in the oil & gas sector.

His largest stock position is Brazilian oil company Petrobras.

He also added to his funds' positions in Houston-based oil & natural gas producer Petrohawk Energy (NYSE:HK) and Canadian energy producer Suncor Energy (NYSE:SU). Soros has about 30% of his investments in the oil & gas sector.

He also bought smaller positions over the first quarter in Goodyear Tire & Rubber (NYSE:GT), Apple Inc. (Nasdaq:AAPL), CVS Caremark (NYSE:CVS), Lawson Software (Nasdaq:LWSN), and DirecTV (Nasdaq:DTV).

Soros' top investment however remains precious metals, he has almost 10% of his assets invested the SPDR Gold Trust ETF (GLD).

Soros has said that gold could become a bubble but is still invested as he has little faith in the economic recovery.

Soros also got out out Citigroup over Q1 - selling over 94 million shares - and instead built up positions in U.S. Bancorp (NYSE:USB), JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE:JPM), and PNC Financial Services (NYSE:PNC).

He has also taken small positions in consumer stocks with additions to Best Buy Co. (NYSE:BBY), Wal-Mart (NYSE:WMT), Amazon (Nasdaq:AMZN) and True Religion Apparel (Nasdaq:TRLG).

Another investor it is worth following is Warren Buffett for a list of his current stock holdings see - Warren Buffett stock holdings

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Wednesday Newspapers Stocks to Buy

Stocks to Buy - Wednesday Newspaper Stock Picks


Tempus Share Tips

Halma hold at 275p
Devro - buy on weakness
Norcros at 7.75p a buy for the brave


Questor share tips

Nothing today - yesterday's were
Buy Grainger at 111.7p +2.2p
Hold J Sainsbury at 329.3p -2.4p.


Chancellor Osborne saved Britain in the nick of time.

Budget 2010: 700,000 more will pay 40pc tax.


Investment Stock Picks

Buy Halma at 275.5p
Sell Chemring at 3111p
Hold Infoserve at 4.62p

The Guardian

CGT increase 'completely illogical'.

Chancellor let banks off lightly, but with good reason.

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Tuesday, June 22

How to Make Money Investing Online

Stocks and Shares

- How to Make Money on the Stock Market
Making money online stock trading is a nice way to make a living, provided it works. But if you are a beginner to the stock market then you may be wondering just where to start. The principle of making money on the stock market is very simple, you buy stocks in a company via one of the many online stock brokers, at $X then some time later you sell the same stocks for $X + $Y. You have to pay commission and fees and possibly tax too if you make enough, but whatever is left over is profit for you. and you made it all from the comfort of your own home ! The ultimate make money on the Internet job.

If you don't like the idea of paying tax on your stock market profits then you can use one of the many financial spreadbetting firms instead of a stock broker. Your 'investment' is then classed as a 'bet' and for some reason you don't need to pay tax on it.

That is the basic principle of making money stock trading, but of course putting this basic principle into practice is rather more tricky. You need to know which stocks are likely to go up in price and this is where the complications arise (you can also make money from falling prices, this is known as 'shorting' but this is not a strategy that is recommended for beginners).

First of all, unfortunately, you need to bear in mind that you cannot really trust anyone. Stock market tipsters frequently get it wrong. So-called experts and analysts often make their money by selling their 'expertise' rather than actually by trading stocks. Company directors are often economical with the truth. Even your online stock broker will probably turn out to be incompetent at some point and will cost you money. In my personal experience TDWaterhouse is a prime example of this, but there are plenty of other stock brokers around - see here for a list of online stock brokers. Technical analysts, who base their trading decisions on what the stock charts are telling them, often disagree with each other, and lets face it they can't all be right.

However, you've got to start somewhere. There are two basic methods for picking stocks - fundamental analysis and technical analysis. Fundamental analysis involves analysing what a company does, reading its accounts, deciding if its stock price is cheap or expensive and then buying the stocks or not. This is what Warren Buffett does and he has become a billionaire by doing it. If you have the time you can in fact just follow what Warren Buffett does and buy the same stocks that he does - you can see which stocks he is invested in here - Warren Buffett stock holdings.

Technical analysis is used more by short and medium-term stock traders - using a timeframe of anything from a few days to a few months. It involves interpreting stock charts and buying stocks when certain levels are reached and then selling them when you have made the profit you were intending to make (or selling them qucikly if they start going down instead of up).

Why do people use stock charts in stock trading ? Basically because stock charts are a reflection of human behaviour. For example, in a football match some people start heading for the exits 5 minutes before the game is finished, if you knew nothing about football then this movement of people might tell you something about what is about to happen next. The same often happens with stocks. People who know what is about to happen start heading for the exits (or the entrances) and this behaviour shows up in the charts. This is why it is often said that the news shows up in the charts first. A stock price will rise for no obvious reason then a few days later some announcement is made. The conclusion is that some people knew what was going to happen before it happened and acted on that news.

Stock charts also cause people to act even when there is no news. When a stock reaches a certain level people will sell for the simple reason that a certain level has been reached thus creating more selling and a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you are a beginner to stock trading and have no desire to really understand the fundamentals of every company you may invest in, then you really owe it to yourself to understand the basics of stock charts. Professionals use them all the time so you are at a disdvantage if you don't know how the professionals are likely to react to certain situations.

As a stock market beginner the first thing to understand to make money on the stock market are the concepts of support and resistance and moving averages. Moving averages show the average price of a stock over a given time period. The 200-day moving average is particularly important. If a stock falls below its 200 day moving average then this is interpreted by many people as a clear sell signal, which of course drives the price down. - see stock charts for beginners 

Barclays stock price fell through the 200 day moving average back in early 2007

Support and resistance levels are the levels at which stocks fall or rise to before turning round. This is known as trending and many traders make a living by buying at the bottom of a trend and selling at the top. They then wait for the stock price to fall back to the bottom and start all over again.

Some traders say that this is all they use.

For such traders, known as swing traders, another basic rule they often apply is to never buy a share if the 5-day moving average is heading down.

These are the most basic concepts of technical analysis but if you are a beginner to stock trading it is important to get to grips with such concepts, even if you choose to ignore them, as they are used by many thousands of traders and their behaviour will influence the price of the stock you are considering trading.

Stocks to Buy Tuesday Papers Tips

Stocks to Buy - Tuesday Newspaper Share Tips

Private equity group CVC appears to be about to close in on Merlin Entertainment.

A quicker revaluation of the Renminbi would act as monetary tightening by stealth in both China and the US.


Tempus Share Tips

Domino - At 461½p the shares are trading at 13 times next year’s upgraded earnings with a prospective 3.3% yield. There is the possibility of further market growth in emerging markets, plus the outside chance of a takeover bid. Buy on weakness

BlueCrest AllBlue - At 166p, BlueCrest’s recommendation as a long-term buy in December at 152¾p is still intact. Hold.

GW Pharma - It has taken 11 years and a £100 million but GW Pharmaceuticals has finally obtained full UK regulatory approval for Sativex. However, at 132p, the shares may mark time until UK prescription trends for Sativex become clear. Stand aside for now.


Questor Share Tips

Grainger has fallen 21% to 111.7p since Questor's last buy recommendation but Grainger operates in mature housing markets which may even benefit if the Chancellor announces changes in CGT, by buying properties on the cheap. Grainger still looks affordable. Buy

Sainsbury - Hold at 329.3p

Ashtead - Buy at 110p

Shares to replace BP dividend - NAtional Grid, Vodafone, Shell 'B', Scottish and Southern Energy, RSA Insurance


Investment Stock Picks

Intercontinental Hotels - buy at 1,208p
Domino Printing Sciences - buy at 461.6p
Kewill - buy at 118p.

Information on Remortgaging
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Friday, June 18

Friday Newspaper Stocks to Buy

Stocks to Buy - Friday Newspaper Stock Picks


Best AIM plays for Today:

Abcam -- H&T -- Greenko -- Playtech -- London & Stamnford

Share Tips of the week:

Sell Barclays at 307p

Stocks to buy
Fuller Smith & Turner at 576p
Workspace st 20.62p
Hightex Group at 7.25p


Buy Dairy Crest -- BRIT Insurance -- Kentz -- European Goldfields

Andor Technology good value

Company Results:

Buy Wincanton -- Halfords -- First property Group -- Focus Solutions -- Elektron -- Intercede -- Bango -- AEC Education -- RPC

Sell Pressure Technology.


Talk that GW Pharma's cannabis-based pain treatment is set to gain regulatory approval


Tempus Share Tips

Ashtead Group no more than a hold
Hold on to WS Atkins
Pass on Consort Medical


Bet of the day: Whitbread

Tiddler to watch - Aukett Fitzroy Robinson


Questor Share Tips

5 shares you should have to replace income lost from BP (National Grid, RSA Insurance, Scottish & Southern Energy, Royal Dutch Shell B, Vodafone)


White House meeting marked significant switch in BP's fortunes - [ Is it time to buy BP ? ]


Investment Share Tips:

Buy Ashtead Group
Buy Consort Medical
Hold Balfour Beatty


BP's battle with Big Politics, isn't over yet

Tesco - investors call for boardroom pay to be slashed


Johnson Matthey driven by catalyst demand

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Tuesday, June 15

Tuesday Newspaper Share Tips June15

Online Stock Trading - Tuesday Newspaper Share Tips


Tempus Share Tips

Tuck away United Utilities
Avoid 888 Holdings
Hold Hamworthy


Speculation that Bowleven about to release positive update

Bet of the day: Tesco

Tiddler to watch - Technis International


Questor Share Tips

Buy Mothercare
Buy Cineworld


BP is worth more alive than dead - Time to buy BP stock ?

BP 3 Year Chart with 200 day moving average

Stock Charts for Beginners

Investment Share Tips

Buy Weir Group
Hold 3i Group
Buy Supergroup


BP could start to leak some very serious cash


Kingfisher could be looking at a China takeaway

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Sunday, June 13

Sunday Newspapers Share Tips

Sunday Newspaper Share Tips

SUNDAY TIMESInside the City:

Safestore worth a look
Analysts say there is a lot of upside in Smiths Group


Questor Share Tips

Buy Lookers at 50p
Buy Royal Dutch Shell at £17.14


Midas Share Tips

Buy Hogg Robinson at 30p

Lloyds bond offers generous interest


Investors getting ready for very bad numbers from Lion Asset management



Tempus Share Tips

Mining stocks: get ready - market optimism will soon be a rare commodity


Bet of the day: British Airways

Tiddler to watch - African Consolidated Gold Resources


Pamplona Capital Management may be looking to sell some, or all, of its 162% stake in Chaucer


Derek Pain:

Nighthawk Energy may be heading towards a happier horizon


Barratt rises as bargain hunters sniff gains



Gartmore, Aer Lingus, BP, Warner Estate, Drax, Trinity Mirror


Hopes of bid by GDF Suez lift International Power.

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Friday, June 11

Share Tips Friday Newspapers

Stock Market Today - Friday Newspaper Share Tips


Share Tips

Sell Prudential at 564p
Buy Trading Emissions at 106p
Buy Norseman Gold at 56p
Buy Interserve at 201p
Buy Pacific Assets Trust


Sell Carpetright
Buy Discovery Metals -- Low & Bonar -- WPP Group -- McKay Securities -- Iofina

Company results:

Buy Netplay -- Helical Bar -- Penna Consulting -- William Sinclair -- Advanced Computer Software -- Ten Alps -- Brulines -- Hampson Industries -- Mediterranean Oil & Gas

ARM at record high on Apple bid rumours but rumours do not grasp nature of the chip market

CVS and Walgreens -- battle is an expensive and destructive drug war

Big builders surviving better

Bowleven up on Afren bid hopes


Tempus Share Tips

Hold Premier Farnell, attractive 4% yield
Pass on Wincanton for the time being
Buy Daisy 96½p, Daisy trades aat an undemanding 9.3 times FinnCap’s 2011 forecasts.


ARM Holdings: speculation frenzy

Deal of the day Centrica

Tiddler to watch - Chamberlin


Questor Share Tips

Buy Go-Ahead Group
Buy Hargreaves Services


Investment Share Tips

Home Retail a speculative buy
Buy Premier Farnell
Buy Allocate Software


ARM at highest level since January 2002 on rumours of Apple bid

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The basics about how to buy stocks and shares online - buy stocks online

Thursday, June 10

Magazine and Newspaper Share Tips

Stock Trading for Beginners - Thursday Newspaper Share Tips


Share Tips
Buy Digital Barriers at 136.5p
Buy Eros International at 185p


Buy Compass Group -- Petropavlovsk -- Prosperity Minerals -- Penna Consulting

Spot the winner:

G4S -- Eruma -- Smiths Group -- Halma -- Westminster Group -- NCC -- Avon Rubber


Buy Plexus at 45.5p
Sell Hamworthy at 307.5p

Sector report:

Buy Shell -- JKX Oil & Gas -- Xcite Energy

Tempus Share Tips

Hold IG Group
Pass on property trusts
Tuck away Imperial Innovations

Business Editor:

Punishing BP investors is in nobody's interest [It's called capitalism i.e. making money for numero uno no matter what the cost, which is why BP cut corners in the first place - Ed.]


Deal of the day: ITM Power

Tiddler to watch - AfNat Resources

Questor Share Tips

Buy RSA Insurance
Hold IG Group


Rumours that Imperial Tobacco is in merger talsk with Lorillard

Investment Share Tips

Sell Barratt Developments
Buy Autonomy
Buy Dewhurst on weakness


Wolseley constructs up on US recovery hopes


Hinduja Bros try to catch Brewin Dolphin

Cove Energy up on Mozambique drilling hopes


888 Holdings up on talk of MBO

Cove Energy firm on takeover hopes

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Wednesday, June 9

BP falls 15% on Bankruptcy Fears

Stock Market Today - BP Shares Plummet in New York

After I posted this afternoon on the BP share price and whether it was time to buy BP stock (I said it wasn't)- the BP share price slumped 15% - it would be flattering to think the drop was linked to my blog post but I suspect there were other forces at work.

First things first though, just what did BP do wrong when drilling this well that caused the explosion in the first place ? See here how they were trying to save money and cut corners - BP Ruled by Sociopaths

BP 1 day Chart

Coincidentally, at the same time as I was posting on BP, Matt Simmons, a very influential gas and oil analyst was telling Fortune magazine that BP may soon be bankrupt. One of the stupid things for example that BP decided to do 3 years ago was to cancel its insurance because it thought the insurance companies were ripping them off.

Fortune : How do you think the U.S. government should handle this disaster?

Simmons : I think the government should ask BP to leave the United States and turn its operation over to the military ... as long as it's in BP's hands, they're going to spin the information as long as they can.

Fortune : What do you think is in store for the future of BP?

Simmons : They have about a month before they declare Chapter 11. They're going to run out of cash from lawsuits, cleanup and other expenses. One really smart thing that Obama did was about three weeks ago he forced BP CEO Tony Hayward to put in writing that BP would pay for every dollar of the cleanup. But there isn't enough money in the world to clean up the Gulf of Mexico. Once BP realizes the extent of this my guess is that they'll panic and go into Chapter 11.

BP was so certain that there wasn't any risk that three years ago they thought the insurance industry was ripping them off, so they're self-insured on this. How stupid!

See why I didn't think it was time to buy BP shares this afternoon, and why I still don't here - time to buy BP stock ?

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Is it Time to Buy BP Stock ?

Stocks and Shares - Time to Buy BP Shares Yet ?

Monday 5 July : The Homeland Security office has apparently taken over control of the joint website it was running with BP providingupdate on the oil spill.

In another development shares could be sold to Libya. Shokri Ghanem, chairman of Libya's National Oil company, said thy are a bargain and he will recommend that Libya take advantage of the share price.

'BP is interesting now with the price lower by half and I still have trust in BP - I will recommend it to the LIA (Libyran Investment Authority),' he told the Wall Street Journal.

Personally I still think there is a lot more potential for trouble on the horizon and the share price is still nowhere near the 200 day moving average yet. So I will be sitting on my hands and waiting to see what the relief wells bring in August, if anything.

Friday 25 June - The charts still look awful, there was what is known as a 'death cross ' at the beginning of June at 577p (see below) and it's been downhill all the way since. There is also now a death cross that appears to be forming on the FTSE 100 and possibly the DOW - see death cross. Tony Hayward appears to have got his life back. There was an accident that took the cap off the well and let out more oil. BP may be having credit problems. The BP share price is down around 10% today to 300p in the UK. So I will stick by my 'finger in the air' prediction of 200p.  There was a guyon CNBC around a week ago sayin tha BP had another 30- 50% to fall too and that people should wait till the relief wells are finished before getting long in BP.

Friday 18 June - BP has set aside $20 billion after the White House twisted their arm, but this is not a ceiling - they have also cancelled their dividend  payments for 6 months - Tony Hayward has been grilled by Congess and said nothing - his line of defence seems to be that as CEO he is not in a position to know anything, 2 months after the explosion he says he still does't know who took the decisions  - so is this the bottom for BP shares ? They are up 3% this morning at 369p - but personally I am still waiting for the share price to get back above the 200 day moving average.  There are people saying that the charts indicate 200p - there are plenty of other people getting out of BP and there will be shorters of course, some of them n*k*d no doubt - so all in all BP is now not for widows and orphans IMHO.

Friday 11 June - BP shares have been bouncing around all over the place (up 7% today) - there are threats from the US government, other oil companies are circling, the UK government is getting involved, - scientists have just said that there are 40,000 barrels a day leaking, which by the way is 8 times more than BP were admitting to back at the beginning of this fiasco (and people in the UK wonder why BP are unpopular in the US !)  - I suspect there are powerful forces that want the BP share price even lower - shorters, other oil cos. for example, so keep an eye on the charts - the BP share price is still way below the 200 day moving average - see below]

Back in May I asked if it was time to buy BP stock and concluded that no it wasn't (based purely on the BP stock chart), in that post I wrote "The price is certainly falling fast but it's still nowhere near the 380p we saw back in 2008" - well we are now rather cloer to 380p - the BP share price as I write is 385p. But we still need to look at the BP chart, as the BP share price continues to fall, down another 5% today. Many people are now starting to wonder if BP will go bankrupt.

The share price has fallen around 40% since the blow out occurred back in April. BP, and Tony Hayward in particular, have proved themselves particularly inept when it comes to stopping the spill and at the same time highly efficient when it comes to making ridiculous statements, that are not only offensive but also betray a singular lack of intelligence. BP's ability to deal with this disastrous oil spill must therefore be in serious doubt. After all, their judgement must be called into question given that it was their actions and decisions that led to this oil spill in the first place.
Andrew Sorkin in the New York Times has said that bankruptcy cannot be ruled out and that Shell and Exxon Mobil are said to be "licking their chops". They would need to separate out the costs involved with the spill and legal claims of course and place them in a separate corporate entity.

BP’s liability for economic devastation Under the Oil Pollution Act of 1990, over and above the cost of the cleanup — is capped at $75 million. But, says Sorkin, "if BP is found to have violated safety regulations, which seems likely, that cap becomes irrelevant".

David Buik, a Brit, at BGC Partners in London wrote “There are so many imponderables over whether its liabilities would be capped or not. If BP’s share price continues to fall, it could become a takeover target.”

Estimates on how much the spill will cost vary from around $3 billion up to $40 billion.

Today BP shares are down over 3% again in New York and 5% in London.

President Obama said on Tuesday that if Tony Hayward had been in his government he would have fired him over his remarks, notably "I would like to get my life back" which is the most famous of his potted thoughts, but by no means the only one. To put this into context check out the oil spill live video feed - BP claim to be collecting 15,000 barrels a day now, but there are others that say that they have actually made matters worse by cutting off the riser pipe.

Personally I find the fundamentals and the implications of this whole situation quite overwhelming. So I prefer to just look at the BP stock charts. There is one simple rule that you can apply when considering if it is time to buy BP stock. Namely, where is the 200 day moving average ? If you know nothing about stock charts then allow me to recommend this excellent article on the absolute basics of understanding stock charts - stock trading for beginners.

The one simple rule states - don't buy a stock that is trading below its 200 day moving average. Here is the current 2 year stock chart for BP with the 200 day moving average in green and the 50 day moving average in red.

As you can see the 200 day m.a. is still way below the BP share price. NB : Chartists call the point where the 50 day m.a. crossed the 200 day m.a. a death cross and see it as very bearish. The two moving averages crossed at 577p and this figure should be seen as resistance on the way back up.

If the BP share price does start to recover then it will eventually climb back above the 200 day m.a. in which case it will be time to reconsider. Buying BP now would in my humble opinion be a bit of a gamble given all the potentially bad news on the deepwater horizon. It is quite possible that it has further to fall, if you believe it is due a bounce of course then it might be worth a small punt. This would be akin to swing trading - see swing trading - but here too the charts have something to say. When swing trading don't buy a share if its 5 day moving average is in a downtrend.

BP 2 month stock chart with 5 day moving average

As you can see, the BP stock price 5 day moving average is still clearly pointing downwards. So is it time to buy BP stocks yet ? My guess is no. But I'm not an expert or an advisor so take everything I've just written with a grain of natural sea salt. But keep an eye on the 200 day moving average too.

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Tuesday, June 8

Newspaper Share Tips Tuesday June8

Online Stock Trading - Tuesday Newspaper Share Tips June 8


Tempus Share Tips

Pass on Workspace
Buy Phoenix IT - At 234p, Phoenix could attract takeover interest or it should be able to use its stronger balance sheet to buy acquisitions. Buy.
Hang on to Brammer at 140p


Deal of the day: Avanti Communications

Tiddler to watch - Nighthawk Energy - shares rose 3¾p to 26p after company said it has appointed an adviser re. possible sale of a stake in its Jolly Ranch project, in which it has a 50% stake with partner Running Foxes Petroleum. Talk is that they may have already received up to 10 indications of interest.


Questor Share Tips

Buy Petropavlovsk (formerly Peter Hambro Mining) - serious Asian investors have bought into phase 1 of Petropavlovsk's iron ore developments - shares will be volatile, but the medium term value in this business should be reflected in its share price.

Buy Brit Insurance for the long-term at 736p


Barclays hurt by Worries over capital deficit


Investment Share Tips

Buy British Airways
Buy UBC Media
Buy Phoenix IT


Barclays haunted by tax proposals from the IMF


Prudential bosses can't last another year


G4S up on Kohlberg Kravis Roberts bid rumours


Cashflow puts RSA Insurance at premium

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Sunday, June 6

Sunday Papers Share Tips Jun6

Online Stock Trading - Weekend Newspaper Share Tips

BP fighting for survival

Prudential hit by Asian flu

Briefing: Wincanton


Questor Share Tips

Hold William Morrison at 267.3p
Buy Young & Co's Brewery at 415p


Midas Share Tips

Buy Mulberry at 202.5p -- Daring investors orbit Jupiter's float


Trampoline sales on the up

Kate Swann faces further shake-up as WH Smith stores are judged the worst for shoppers

Pressure Technologies wins order from Centrica to supply British Gas customers with biomethane from sewage


Celebrity styles help ASOS fashion record profits

Shoe Zone has almost doubled its profits


ASOS gets 35% boost from World Cup




Wrong signals mean that the growth spurt is at an end for Reits (Great Portland, Derwent London, Songbird, Shaftesbury, British Land, Minerva, Land Securities)


Rents skyrocket on a Mayfair street

Deal of the day: Space and People

Tiddler to watch - Kenmare Resources

Prudential: an orderly dismemberment of the company may be best option for now


Investors give BP a wide berth.

Problems with debts ? Check out this Jersey housewife who has $11 miilion in debts on earnings of $80,000  - Teresea Giudice
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Saturday, June 5

Teresa Giudice $11M in Debt

Online Stock Trading - Debt is Good

You thought you had debt problems, take a look at this woman's. Teresa Giudice of "Real Housewives of New Jersey" and her husband, Joe, (they appear to be famous withpeople who watch reality TV and assorted junk)make $79,000 a year apparently (oesn't sound like a lot for someone so famous) but court records show they are up to their necks in almost $11 million of debt.

They owe their creditors $10,853,648.04.

How did they manage to rack up such a staggering amount of debt ? Well it doesn't appear to have been too difficult.

Property seems to have been high on their list of purchases, maybe they heard that real estate was a good investment ?

Banks have repossessed a $279,000 Jersey Shore house, on which they had 3 mortgages on the house and owed $325,000. They also repossessed a $200,000 home in Lincoln Park, NJ, that had 4 mortgages amounting to $600,000.

The bank has moved to take back the Giudices' $1.8 million, eight-bedroom home in Towaco, NJ.

They also had another $1 million property in Clifton, NJ, that has been returned to lenders.

Teresa Giudice, owes nearly $20,000 on credit cards for Bloomingdale's, Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus. And their combined 8 credit cards are owed $104,000 .

They have defaulted on their $1,280-a-month payment for the family's black Cadillac Escalade.

Teresa - owes $12,000 to a Garden State fertility clinic.

In bankruptcy papers, they claim to spend just $400 a month on clothes.

Joe, owes more than $5 million, including debts to former partners associated with his Section 8 real-estate deals.

What the Giudices make a year:

$79,000 (plus $120,000 in “assistance” from family members)

What they owe: $10,853,648.04

Credit Cards

$1,280 monthly payment for Cadillac Escalade

for eight mortgages on three homes

$5.8M Joe's business investments

$85,600 Home repairs

$12,000 Fertility treatments

$2,300 Phone bill

You've got to admire something about so much debt, but I'm not sure what it is.

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Friday, June 4

Newspaper Share Tips Friday

Online Stock Trading - Friday Newspapers Share Tips


Share Tips of the week:

Sell Unilever at £18.63
Buy Balfour Beatty at 256p
Buy Chaucer at 44p Buy CSR at 403p
Buy Riffer Investment Co at 198p

Strike it rich:

Firestone Diamonds -- Gulf Keystone Petroleum -- Aurelian Oil & Gas -- Global Energy Development -- European Goldfields -- African Aura Mining -- Cove Energy


Buy Alliance Pharma -- Sabien -- AstraZeneca -- Sportingbet -- Rok

Capita good value

Company Results:

Sell JJB Sports -- QinetiQ -- Man Group -- Daily Mail

Buy London & Stamford -- Brewin Dolphin -- Cluff Gold -- Local Shopping Reit -- Severn Trent -- Hogg Robinson -- IS Pharma -- Printing.com -- Acal.

Tanfield may be close to agreeing sale of its Smith electrical vehicles business

Telit Communications up on talk of stakebuilding


Tempus Share Tips

Hold Johnson Matthey for now
Buy C&W Communications
Hold for Helical Bar for the long term


Nautical Petroleum strong on expectations that North Sea oil will start flowing

Deal of the day: Allocate Software

Tiddler to watch - Eco City Vehicles


Questor Stock Picks

Hold Johnson Matthey
Buy Telecity


Investment Share Tips

Buy Johnson Matthey
Buy Helical Bar
Buy Real Good Food Co


JJB Sports up on Footlocker bid talk

After the disgraceful episode on Wednesday Rockhopper's shares soared this morning on a very positive drilling statement from the company - see Rockhopper Statement

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For Jim Cramer's view of the stock market see - How Does the Stock Market Work ?

Thursday, June 3

Share Tips Shares Magazine

Stock Market - Thursday Newspaper Share Tips


Share Tips

Buy iShares MSCI Korea ETF at £18.80
Buy Entertainment One at 65p


Take profits at BSS
Buy Rio Tinto
Buy Rightmove
Buy Nature Group

Bank-beating 6.4% yield:

Aviva -- BAT -- British Land -- GlaxoSmithKline -- BT -- Man Group -- Royal Dutch Shell -- Scottish & Southern -- Reed Elsevier -- TUI Travel

Profit machines

Buy Halma -- SSL International -- Restaurant Group -- Victrex -- Tesco

Sector Report

Buy Dialight -- TT Electronics -- Gooch & Housego


BP is losing on the environmental, political and PR fronts but this disaster is financially absorbable [See the oil spill live video feed ]


Takeover talk swirls around BP, but there are too many obstacles

Tate & Lyle up on bid speculation helps

Rumours that Rockhopper's Falklands oil might not be of commercial quality - [This was denied yesterday by a RNS from the company after the disgraceful shenanigans with the Rockhopper share price yesterday, along with all the other oil cos. involved in the Falklands - see Rockhopper -Ed.]


Tempus Share Tips

Hold Northumbrian Water
Add to May Gurney on ongoing weakness
Topps Tiles looks like a sell


US car sales turn corner

Weird, queasy rise on Rockhopper's rollercoaster

Bet of the day: Vatukoula Gold Mines

Tiddler to watch - Capital Drilling


Questor Share Tips

Hold Northumbrian Water
Hold AG Barr


Rockhopper volatile on talk of heavy oil find


Investment Stock Picks

Take profits at Northumbrian Water
Opsec Security a speculative buy
Buy Hamworthy

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Wednesday, June 2

Rockhopper Statement on Price Movement

Stock Market - Rockhopper Statement

UPDATE 2 : To see what Midas thinks of Rockhopper's prospects click here - Rockhopper

After the events of Wednesday to manipulate the Rockhopper share price - cf. below - (which will no doubt be investigated by the relevant authorities ha ha) Rockhopper upgraded its forecast for its Sea Lion well in the Falklands, sending its shares up another 30%.

RKH said samples from its Sea Lion 14/10-2 oil discovery confirmed the presence of medium gravity crude oil, prompting the board to announce it had discovered a "new play fairway."

Sam Moody, MD commented: "Our analysis suggests that there is significant potential upside on our acreage and our technical effort will now focus on integrating all of our new knowledge of the basin so we can understand and identify the best prospects for future drilling."

Rockhopper, said its next priority would be to test the well at the earliest opportunity.

Fox Davies Capital said : "This better than expected results give us confidence that Sea Lion is likely to be a commercial success of material size, whereas the current share price only discounts a 30% probability of success for Sea Lion and no success elsewhere. The Ernest prospect is also materially de-risked and carries estimates of some 150MMbbl. We upgrade the stock to a Buy rating with a 400p target."

Shares in other Falkland explorers also rose Desire Petroleum (DES) was up 19% , Borders & Southern Petroleum (BOR) rose over 10%.

ROCKHOPPER have just released this statement at 13:51 re. the wild price movements in their share today.

"For immediate release: 2 June 2010

Rockhopper Exploration plc
("Rockhopper" or the "Company")

Statement re. Share Price Movement

Rockhopper Exploration, the North Falkland Basin oil and gas exploration company, notes the significant share price movement today. Rockhopper is not aware of any reason for this movement but makes the following update:

Work is continuing on analysing the results of the Sea Lion 14/10-2 well and is expected to be concluded shortly. The Directors have no reason at present to believe that the outcome of the analysis will not meet their expectations as regards to potential resources.

As regards oil quality, there has been a delay in returning a sample to the UK due to air transport logistics difficulties between the Falkland Islands and the UK and subsequently clearing Customs. The sample is however now in the UK and analysis will be underway very shortly. Nevertheless, a sample of oil from the shallowest oil sand in the well was subjected to a preliminary test in Stanley and this indicated a medium grade crude, broadly in line with the Directors' expectations, with an API of 26.3.

A further announcement will be made when the full results are available which is expected to be in the next few days.


Rockhopper Exploration plc
Sam Moody - Managing Director
Tel. +44 (0)20 7920 2340 (via M: Communications)

M: Communications
Patrick d'Ancona or Ben Simons
Tel. +44 (0)20 7920 2340"

If you thought the stock market was a level playing field then think again. The consensus is that "it stinks" but it is highly unlikely that anything will be done about it. At one point there were trades going through at 62p apparently, Some people will have lost thousands and no doubt some other people will have made thousands. The ones who knew it was coming will have made the most of course, and are no doubt laughing their heads off right now.

For what it's worth there was a poster on the ADVFN BB posting that the charts were predicting a sell-off, just five minutes before the panic set in. He was set upon by the bulls of course, but his prediction was a bit too weirdly accurate. He also said the price at the end of the day would be 150p - so just a couple of hours left to see if he really knows what he is talkng about.

For anyone who wants to complain to the FSA then you need to contact them via email or telephone number:

e-mail: market.abuse@fsa.gov.uk

Helpline: 0207 066 4900

Good luck !

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