Friday, July 30

Friday Newspaper Share Tips Jul30

Stocks to Buy

- Friday Newspaper Share Tips

Heavy industry - sector in rude health

Trouble in bond-market could be worse than a double dip


Questor Share Tips
Buy - Centamin Egypt (CEY) at 151p
Buy BAT (BATS) - at 2194p

Questor Podcast Share Tips - you may need to click on the arrow

Chemicals sector -
If you can't wait - he says

Buy Croda at 1275p - industrial chemicals - raised div by 50%
Avoid Johnsons Matthey and Victrex

Economic Life
Work longer you 'orrible lot

Bankers are not leaving the City [lol - Ed.]
Good riddance to age discrimination [that means work longer you 'orrible lot -Ed.]

Investment Share Tips
Buy Rank Group at 117p
Buy Rolls-Royce at 585.5p
Buy Finsbury Food Group at 17.5p - no divi, but stocks trade on a p-e ratio of just 2.6 times – cheap as chips. Buy.


INTERNET poker co. PartyGaming ready for more takeover deals after a £2.1bn tie-up with Austrian rival bwin - creating the world’s largest listed online gaming company

It will mean annual savings of £46million, and let them profit from any deregulation of the lucrative US market. A US senate committee has just voted through measures which may reopen the US online gaming market.

PRTY - 5 Year Chart

2 Year Chart

Midas tip from Tuesday - Cluff Gold - Midas Share Tips
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Thursday, July 29

Thursday Newspaper Stock Picks

Stock Picks - Shares Magazine and Thursday Newspapers


Share Tips of the Week

Mariana Resources – Buy
BTG – Buy

Digital Barriers – Buy
Petropavlovsk – Buy
Tate & Lyle – Buy
Firestone Diamonds – Stopped out

Cover Story
2 strategies that WILL make you money
Value Stocks – Game Group, Catlin Group, Staffline, Harvey Nash, Tribal
Momentum Stocks – China Medical System, Blinkx, Rockhopper, Mulberry, Weir Group

Victrex – Buy
GlaxoSmithKline – Buy
Lloyds Banking – Buy
Standard Chartered – Buy
Northern Foods – Speculative buy
Blinkx – Speculative buy
Burberry – Speculative buy
Cluff Gold – Speculative buy
Novae – Speculative buy
Redhall – Speculative buy
Marks & Spencer – Sell
BT – Sell

Small Caps
Hill & Smith – Buy
Eredene – Buy
Medusa Mining – Buy
IS Pharma – Buy
RCG – Speculative buy
Zetar – Buy
Uniq – Sell

PLUS Markets
Oriental City – Avoid

Trend Spotting
Polo Resources – Buy (target 11p, stop loss 5p)
Arena Leisure – Buy (target 46p, stop loss 26p)


Tempus Share Tips

BG Group – Hold, buy on further weakness
Carphone Warehouse – Looking a bit toppy
BAT’s – Hold
Weighty concern (Pubs/Brakespears)

Tiddler to Watch - PetroNeft


Questor Share Tips
Centrica – Buy at 306.6p - first recommended on May 12 at 283.9p - yielding 4.5pc, the shares are still a buy.
Brit Insurance – Hold at 1000p market not convinced that a bid will materialise


Investment Share Tips

Buy St James's Place Capital at 273.3p
Buy Sage at 243.5p
Hold Renishaw at 823.5p

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Wednesday, July 28

Wednesday Newspaper Share Tips 28Jul

Stocks to Buy - Wednesday Newspaper Share Tips

New BP boss in safety vow

ARM is strong but it may not be as strong as its high valuation suggests

Sorry is the the hardest word (Tony Hayward and the oil spill) ["Life's not fair" says Tony - one last gaffe before leaves ? Or the title of his upcoming memoirs ? - Ed.]

Tomkins investors not happy at bid move
Increased margins help offset sales at PZ Cussons
FTSE at 10-week high
New orders blow to Clipper Windpower

Afghan leaks by Wikileaks reveal the identities of informants

House prices set to plunge again
Tax relief threat for holiday homes owners

Mortgage misreporting at Northern Rock

Tempus Share Tips
Misys - Further progress appears limited until Nasdaq sorts itself out
Croda International - good for the long-term but high enough for now
Halfords - No reason to chase the shares
Tony Hayward's exiled to TNK-BP - "life's not fair" [if it was, Tony wouldn't be trousering £12 million right now for his efforts]

Tiddler to Watch - Horizonte Minerals

Further news
Investor fury as Tomkins accepts bid
Apollo's early deliveries met flat bat, Brit Insurance’s guard is wavering


Energy "revolution" could put bills up by 33% [buy shares in new energy companies ? - Ed.]

BP said trading in its stocks was under investigation in the US, - both the Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission are conducting “informal inquiries into securities matters” related to the oil spill

Questor Share Tips
BP - Hold at 398p
Croda - Buy at 1272p - The organic growth story is good and the dividend is strong. Shares are a buy but new investors may want to see whether there is any pull-back in the stock price after the results, before diving in.

Parvus £70-million loss on Connaught holding


Investment Stock Picks

ARM Holdings - Hold at 340p
Provident Financial - Avoid ay 821p
Games Workshop - Buy at 432.5p Games Workshop showed yeterday that its battles are behind it - pre-tax profits more than doubled to £16.1m for the year to 30 May, due to a sharp jump in gross margins. Cash generation improved significantly - these factors helped GW to reinstate a dividend with a 25p payment. It's a niche player and well-equipped for economic battles.

Government axe chops Logica's shares

For yesterday's Midas share tips see - Midas share tips

For a US internet stock see Internet stocks to buy

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Tuesday, July 27

Cheap Internet Stock to Buy

Stocks to Buy - High Yield Cheap Internet Stock

A poster called eChristianInvesting over at recommends United Online (UNTD) as a cheap US Internet stock that offers a high dividend yield. See :
United Online 1 Year Chart

The UNTD dividend yield is an impressive 6.8% but the stock only trades at 5x consensus 2011 estimated earnings.

United Online’s dial-up internet business is on the decline but much more slowly than most expected. In addition dial-up only represents 18% of UNTD’s revenues.

The vast majority of UNTD’s revenues are achieved via FTD a floral retailer that posted 6% growth last quarter, while its main competitor 1-800 Flowers (of the poor customer service according to Trading Goddess) saw a decline of 6%.

UNTD also operates, a social network that generates $200M a year and there appear to be legitimate opportunities for further monetization of this business.

Finally, UNTD generated almost $50 million in free cash flow last quarter - 28% higher than the previous year. The company’s cash balances is still growing (currently standing at $121M or $1.39 per share) and Wall Street analysts expect UNTD to earn $1.09 per share next year. That more than covers the the $.40 per share annual dividend.

So if you are looking for a cheap US internet stock with a high dividend yield take a look at United Online a look.

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Share Tips Tuesday Newspapers Jul27

Online Stock Trading - Tuesday Newspaper Stock Picks and Share Tips


Hayward to move to role at TNK-BP [there is a rumour that he will donate half of his $900,000 pension to fishermen's families in the Gulf ! Not. Only kidding - Ed.]

US new home sales figures in June indicate a rebound but sadly they are misleading [- see mortgage mistakes here -banks' mortgage mistakes]

Earnings worries dent Logica
Intec up on second approach


Tempus Share Tips

Pearson - Up with events
Pace - Buy
Dana Petroleum - take a few profits

Tiddler to Watch - Plant Health Care

Business Briefing
Reckitt Benckiser sales lifted by new markets

Business Editor’
What future for Tony Hayward in Russian exile


Questor Share Tips

Reckitt Benckiser - Buy at 3333p They are looking for more acquisitions in the health/personal care sector – SSL is an excellent buy . Shares are on a December 2010 earnings multiple of 15.6, not cheap, but not too stretched for this cash-generating business. First recommended £24.96 in March 2009 they remain a buy

Imperial Tobacco - Buy at 1859p Pearson cut its debt by £2bn last year and this should continue to fall steadily. This will be share price positive

Britvic - sell at 505p


Government to lose out as bookies scarper from UK

Investment Stock Picks
Pearson - Buy at 1029p
National Grid - Buy at 509p
Pace - Buy at 214p This year Pace became the largest maker in the world of digital set-top boxes for TVs, overtaking Motorola and France's Technicolor - On an undemanding 9.5 x estimated 2010 earnings, it's an obvious buy [his words not mine - Ed.].

Further news
Age of austerity leads to concern about Babcock


Midas Share Tips

Cluff Gold (CLF) - Jewel in crown is Baomahun in Sierra Leone independent experts have verified that it is capable of producing more than 150,000 oz./year and Cluff expects to reach this figure by 2012
Midas says : There was an unsolicited offer for Cluff back in February - the share price reached 102p. The discussions ended and the price has dropped back to 73p - so it is now undervalued, as it takes almost no account of Baomahun’s potential

[NB : The Cluff Gold share price is up nearly 30% from 66p to 84p in the last few days and 5% today - couldn't be that someone got wind of the upcoming Midas share tip could it ? Just thinking out loud. Be that as it may it might make sense to wait till things settle down a bit before jumping in - not advice as I'm useless as stock picking - Ed.]

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Sunday, July 25

Weekend Newspaper Share Tips Jul24

Stocks to Buy - Weekend Newspaper Share Tips

The Telegraph

Questor Share Tips - from Saturday

Buy Imperial Tobacco at £18.59
Sell Britvic at 505p.

Garry White - some Internet co. Share Tips

Electrocomponents - internet hardware -sales over quarter up by 100% - 5% yield 15 p.e.
Group NBT - manages domain names - £75 million marke cap. but £10 million in bank and growing - generates cash making a profit - yield 1.5% - AIM stock so large spread but apart from that cash is rolling in


Obama bill lets banks have US over a barrel again.
British Government leading strongest British delegation to visit India in modern times.

The Observer

Spectre of the double-dip recession haunts US - fears are increasing for economy that has 9.5% unemployed and an estimate $4tn excess mortgage debt.


Financial Times


The European bank stress tests were hurried, secretive, and unconvincing.
Aircraft sales very buoyant at Farnborough Air Show.
De Beers says Zimbabwe is about to change the world diamond market.
Ford gives upbeat assessment for 2011.

Questor Share Tips from Friday

Hold IG Group at 475½p
Buy Capita at 737p+27.


GDP figures provide good news finally for the economy.


Cairn Energy - RBS says it could go as high as 794p (currently 473p) but in any case "We see our 375p base case valuation as the ultimate 'backstop' for the share price," said RBS, the company broker to the company. "We believe it unlikely that Cairn would trade at a discount to our base case valuation for a sustained period of time. Many of the world's prolific hydrocarbon basins experienced disappointments in the early phases of exploration and we believe that this is well understood within the market."

Stock Picks From Friday
Buy Kingfisher at 225.3p
Buy Petropavlovsk at 1106p
Buy RPN at 259p

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Thursday, July 22

Newspaper Share Tips Thursday Jul22

Stock Market Today - Thursday Newspaper Share Tips

Are you a victim of the mortgage miscalculations - see here mortgage errors


Share Tips of the WeekBuy - Titan Europe
Buy - Essar Energy

Sports Direct - Sell
Sage - Sell
Telecity - Buy
Thorntons - Sell
PayPoint - Buy
Aquarius - Buy
GKN - Buy

Overseas cheer sets tone for UK chipmakers:
Buy CSR,
Buy Wolfson
Buy Shire
Sell ARM Holdings

Plays Updates
Buy - Nature
Buy - Eros International
Buy - Salamander Energy

Plays - Key Trades
Xaar - Buy
IG Group - Hold

Small Caps
Domino Pizza Poland - Buy on day one
1st Dental - Buy
Ricardo - Buy
International Greetings - Buy
ITM Power - Buy
Animalcare - Buy

Focus on PLUS
NCI Vehicle Rescue - Buy

Feature: Data Security
Beat the hackers (Buy NCC)

Sector : Leisure Goods at consumer's mercy
Sell Leisure Goods
Buy Games Workshop
Sell Photo-Me
Sell Harvard International

The Chartist
Sell - FTSE All-Share Index, Amsterdam AEX, Anglo American
Buy - BAE

Asset quality to drive Minerva recovery (Buy)
Appraising Bowleven ( Buy)


GlaxoSmithKline moves into the red and reveals fresh legal charges
Telecity slides as bid gossip fades
Share sales weigh on Blinkx


Tempus Share Tips

GKN - further to run
De La Rue - for the brave only
Wincanton - may be worth getting some If only for the income

Tiddler to Watch : The Weather Lottery

Smith & nephew begins to creak as investors take fright over sales


Jeremy Warner blog
Watch out - the great £50-bn property unload is about to start - banks are getting ready to purge commercial property they don't want from their balance sheets and there won't bne a recovery any time soom

Questor Share Tips
SSL - Take the money

Others are saying there may be a counterbid from cos. like Glaxo, Bayer, Merck ....

Please Sir can I have some more QE - Bank of England fears slow growth


The Front Page

Bank of England chief says economy set for 'triple whammy' - higher inflation, lower growth and rising unemployment

Investment Stock Picks
GlaxoSmithKline - Buy at 1186p
Hochschild Mining - Buy at 306.6p
Euromoney - Buy at 580.5p

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Wednesday, July 21

Banks' Mortgage Mistakes Hit Thousands

Mortgage Mistakes Hit Thousands

The media have been reporting that many thousands of people have seen their mortgage payments rise, in some cases dramatically, as a result of errors made by their banks. The two banks involved are Yorkshire Bank and its beautiful sister the Clydesdale Bank.

The two banks have admitted that they made mistakes calculating the repayments of 18,000 borrowers’ on some tracker and variable-rate mortgages.

Understandably, this has not been very well received by their borrowers 66% of whom are in Scotland (presumably Clydesdale customers) – who are being asked to make up the difference with some monthly mortgage payments rising by as much as £300 ($450 if you are in the US and are wondering what a £ is).

Spokesperson Alison Puente said: “we are very sorry that this error has happened and for any inconvenience it may have caused those customers affected.”

It is believed to be the worst mortgage miscalculation fiasco since the Halifax made mistakes in charging 40,000 of its customers almost 10 years ago.

Halifax reimbursed and compensated borrowers who had been overcharged on their mortgages and wrote off debts from anyone who had been undercharged.

The Yorkshire and the Clydesdale banks have been offering compensation of up to £500 to undercharged customers, who they are now asking to make up the shortfall in their mortgage. Many of the unhappy mortgagees have politely turned down the offer.

Some borrowers said their payments had rocketed by 60% !

One mortgage-payer, at the forum on, said she was being asked to settle a shortfall of over £3000 ($4500).

People are being advised to contact the Ombudsman after exhausting internal complaints procedures. Some are considering pursuing legal actions against the banks.

It is worth bearing in mind that apparently it costs a bank £500 each time a case is referred to the Ombudsman, so the prospect of 18,000 disgruntled borrowers launching compaints with the Ombudsman may not go down too well with the banks in question.

A spokesman for Clydesdale and Yorkshire, which are owned by the National Australia Bank, said: “We would like to reassure mortgage customers that they need take no action unless they have received a letter from us. The vast majority of our customers are not affected.”

There is even speculation that other predatory banks might start canvassing disgruntled Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank mortgage payers and offer to write off any undercharges in exchange for them transferring their mortgage or remortgaging with them ! Remortgaging can often be a good idea anyway, even if your bank has not been under or overcahrging you.

For info. on remortgaging deals check out - remortgaging deals

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Wednesday Newspaper Share Tips Jul21

Stock Market News - Wednesday Newspaper Share Tips


Goldman profits down by 83% as trading activity is down

Debt levels weigh on Findel
Polo Resources down 5.2% after Laxey Partners sells its holding


CBI says growth will be slow
Authorities will issue bank test results at 5pm on Friday, after the London and European stock markets have closed, but trading could be volatile in the US

Tempus Share Tips
Severn Trent - sector is strong defensive play and the shares are yielding around 5.2% on this year's reduced payment
William Hill - upside looks limited in the short term
Enterprise Inn - don't look like they awill be going anywhere for now
Best policy - Cable & Worldwide shares plummeted 17.4% yesterday after company says public spending cuts will adversely impact its business

Tiddler to Watch - WorldSpreads

Investors dump companies threatened by Government cuts


Ocado investor power shows we've had enough of greedy floats -floated at 180p the shares fell to 156p in early trading

Ocado Share Price - Ticker symbol OCDO

Questor Share Tips
Petra Diamonds - Buy at 62.25p Questor likes the diamond sector as there are only twenty or so major diamond mines in the world and they are all past their peak. The size of stones unearthed at Cullinan is exceptional – and that's why the shares are still a buy.
Gem Diamonds - Hold at 222p - Profits should improve as operating difficulties are fixed, but shares are a hold and those wishing to play the diamond recovery should look at Petra

BAE has £500-million Hawk deal in sights
TUI rises on TUI AG bid talk


Investment Stock Picks

Severn Trent - Hold at 1264p
IG Group - Keep buying at 433.3p
Enterprise Inns - Speculative buy at 98.3p - given as a sell in November at 122.4p. However, the improvement in current trading and falling debts mean that the shares now look cheap, the Independent thinks the worst is more or less over and Enterprise is worth a punt for the brave.


At a Glance
Findel falls

Admiral's ready to expand

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Tuesday, July 20

Newspaper Stock Picks Tuesday

Stocks to Buy - Tuesday Newspaper Stocks and Shares Tips


Bernanke has to admit that whatever is happening it is not a "V-shaped" recovery
Hungary - more than meets the eye to the collapse in talks this weekend

Hopes of cash hopes lift HSBC but BP drags FTSE down
Reubens lift their stake in Arena


Tempus Share Tips

Debenhams - no compelling reason to chase them
International Power - deal is not done and investors with no appetite for risk may wish to take some profits
Psion - Hold
Tomkins - Canadian bidders might be doing Tomkins investors a favour

Tiddler to Watch - Beacon Hill Resources


Questor Share Tips

Group NBT - Buy at 284p - one of the few tech cos. that survived the bursting of the tech bubble ten years ago -
Dana Petroleum - Hold at 1483p - the shares are a hold until the Korean National Oil Company bid situation is resolved

Goldman denies links with global food crises
Cash mountain" puts HSBC in demand



Take a look at Ireland to see where our economy may be headed

Investment Share Tips
Unilever - Buy at 1892p - global economy is recovering and Unilever is not overpriced

UK Coal - Sell at 33.5p - UK Coal warned yesterday its half-year losses were rising sharply. Despite rising coal prices the company has been hit by refinancing its rising debt mountain. The Independent said buy when they were just above 90p but sometimes things don't work out despite the energy needs of the econonomy - the share performance means speculative traders might see a bounce-back, but sometimes you "have to cut your losses".

Aquarius Platinum - Sell at 226p - little scope for share price growth


At a Glance

Cove Energy rises on hopes of drilling report


Brewin Dolphin buy Fenner at 226.7p
Collins Stewart hold SThree at 274.4p
Buy Tomkins at 302.3p
Buy Fenner at 226.7p
KBC Peel Hunt reiterates sell Autonomy Corporation at 1,880p
Panmure Gordon sell Aquarius Platinum at 222.8p
Buy Land Securities Group at 579p
Buy SThree at 274.4p
Buy Prudential at 516.5p
Seymour Pierce outperform - Aquarius Platinum at 222.8p
Outperform on SThree
Shore Capital - buy Reckitt Benckiser at 3,269p
Buy Prudential at 516.5p

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Sunday, July 18

Sunday Papers Share Tips Jul18

Stocks to Buy - Weekend Newspaper Share Tips

An embarrassing dearth of share tips this weekend :-(

Sunday Telegraph

Questor Share Tips

Buy Ryanair at 380½p - still a buy even after rising 34% since November - for the €1bn a year free cash flow

Hold Cranswick at 874p. Growth is likely to continue for a few more years as Cranswick expands, but with a lot of good news already in the price, now is not a good time to put buy any more.


Ocado has issues but remains compelling
Goldman Sachs gets an easy ride.


The oil spill is capped. But what else lies beneath the surface for BP?

Murdoch moves to take full control of BSkyB.

The Mail's miracle online : get paid without a paywall.

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Friday, July 16

Stocks to Buy in Friday Newspapers

Stock Market News - Friday Newspaper Share Tips


Shares that could split and unlock hidden value
Cable & Wireless, Liberty International, Carphone Warehouse, Petrofac
About to split ? BT, Associated British Foods, WH Smith, Vedanta

Reinvesting your dividends can massively increase your investment returns over time [this is also advised by billionaire Warren Buffett - Ed.]

Share Tips of the Week
Brit Insurance - Buy
4Imprint - Buy
Bellzone Mining - Buy
SIG - Sell

Share Tips Updates
Falkland Oil & gas - Buy
Monitise - Buy (just been tipped (August) in 3 other publications - see here - Monitise)
GlaxoSmithKline - Buy
Sylvania Resources - Buy
Kirkland Lake Gold - Good Value
Bodycote - Sell

Company Results
Buy - Immunodiagnostics, Domino's Pizza, Low & Bonar, KSK Power, International Greeting, BGlobal,
Good Value - Begbies Traynor, Prosperity Minerals, DTZ


BP stops oil gushing into Gulf - [see it stopped here courtesy of Wayward Oil - oil spill live video feed - it's eerie and dark down there]

Rio Tinto/Ivanhoe - Miners in Mongolian stand-off over gold and copper
Goldman Sachs - the SEC blinked

3 bidders line up for RBS merchant unit
Bid for Dimension Data revives acquisition talk in tech sector
Chromex shines with bid


RBS to recoup $100-million after Goldman fraud case settlement

Ocado fails to deliver

Tempus Share Tips
Experian - the shares should have further to run
Electrocomponents - good long-term hold
SuperGroup - according to bears this type of high-fashion brand could disappear fast
SDL - purchases Language Weaver a Californian 'pioneer in statistical machine translation',

A Tiddler to Watch

Bet of the Day


Investment Share Tips

Experian - Hold at 649p
Smiths News - Hold at 112.5p
Cookson - Buy at 431.3p


Ocado is a high-risk float

Questor Share Tips
Electrocomponents - Buy at 226.9p - They have risen 62% since being tipped on July 19 last year but are still a buy

ICAP - Buy at 408.7p - With a March 2011 earnings multiple of 15.3 times, falling to 13.1 in 2012, the shares are still a buy – despite fall-off in business over June

Telecity shares jump amid takeover rumours


At a Glance

Glaxo paying £1.6-billion to end its legal woes
Blinx and you won't miss out
Petro Matad spar 55% after striking it rich in Mongolia

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Thursday, July 15

Thursday Shares Tips from Newspapers

Stocks to Buy - Thursday Newspaper and Shares Magazine Tips


Share Tips
Plays of the Week

Buy Galliford Try
Buy Tate & Lyle

Plays Updates
Buy Entertainment One
Buy iShares MSCI South Korea
Buy Firestone Diamonds

6 global trades that may make you a profit
First Property Fund (Poland)
Beximco (Bangladesh),
DB X-Trackers FTSE Vietnam ETF (Vietnam),
Jakata SE Composite (Indonesia),
iShares MSCI Korea (South Korea),
iShares MSCI Japan SHS NPV (Japan),

Ideal Shopping – Buy
Vallar – Buy
Clarkson – Buy
Braemar Shipping – Buy
Aviva – Buy
Legal & General – Buy
Domino’s Pizza – Buy
Spectris – Buy
Carpetright – Sell
Ocado – Avoid

Chart of the Week: Nautilus Minerals – Buy
Stat of the Week: Molins – Buy

Small Caps
Management Consulting Group – Buy
Carrs Milling – Buy
Byotrol – Buy
Tyra Tech – Buy
Hightex – Buy (Speculative buy at 7.75p)
Clinton Cards – Sell

Focus on PLUS
Ascot Mining – Speculative buy

Polo Resources fights off hostile approach (Buy)

Honest Broker
Citigroup says buy Wellstream
Collins Stewart says buy Invensys
Altium says buy Michael Page


Ocado on the ropes as fund managers not amused by expensive floats

British Airways gets regulatory approval for tie-ups – Iberia and American Airlines

Tempus Share Tips
Mitie Group – A long-term hold
London Stock Exchange – Worth a look ... more good news could give it a lift
JD Wetherspoon - Buy on weakness
Russian property – They are cheap

Tiddler to Watch

Further news
Investors resist the lure of sliding prices in Capital Shopping Centres


Questor Share Tips

London Stock Exchange – Hold at 626.5p
Mitie - Hold at 215p



iPhone row threatens to take a bite out of Apple
Job queues are here to stay [People should sell advertising space as they stand in line, like the guy who put ads. on his forehead for $40,000 - Ed.]

Investment Share Tips
London Stock Exchange – Buy at 626.5p
JD Wetherspoon – Buy at 422.5p
Mitie Group – Hold at 215p

ITV falls on warning about ad-funded model


Further news
Experts ease fears over Glaxo drug
Investors rock ICAP over big bonuses
Investors switch off ITV’s Crozier

Candlestick Patterns the Doji
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Wednesday, July 14

Wednesday Paper Stocks to Buy

Stocks to Buy - Wednesday Newspaper Share Tips

The Daily Telegraph

Questor share tips

Hold Burberry at 818p

At around 19 times 2011 earnings, and a modest yield of 1.7pc, Questor is not a buyer but s strong sales growth and the fact that it seems resilient to austerity measures makes it a hold

From Tuesday
Buy Kier Group at 975p
Buy Domino’s Pizza at 397p.

Broker Share Tips

Buy William Hill at 176p says B o A Merrill Lynch
Buy Inchcape at 270p says UBS
Sell Intercontinental at 1100p says UBS

The Independent

Investment Share Tips

Buy Cranswick at 871p
Cranswick's shares on a forward 2011 p.e. ratio of 12.1 and have legs.

Avoid DTZ at 62p
The shares have lost 23% of their value in the last 3 months which means we would wait for better news before we turn more positive.

Avoid Indian Energy at 43p
Wind energy has enormous potential in India. And it is probable that there good news ahead for Indian Energy. But right now it is risky choice and should be avoided.

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Tuesday, July 13

Tuesday Papers Stocks to Buy

Stocks to Buy - Tuesday Newspaper Share Tips

Financial Times

BP is inching towards a resolution to its nightmare in the Gulf of Mexico .

Corporate America showing increasing signs of being disillusioned with China.

US growth into 2011 will feel like a recession.

BP fighting for its future.

Double-dip recessions, according to economists, are incredibly rare.

The Daily Telegraph

Broker Share Tips

Buy Marks & Spencer at 344p says Panmure Gordon & Co
Hold Domino's Pizza at 403p says WHI Securities
Sell Associated British Foods at 981p says Deutsche Bank.

Questor Share Tips

Questor recommended Domino's Pizza at 235p last July - they are now 397p but still a buy.

Domino’s has little debt and a December 2010 earnings multiple of around 22.7 falling to 20.2 in 2011. Although high this reflects the company's continued good growth. Domino’s management delivers on its plans.

Like-for-like sales growth is expected to slow over H2 but the fundamentals are strong and there is a lot more to come from Domino’s.

Kier - buy at 975p
Earnings forecasts ought to be revised upwards after yesterday’s update. The shares are yielding 5.8% and trading at more than 8 times projected earnings.

The Guardian

BP shareholders should refuse cheap takeover bids.

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Sunday, July 11

Weekend Newspaper Stocks to Buy

Stocks to Buy - Weekend Newspaper Share Tips

The Sunday Telegraph

Questor Share Tips

Avoid Ocado. The key problem is nobody knows what it is really worth. The company said it will float before the end of July at between £800m and £1.2bn with shares in the range of 200p to 275p.

JP Morgan Cazenove said "Ocado's near-term business model is reliant on its relationship with Waitrose. .... The termination of this agreement would be negative."


Citigroup and B of A expected to report that profits in 3 months to June fell by at least a third.

The Daily Telegraph

Questor Share Tips

Hold Babcock at 624½p +5½p
Hold Hays at 95.15p +4.6.

Daily Mail

Midas Share Tips
from July 10

Titan Europe - in 2007 its shares were over 230p - in December 2008, they were at 7p.

The company makes huge wheels for tractors, mobile cranes, dumper trucks, etc... It also makes undercarriages for tracked vehicles used in construction and transportation

Midas says they have risen from 26p to 46p since last month's trading statement. But there is plenty of mileage yet in the stock. BUY.


The shares have gone from 48p to 326p in a couple of years after Rockhopper found oil down near the Falklands.

Chairman Pierre Jungels bought 23,000 shares recently at 299p each, which is something of a recommendation in itself.

At today's price, the firm's market value is £600million, which implies the Sea Lion Well contains about 90million barrels of oil. Oil watchers say Sea Lion could deliver at least 300million barrels and possibly much more.

Midas says - There are lots of indications that Rockhopper will be a deeply rewarding investment, however there is always the possibility that the well will disappoint. Investors should make sure they book some profits - then stay on board for what could be an exciting ride.

Rockhopper 3 Month Chart with 50 and 200 day moving averages

See here for the Rockhopper statement fom June - Rockhopper

From July 3

Buy Avon Rubber at 101.5p

The Guardian

Hamleys should be a goldmine - if they concentrate on selling toys and gives up the financial engineering, it'll go far.

The Independent


Bovis pleased investors with plans to reinstate dividend next year, - it is the latest housebuilder to report rising property prices and sales.


The Independent

Investment Share Tips

Hold Hays at 95.15p
Buy First Group at 381.9p
Sell Galliford Try at 312.75p

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Saturday, July 10

Two Value Stock Picks

Stocks to Buy -
Two Long-Term Stock Picks

As I was on the look-out for decent long-term stock picks I was just directed to the Investopedia site where I discovered an article by Sham Gad, Managing Partner at Gad Partners Funds. After singing the praises of Warren Buffett with who Mr Gad refers to as his mentor he then goes on to mention two stock picks which he sees as good bets for the long-term investor.

Sham Gad recommends that investors let the data "determine whether or not a business is an attractive investment at the current price". i.e. not the stock market or current fluctuation sin the stock price. The two companies Mr Gad recommends are Republic Services (NYSE:RSG) on the reasoning that whether we are in a depression, a recession or expansion, we still produced a fair amount of waste and that waste needs to be managed. Landfill spaces are becoming rare and companies such as RSG and Waste Management (NYSE:WM), the two largest waste management businesses in the country, own lots of them.

In addition, in many locations there are often only one or two choices of which waste management company to use. This results in monopolistic-like characteristics. He also points out that the great Mr Buffett himself is continuing to buy shares in Republic Services for Berkshire Hathaway.

I know nothing about Mr Gad or Gad Partners Funds and I know very little about Investopedia, but I do believe Warren Buffett to be a shrewd cookie who has shown tht he knows how to make money on the stock market, and certainly, as Mr Gad points out, waste management is here to stay so RSG and WM are worth taking a closer look at the very least.

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Thursday, July 8

Stocks to Buy Thursday Newspapers

Stocks to Buy - Thursday Newspapers

The Octopus that has correctly predicted the results of all Germany's matches in the World Cup has received death threats for predicting that Spain would beat Germany. As far as I know none of the stock picks below were picked by octopus (so treat them with caution).

House prices have fallen for the third month in a row according to the Halifax

Shares in Sainsbury (the 3rd largest retailed in the UK) are up 5% on bid speculation. In 2007 the Delta Two investment fund backed by the Qatari Investment Authority launched an indicative bid at 600p/share. The deal fell through but the QIA still has its stake in Sainsbury's and recent buying has been noted in Sainsbury's shares. The share price today is 345p

The Daily Telegraph

Questor Share Tips

Buy Carillion at 318p - it is not affected by government cuts to the Schools programme – and has lots of international business - it expects revenue growth in Oman, Abu Dhabi, and Qatar over the rest of the year. Carillion is also cheap compared to Serco and Capita.

The Guardian

Shoppers beginning to retrench

The Independent

Investment Stock Picks

Buy Carillion at 314.2p
Hold Big Yellow at 305p
Hold Lookers at 47.5p

Want to remortgage your house instead of moving ? Check out here for info. on remortgaging deals
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Wednesday, July 7

Newspaper Stocks to Buy Tips

Stocks to Buy - Newspaper Stock Picks

Not many tips or stock picks today - Jim Rogers says to buy Asian - he is not invested in the UK or the US as they have too much debt

The Daily Telegraph

Questor share tips

Avoid Persimmon even though they beat expectations on Tuesday with revenue for H1 2010 was up 26%
Persimmon is not as remarkably cheap on a profits basis, doubts pesist about when dividend payments will be resumed. There could be better opportunities to acquire in the sector after the October spending review.

Broker Tips
Standard Chartered
Charles Stanley said to buy at 1742p, this week they are at 1611p but they reiterate their buy recommendation

Rio Tinto
Evolution said buy at 2969p, this week at 2934p, but they reiterate buy.

Government suppliers will have to share the pain as cuts bite.

The Independent

Investment Stock Picks

Sell Persimmon at 370.2p
Sell Meggitt at 308p
Hold Ultra Electronics at 1556p

Check out the 'death cross' that my be forming on the DOW - stock charts for beginners
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Tuesday, July 6

Tuesday Newspaper Stocks To Buy

Stocks to Buy - Tuesday Newspaper Share Tips

 A word of warning - we are seeing a bit of bounce today 100 points or so - but watch the 1006 level on the S&P500 tht is a major support area and could lead to more falls if t is broken.

Financial Times

Relief wells usually work, but BP still has a strategic dilemma.

European money being put into emerging markets.

THE TIMES is now a paysite - so it is unlikely that there tips will appear here for a couple of weeks at least

The Daily Telegraph

Questor Share Tips

Hold Serco - for defensive qualities and good management team. However, they are trading at 16.6 times 2010 earnings and a dividend yield of 1.3pc. They are worth keeping a hold but not a buy at the moment

Buy Lloyds at 55p - given the circumstances they produced good figures in its most recent set of accounts.

From Saturday

Avoid Travis Perkis at 755p

From Friday

Buy BT at 694p - now Ofcom has told Sky to play nice BT is able to offer Sky Sports at around £20 less per month than Sky (hooray for the customer)

Broker Share Tips

Buy Greene King at 392p (this week 415p) suggests Deutsche Bank;
Hold Debenhams at 53p (this week 56p) comments Credit Suisse;
Sell Marshalls at 80p (this week 85p) advises WHI Securities.

The Independent

Investment Share Tips

Buy Kesa at 125.2p (+0.1p)
Avoid St Modwen at 175p (+2.9p)
Buy Domino's Pizza at 393p (+2.4p).

Daily Mail

Alex Brummer says BP is heading back to the future (personally I don't think it's over yet - see Is it time to buy BP ?). Look at this rather ugly BP chart

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Thursday, July 1

Stocks to Buy in Thursday Newspapers

Stocks to Buy ? - Thursday Newspaper Share Tips

The Times

Tempus Share Tips
(from yesterday)

Buy Astra Zeneca for the yield
Northgate only a hold
Resolution shares look worth having -but not for the timid

The Daily Telegraph

Questor Share Tips

Astra Zeneca is a hold
Barclays is a hold at 263p

From yesterday

Buy National Express at 216p
Hold Carpetright.

From Tuesday
Premier Oil is a buy


We will have a double-dip recession if we talk ourselves into it [strange logic - Ed.].

The Guardian


Tesco numbers game spooks investors - Share price falls on analysis by Citigroup of Tesco's 'aggressive' accounting - [but Warren Buffett has just bought 3% of the company - see Warren Buffett]

The Independent

Investment Share Tips

Hold AstraZeneca at 3169p
Buy Hunting at 448.3p
Hold Phorm at 185p (+2.5p).

George Soros Stock Holdings
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