Sunday, August 29

Sunday Papers + Questor Share Tips

Stocks to Buy - Sunday Newspapers Share Tips + Questor Podcast

The Sunday Telegraph

Questor Share Tips

Buy IMI at 674½p - CEO thinks green laws could help the business as trucking companies are forced to replace their aging fleets

Buy Melrose at 243.6p. Group is continuing to seek acquisitions and says the market for disposals is slowly returning. Melrose shares are up 58% since being recommended at 154p last September. An economic environment over the next 2 years, would mean the valuation is not particularly overstretched – Questor thinks earnings estimates are likely to rise after Friday's interims.

Questor has also given his opinon on the defence sector in the light of government cuts, in this podcast

Basically he says buy BAE Systems which is very undervalued and at a 5 year low - he also repeated his recommendation today (14 Sep.) - questor share tips. He also likes James Fisher and Sons - specialized technical services and oil tanker business

DSG expected to announce UK sales in Q1 rose by around 3.5% due to strong sales of Apple's iPad and flat screen tvs

The Independent on Sunday

Oil services group Wellstream, which booked strong gains on Friday of more than 5% to 533.5p on revisited theories of takeover speculation. Traders were sceptical however as volume was thin. The change by UBS to "neutral" from "sell" was seen as more credible reason.

Mail on Sunday

Midas Share Tips
Mothercare shares have been well battered since spring and closed at 511p. Profits are expected to reach £45 million this year with e.p.s. at 38p, not cheap but the real growth prospects are international and Mothercare’s direct and wholesale operations. Buy.

Hold on to Morrisons at 2893p. Tipped in April. Results should not disappoint and, if Philips can show he has a plan for how to increae group’s growth, the shares should be alright for the medium term.

Mortgages predicted to hit 12%, it may be wise to seek shelter now

Nationwide is offering FlexAccount current account customers a best-buy personal loan rate, fixed at 7.7%

Odds and Wads
Rumours are that AT&T, may be lining up a 110p-a-share, cash bid for Cable and Wireless

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Friday, August 27

Hindenburg Omen Confirmed Again

Online Stock Trading - Hindenburg Omen Spotted Again

A strange see-saw day on the New York markets. The DOW dipped on the open to 9936 as it waited for Ben Bernanke to speak, then when he did speak he said the recovery was losing steam and things were worse than expected so the markets rallied and finished up 164 points at 10,160. Of course the fat lady ain't sung yet as we have also seen the 3rd or the 4th (depending on who you listen to) occurrence of the dreaded Hindenburg Omen !

What is the Hindenburg Omen ? Well, as its name implies it is an omen and generally omens are never of anything good. The Hindenburg was an airship that crashed spectacularly in 1937. So put the two together and you get an omen of a spectacular crash, which, according to the chartists is now confirmed, and re-confirmed, and should be overhead soon .

I do follow the charts - see stock charts for beginners - and I have been expecting the markets to crash for quite a while but apparently the Hindenburg Omen only has a 25% success rate as a predictor. Nevertheless there are plenty of serious analysts taking a close look at it. Even Art Cashin has mentioned it on CNBC.

To understand what exactly the criteria are for a Hindenburg to occur take a look at this video where everything is explained - Hindenburg Omen

Back to the markets today - Intel's profits announcement caused the Dow to sag 100 points but that merely brought about a rebound as support levels were hit and the short-sellers got squeezed out of their positions as the markets went up. So today could just have been a short-covering rally.

Ben Bernanke's gloomy prognosis cheered traders up, as they figured he would have to throw more money at the economy and bankers may be getting some more fat bonuses. To put it in official speak
"policy options are available to provide additional stimulus, if needed."
The VIX Volatility Index dropped more than 10% - its biggest one day slide in more than two months.

Since the first Hindeburg Omen was spotted on August 12 the markets have dropped around 2.5% - the prediction seems to be for a 5% drop, but as omens go that is pretty lame. You can get a 5% drop in one day when the shares really hit the fan. According to Zero Hedge, this time, unlike in 2009 it appears the market's "downside potential is finally starting to be appreciated". So make of it what you will, the Hindenburg Omen is certainly getting a lot of airship time but whether it amounts to a row of beans is anyone's guess. Take care.

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Newspaper Share Tips Aug27

Stocks to Buy - Friday Newspaper Share Tips


Share Tips of the Week
Vectura - Buy
Games Workshop - Buy
easyJet - Sell
De La Rue - Sell

Company Results
Buy - John Menzies, Cineworld, CLS Holdings, Amlin, Primary Health Properties, James Fisher, Persimmon, CRH
Good value - Bovis, Petrofac, Lamprell,
Fairly priced - Wellstream, Kingspan,
High enough - Quarto, ENRC,


BHP up on Citigroup buy advice
Buy rating lifts ASOS
Positive comment on Kurdistan field boosts Gulf Keystone 4.2%


Tempus Share Tips

IMI - Not expensive - company intent on future growth
Premier Oil - up with events
Diageo - Good news, but we've been hearing that for years
Segro - No reason to go near it

Deal of the Day - Oxford Biomedica


Tanfield is contemplating discount share sale to reverse sharp fall in cash


Questor Share Tips

AMEC - Buy at 891.5p - interim dividend raised by 20% to 7.3pc to be paid on January 4. - ex-dividend date is on November 24 so you need to buy before then to qualify for the dividend - first recommended at 531½p on January 8 last year and are up 63%.

Carillion - Buy at 296p - first tipped on October 22 2009 at 310.3 - down 3% since. Trading at a discount to Capita and Serco they remain a buy.


Investment Share Tips

AMEC - Buy at 891.5p
Unite Group (largest listed student landlord) - Buy at 184p - shares trade on a 40% discount to net asset value forecasts by KBC Peel Hunt. The wider sector discount is only 25%. Buy before the gap closes.
Sportech - Hold

Earnings hopes help demand for Rolls-Royce


Bernanke under pressure to prop up US recovery
Diageo reports lacklustre performance
CBI says high street sales hit 3-year high


At a Glance - Filtrona

Watch Jubilee Platinum


Top-end sales doing well at Savills

For basic info. for beginners on stock trading and charts see - stock charts for beginners

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Thursday, August 26

Shares Tips Newspapers and Magazine

Stocks to Buy - Newspaper and Shares Magazine Tips



Possible takeover targets :- six companies to buy before the bidding begins … Burberry, Bovis Homes, Forth Ports, Logica, Alexander Mining, and Monitise (also tipped elsewhere inc. Investors Chronicle back in July)

Share Tips of the Week
Tribal – Buy

SABMiller – Buy
Hardy Oil & Gas – Buy
African Aura – Buy
Bellzone – Buy (See Financial Times too)
Clarkson – Buy
Braemar Shipping – Buy
Mitchells & Butlers – Buy
CSR – Buy
Immunodiagnostic Systems – Buy

Halfords – Sell
Fyffes – Sell

Share Tips Updates
Xaar – Buy

Small Caps
EG Solutions – Buy
Optos – Buy
Lo-Q – Buy

PLUS Market
Ascot Mining – Buy

Robert Forrester, CEO of Vertu Motors (Buy)


BHP downplays talk of rival bid
IQE up on growth prospects
Bellzone rises 7% as leading US bank says the stock price has 400% upside


Tempus Stock Picks

Costain – one to tuck away
Tullow Oil – buying opportunity
Monitise – buy on any significant weakness

Monitise (MONI) 2 Year Chart with 50 and 200 day moving averages

Glanbia says rising unemployment in the US could help sales of its protein powders, a by-product of cheesemaking, as the unemployed still want to work out

News - price comparison website - higher after on belief it is ripe for takeover


Questor Tips

BAE Systems – Buy at 299.1p - tipped as one of Questor's tips of the year on Jan. 1 - they are now 17% down since then compared with a market down 8%. From a value point of view it looks like a good time to buy.

BHP Billiton - Buy at 1767p - The shares are lower due to the bid and slowing growth - also a Questor tip of the year – now 11% down - the shares are still a buy


Investment Share Tips

Severfield-Rowen – Sell at 202p
SIG – Hold at 93p
Monitise - Buy at 20.5p - a growth area, yesterday Monitise reported revenues up by 125% in the year to 30 June. Losses widened due to one-off charges. Potential for growth is huge. It is adding 100,000 new customers a month. It is expanding into India via a joint venture with Visa last month. Piper Jaffray says: "this revenue opportunity is significant." £31m fund-raising was well supported, profits are expectd 2013, should be value in them thar shares.


BP frozen out of Arctic oil race
Grenade-proof Jaguar revealed in Moscow
S&P downgrades Ireland
US investors can now challenge boardroom pay packets
Allen Stanford to sue Lloyd's


Tullow Oil fell yesterday on warning of slowdown in Ugandan oil fields due to tax dispute
Cairn Energy new focus due to Arctic gas strike

If you are a beginner to the stock market you may like to have a look at make money stock trading for some basic home-spun stock market wisdom

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Wednesday, August 25

Newspaper Share Tips Wednesday

Online Stock Trading Newspaper Share Tips


Tempus Share Tips
Antofagasta - well up with events
Spectris - Buy if any further weakness
Promethean World - current weakness could be a buying opportunity in spite of volatility

BP turns its sights on 'Iceberg Alley'


Questor Share Tips

Antofagasta - Buy
Gem Diamonds - Hold


Summer weather boost for Punch Taverns
Blue chips fall 1.5% on double-dip worries and poor US housing figures


Investment Share Tips

Cairn Energy - Hold at 445.5p
Spectris - Hold at 869.5p
Promethean World - Buy at 119p - Promethean World intends bringing the classroom into line with the iPad generation, it sells technology such as electronic whiteboards for teachers and tablets for students - longer-term trends and solid fundamentals means buying now could pay off


AB Foods lifted by talk of demerger from Primark


Fears of double-dip recession grow after US home sales plummet
Technology faces chip shortage
Greenland pleased to be new oil frontier
Austerity hits Promethean - electronic whiteboard maker
Persimmon profits soaring


Garfunkels may be swallowed up


Koreans not willing to increase Dana Petroleum bid
Persimmon reports profits and plans dividend payments

Avoid Santander credit cards btw - they are liable to increase your interest rate if you try to pay down your debt - so that although your balance is going down the interest you pay actually goes up ! Santander also have one of the worst ratings in the UK for customer service.

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Tuesday, August 24

Newspaper Share Tips Aug24

Online Stock Trading - Share Tips in Tuesday Newspapers


Faroe up on takeover talk


Tempus Share Tips

Petrofac – A little overbought, maybe time to take some profits
Bovis Homes – Too soon to chase the shares
James Fisher & Sons – Good solid hold for recovery
Vedanta – What Vedanta wants it gets

Miners rally on Australian parliaments easing threat of super tax


Questor Share Tips
Petrofac – Buy at 1410p - Petrofac still a buy but it may be a good idea to wait for a more attractive entry point
James Fisher - Buy at 455p - main attraction is its high-margins specialty business. The nuclear decommissioning business has been slow but JF expects an improvement over the next few years.

From Saturday
Buy Primary Health Properties (PHP) at 295p



Housebuilders might yet be stock market stars

Investment Share Tips
Four stocks to watch in the retail sector

Plus-size home shopping specialist N Brown - it has bought an Intenret lingerie company and launched plus-size clothes in the US

Maternity retailer Mothercare

Homewares and furnishings chain Dunelm

Top tip however is Halfords.
Halfords is expanding and loking for acquisitions, it is also rebranding Nationwide Autocentres under the Halfords name, and will be a powerful player in the car maintenance market, which is currently dominated by independents.


Belief that US economy was on the mend appears premature
BP oil spill and catastrophes hit profits at insurers Amlin and Hiscox
Bovis Homes back in the black


At a Glance - Vodafone

Further news
Weir ready for promotion to the FTSE100
Coms adds 0.375p to 3.25p on launch of its iPhone app.


PotashCorp has contacted a number of potential white knights
Iraq boosts Petrofac
Sainsbury's up on revived bid talk

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Friday, August 20

Stock Picks on CNBC

Online Stock Trading - CNBC Stock Picks

If you are looking for the Investors Chronicle share tips click here - Investors Chronicle Share Tips

Stock Picks on CNBC

Marty Cunningham, Executive VP at Esposito Securities, and Peter Costa, President of Empire Executions and official CNBC market analyst, shared their best stock picks today.

Marty said : “If we get near the lows come the end of the trading day, there might be an opportunity to sift through and look for that bounce on Monday... .”

His stock picks were - Powershares QQQ and Applied Materials (AMAT)

Peter Costa said he loved junk bonds

SPDR Barclays Capital High Yield Bond (JNK)

and Tyco International (TYC) “They’re a very-well managed company and [although] their earnings last year weren’t that good, this year, they're turning around significantly.”

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Stock Market Newspaper Stock Picks

Stock Market Investing Newspaper and Investors Chronicle Share Tips


Share Tips of the WeekBuy
Yule Catto

Eight Small Caps for Big Gains
Northbridge Industrial, Green Compliance, Trading Emissions, EKF Diagnostics, Fulcrum Group, Max Petroleum, Travelzest and Managed Support Services

Share Tips Updates
Buy - Bellzone Mining
Buy - KSK Power
Buy - Holidaybreak
Fairly Priced - Hampson Industries
Fairly Priced - China Shoto
Fairly Priced - Mediterranean Oil & Gas

Company Results
Capital & Regional, Melrose - Buy
Resolution, London Capital, Trinity Capital - Good Value
Gartmore Group, EnQuest, Delcam - Fairly Priced
Psion, Henderson - High Enough

SHARES MAGAZINE Tips see Shares Magazine Tips


BG firm in a falling market on oil bid talk
Intec slides on contract blow


Tempus Share Tips

Hammerson - good hold for recovery in French economy
Wellstream - sell
Essar Energy - Avoid
Chrysalis - The key remains, when will founder Chris Wright sell out

A Tiddler to Watch - CLS

Ocado shares still failing to thrive as Goldman removes supports


Questor Share Tips

Cineworld - Buy at 199p
EnQuest - Buy at 118p - a hold rating was put on the shares when they were given to Petrofac shareholders but, after the interims, they are now a buy


Investment Share Tips

Pubs have been going through tough times but - pubs with the flexibility to grow and invest in the four Fs: "food, females and punters in their forties and fifties" are interesting. JD Wetherspoon, M&B and Marston's are on our buy list. Wetherspoon is the one to watch. We think the operator will take advantage of cash-strapped drinkers' search for a cheap pint and pie.


At a Glance - Hardy Oil

BG in spotlight as Shell circles
Liberum Capital initiates coverage of CLS with a buy recommendation

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Thursday, August 19

Newspaper Share Tips Thursday 19Aug

Stock Market Investing - Newspaper Share Tips


Share Tips of the Week
Quercus Publishing (QUPP) (PLUS Markets) - this was also tipped by Questor in the Daily Telegraph - you can listen to the podcast here - Questor tips
Xchanging – Sell

Cover Story
Buy – Chemring, BP, Eaga, ITE


Thomas Cook
Smiths Group
F&C Asset Management
Cairn Energy

JJB Sports

Plays Updates
Discovery Metals
Oxford Catalysts
ClearStream Technologies

Stopped Out
RBS S&P 500 Call Warrant

Small Caps

Stanley Gibbons
Source BioScience

Focus on PLUS
Sell- World Mining Services

Peter Page, CEO of Devro (Buy)

Sector Report
Coal Mining:
Coal of Africa,
Beacon Hill

Sell – UK Coal

Buy Berkeley Resources)



Potash - BHP seems to be overpaying
Vestas - Renewables are best chance for no-pollution low-carbon power

Small Talk
PLUS cos. with good performance include Quercus

Bid talk fuels Premier Oil rally


Tempus Share Tips

Henderson – Few attractions for now
Lookers – Too soon to buy
Charles Taylor – not a good summer
Rockhopper – We did say it would be a rough ride


Questor Share Tips

Hochschild Mining – Buy at 326.5p - They appear to be having some success with explorations and development. Azuca, its most advanced project, has seen resources rise by 13% to 50m oz. of silver equivalent, - other projects advancing to development stages

BHP Billiton – Buy at 1850p - Potash deal has good potential. BHP shares were given as a tip of the year on January 1, and are now down 7% since then.


Investment Share Tips
Insurance is where the action is at
We rate Aviva as a buy as do most sector analysts. You get a dividend and possible break-ups or further performance improvements.

Pru and L&G are holds

We like Hiscox, due to "beefy margins" on catastrophe underwriting and upmarket personal insurance for things such as kidnap and fine art.
Top picks are Aviva and nimble niche insurer Hiscox.



ITV bid talk
Silence Therapeutics should get a boost after 10-million share overhang was cleared up


Merger talks lifts Xstrata
Lookers car dealership looking up
Poundland's profits soar due to downturn
Asda sales slow

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Wednesday, August 18

Stock Market Newspaper Stock Picks

Online Stock Trading Newspaper Share Tips


Food inflation helps supermarkets
Petrofac boosted by Buy advice from RBS
Cove hampered by well setback
Innovation Group lifted by Bid talk


Tempus Share Tips

Resolution - Buy, with caution - expansion prospects
Intermediate Capital Group - Further progress could be slow for the battered financial sector
Pennon - A little overbought
PotashCorp - Sounds like a poisoned pill

Deal of the Day - Pursuit Dynamics

Asda chief says their food isn't up to scratch


Cuts to winter fuel payments to hit millions of pensioners

Rok shareholders deserve better

Questor Share Tips

Vedanta - Buy at 2220p - Vedanta shareholders have done very well since the listing in 2003. Questor thinks this will continue.
Ashtead - Buy at 94.5 p - one of the buys of the year - Buy ahead of the Q1 update on Sept. 7


Investment Share Tips

Six miners that may strike it rich - Rio Tinto is the "pick of the bunch", BHP Billiton, Anglo American, Randgold Resources, - higher risk Ariana Resources (Watch out for news of Red Rabbit project) and Mariana Resources


BHP to increase bid for Potash Corp
Asda warns of 'age of austerity'
Britain's insurance industry set for series of mergers and acquisitions
Greenland oil lures Cairn from India
Rok profits halve to £3m
D1 Oils biofuel takeover blocked by Myerson


Afren up on takeover hopes
Cyprotex shares now look interesting


EnQuest profits up sharply

Wall Street analysts now using satellite imagery of parking lots and container movements to figure out compnaies' profitability - see stock trading using satellite imagery
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Tuesday, August 17

Stock Trading using Satellite Imagery

Online Stock Trading - Satellite Imagery used to Spy on Companies

Stock market trading has always relied heavily on data to assess company performance. Most of this data is supplied by the company itself but if you can get independent data ahead of the crowd then you can potentially make a lot of money. In the latest twist to this quest for data companies have sprung up providing satellite imagery of places such as company car parks to give an idea of how busy a company is.

The surveillance pictures come from companies like DigitalGlobe and GeoEye, which also take pictures for US government intelligence agencies.

These satellite firms and sell the pictures to an analysis firm, which analyses the images and sells the data to hedge funds and Wall Street analysts.

UBS Investment Research for example has been using satellite services to watch the comings and goings of Wal-Mart store parking lots. “UBS proprietary satellite parking lot fill rate analysis points to an interesting cadence intra-quarter and potential upside to our view,” they said.

Satellite analysts also spotted a surge in traffic to Wal-Mart stores during June, which was 4% ahead of June last year. Due, they surmised to an aggressive Wal-Mart price rollback marketing campaign that brought a lot more customers into the stores that month.

For the full report see -

The satellite imagery also covers crop production, containers in ports etc...

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Online Stock Trading Newspaper Tips

Online Stock Trading - Wednesday Aug17 Newspaper Share Tips


Rexam shares fired up by broker talk of reshaping
Talk of an asset deal sends Dana sliding
SmartFocus lifted by IBM deal


Business Editor's Commentary Column
Will Japan lose its place as 2nd biggest economy to China?

Tempus Share Tips
Cairn wants to strike lucky again
Hunting – Comfortable hold for the upturn
Whitbread – Hold
Headhunters - Banks chasing talent again

A Tiddler to Watch - Straight

Russian miner Petropavlovsk plots spin-off but brokers' caution puts dent in gains


Questor Share Tips

Gulfsands – Buy - despite disappointing statements recently Gulf Sands is still given as a buy at 294p

Greggs - Buy - it has a very strong balance sheet, with net cash rising from £14.9m to £24.6m over the 12-month period. This should fund the group's expansion plans without external funding. The cash balance represents 5.5% of the company's market cap. Greggs is expected to declare earnings per share growth of 8% in 2011. Ttipped last August at 400p they are still a buy at 440p


American TV networks’ version of the iPlayer is headed for flotation , but it may be too early?

Investment Share Tips
Ministry of Defence budget will be cut by up to 20%, but don't be put off. There are still long-term opportunities

Qinetiq is worth a punt …
Top tips in this sector are: - Cobham and Ultra Electronics, but if you are not a widow or an orphan, Qinetiq looks to have most upside


Disappointing tests at Tunisian Lambouka-1 exploration causes Gulfsands shares to fall down 11p to 294p

Mortgages - think a remortgage might be a good idea ? Check out the info. on remortgage deals

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Monday, August 16

Stock Market Today Aug16

Online Stock Trading - US Stock Market Today Video

U.S. stocks ended the day more or less flat. So far the Hindenburg Omen doesn't seem to have had much effect, but we have a few more weeks to see if it actually takes effect and sends the markets down.

Stock Market News Video Today

Today it looked like there may have been bargain hunting going on early on but at the end of the day major indices were basically flat. There was further news today of a recovering economy. We also learned that China's GDP passed Japan's for the second quarter making China the the 2nd largest economy. Although in per capita terms China is only on a par with a country like El Salvador.

Lowe's the 2nd biggest home improvement retailer, fell short of analyst expectations by a penny. Lowe's said it needs a stronger housing market to create demand for its products. It also reduced earnings forecast for the end of the year.

Tomorrow will provide more information on the housing market as the government releases its report on housing starts for July.

Home Depot will report earnings tomorrow morning before the market opens, analysts expect 71 cents a share.

Shares of Deere were a bright spot today, after Citigroup said it believes the shares are worth $75 each as costs are falling and commodity prices are rising.

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Sunday, August 15

Stock Trading Sunday Papers Tips

Online Stock Trading - Weekend Newspapers Share Tips

Sunday Telegraph

Questor Share Tips

Buy Lookers at 54½p. Interim numbers to be released on Wednesday - which should be positive. Buy recommendation is maintained.

Buy Thomas Cook at 176.9p - yield is an impressive 6% – expected to increase to 6.5% next year and 7% the year after. Shares are a new buy.

For Questor's small cap tips via podcast click here - Questor Tips
Cairn shareholders to get £1bn windfall when Indian oil fields are sold off to Vedanta; Cairn may confirm sale of 51% stake to Vedanta as early as today

The Observer

David Cameron's cost-cutting is similar to that Thatcher – and will do just as much damage

Cut the deficit without a double-dip recession ? Tax the rich - it will increase government revenue without seriously damaging employment or consumption [sounds like revolution is back on the agenda - Ed.]

Travel operators brace themselves for the worst as slowdown damages business.

Mail on Sunday

MIDAS by Joanne Hart: High-yielders aren't always the top dogs.
Santander the worst bank for service

Daily Express

Peter Hambro Mining listed in 2002 with a value of £35 million. It has been renamed Petropavlovsk and is worth about £2.5 billion and is hovering on the edges of entry to the FTSE 100. The company’s relentless rise shows no sign of stalling, it is also ready to become a gateway to China. The metals it mines in Russia can be exported to China which is just on the other side of the river.

Petropavlovsk (POG) 1 Year Chart doesn't look so hot

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Saturday, August 14

Stock Trading Online Questor Tips

Online Stock Trading - Questor Small Cap Share Tips

First of all it appears that we have seen the Hindenburg Omen on the stock markets. Everyone is talking about it. Including the Daily Telegraph and David Buick. The first I heard of it was on the Zero Hedge website where it is described as "most feared technical pattern in all of chartism" - for a full explanation of what it is and why we should be afraid see - Hindenburg Omen

As for Questor - he does not normally take much interest in small caps, but he was asked by a reader to come up with a few recommendations so he cast his eye over the markets and came up with 3 - which you can listen to in the podcast below

A 5 year chart of Quercus (QUPP)- also tipped in Shares Magazine - Quercus are the publishers of Stieg Larsson's books - who wrote the Millenium trilogy starting with The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo and The Girl who Played with Fire - which have become international best-sellers and something of a cult phenomenon and have been turned into equally successful films. UPDATE : Quercus has just been tipped again by Shares Magazine - see Questor Share Tips

Quercus 5 Year Chart

For Friday's newspaper share tips and the Investors Chronicle tips see - stocks to buy

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Friday, August 13

Stock Trading Share Tips Newspapers

Online Stock Trading Investors Chronicle and Friday Newspaper Share Tips


Share Tips

Buy - Schroders
Buy - CSF Group
Sell - Yell Group

Fund Tips
Buy - Newton Real Return

Share Tip Updates
AstraZeneca - Buy
European Goldfields - Buy
Lancashire Holdings - Buy
Catlin - Buy
Nanoco - Buy
Southern Cross Healthcare - Sell
RSA Insurance - Sell
Unilever - Sell
Randgold Resources - Fairly priced

Online gaming Game on - again

Company Results
Buy - Millennium & Copthorne
Good Value - PartyGaming, Fiberweb, Moneysupermarket
Sell - Barclays
Fairly-Priced - Old Mutual, RBS, BBA Aviation, Ladbrokes, Smith & Nephew, Rio Tinto,
High enough - Inmarsat


Tempus Share Tips

Lincat - Valuation too attractive to pass by
Paypoint - Certainty could be months away, hold and wait for clarity
Shaftesbury - Only hold

Tiddler to Watch - ViaLogy - what do Wialogy do ? They "invented a better moustrap" See here - Vialogy

Home repossessions down but borrowers on edge

Manganese Bronze shares dive as Chinese takeover comes to a halt


Questor Stock Picks

Dana Petroleum - Hold - rejection of KNOC bid disappointing - Korea is short of oil and plans to get 40% of its energy from overseas oil fields in which it has equity, by 2030, – an increase from the current 4%. So they must be looking at a number of companies. Whether they will increase their bid or not is not sure

CVS Group - Hold at 73p - shares have fallen 57% since recommendation in October, on profit warning, next update is in October so hold on till then

Further news
Gold miners in vogue as gold passes $1,200


Investment Share Tips

Shaftesbury - Buy at 396p -
Sportingbet - Buy at 60.75p
Findel - Sell at 6.6p

Vedanta in talks to take holding in Cairn Energy's Indian venture
Greek economy in deeper recession than thought
Prudential profits soar despite failed Asian adventure

Interested in charting for beginners check out online stock trading for beginners
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Thursday, August 12

Thursday Shares Magazine Newspaper Tips

Stocks to Buy - Thursday Newspaper and Shares Magazine Tips


Share Tips of the Week
Nautilus Minerals - Buy
Scapa Group - Buy

Plays Updates
Novae Group - Buy
Vectura - Buy
InterContinental Hotels - Buy
Lombard Medical - Buy

Cairn Energy - Speculative buy
Ashtead - Buy
Kalahari Minerals - Buy
Great Portland - Buy
Land Securities - Buy
Capital Pub Company - Buy
Young & Co - Buy
IQE - Buy
Fuller Smith & Turner - Buy
Meggitt - Buy
Millennium & Copthorne - Buy
Sports Direct - Sell
Cranswick - Sell

Small Caps
Hardy Underwriting - Buy
Sirius Exploration - Buy
Publishing Technology - Speculative buy
Oxford Biomedica - Buy
French Connection - Buy

PLUS Markets
Scancell - Buy

Julian Dunkerton, founder and CEO of SuperGroup (Buy)

Operational Gearing
Spectris - Buy
Southern Cross - Sell

Sector Report
Oil equipment & Services
Sell Oil Services
Buy Kentz and Velosi
Sell Hunting

Buy Cove Energy


Cameron wats to ban cheap alcohol

BUPA feels pinch as Britons cut back on health care

Tempus Share Tips
Buy Grainger
Hold Minerva
Micro Focus - Avoid

Tiddler to Watch - Flying Brands


Questor Stock Picks

Buy Balfour Beatty - at 259p - UK presence is limited, it is a global infrastructure development play and the shares have a 4.6% yield, expected to rise to 4.9% next year.
Inmarsat - Hold at 702p

Exotic Investments
Platinum and Palladium
Many analysts expect a strong resurgence in palladium and platinum prices towards year end – buoyed by anticipated sales recovery in China.


Investment Share Tips

Virgin Media - buy at 1304p - In current broadband and pay TV market, VM's sure financial footing requires a buy recommendation
Balfour Beatty - buy at 259p - a 2010 p/e ratio of 7.6 times. Balfour Beatty is significantly below the 9.1 x sector average. A dividend increase , giving a yield of 5% should encourage any doubters.
Grainger - buy at 112.6p

Thomas Cook profits tumble
India threatens to shut down BlackBerry
New York publisher sueing UBS over plagiarism
Rok issues profits warning and suspends finance chief


Saga bids for Nestor


Markets dive fears of depression grow
Balfour Beatty profits up 32%
BP halts relief well drilling due to storm
Alliance & Leicester - net problem
Que e-reader dropped before launch

Robbie Burns has been busy buying and selling - who is Robbie Burns ? He has a website and a book - more info here - Robbie Burns

He's long HMV with a December spreadbet at 54p - Target Dec spread price 68 stop loss 48
Cineworld (CINE) - bought at 201.9. Target 230 stop 180. He says he often finds that shares that push up through 100 or 200 often put on another 30p quickly
He took a punt in Trifast (TRI) not for widows and orphans - but he's taken a risk and bought 10,000 at 34.34.

Nestor is a target for AA/Saga who bid 90p today. Mr Burns is in at 73.5p average but the company has rejected the 90p offer, which he says is way too low. There could be a bidding war or an increasd offer of 100p next but he says "in all fairness somewhere between 115 and 130 is about right". Especially if rivals emerge.
He has also shorted Ocado (OCD) for 159. Target 100 stop 175. Once price stabilisation has gone he expects the share price to go dow quite a way "valuation is too high in its current form".

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Wednesday, August 11

Stock Market Newspaper Share Tips

Stock Market - Wednesday Newspaper Share Tips

FED downgrades outlook [Markets heading for further falls today with the DOW Futures down 136 at the moment - Ed.]

Lex Column
BP - apocalypse averted but share price recovery has stalled
InterContinental Hotels/TUI - Businesses spending again but not consumers

Smiths Group boosted by break-up talk as travel groups head south
Burberry impacted by share disposal


Tempus Share Tips

Buy Interserve
Buy TUI Travel
BATM – risky at this level, wait for more clarity

Tiddler to Watch - Mwana Africa

Drugmakers buck trend - investors seeking security amid the gloom


Front Page
Businesses face new wave of green taxes

Gordon Brown … gone but not forgiven

Questor Share Tips
Cape – still a Buy at 280p
RSA Insurance – Buy for the incoem at 134p

Nestor Healthcare rises on takeover talk


Investment Share Tips

DSG International – Hold at 26.5p
Pendragon – Hold at 24p
YouGov – Buy at 39.75p - shares have been stuck under 40p for the past 2 months, following nasty first-half losses. YouGov may be premature in claiming it has "turned the corner", but its ambitious plans mean it is worth investing in for the medium term


At a Glance - Trinity Capital

Tata plan Indian plant for Land Rover
Fund managers circle Gartmore

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Tuesday, August 10

Newspaper Share Tips Tuesday Aug10

Stocks to Buy - Tuesday Newspaper Share Tips Aug10

Fears about economy rise as house prices fall
Commercial property - unwillingness to make long-term investments keeps the sector down
RBS failts to join in FTSE rally after sale of stake by US chief
Tanfield dips on US merger


Tempus Share Tips

Buy - Mitchells & Butlers
Buy -Hill & Smith
Hold - RM Group till it expands its horizons

Tiddler to Watch - Max Petroleum

Millions face threat of mortgage increase


Bounty hunters to try to cut benefit fraud by £1-bn [they should offer the job to benefit fraudsters - Ed.]

QE or not QE that is the question for the FED
BRC numbers offer food for thought

Questor Share Tips
Hill & Smith - Buy at 280p - first recommended at 202p last year - they are up 39% but supported by a 4.5% yield are still a buy
Group NBT - Buy at 334p - first recommended on March 12 last year at 214½p and reiterated as a buy three weeks ago at 283½p. They are up 56% but remain a buy.

Bank of England overhauls forecast model after failures
3i to sell car-clamping company to AAC [benefit fraudsters could do both of these jobs - Ed.]


Commodity crisis leads to fears of food inflation

Investment Share Tips
William Morrison - Buy at 278.5p - one of the cheapest European food retailers. Consumer will be constrained over next year, but Morrison has plans to become a "nationwide" grocer by further expanding in the south. Its progressive dividend policy and strong financial position make it a buy.
Morgan Sindall - Hold at 570p
Hill & Smith - Avoid at 280p


At a Glance - United Carpets
Interest building in Cairn Energy

Midas share tips from Sunday - Buy Sainsburys - Midas Share tips

For Robbie Burns see make money stock trading

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Monday, August 9

Legal Action Against BB Posters

Online Stock Trading - Nighthawk and Nostra Terra Take Actions against Bulletin Board Posters

The directors of Nighthawk (HAWK), a US focused hydrocarbon production and development company, and Nostra Terra Oil and Gas Company plc are taking action in response to persistent "defamatory and untrue postings on the Interactive Investor Trading Limited ("iii") and ADVFN plc ("ADVFN") bulletin boards". ADVFN and III are probably the two most widely used financial bulletin boards in the UK where you can create a free account in minutes and where people often have several user names so that they can talk to themselves without fear of being contradicted.

Anybody investing based solely on what they read on bulletin boards is seriously underweight in the brain department but Nighthawk and Nostra Terra have clearly decided to take a stand with regard to the alleged "persistent defamatory and untrue postings" in the case of Nighthawk and "untrue and malicious statements about their activities and personnel" in the case of Nostra Terra. The companies have taken steps to identify the posters who try to escape liability by posting anonymously. It would appear that the users were traced through their IP addresses. The word proxies springs to mind but if they have been traced then presumably they weren't using proxies.

Confidentiality and data protection laws provide some protection to posters but the English Courts can use their discretion and order disclosure if certain criteria are met.

Nighthawk obtained a "Norwich Pharmacal" order In the High Court of Justice on 28 June 2010 instructing iii and ADVFN to provide information relating to a number of posters, who were posting material that "the Court accepted could be defamatory". On 22 July 2010, Nostra Terra obtained an order from the High Court of Justice
instructing iii and ADVFN to provide information relating to several posters.

Both bulletin board operators are assisting the companies by providing information relating to the details of the posters.

The identities of the individuals behind these postings have been established and the companies are now considering with their legal advisers instituting civil proceedings for defamation.

Bulletin boards have always been prone to all sorts of ramping and de-ramping, sometimes companies themselves have made use of them. The anonymity provides all manner of temptations from ramping up your own company, to spreading rumours about competitors, but stock markets around the world have made use of rumours since the beginning of time. Bulletin boards are merely the moder-day real-time equivalent.

The fact that comments on bulletin boards can cause problems is reflected in the fact that on the ADVFN bulletin board there is no thread for discussions about ADVFN itself. It was apparently or should that be allegedly banned by ADVFN some time ago. That could be the way to go of course, ban discussions about all companies, just let people rant about whatever take their fancy as long it is anonymous and about non-existing companies. Just a thought.

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Sunday, August 8

Weekend Newspaper Tips Aug8

Stocks to Buy - Weekend Newspaper Share Tips

Sunday Telegraph
Questor Share Tips

Buy Rio Tinto at £34.31p - strong earnings growth expected to continue plus benefit of bulk commodities price rises in, the shares could be above £40 over the next 12 months if there are no major economic shocks

Buy Aviva at 381.8p. - The dividend yield is still attractive and the current level remains a good entry point for people looking for income or wanting to reinvest dividends

Daily Mail


Buy Sainsbury's - People have got to eat. Sainsbury's is becoming increasingly popular. At 347p the shares offer a decent 4.4% yield and there remains the possibility of a takeover from the QIA, which stil has a 26% after its unsuccessful bid. A solid investment.

Shire's shares at 1444p have come far - existing investors should sell half. New investors should buy if the price falls back.


The Independent

AFREN - Evolution said that out of all the exploration and production stocks it watches, Afren seems to offer the best risk/reward ratio. Afren is up over 20% since early July but the share price shows a downside risk of just 3%.

Broker Share Tips

Jefferies increased RSA Insurance to "buy" from "hold".
UBS revises Unilever to "neutral" from "buy"
UBS maintains "neutral" for Cobham, but lowers target price to 235p from 240p.
Deutsche Bank raises target price for Cookson to 675p, and Investec to 660p.
UBS maintains "buy" for ITV.

Investment Share Tips
Buy Randgold Resources at : 5395p
Hold Ladbrokes at 145.5p
Hold BBA Aviation at 201.6p

Daily Express

Stanley Gibbons stamp collectors set for “revolutionary” growth as a result of booming interest in Chinese stamps.

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Thursday, August 5

Robbie Burns Naked Trader Tips

Stocks to Buy - Robbie Burns Stock Trader

Robbie Burns is a stock trader who runs a website in the UK in which he details his stock trades as he does them in a way which lets you see just how well or badly he does. From what I can see he does alright ! You can see his website here - Robbie Burns' Trading Diary - scroll down a fair way to see his stock picks section.

In addition to putting his stock picks up on his website for everyone to see, and explaining the reasoning behind his picks, he also runs occasional seminars to teach people in more detail how he does what he does. He has also written a book called the How Anyone Can Make Money Trading Shares explaining how to weed out stocks that are likely to make a profit from the rubbish. I have long admired him for his no-nonsense approach and his ability to pick winners !

He has also just been interviewed by David Kuo from the Motley Fool and you can listen to the podcast here - Motley Fool- Make Money Trading Shares

Robbie Burns says he likes to keep things simple. He does read company reports but picks out 'red lights' that warn him to steer clear of a company in a couple of seconds. One of these is 'debt' he tkes a quick look at company debt and if it is more than three times full year profits he just moves on to a another company. He just doesn't like getting involved in companies with too much debt when there are hundreds of other shares with good cash and low debt to choose from.

He also looks at the p/e ratio but in a simpified and personalised way. He looks at full year profit and multplies it by ten, then he chops off some net debt, and if the company has got net cash he adds a bit on. Then he checks the market capitlisation, and uses this to see if the share is cheap or not. All quite simple and above all unemotional and fully explained in his book I'm sure.

He is also not too keen on penny stocks or bottom fishing, although he has been known to do both in his time (he bought BP at 330p for example). He is a medium-term investor usually holding stocks for a few weeks or months and topping up on stocks that are making profits and are in an uptrend. He tends to sell if he notices that company reports are becoming less bullish. He also emphasizes the importance of putting in stop losses and always sets a target and a stop loss when he buys a share.

So check out his portfolio on his website, listen to the interview.

Three companies he mentions in the interview that he likes at the moment and has done for quite a while are Devro, Dialight, and Agrreko.

His website shows his latest buys at the end of July as

Yule Catto YULC at 195.5p - target 250 stop loss 177
1 month chart

Creston CRE at 85.10 - target 120 stop loss 80
1 month chart

Mouchel MCHL at 97.20 - target 150 stop loss 90
1 month chart

Weekend Newspaper Share Tips
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Thursday Newspaper Stock Picks Aug5

Stocks to Buy - Thursday Nespaper Share Tips

The Daily Telegraph
Questor Share Tips

Buy Weir Group at 1220p - There are lots of opportunities in the sector - company also looking for acquisitions in emerging markets - shares are up 10% since being recommended on June 17, but remain a buy

The Times
Share Tips

Wolfson has started to put the difficulties of the shares collapse last year behind it. A business boost in the form of a 30% rise in new design wins in H1 ensures that 165 new products will hit the shelves of Best Buy or Carphone Warehouse next year. Buy.

Hold - Premier Foods

The Independent
Investment Share Tips

Buy L& G at 89.5p - Legal & General's latest results show a pre-tax profit of £537m (£143m loss lat year) and a dividend rise of 20% to 1.33p. CEO Tim Breedon says shareholders can rest assured that L&G favours organic growth over acquisitions – their interest in expanding on the Asian market is likely to avoid value destructive gambles.

Buy Marstons at 98.75p - Marston's have benefited from good summer weather. Good sales of its pub grub and alcohol saw sales rise by 1.7%, with food sales up by 2.5% and drink revenues rising by 1.3%. Marston hopes to improve performance by shifting around 600 pubs onto a publican-incentivising retail agreement – vs. just 88 now – shows things are looking good. Despite constrained consumers in the coming months.

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Wednesday, August 4

Share Tips from Wednesday Newpapers

Stocks to Buy - Wednesday Newspaper Stock Picks and Share Tips


Questor Share Tips

HSBC shares were first recommended as a buy on June 20 at 648p - they remain a buy at 670p.

From Tuesday
Dignity shares remain a buy but don't expect excitement. - also tipped in Investors Chronicle in September - Dignity

Tullett Prebon - If Tullett shares were trading on the same multiple as ICAP they would be valued 45% above the current share price.

Lloyds Banking Group posts profits of £1.6 bn - Eric Daniels, CEO, explains how they did it.


Investment Share TIps

Hold Taylor Wimpey at 31.1p
Hold Fresnillo at 1070p
Take profits out of Rotork at 1512p


Invest in Platinum and Palladium

Platinum and palladium, are used in particular in the manufacture of car catalytic converters. Catherine Raw, from BlackRock, says: ‘Demand is very strong from the car industry and a lot of this is coming from China. Platinum and palladium are metals that have a link to wider global economic performance because of this demand from manufacturers. I am very bullish about platinum — I think it is a good opportunity.’

One reason is that the supply of the metals will become limited.

Amit Lodha, from Fidelity Global Real Assets fund, prefers platinum to silver. "At the moment, catalytic converters just have to go in to cars, but if you look at regulations coming in round the world then they are going to have to be put in to trucks and other industrial vehicles. That increases demand. I just don’t see that same kind of demand issue for silver."

The best way to invest in precious metals is through an exchange-traded fund (ETF), which are similar to tracker funds.


ARM fell 20p to 312p, as traders noted speculation that Intel was closing in on a deal to buy the wireless arm of Infineon Technologies

FORBIDDEN Technologies - has signed a deal with Renegade Pictures for its FORscene post-production technology

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Tuesday, August 3

Tuesday Newspaper Tips

Stocks to Buy - Tuesday Newspaper Share Tips


Questor Share Tips

Dignity is the largest operator of crematoria in the UK, with 30 sites, it also has 554 funeral locations. It plans to return a large amount of cash to shareholders via a bond issue and restructuring its balance sheet. Some analysts say about 120p per share could be returned in September. The shares remain a buy despite the "rich" rating. But don't expect any excitement.

Tullett Prebon - If Tullett shares were trading on the same multiple as ICAP they would be valued at 521p a share, some 45pc above the current share price. [I think that's a buy recommendation - Ed.]

Forcing bankers to lend will kill Britain's recovery


Henk Potts of Barclays Wealth says Informa, showed an upturn in fortunes last week driven by a very strong performance in the academic publishing and events divisions.

The dividend was unexpectedly raised 25%. "We believe the shares are undervalued, trading on a 2011 price-to-earnings ratio of 10 times, so we remain buyers."

Informa’s markets are consolidating and we expect to see long-term opportunities for it to increase its market share.

Most recent Midas share tips here - Midas share tips
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Sunday, August 1

Sunday Papers Share Tips Aug1

Stocks to Buy - Weekend Newspaper Share Tips Aug1

The Sunday Telegraph

Questor Share Tips

Buy Royal Dutch Shell 'B' at £16.79½ - UK investors should buy the "B" class shares as dividends on class "A" shares have a Dutch source for tax purposes, they may therefore be subject to Dutch withholding tax. As dividends paid on class "B" shares have a UK source they are not liable to Dutch tax laws.

Buy JP Morgan Russian Securities (JRS) at 562p.

The Dana Petroleum board has given in to shareholder demands and agreed a meeting with representatives of Korean National Oil Company next week to discuss £1.7bn deal.

Mail on Sunday

Ladbrokes staff to double up as call centre workers during quiet times


From 31 July
Buy Go Ahead Group at 1116p
Midas says : Go-Ahead has enjoyed a better recession than many of its peers and CEO Ludeman is confident about the future. The shares are at 1116p but should go higher. The stock is attractive for investors in search of income and those prepared to hold for 3 to 5 years.

GW Pharmaceuticals - at 109 there is still mileage in the stock
GW Pharmaceuticals (GWP) has spent years discovering ways to use the healing properties of cannabis legally. It is thought to give relief to suferes of multiple sclerisos. In June its cannabis-based drug, Sativex, was approved for sale here. Last week, Spain also approved the drug and other countries in Continental Europe are expected to follow suit.

GW is also working with Otsuka the Japanese drugs giant, on research into the ways in which the cannabis plant may help cancer patients. Their joint venture was recently extended for another three years, during which time Otsuka will provide £8 million to fund GW's research.

Midas says: GW profits for the year to September are expected to more than double from £1.2million to £2.7million. If you bought at 80p you may choose to sell half, but keep the rest.
There is also scope for new investors at the shares' current levels


Share Tips from Friday

Buy Rank Group at 117p
Buy Rolls-Royce at 585.5p
Buy Finsbury Food Group at 17.5p

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