Wednesday, September 29

Stock Market Today Charts Bearish

Stock Market Today - Charts are Not Looking Good

The DOW fell 23 today, while the S&P and the NASDAQ fell about 3 points each. This video from free stock trading site gives an interesting take on one possible scenario in the stock market based on his analysis of the stock charts. Basically the speaker is bearish on the markets, pointing out the occurrence of inverted hammer - see inverted hammer chart pattern - and shooting star - see shooting star chart pattern - patterns. He believes the markets will eventually roll over again, and that could be quite soon.

The fundamental reason he cites is the problems in Europe which haven't gone away. The US and Canadian charts are also not bullish, with the recent rally in the markets being on very low volume. The rally has been following a trend line but that is now starting to come up against serious resistance and when the trend line starts to be pierced on the down side, then that is the time to be getting out.

He is already short himself on the markets. All the signs are there already telling you to get out and when the market falls it will fall quickly.

It has to be pointed out that lots of analysts have been bearish on the markets for quite a while now, but the markets just seem to keep grinding higher, albeit on low volume. But this slow uptrend does nto seem to be convincing a lot of people.

It will be interesting to see if the guys at perfectstockalert are right in their pessimistic analysis of the stock charts, as it would be nice to know that there are some people out there trading the stock market who actually know what they are talking about !

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Share Tips September Newspapers

Stocks and Shares - Share Tips and Stock Picks from Newspapers

China has a tight grip on the important metallic elements market
Deeply discounted Michelin rights issue deflates share price

Dairy Crest boosted by stake-building


Tempus Share Tips

Close Brothers – Only a hold
Ricardo – High enough
Albermarle & Bond – A punt on continuing economic hard times

Tiddler to Watch - KleenAir Systems


Questor Share Tips
Thomas Cook
– Buy at 171.5p - the shares appear to be pricing in years of shrinking margins and gloom, which seems to be overdone
Unilever - Buy at 1835p -

Fosun plays down talk of a bid for Prudential


Investment Stock Picks
– Buy at 328p -
Man Group – Sell at 214.1p
Qinetiq - Buy at 109.4p - not for the faint hearted, as sentiment is likely to remain depressed. But if you are willing to take a punt, there could be scope for revival at Qinetiq

Kesa attracts interest as investors look to France


Rental boom brings Paragon back into buy-to-let market
Gold rush at Albemarle
JJB profits squeeze fears
Thomas Cook cuts jobs to reduce costs

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Tuesday, September 28

Tuesday Newspaper Tips Sep28

Online Stock Investing - Newspaper Share Tips Sep28


Tempus Stock Picks
Wolseley - Too soon to chase
Aberdeen Asset Management - Hold
LSE Retal Bonds - Corporate bonds should only be a proportion of any investment portfolio

Tiddler to Watch - Breedon Aggregates

Luck of the draw means things looking up at Ladbrokes,


Questor Share Tips

International Ferro Metals - Buy at 28.25p - The shares were tipped at 56½p on August 8 2009 and have fallen 50% (hence the importance of stop-losses - Ed.) - they are still a buy despite the falls - Sales volumes rose 87% year-on-year and International Ferro is still cutting costs, with cash production costs down 8% in rand terms - but in dollar terms the cash costs rose to 83.4 cents/ pound from 76.3 cents. This shows the currency problems the company has been having and why the shares have fallen so much.

Dana Petroleum - Sell at 1801p


Ed Miliband's first major speech will attack Blair and Brown for their part in the credit crisis

Is Wolseley's switch to Swatchland the beginning of the exodus ?

Investment Share Tips
Aberdeen Asset Management - Hold at 161p
Quercus - Buy at 120p - interims yesterday showed what a good decision it was by Quercus to publish Stig Larssons "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" etc.. books as profits almost tripled to £15m in H1.

The Millennium trilogy continues to be a great performer and sales jump 30% every time a film comes out – non-Larsson revenues also outperformed the UK publishing market. This month Quercus announced a deal to push further into North America as it signed a JV with Barnes & Noble subsidiary Sterling Publishing.

It's worth point out that Quercus was tipped by Questor back on Aug. 14 when it was 60p (although he said to wait till it fell back a bit before buying Questor podcast - which it never did) and by Shares Magazine on Sept 9

Trading on a forecast of 4.3 x full-year 2010 earnings, it looks very cheap.

Personal Group - Hold at 259p

Bargain hunters look at Micro Focus


Whitbread up on Costa spin-off talk


IMF calls on banks to limit bonuses
Sage chief sees future fight
After press tip - see Midas share tips - and upbeat progress report, buyers send gold producer Goldplat soaring to 14p


Wolseley heads for the Swiss hills to escape "high" UK tax
Premier is in for a profits hike
System C Healthcare feeling chirpy

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Sunday, September 26

Newspaper Weekend Share Tips Sep26

Online Stock Trading - Weekend Newspaper Share Tips Sep26

The weekend newspaper share tips are few and far between but perhaps their quality is more important than their quantity. If anyone knows of any more tips please leave them in the comments section - either newspaper tips or your own tips/ramps/deramps etc...

For the tips from Shares Magazine see share tips

Daily Telegraph

Questor Share Tips
Buy Ryanair at 3.81 euros - it's an easy target for critics, but is exceptionally well-run says Questor. Despite the fact that there probably won't be a dividend for a few years, Questor still says they are a buy.

Buy HSBC Infrastructure Company (HCL) at 113.7p - a dividend play for income seekers. - first recommended at 109½p in June 2009 - up 4% since but they are not an investment for capital gains, although this is probably over time

For Questor's latest podcast have a listen here - Questor podcast

Daily Mail

likes gold - if you want to buy a bar they are selling them at Harrod's apparently - [alternatively you can try winning a bar at the Humraz auction/game site Online Auctions - that free bit of info. and gratuitous plug is from me and not from Midas by the way and I get no benefit from Humraz for plugging their site - Ed.].

Midas recommended Medusa Mining in September 2009. They produce 100,000oz of gold a year, but expects to triple this over the next few years. The share price was 163p - now it is 281p and some think there is plenty more to come.

Peter Hambro Mining was recommended in December 2008 at 342p. The business has changed name to Petropavlovsk and is now at £12.25 - many believe it could go much higher.

For both Midas' advice is - those who bought in 2008 or 2009 may wish to take some profits and sell up to half their stock.

Midas' two new tips are - Goldplat at 10¾p and Red Rock shares at 4¼p. Analysts say the shares for both of them are worth closer to 20p. Both carry risk, but if everything goes according to plan the shares should do very well.

Investors Chronicle

Investors Chronicle share tips (yes we scoured the known virtual universe and could only dig up 2 stock picks)

Buy Tate & Lyle - shares have a dividend yield of over 5% and continued debt improvement should help support a return to dividend growth. A recovery story worthy of a buy.

Buy CPP - they take over all the tedious stuff re. cancelling cards etc. if some low-life snatches your wallet or bag. It floated in March and now has 57% of the UK card protection market. It also does identity theft security and a mobile phone insurance. It has customers in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. Buy.

Daily Express

Burberry rose 56½p to 1002p on takeover talk by traders. The rumour is there is a US private equity firm "sniffing around Burberry.” Although another 'expert' said the share rise was linked to Chinese demand for trenchcoats and handbags. Burberry have been tipped numerous times in the lat year or so and why didn't I buy them ? - you can see their meteoric rise from 200p to almost 1000p here - Burberry shares

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Friday, September 24

Stocks to Buy in Friday Newspapers

Online Stock Trading - Friday Newspaper Share Tiips

Click here for news on Beacon Hill Resources - click here for Shares Magazine Tips



Malicious computer worm aimed at industrial targets - including possibly Iran's nuclear plant
GSK's Avandia hit by almost blanket ban


Irish economy may have "long, slow death"
Petrobras raises record $79 billion for Brazil


Questor share tips

Buy Group NBT at 355p - One of the businesses NBT is involved in is domain names and domain names are big business. Earlier this year the ".co" extension (Colombia country code) was made available to the general public. Sales have been swift, given its connection with "company" in the Western world. Questor recommended the shares as a buy on March 12 2009 and they are up 66% since then. The shares are still a buy because of their excellent cash generation and growth opportunities.

Hold Dignity at 705p.

Questors' latest podcast
Hold Biocompatibles - Sell Brit Insurance - Buy GKN
Prefers Lookers to Pendragon because Lookers pays a dividend

Ireland faces double dip
Poor property sales increase US woe
Next to sell clothes in USA
UK mortgage approvals at 16-month low
BoE's Dale warns of 'aggressive' rise in interest rates


Investment Share Tips

Hold United Utilities at 573p
Sell Immedia Group at 8.5p
Buy Songbird Estates at 146.5p - Songbird Estates shares fell by around 7% last night after the release of H! figures, but the slide was due more to fresh plans for a cash call. The money will refinance a £135m shareholder loan but it removes an overhang and lets Songbird simplify its balance sheet, which is good news. The shares continue to trade at a healthy discount to NAV. Buy.

Car output in Britain up 37% in August
GSK's Avandia banned in Europe on heart worries
Banks grant fewer mortgages and home loans as demand falls
UK's biggest offshore wind farm takes capacity to 5GW


Foyles makes first profit for 10 years
UK property prices 'could drop 10%'
Asda forced to sell 25% of Netto stores

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Thursday, September 23

Beacon Hill Resources

Online Stock Investing - Beacon Hill Resources tipped in Shares Magazine

(UPDATE : Tipped as  Tiddler to watch in the Times today (11.11.2010) and there was a RNS also published see - Beacon Hill Resources )

Yesterday Beacon Hill Resources - - was tipped in Shares Magazine and it seems to have caused quite a commotion, with the stock up around 30% on the day and the bulletin boards being very active to say the least.

First of all we have to say congratulations to anyone who was already in BHR as presumably they are sitting on a tidy profit already. One bulletin board, that I had never come across before, LSE "London South East".

BHR 2 year chart with 50 and 200 day moving averages

3 month chart

So what did Shares Magazine say ? Here is a summary.

  • Do not hang around
  • A $55 million deal with an Indian coke manufacturer is set to complete this week (must be today then ?)
  • This will make the share price look very cheap.
  • This valuation gap should close quickly as the market sees Beacon’s progress in Mozambique and Tasmania.
  • Buy now before the true rally begins (the share price was around 13p when they said that - it closed the day at 16.75p.)
  • Global Coke is investing $55 million in exchange for a 26% stake BHR Mining and rights to buy coking coal from the Minas Moatize.
  • That values Beacon Hill’s 50% stake in BHR Mining at $106 million
  • Beacon Hill’s stake is therefore worth 26p per share - before the value of other assets are taken in to account.
  • An open pit mining trial will start in the next 8 weeks pushing production up from 10,000 to 40,000 tonnes per month.
  • At conservative selling prices of $60/ tonne, that equals $2.4 million revenue per month.
  • Output will increase significantly over the next few years.
  • The company plans to start producing thermal and coking coal from January 2012.
  • Global Coke will take 600,000 tonnes of coking coal p.a. and 500,000 tonnes of thermal coal will be sold to the domestic market. Leaving 900,000 tonnes of thermal coal for export.
  • They are also active in Tasmania developing the Arthur River magnesite project.
  • Beacon Hill hopes to be in production in the next 18 to 24 months.
  • Magnesia is used in the steel industry and as an ingredient for feed and fertilisers.
  • Export restrictions by China have pushed up magnesia prices.
  • Concerns about availability from China means Beacon Hill should see increased demand.
  • H1 results are due by end of September and are expected to have a positive outlook statement.
Meanwhile over on the LSE bulletin board the poster who seems to be the most knowledgeable is Margic21. He is very bullish saying 32p by Christmas after that he then sees 68-74p after which he thinks it could fall back to 24p or even 18p which would be a good time to buy as he sees it being at least at 120p by the Olympics possibly even 135 - 184p

He certainly seems to understand the company and is pretty specific with his share price action forecasts so I will be watching carefully to see what transpires.

Over on Businessweek on Sept. 3, however, Elisabeth Behrman wrote :-
"Anglo American Plc, the third- largest producer of steelmaking coal, is seeking an acquisition that may more than double output to meet rising demand from India and China.

Anglo is looking for assets with potential annual output of as much as 20 million metric tons in Russia, Mongolia, Indonesia and Mozambique, said Seamus French, head of the London-based company’s coking coal business. Anglo’s production of the commodity from its Australian mines was 12.6 million tons last year, according to its website"
Personally I've got no idea where the price will be heading, although short term up seems the most likely, but no doubt with much shaking of trees. Good luck to all holders and take care as the rise in the share price will quite possibly bring in the rampers and de-rampers, market manipulators and shorters etc... 

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Newspaper and Magazine Share Tips

Online Stock Investing - Shares Magazine and Newspaper Tips


Share Tips of the Week

Beacon Hill Resources - for more info see Beacon Hill Resources
Telit Communications

Share Tips Updates
Avocet Mining
United Business Media
Galliford Try
IG Group - Take profits

Small Caps
Air Partner
French Connection
Ideal Shopping
Helius Energy

Cover Story
5 top dividend plays: - Aviva, Fiberweb, BATs, Provident Financial and Royal Dutch Shell B

William Hill
Euromoney Institutional Investor


Focus on PLUS
US Oil & Gas - Speculative buy

Jens Montanana, CEO of Datatec (Buy Datatec)

Market gems: - Buy Chariot Oil


Questor Share Tips

Catlin - Buy at 340p -
Imperial Tobacco - Buy at 1925p

Stock market news
Vodafone plays down chances of merger with Verizon


Investment Share Tips

Imperial Tobacco - Buy at 1925p
Gulf Keystone - Buy at 147.5p -
burst Media - Sell at 5p

Stock market news
Shanks rises on talk of resurrection of Carlyle bid


Stock market news

Carlyle rumour lifts Shanks
Compass Group slips despite Collins Stewart buy recommendation


Potash battles BHP takeover with lawsuit


Tempus Share Tips

Imperial Tobacco - Trades at discount of up to 25% in EPS terms against peers but yields about the same , about 5% . There is no compelling reason why that discount should reduce
Petropavlovsk - undemanding forward multiple of 9.5

Tiddler to Watch - Waterman Group

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Monday, September 20

Stock Prices Charts for Beginners

Stock Prices and Stock Charts for Beginners

As we wait for President Obama's conference I suspect the markets won't go anywhere much until he does actually speak. The video below is an interesting look into stock prices and what the stock charts are saying. Of course it is all conjecture but at you least you can see if stock prices do actually go to where the speaker - the Stock Mentor - thinks they will.

He is generally rather cautious and is expecting a pull-back from current stock prices. 1140 seems to be resistance level that the SandP needs to get over but of course there is no guarantee that it will.

The charts he uses are candlestick charts and if you have no idea what a candlestick chart is then take a look here - stock charts for beginners they are very widely used by stock market professionals to give an idea of where stock prices are headed, so even if you don't use them yourself it is useful to know what the 'experts' might be thinking when they look at the charts to try and inform their stock trading decisions.

Some people think stock charts are akin to tea leaves, but I disagree, stock charts are in fact a reflection of human behaviour over time. They also often turn into self-fulfilling prophecies i.e. if people look at the prices on the stock charts and expect them to react in a certain way at a certain time, then they tend to position themselves in advance in order to take advantage of the stock price moves they expect to see - this of course often causes the very effect they are expecting to see, thus confirming what they were expecting and becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.

So you may wish to argue about cause and effect on the stock prices and charts but it would be foolish to ignore the data and try to fight the crowd. Take care - stock trading is a minefield !

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Sunday, September 19

Newspaper Share Tips Weekend

Stocks to Buy - Weekend Newspaper Share Tips

The Sunday Telegraph

Questor share tips

Buy Gulfsands Petroleum at 300p - the company rejected a takeover bid approach by Indian Oil and Oil India earlier in the year. Emerald Energy, Gulfsands' 50% partner in Khurbet East, has been acquired by Sinochem, so the company has been considered to be a potential bid target for some time. The bid offer was 315p and the shares are now around 300p. They were recommended by Questor on April 10 2009 at 183p and they are now up 64% .

Buy Templeton Emerging Markets IT at 590p. Shares in TEM are at an all time high. It was first recommended by Questor on January 5 2009 year and is up 108% but it remains a core buy

The Observer


January's VAT rise will test retailers' pessimism.

Daily Mail

MIDAS Share Tips

Buy Pursuit Dynamics at 355p - Pursuit Dynamics has shown its kit works and it is starting to make real progress - with major customers. The shares are 355p but fans say they could almost triple to 900p over the next 2 years. A punt for the adventurous to see whether the fans are right.

Supergroup update - Supergroup is growing fast and is expected to continue to expand for 2 to 3 years. A first dividend of 9p is expected next year. But the share performance thus far is remarkable. If you have already bought you should bank some profit by selling 25% to 50%.


Buy Bellway (House builders ) appear to be growing. The average selling price of homes rose from £154,000 to £163,000. Pre-tax profits are expected to rise by 41% . Cash balance is also high at £66m. The yield is low at 2%, but is expected to rise to 10% in the year to July 2010.

Buy Cape - Providers of support services to the energy industry, growth in revenue has been very slow. H1 2010, revenues fell to £331m, but operating profits rose 18%. It has managed to reduce net debt to less than £100m. There are rumours that Cape may become private.

For some US stock picks and to see what Robbie Burns has been doing click here - US Stock Picks

Saturday, September 18

Stock Picks USA

Stocks to Buy - US and UK Stock Trading Picks

Stock Picks
Here are 3 US stocks recommended by analysts - assuming they know what they are talking about they might be worth a closer look.

CF Industries Holdings Inc.: this only recommended as a hold by equity analyst Mark Gulley from Soleil Securities- but he could be wrong. So it could be worth checking out as commodity prices and food prices continue to trise.

Oracle Corp.: Equity analyst Robert Simmons reiterated a buy rating on Oracle Corp. (ORCL) on Sept. 17, raising fair value estimate to $34 from $30. Shares of Oracle rose in late trading Sept.16 after Q1 results and sales forecast were above analysts' estimates, due to expansion into computer hardware. Oracle indicated sales will be at least $8.4 bn in the current period compared to estimated $8.21 billion.

"The company delivered [a] very strong [fiscal first quarter] across the board, surpassing our—and Street—expectations," Simmons said. He said its hardware margins and database business were "particularly strong."

Oracle "executed well across product lines and geographies. We expect such execution to continue."

Research In Motion Ltd.: Wunderlich Securities maintained a buy rating and $67 price target

Shares of the BlackBerry smartphone maker surged on Sept.16 after the company forecast profit and revenue that were above analysts' estimates, due to expectations for its new Torch phone.

The Torch "is an excellent step forward," co-Chief Executive Officer Jim Balsillie told analysts Sept. 16 on a conference call. "The promo campaigns are just starting. That's why you have seen the jump in guidance."

"We expect a steady flow of new product announcements for the remainder of the calendar year," Wunderlich analyst Robison said.

UK Shares 
In the UK Robbie Burns has been active again - who is Robbie Burns and what does he do on the stock market you may wonder - take a look here Stock Trader

He says he hasn't been doing much lately (but he stilll manages to make money not doing much) but one share that caught his is Alternative Networks (AN.) - he already some so he topped up at 159p.

He noticed it was going up again and thought it looked mighty cheap. Profits are soaring, it has a pile of cash and on he also suspects that there is a bid waiting to happen "at some point" as he reckons it looks a decent target for plenty of bigger companies. The strange thing about Robbie Burns is that his bid possibilities often turn into actual bid targets (luck of the Irish?) - he has a target of 250p and a stop loss at 130p. "It has the feeling to me of one of those shares that you wake up one morning and it's leapt up. Another good statement should do it from this company which simply looks overlooked." he says

He has doubled his holding in Spirent (SPT) which has "gone from strength to strength and there's been some good buying here "

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Friday, September 17

Newspaper Share Tips Friday

Stock Market Today - Newspaper Share Tips and Stock Picks

The Daily Telegraph

Questor Share Tips

Buy JP Morgan Indian IT at 463½p - Questor has recommended this Investment Trust several times as it is a great way for UK investors to play the Indian growth story

Kier Group - Buy at 1117p - the Government’s review of spending next month has led to some uncertainty, but the strength of their current order book ought to negate some of these fears. Kier also has strong links to local authorities

From Thursday

Buy Rio Tinto at 3572p

Buy Biocompatibles at 270p - they have developed a cancer treatment with potential - Biocompatibles is different to other biotech companies, it is profitable a year earlier than expected and management says the group will be consistently profitable from now on ! It also pays a dividend ! It has an exciting pipeline of products and a small punt / investment in Biocompatibles could form a speculative part of your portfolio says Questor

Here is Questor's latest podcast in which he delves into the profitable world of health investments - strangely he doesn't give the name of the 3rd company he recommends and the interviewer was clearly not listening as he didn't bother asking him what it was - but it is in fact the above-mentioned Biocompatibles - Questor's main argument for investing in health and drug companies is that the middle class is growing around the world and as people get richer they tend to spend more money on healthcare (I must be a weird exception - or maybe I'm just too young and healthy or not rich enough yet - I'm certainly not rich enough to be able to afford a trip to the dentist's ! )

The Independent

Investment Column

Hold Booker at 48.75p
Buy BTG at 224p - steady news flow is expected from Varisolve and other programmes so there is plenty of headroom.
Strong buy Bluebay Asset Management at 345p (+24.5p) -

From Thursday

Hold Gem Diamonds at 196p
Hold Bowleven at 166p
Sell Aqua Bounty Technologies at 22.5p

Daily Mail

Midas Share Tips
From 13 September
Buy Sinclair Pharma - Over the next few years, Sinclair Pharma ought to deliver exciting growth, particularly if the new CEO's ambitions are fulfilled. SP is a relatively small company so there are some risks attached, but for those willing to have a punt, the shares could prove highly rewarding at 271⁄4p.

Titan Europe -
For investors who bought in July, Titan Europe has been a good investment. The shares have soared, in response to current conditions and also in anticipation of future improvements. Some brokers say the shares are high enough and will probably take a bit of a breather. Others think the stock price could reach 100p over the coming months. Midas says sell at least half your holdings if you bought in July.

Further reading and ramblings on the stock market - stock market today

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Thursday, September 16

Stock Market Today

Stock Market Today - Online Investors not Trading Enough

After all the talk of a death cross and the Hindenburg Omen over the summer, the stock market today, as it has been over the last few weeks was boringly resilient. Today the DOW rose 22 points to 10,594 and the S&P finished close to 1,124 its highest since June. So was all the talk about the next stock market crash just so much nonsense ? Unfortunately we may never know. There are still some who see a major sell-off and there are others who think like Warren Buffett that things will just keep on keeping on and slowly improving.

Stocks have been mostly on the up since September started. In fact the stock market today seems about the sanest place on this planet which appears more and more as if the lunatics have finally taken over the asylum (you know who you are !). I am tempted to go on a rant but this is a financial blog and although I don't give a rat's assets about what people think of my ranting about madmen in dark places, the almighty Google prefers a financial blog to about finance and the stock market, investing, and mortgages etc... not about philosophical musings about just who is running this lunar waste management service, or how it got here or where it's going. In fact where could it go given that the universe, unlike the stock market and the home loan number crunchers, is made of infinite golden silence and how can infinity go anywhere? Assuming that any of these things actually exist.

The S&P, however, it seems is near the high end of its recent trading range and so it is quite possible that we will see a pull-back as stock traders and assorted online investors hesitate and decide to take profits rather than risk any more of their hard earned cash. That's the trading theory at least, although just why I called it 'hard earned' cash I'm not sure. I am old enough to remember the dot com boom when cash was anything but hard earned and your portolio of carefully picked monkey bottom assets could easily double in value in a week ! Or even a day ! Those were indeed the days. Pity about the crash that followed, when the DOW was falling 700 points a day. And all those lovely stocks and shares ended up worth 1% of what they were worth a year earlier - ouch ! And ouch again ! Some of them didn't even manage to hang on to their 1% theoretical stockholder value.

Then we discovered that CEOs were in fact idiots. Was it the CEO of Monticello who said "I'm an idiot" just a few months after his stock price had collapsed into dust ? Or was that someone else ? The CEO of Baltimore also made a few choice statements I seem to recall. And let us not forget Henry Blodget.

Well those days are long gone on the stock market. Stock trading today is positively like watching a foul wind from your mortgage provider's rear end drift slowly by. Nothing happens, at least nothing ridiculous. Except the flash crash of course, that was certainly a shock to the system and I saw it live on CNBC - lol - bang DOW down 200 points - bang make that 300 points ! Oops sorry it's now 500 points,or was it 700 - did it just hit 1000 points down !? Lol all in about 5 minutes - it was like being in a time warp - only happened once though and they still don't know why. Still, life goes on. Investors, online stock traders and mortgage and insurance brokers are condemned to try and grind out a living on a stock market that only ever moves in double digits. It could be the calm before the storm of course, it certainly feels that way. And another piece of dysfunctional behavior from the mentally-challenged could once more set the fat cat amongst the pigeon pie charts and send the whole financial world crashing down again. Just who is in charge we wonder ? I demand to speak to the manager !

Somebody should do something, but they won't of course.

The DOW on the other hand has done something, not, it has risen 10 of the last 12 days, but is still 5.5% below its 2010 closing high of April 26. The Nasdaq composite moved up at a snail's slimy pace 0.08%, to 2,303.25 !

Consolidated volume on the NYSE was low at 3.5 billion shares. Trading volume continues to be very low as many investors stay in bed or sit on the sidelines depending on their proclivites. "That could leave the market vulnerable if sentiment suddenly worsens." said one analyst wag, who clearly gets paid for spouting financial platitudes as if there were no tomorrow, which of course there isn't. You will never ever see tomorrow not even if you buy yourself an ACME time machine.

Wall Street was mixed despite some encouraging economic news. First-time claims for unemployment benefits fell to a 2 month low to 450,000. Still well below levels that suggest economic growth. I would venture to suggest that there won't be any economic growth until people get some more money. Letting people have access to loans rather than paying them a decent living wage is not sound finance. It is just called getting rich on somebody else's back. So anybody reading this wondering if they should take out a credit card loan - the answer is NO ! Owing money is not the way to get anywhere, unfortunately they probably aren't paying you enough for you to manage your finances without a loan. Here is one secret bit of financial wisdom - they do it on purpose ! They need lots of people in lots of debt in order to do all the jobs that nobody in their right mind would do. You need a constant supply of poor people at the bottom of the pile to do the menial jobs that the rich have no intention of doing. So your only way out is to get rich yourself ! Stop wasting your life and make some real money ! You are unlikely to make any real money working for the 'man'. So get a proper job - working for yourself and set your own wages. It may take a bit more effort but it may also allow you to stop working altogether in a few years time and get poor poeple to run your finances for you ! Like that rich woman who gave her financial advisor $20 million to invest just after the above-mentioned dotcom bubble burst and said financial genius managed her assets so well that by the time he had finished she only had $60,000 left ! Lol ! She was not pleased of course, but I doubt she got any of her money back, it had been well and truly redistributed !

"Bottom line, everybody is worried the economy is in terrible shape," said a senior portfolio manager whose name I can't remember "But it's not getting any worse." Hooray, that's nice to know.

"Prices at the wholesale level rose more than expected last month, easing concerns about deflation." Good. I feel better.

"The yield on the 10-year Treasury note, which moves opposite its price, rose to 2.76% from 2.72% late Wednesday. Its yield is used to help set interest rates on mortgages and other consumer loans." I never did understand anything about bonds.

"I'm not sure the deflation theory is completely debunked, but it's pretty close," said someone.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, FedEx shares dropped $3.22, or 3.8%, to $82.72. The stocks of competitor UPS Inc. also fell in sympathy 94 cents to $66.72.

So there it is, another day of tedium for stock investors and online stock traders around the world in the global financial markets. This may be the time of course to start getting back into real estate and property. Real estate domain names are an easy way of investing in real estate without actually getting your hands dirty ! Take a look at this - chosen almost at random from DNJournal - sold last week for $100,000 !Lol - well done that man who had the foresight to invest in a few years back ! If you like the dogs of the DOW what about this - sold for $21,000 actually lower than I would have thought. That site has got to be a fine investment and a guaranteed money-spinner, more so than everybody loves their dogs and spend oodles of cash cleaning up their mess and stuffing their faces.

Both of these investments, however, are feed for the chickens compared to this year's top sale so far - at $5.5 million ! As this blog is a financial blog I can't tell you what Slots is all about, as I mentioned above the big G issues cyber slaps if I start waffling on about slots - but let me simply say that slots is devoted to people who like to invest their money with reckless abandon and refuse to analyze the particular investment vehicle into which they are placing their coins other than to wonder if this is the day they will get a share in the fruits of someone else's ridiculous and totally random labor.

So invest in domain names if you have a few dollars to splash about, as a long-term investment it could prove quite profitable if you pick the right names. Two-word dotcoms are probably the best bet but you also will have a very hard time trying to find any that other investors have not alread snapped up. Still it can be an interesting exercise and in many ways is actually more interesting and less hazardous than the stock market or forex 'investments'.

After the stock market today what about the stock market tomorrow ? Well that is the big question of course, my prediction for the stock markets tomorrow is that they will go up, down or sideways. I don't think I've ever seen a day when the stock markets actually went nowhere - 0 points movement, and I doubt if I ever will. Good night -gold is forming a bubble by the way, I'm convinced of that at least. Gold bars in vending machines ! Absolutey ridiculous !

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Wednesday, September 15

Newspaper Share Tips Sep15

Newspaper Share Tips - Wednesday

BP safety lapses in North Sea

Supergroup, super simple - Supergroup's international expansion is exciting shareholders

ARM loses ground after sales by director
TalkTalk helped by Vodafone bid talk
Brisk trading at Workspace


The Comment Column

If anyone should be protesting, it's the put-upon private sector - A new study by the Office for National Statistics shows that median gross weekly pay in the public sector is £539 versus £465 in the private sector

Questor Share Tips
Hargreaves Services (coal) - Buy at 620p excellent full-year results with profits at record levels - company is focusing on organic growth opportunities. Management say they have no plan to buy any more deep mines at present.
Hilton Food group - Hold at 227.5p

gold at all-time high


Warren Buffett and Ballmer say no double dip in US economy

Rate rises still off table despite inflation
Gold sends a worrying message

Investment Share Tips
Ashmore Group - Buy at 314p
Hilton Food Group - Buy at 272.5p -
Oxford Instruments - Hold at 431p

Logica boosted by government vow to honour contracts


Solomon Gold shares soar 66%, after 'significant' Gold, copper and molybdenum reserves were found at Fauro Island mine in the Pacific


New markets bring profits for Ashmore


Banks are not bluffing when they say they will move their headquarters overseas on changes in Government regulations

Tempus Share Tips
Hargreaves Services - Tuck away for longer term
Ashmore Group - Hold
Oxford Instruments - Still a long-term hold
Hiscox - getting out of US animal mortality business

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Tuesday, September 14

Share Tips Stock Market Today

Online Stock Trading - Tuesday Share Tips from Newspapers

Pursuit Dynamics up 14.2% on talk of a new deal for its PDX brewing system
Bellzone Mining down 4.8% on political instability in Guinea


BP to recover slice of its $20 bn clean-up cash

Tempus Share Tips
BAE Systems - Buy
CSR - Wait for better entry point
Centamin Egypt - Hold
Hikma - Evolution starts coverage with a 'reduce' recommendation, says the stock is 'up with events'

Mid-cap to Watch - Vislink


Police leader says cuts will bring civil unrest
Tesco makes good move into Korea
West needs China to live up to its hype

Questor Share TipsCentamin Egypt - Hold until confirmation that processing issues at Egyption gold mine mill have been rectified
BAE Systems - Buy at 331p - one of Questor's tips of the year they have fallen 9% since Jan 1 but valuation still looks compelling from a value point of view. Questor also did a podcast on BAE systems that you can listen to here - questor share tips


OECD says it is concerned about the sustainability of the recoveries in many member countries and says it now thinks they should review pull-back from fiscal and monetary support for their economies. The IMF says joblessness is the greatest challenge

Investment Share Tips

ABF (Owner of Primark) - Keep buying at 1072p - another slowdown on the high street will only increase demand
for Primark's offerings.
PZ Cussons - Hold at 345p
Galleon Holdings - Speculative buy at 8.25p - Trading at 8 x forecast full-year earnings, it's not expensive. Not for risk-averse, but a buy for those who like to speculate.


IMF warns of the 'human cost' of cuts
More Connaught workers lose their jobs
BA and unions agree to cut 500 jobs
Primark warns of rising costs
Deloitte to add 50,000 staff over next 5 years
World's largest wind farm ready to open


BAE to free up £1 bn war chest

Markets rally as fears of double-dip recede
Footsie crush on Unilever is over
Ram Investment Group rise 8.82% on announcement of 17 new contracts


BP says claims for spill won't be too high
ABF boosted by boom in home baking
Prudential boosted by China bid talk

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Friday, September 10

Tips for Online Stock Trading

Online Stock Market - Friday Newspaper Share Tips

For yesterday's tips from Shares Magazine see - stocks to buy
Financial Times


Tablets eating into laptop market - consumer electronics still a bright spot.
Chances of Sinochem battling with BHP Billiton in a hostile bid for PotashCorp are slim to non-existent.

Daily Telegraph
Questor Share Tips

Buy Genus at 746p - shares unlikely to outperform in the short term. Questor likes the shares as strategic investment as the rising population and looming food crisis are not going away. They were first recommended in September 2009 at 700p and are up 7% since. They remain a buy based on long-term food production bull market.

Hold IG Group at 495p -5½.

Questor podcast about stocks he likes in the animal/pet sector

The Guardian

Argos barometer indicates possibility of a cold Christmas.

The Independent

Investment Share Tips

Pittards at 2.5p - Speculative buy - consumers are key for Pittards going into next year. The uncertain outlook, means Pittards does not sound like a particularly attractive investment. But although the economy is on life-support it is not dead - a speculative buy.

Avoid Redrow at 130.4p
Hold Falkland Islands Holdings at 344.5p


Morrisons taking cautious steps online.

Daily Mail

BP braced for costly showdown in courts.

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Thursday, September 9

Online Stock Market Share Tips

Online Stock Market - Shares Magazine and Newspaper Share Tips

Share Tips of the Week

Stock Picks Updates

Quercus Publishing - already tipped once and also tipped by Questor - listen to podcast here Questor Share Tips Quercus publish Stieg Larsson's books - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo etc...

Titan Europe
Mariana Resources

Cover Story
Buy UK stocks with ten good reasons why 
  • Market is cheap 
  • Equity yield more than 10-year bond yield 
  • Merger and acquisition mania 
  • There wiil be no double-dip in Western economy 
  • Growth in emerging markets is strong 
  • Corporations are awash with cash 
  • Inventories and Capex near historic lows 
  • Inflation is on its way 
  • Budget deficits are not structural they are cyclical
  • At this moment in time equities are a contrarian call
"Key Buys" are: - Aviva, Harvey Nash, Clarkson, Burberry, United Business Media, Yule Catto, Centamin Egypt, Spectris, Lloyds Banking, Segro,

Cable & Wireless Worldwide
Kazmunaigas EP
Symphony Environmental
Albermarle & Bond



Small Caps Tips
Churchill China
Shanta Gold
Pursuit Dynamics
GTL Resources


Focus on PLUS
Sell - Bright Futures

Andy Stevens, Cobham CEO (Buy Cobham)

Sector Report
Food Producers - Increases in soft commodity price mean hard times ahead ...
Conclusion - Sell Food Producers, but BUY Tate & Lyle, Devro, and MP Evans and SELL Norhern Foods, Premier Foods, Dairy Crest, Uniq, Robert Wiseman


Dana cannot avoid being served up for a bid

Small Talk
Jaded AIM bets on iEnergizer - Indian call-centre operator

Further news
BP disaster "report" brings outrage from lawmakers and contractors
Hays makes gains on bid speculation
Zenergy Power loses spark
FTSE-250 new boys this month - Avis Europe, Kenmare Resources, Phoenix Group and Ocado


Tempus Share Tips
Hold - Barratt Development
Sell - Thorntons
No reason to chase Lupus Capital


Questor Share Tips
Cape - Buy at 307p - The shares have risen 367% since being first recommended in March 2009 but still look undervalued
Dechra Pharmaceuticals - Buy at 448p - Questor says US move will allow strong growth to be maintained for next few years - shares are still a buy after a period of underperformance

ARM shares get helping hand from Samsung - RBS analysts said Samsung's new processor probably uses an ARM graphics processor - Imagination Technologies fell 11% as they appear to have lost out to ARM.


Investment Stock Picks
Alliance Pharma - Buy at 37.75p - The numbers show that Alliance Pharma is getting it right, - the stock is expensive but it is one of the outstanding sector picks in the sector.
Thornton's - Hold at 81.5p
SQS - buy at 179p - SQS signed up 91 new clients over H1 and the stock is very cheap.

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Wednesday, September 8

Newspaper Stocks & Shares Tips

Stocks and Shares - Wednesday Newspaper Share Tips


Outrage greets Bob Diamond [I'm sure he's devastated - Ed.]

Equities seen as new focus for banks

Further news
Bid talk helps Invensys climb out of relegation zone
ProStrakan hit by triple whammy


20% of tax records inaccurate

Ocado fails to deliver and analysts disagree

Questor Share Tips
Ashtead – Buy at 93.5p - There is likely to be a wave of consolidation between smaller players, which will benefit Ashtead, as will the move in the US construction industry towards renting, not buying, equipment. Rentals account for 70% of the UK market in the US it is currently only 40%. Tipped at 81.2p in January it is still a buy.

Whitbread - Buy at 1502p - Whitbread is taking its brands abroad, with Premier Inn hotels in the Middle East and India, and Costa Coffee in China, Russia and Eastern Europe. The company predicted slower sales growth in H2 however, shares are now trading at a p-e ratio of 14.2 times, and yielding 2.7%.

Goldman plays down TUI bid talk


De La Rue staff faked quality tests on banknotes

Investment Share Tips
Sports Direct – Buy at 117p
Dechra Pharmaceuticals – Buy at 445p
Greene King - Hold at 425.5p


Dashboard Pages
De La Rue's checks and balances clearly at fault. Rather like all those banks

Tempus Share Tips
DS Smith – Hold, pending strategy update
Ashtead Group - Don't chase them
Greene King – Nice management, shame about the sector
Charlemagne – “Emerging markets rebound.” Is Charlemagne Capital talking its book?

Tiddler to Watch - Alumasc


Invensys bid rumours lift price saving it from demotion
Norcross jumps 1.37p to 10.5p - profits for the year expected to significantly exceed expectations


World Cup boost for Sports Direct
Fraud fear at currency printer De La Rue
Sales rise at Ocado but City is jittery

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Tuesday, September 7

Share Tips Tuesday Newspapers

Online Stock Investing - Tuesday Newspaper Tips


Takeover rumours lift Tullow
JP Morgan-Cazenove cuts Smith & Nephew's forecasts
Cheers for Pursuit Dynamics
Bellzone Minerals up 4.8% on raised reserves at its Guinea project


Tempus Share Tips

Cable & Wireless Worldwide - Take profits and sell
Clapham House - an auction with only 1 bidder. The best offer may be a raise from 73p to 74p vs. last night's 68.5p
Titan Europe - Well up with events
Staffline - Employers using more temporary staff

Deal of the Day - Oilex


Willie Walsh's merger plans - flight of fancy

Questor Share Tips
GlaxoSmithKline - Buy at 1249p - Questor likes GSK because of the stable dividend and growth prospects in consumer healthcare and emerging markets divisions. Avandia concerns do not alter this – the drug was only a small proportion of GSK's 2009 sales. The company is emerging from a difficult few years caused by expiring patents. It is aiming to diversify away from a reliance on white pills and /Western market, which now account for just a 25% of sales.

Goals Soccer Centres - Buy at 123p - After H1 results and sales update, yesterday Numis, Altium and Brewin Dolphin analysts raised their rating to 'buy'. Questor sold Goals shares back in May 2009 at 198p, after buying them at 126½p. They now have a very low valuation - after falling in the last year on worries about debt levels and the weak consumer economy, the PE ratio is 9.53 times. compared with 14.9 when Questor sold last year.

China to build $2-bn Iran rail link


Car sales going nowhere for some time

Investment Share Tips
EasyJet - Hold at 381p
Kofax - Take profits at 245p
Goals Soccer Centres - Buy at 121p - the shares look relatively cheap on a 2011 multiple of just 8 x forecast earnings. The Ind. said buy at 150p which doesn't look that clever, but the current valuation makes them a buy.

Further news
Rumours of Tullow bid at £20


BA strike 'inevitable', says union
Glaxo shares hit by call to withdraw Avandia from UK market
CWW shares soar on bid rumours
See here for Weekend Newspaper Share Tips
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Sunday, September 5

Sunday Newsapers Share Tips Sep5

Online Stock Investing - Weekend Newspaper Share Tips

For Friday's share tips from the Investors Chronicle see - Investor's Chronicle Share Tips

The Sunday Telegraph
Questor share tips

Buy Kenmare Resources at 18¾p - titanium assets in Mozambique - company does not pay a dividend, so not suitable for income seekers. Shares are not expected to rocket but are a longer term play on rising volumes and rising prices as global supply tightens. A deposit requires number of years to develop and now looks like a good time to put some speculative cash into Kenmare and wait for the market to tighten.

Hold Serco at 03p.


The problem with Ocado's is there is not enough jam today.

The Observer

Ocado marked down but it's still not a bargain.

The Independent
Aggreko - Shares in Aggreko jumped 5.5% to 1,515p, market sources rumoured hedge funds were driving the talk ahead of taking profits. Aggreko has rebound from 639.5p last year. Despite rumours, Aggreko is thought to have not received any bid approach. Yesterday's surge left market analysts scratching their nuts.

Yell - shares fell by 5.9% to 16.8p. apart from brave bargain-hunters, bid talk has left traders unconvinced, - Yell has a £3bn debt mountain and its shares have fallen dramatically over the past year.

Autonomy - bid speculation has been swirling around Autonomy which has been linked to a possible bid from either Microsoft or Oracle. Yesterday, Autonomy leapt 3.4% to 1775p.

Cable & Wireless, continued to bounce around on unsubstantiated bid speculation - AT&T or Verizon are the possible suitors.

Barclays - David Buik says Barclays is the cheapest of the UK banks (I think he means their share price) and it offers "good value". He also added that traders tried to short Barclays' around £3, but were "quickly seen off with aplomb" as buyers piled in ahead of Monday's US Labor Day bank holiday, on the hope that the market will open positively on Tuesday.

BP rose 2.3% on speculation that Gazprom may be interested in buying some of its assets in Azerbaijan.

They have also said that the Gulf of Mexico well is finally capped for good - see for yoursel fhere - oil spill live video feed .

BP 1 Year Chart with 50 and 200 day moving averages - the share price is still way below its 200 day moving average

Mail on Sunday
MIDAS share tips
update on Pure Circle

Midas warned in April that PureCircle was a 'big risk' and so it was, having dropped from 289p to 182p as proven. Some may wish to cut their losses but the fundamental case for stevia-based sweeteners and for Pure Circle remains unchanged. The shares remain a big risk, but they also have the potential for a significant recovery. It should, at the very least be possible to exit at a better price than this. Hold.

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Friday, September 3

Online Stock Investing Share Tips

Online Stock Investing - Friday Papers and Investors Chronicle Share Tips


Share Tips of the Week
Dignity (also tipped by Questor back in August)
4 Year DTY Chart with 50 and 200 day moving averages

Digital Barriers
Herald Investment Trust

Ark Therapeutics

Share Tips Updates

Sinclair Pharma
SVG Capital
William Hill
Yule Catto

Haynes Publishing - Fairly priced
New Britain Palm Oil - Fairly priced
Omega Insurance - Long-term good value

Cover Story
10 shares where dividend payouts will rise
Alumasc, Chesnara, Catlin, HMV, Greene King, Morgan Sindall, Interserve, Provident Financial, National Grid, and Rok

Company Results
Speculative buy - Salamander Energy
Buy - Churchill China, Biocompatibles
Good value - Heritage Oil, AMEC, Premier Oil, Playtech, Segro
Fairly-Priced - Kazakhmys, Hunting, Office2Office, Dana Petroleum, JKX Oil & Gas
High enough - Petropavlovsk


Fears increase over food supply (Russia extends ban on grain exports - Wheat prices soar - Riots in Africa )

Hays - largest recruiter in the UK struggles with abysmal employment market

DSG International reports 40% increase in sales, helped by flat-screen TV sales for the World Cup


Stephen Hawking says there is no god [why didn't he tell us earlier ? We could have saved ourselves a lot of trouble - Buddhism says there is no Hawking by the way.]

SNP wants to stick 45p per minimum price on a unit of alcohol

Tempus Share Tips
Spice - Multiple is probably about all investors could expect - but it doesn't look generous
McBride - Few reasons to chase in the short-term
Restaurant Group - Hold
Pernod Ricard - Always two sides to a view

Tiddler to Watch - Anglo Asian Mining


Questor Share Tips

Go-Ahead Group - Buy at 1165p - Yesterday's results show that things are not as bad as some people feared and the shares rose sharply. They are still 4% below the previous recommendation price. With a June 2011 multiple of 9.6 x , the shares are still a buy for income seekers, but more cautious investors many prefer to delay until after October 20 to see what the Government has planned

Weir Group - Buy at 1271 - Questor is trong believer in India growth story - Yesterday, Weir Group said it had acquired BDK Engineering Industries, in the state of Karnataka, which specialises in valve manufacturing for the energy sector. Shares have risen 16% since they being recommended by Questor on June 17. They remain a buy.

Further news
Gold miners slip on talk of end to system risk


Investment Share Tips

Buy Abbey Protection at 81.25p - interim pre-tax profits were up 11% yesterday to £4.7m, AP sells insurance against fees for professional and legal services incurred by small and medium-sized business. Results show more businesses are signing up for AP's services and the arguments suggesting this will continue are convincing.

Hold Go-Ahead at 1165p
Hold McBride at 160p

US stock markets news

New York shares rose yesterday, with retailers Home Depot, Wal-Mart Stores and Walt Disney leading the gains after better-than-expected results from housing and retail sectors. Dow climbed 50 points to 10320, Nasdaq was up 23 points to 2200, the S&P gained 9.81 to 1090.

Is it time to remortgage ? - Remortgaging Deals

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Thursday, September 2

Thursday Newspaper Share Tips

Stocks and Shares - Thursday Newspaper Share Tips

Not many today I'm afraid.

Daily Telegraph

Questor Share tips

Buy Thomas Cook at 188.3p6.6p
Buy Afren at 104.7p+1.

The Independent

Investment Share Tips

Buy Mouchel at 125p
Buy Hargreaves Lansdown at 390p
Buy Vertu Motors at 27p (+1.25p).

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Wednesday, September 1

Share Tips Newspapers Sep1

Online Stock Trading - Wednesday Newspaper Share Tips Sep1

Democrats facing mid-term meltdown

Intel's takeover of Infineon means market is open to disruption

European governments keen to get their pound of flesh from online gaming
Ball-tracker Hawk-Eye up for sale
888 to cut costs to stop declining profits
Gartmore up on stake rumours
Encore up on North Sea oil find
Daniel Stewart names Gulf Keystone as a bid candidate
Pan African Resources up to 7p on impressive annual results


Tempus Share Tips

Vodafone – solid hold for further developments
BPI – shares look cheap
BTG – Too soon to chase

Deal of the Day - Origo


Questor Share Tips

Bunzl – Buy at 711p - Bunzl has grown by acquisitions and its solid cash flows mean it doesn't need to issue equity to do this
JP Morgan Indian Investment Trust - Buy at 416p - India is developing rapidly with growth being supported inside the country not as a result of a global trade imbalance like China has

Serco slides on Government spending cut fears


House prices to fall further as mortgages remain scarce
Candover caught in the BP backwash

Santa to bring only brief joy to retail industry

Investment Share Tips

Safestore – Buy at 122p - the sector may have a tough time in the coming months, but Safestore appears well set to deal with some nasty bumps.
Raven Russia – Buy at 48.5p - not for the faint-hearted. But investors wanting some interesting diversity into Russian property, may want tot ake a punt.

UTV Media - Buy at 113p - investors may be wary that a falling economy could damage revenues, but with an analysts' estimated price of 6.9 x full-year earnings, UTV Media looks worth buying

Shire seen as bid target after offer for ERT rival


Bet on consolidation within bookmakers

At a Glance - Concurrent Technology

Charter up 15.5p to 610.5p on bid rumours

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