Saturday, January 8

Stocks and Shares 2011 Predictions

Stocks and Shares- Where are the Stock Markets Headed in 2011 ?

[UPDATE - Sunday 10 Jan - Oscar is bearish for stocks for the very immediate future - next 1 or 2 days - for the SandP - expecting a slight drop]

According to Oscar stocks and shares are headed higher for 2011 - see the video below - love him or hate him Oscar Carboni certainly has lots of energy and is not afraid to say what he thinks before the event - he also gets a lot of views (relatively speaking) on youtube - so check out his predictions for where he thinks stocks and shares are headed for 2011 - he got the trend right for the stock markets right for 2010 and was only slightly overoptimistic with the figures

If you are a beginner to buying stocks and shares online and don't know where to start or what you should be looking out for - then check out this article aimed at explaining the basics of stock charts and onilne stock brokers --> stocks and shares
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