Sunday, March 27

Sunday Share Tips 27 March

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Sunday Times

Lloyds scrambling to raise £20 bn loan to kickstart the sale of 600 branches.
BP may face a bill of $15 billion (£9.3 billion) at least to save tie-up with Rosneft.
High inflation threatens Osborne’s growth plan
Punch Taverns being forced to split in two - sign of decline of the traditional pub.

The Independent on Sunday

HMV in talks to sell some of its stores to pound shops and a sports retailer to reduce debt.

The Observer

A campaign has overturned ING's executive pay policy, as the mood gets increasingly militant about bankers' bonuses

99p Stores could be sold for up to £80 million.

The Sunday Telegraph

Gallagher & Co, the world's 4th largest insurance broker, is in talks to buy Heath Lambert, the Lloyd's broker, for more than £100 million.

Questor Sunday share tips

Buy - Smith & Nephew at 695p - Goldman Sachs said last month that the company was its top pick in global orthopaedics.
From Friday
Buy - Ferrexpo at 426p.

Mail on Sunday

Midas share tips

Buy Yule Catto at 199p - Yule Catto shares have dropped to 199p since announcing its 2010 figures on March 9. But the firm is able to pass price rises on to customers and the PolymerLatex deal should help compensate for slow European growth by selling more in Asia. The shares are likely to start moving up in the next few months. Buy.

RPC shares are 286p, up 16% in 15 months - they should continue to do well. Existing investors should hold new investors could buy on weakness.

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