Sunday, May 8

Sunday Papers Share Tips May8

Share Trading Basics - Weekend Newspaper Share Tips and Rumours

Sunday Times

British Airways planning a bid for the Portuguese airline TAP, which is up for sale.

Planned merger between the LSE and the Toronto stock exchange could be stopped by Canadian banks.

Dubai-based billionaire Hussain Sajwani chairman of Damac Holding, has secretly built a large stake in Northacre, a property company specializing in luxury London flats.

Estate agent Marsh & Parsons has received a number of bid approaches.

Rank has advised investors not to accept a £586 M takeover bid from its main shareholder.

HMV close to selling its Canadian business but negotiations to sell Waterstone’s are at an impasse.


Economic Outlook: eurozone looking unappealing and battered. Parts are held together with artificial support.

Commodities: Fears raised that investors in UK funds are over-exposed to this volatile market, just when prices may have peaked.

Commodities giant Glencore has some dark secrets, for example betting on grain while the developing world riots over food.

HSBC’s chief executive Stuart Gulliver is embarking on a great leap forward, but where will it lead 'the world's local bank'?

Soaring fuel prices, civil unrest and weak consumer spending has kept shares in Thomas Cook and Tui Travel from progressing.

The Observer

Bankers still in denial about reasons for financial crisis - light-touch regulation got us into this mess, but bankers are resisting attempts to tighten up the system every inch of the way.

Banks' PPI (payment protection insurance) was in fact a racket [which was evident to anyone with half a brain 10 years ago - Ed.] - Lloyds has decided to cut its losses. Barclays looks like it is going to do the same. HSBC, and RBS need to follow, even if the final bill is £8 billion. [Can't understand why people hate bankers so much]

The Sunday Telegraph

Questor share tips

Buy NBT at 395p - manages domain names for big clients - substantial amount of recureing revenues

Questor podcast - Cash in on cars
Lookers is a hold at the moment
Go-ahead - passenger numbers up due to high oil prices - shares till yield 5.4% - still a fan
Johnson Matthey - catalyic converters and other converters - 12% of profits from converters for opiates - but should start selling more to the Chinese - double digit earnings increases fo the next 3 years

Commodities prices hit sizeable correction, just as Glencore releases its prospectus for one of the world's largest ever floats.

Goldman Sachs' flotation was the top of the equity bubble in 1999 [the top of the tech bubble was actually in 2000 - Ed.], and Blackstone's IPO rang the bell for private equity in 2007.

Mail on Sunday

Midas share tips

Buy BATM Advanced Communications. Survivor of the dotcom boom - two distinct divisions to help telecoms companies transmit data faster and more securely. The shares are 24p and have not been helped by poor communication skills and the Nokia Siemens setback. But the co. is innovative, cash-generative and provides phone operators with a service they desperately need. Buy and be patient.

Tipped in 2009 at 28p. Investors should sell up to half of their Anite shares at 67.5p; new investors should consider buying a few.

The flotation of commodities trading giant Glencore has all the hallmarks of being a defining moment for the stock market.



Tempus share tips

Danger seems minimal in holding on to the shares of utilities Centrica, Pennon Group, National Grid and Tesco.