Monday, June 27

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Online Stock Trading - Weekend Newspaper Share Tips

Hey stock pickers check out the video on stock charting - I've been told to make my blog more interesting and add some pics or groovy stuff - well here's Rebecca that I found hanging about on Youtube to explain technical analysis to you if you can be bothered

I particularly like her introductory remark "Hi I'm Rebecca - everybody talks about technical analysis (do they?) but very few people actually understand it, luckily for you I'm one of those people !" Cool. And her accent is way weird dudes - from somewhere up north (England - maybe Yorkshire) but moved down south (or maybe to California)- or maybe born in San Francisco and emigrated to Barnsley - to make her fortune about ten years ago I would say. Be that as it may, what she doesn't know about stock charts and the right time to get stuck in is not worth knowing. If I didn't know better I'd think it was an ad. for some online stockbroking firm. But I rambleth on too much methinks (yes that's how she talks!) So here she is - the wonderful Rebecca !

Markets pretty flat again - FTSE up 12 to 5710 at the moment

Investors Chronicle

Buy WS Atkins at 737p; recovery potential, low rating and strong reputation.
Buy HSBC at 609p; for decent yield and exposure to Asian markets. [Also tipped by Questor at 646p a few weeks back - Questor)
Buy Goldplat at 11p - mining and exploration projects can transform the gold miner and justify doubling of the share price.
Sell Betfair at 783p - vulnerable to increased competition and regulatory uncertainty.

Stocks Updates:

Charter, tipped on 7 January at 830p, now only fairly priced at 584p.
Supergroup, recommended as a sell at £14.68, now fairly priced at 831p. [Robbie Burns bought some at 831p recently - see Supergroup
Greka, tipped on 9 June at 22p, high enough now at 45p.

Share Tips Bits:
Keep buying
Modern Water at 48p,
Development Securities at 219p,
St Modwen Properties at 187p,
Digital Barriers at 176p.
United Business Media at 523p,

News Tips:
Newly-listed 3Legs Resources worth watching for potential from pioneering horizontal shale gas drilling.
SABMiller only fairly priced as the move for Foster's looks like a deal too far.
Keep buying Rolls-Royce - it emerged a clear winner from Paris Air Show

Keep buying Jupiter Fund Management, 247p, for its 4.7% yield.

Keep buying New World Resources at 918p, after it got the go-ahead for the Debiensko coking coal project

TEG Group still a speculative buy for a rebound when it fixes the Manchester waste PFI contract problems.

Misys at 410p, offers short-term good value on current bid talks

Sunday Telegraph

Questor Share Tips
Avoid Dixons Retail at 16p on gloomy outlook for the electrical goods sector.
Keep buying Hargreaves Services at £10.40 after a reassuring trading update last week.

The Mail on Sunday

Midas Share Tips

Buy Eros International at 203.5p, as a play on the growth of India's 'Bollywood' film industry.

Shares Update:
Take profits in Halma, recommended in 2008 at 206p - now 392p, but hold some for further rises.