Thursday, August 18

Newspaper Stock Picks Today

Stock Market Today - Thursday's Stock Picks from the Newspapers

Scarlett Johansson

FTSE is down 122 to 5209 at the moment and the DOW futures are 200 down.
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In the meantime here's a pic of Scarlett Johannsson - did she win we wonder?

The Guardian

British lingerie company Rigby and Peller, whose clients include the Queen and Scarlett Johansson, has been bought by Belgians Van de Velde for £8 million.

Viewpoint Column

Gilt yields are falling due to the dire economic outlook

Financial Times
Sage the preferred bidder to take over Australian rival MYOB for over $1.4 bn.

Asahi set to agree $1.3 billion acquisition of Australian Independent Liquor.

Lex Column

EU Tobin tax: a desperate measure - a financial transaction tax is seductive but inherently complex and difficult to collect.

SABMiller / Foster’s: London-listed brewer has timing right with a A$11.2bn hostile bid for Foster’s. Investors should take the cash

Solar industry hardly thriving despite lower price of photovoltaic solar panels.

The Independent
Pearson should sell FT to finance expansion in education business, says one influential analyst who says the business could bring up to £900 million.

Investment Column
Hold ITV at 59p
Hold Marston's at 92.5p
Hold Keller at 382.5p.


RBS says providing access to other banks' ATMs is unsustainable

The Daily Telegraph

Merkel and Sarkozy fiddle as Europe slides to disaster - they are not facing up to the "crise existentielle" says Jeremy Warner.

Talk Talk (Tiscali/Pipex) fined £3 M for billing errors (a fraction of what they could have been fined) so check your bills if you are with Talk Talk over 65,000 customers have been affected

Sebastian Lyons of Troy Asset Management's multi-asset Trojan Fund says that if the current correction continues, then good-quality firms with low debt and good dividend records will fall along with the rest - such as Unilever, GSK, British American Tobacco, Sage and Nestlé which should be on investors' buy lists if prices fall. He also has 20% of his fund in gold and gold shares.

Daily Mail
Midas recommends a gold firm in Africa on the verge of production - unfortunately you need to be a subscriber to get the lowdown in which company it is

Shares Magazine
Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment (BPTY) – Speculative Buy - possible bid from the US

Misys (MSY) – Buy - “new bid speculation”

Sportingbet (SBT) – Speculative Buy - “Buy in anticipation of a full bid from Ladbrokes”

Buy Asian Citrus (ACHL:AIM) at 50.8p

Small Caps

Photon Kathaas Productions (PKP:AIM)
International Greetings (IGR:AIM)
Innovation (TIG)

Autonomy (AU.),
Netcall (NET:AIM),
Domino’s Pizza (DOM),
Tesco (TSCO),
Majestic Wine (MJW:AIM)