Thursday, August 11

Share Tips for After the Falls

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DOW fell over 500 yesterday but today we are bouncing for some reason - FTSE is up 55 DAX is up 89 and the US futures are up - so anything can happen !

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Buy Chariot Oil & Gas at 108p
10 year chart with 50 and 200 day moving average doesn't look good [Ed the Talking Horse]

Buy Blacks Leisure at 14.25p
Buy Spirent at 116p
Buy Misys at 249p

Share Tips Updates -
Afferro Mining
Hogg Robinson
Photo-Me International

Financial Times
Shares in Micro Focus rose 13% after it said talks were underway with private equity investors giving rise to hopes of a takeover.

Paulson & Co's flagship fund, the 3rd largest hedge fund in the world, lost over 10% of its value in the first week of August

Lex Column

Disney earnings miss estimates

If you hear a TV strategist saying the “Fed model” justifies buying equities, then change channel.

S&P says France’s rating is stable based on last year’s pension reforms and this year’s employers and unions joint policy document.


Tesco refuses to pay its fine for price fixing

The Times

Tempus Share Tips

Hold Quintain Estates & Development
Dragon Oil - be patient

The Independent
Investment Column
Buy Vodafone at 155p - it has been knocked into shape into last few years and the valuation is not high at 9.9x
Avoid Sportingbet at 48.25p
Hold French Connection at 64p

The Guardian
HSBC agrees to sell its $30 bn credit card loans portfolio for a premium of around $2.6 bn to US bank Capital One.

Mervyn King's assessment of UK economy did not close route to more fiscal stimulus.

The Daily Telegraph

Mervyn King spells out in detail the dire prospects for the UK economy.

Nicolas Sarkozy orders "general mobilization" to slash France's budget deficit to safeguard country's AAA rating

Questor Share Tips

Buy Weir Group at 1735p - engineering groups should see significant capital expenditure over next few years and recent fall is overdone
Buy International Power at 279.5p - mix of growth and steady income - good in a volatile market

Five quality businesses for when the markets return to normal
Buy Unilever at 1931p
Chart has held up quite well but it has just slipped below the 20 day moving average

Buy GSK ar 1243p
Buy Diageo at 1160p
Buy BAT at 2659p
Buy United Utilities at 565p

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