Monday, August 15

Stock Markets to Crash or Rebound?

Stock Trading - Is the Crash Over?

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The FTSE is up around 20 points so far today and the DOW futures are indicating around 70 points higher at the opening.

The stock markets have fallen sharply in the last few weeks but where are they headed now? Some say back up and that what we saw was just a correction, others say further down, possibly back to the lows we saw back in 2009.

Stock trading master Lance Jepsen is of the second opinion, but whatever you think, it is interesting to watch his analysis of the various stock index charts - so take a look below

It's worth noting that other chartists think we have seen a pullback to the 200 day moving average and that the markets should rebound from here. Oscar Carboni still has his target of 1650 for the S+P this year, and so far sees no reason to change it.