Tuesday, August 30

Stock Markets Turn Bullish Again

Markets Back in an Uptrend

Stock trading master Lance Jepsen pointed out yesterday that the markets were back in an uptrend and that institutions have been bottom feeding in the bargain basement. However, he also points out that today (Tuesday) is according to the almanach very often a negative day.

At the moment with 20 mins left till the NYSE closes the markets are still positive the DOW is up 88 and the S+P is up 9 so maybe the almanach is wrong this time.

Be that as it may it may be time to start getting ready to get back into the markets on pullbacks.

In another area Barnes and Noble says it expects sales at Nook ebook sales expected to double this year to $1.8 bn - that's a lot of ebook sales. In this respect see also my post on the Amazon ebook reader and the future of ebooks and publishing in general.