Wednesday, August 24

Time to Buy Stocks and Shares?

Stocks and Shares - Time to Buy Stocks? Check out the Videos from these Online Stock Traders

The trend is still down but could there be a bounce worth trading? According to the two traders below 'yes'. 'Stock trading master' and Oscar Carboni both have similar takes on the markets for once and whether it is time to buy stocks at the moment. As day traders they are bullish for today ! (Wednesday 23 August). Stock trading master says we could bounce back to 1200 on the S+P. However, it is too early to say that the bottom is in, the markets can still be volatile and for online stock trading caution is still the watchword.

Oscar is bullish today too and long-term he says his target of 1650 for the S+P still stands.

Stock Trading Master - Lance Jepsen

Oscar Carboni