Sunday, August 7

Time to Buy Stocks?

Stock Trading - Time to Buy Stocks Again? - See video below

With the sharp falls we saw last week in the stock markets around the world is this time to buy back into stocks at the new bargain basement prices? Especially as Standard and Poors have downgraded the US from AAA to AA+, which some people think is already priced in and based on the adage that you should sell the rumor and buy the fact ? Well I personally don't think this is the time to be a hero and 'stock trading master' Lance Jepsen doesn't think so either.

In his latest video LJ gives a very illuminating analysis of where he thinks the markets might be headed (back to the 2009 lows as it turns out) and he also tells us what he will be doing on Monday to make money from what he thinks will be a falling market. For a slightly different view from another day trader see - time to buy stocks ?

Let's not forget also that the downgrade by Standard and Poors is a huge event, even though some people are trying to downplay it. This is the first time since 1917 that the US has not had a AAA rating ! They said that this was due to 'ineffective, unstable policy making'. Quite shocking really and the Chinese are saying that the world should have a new reserve currency to replace the dollar.

Personally I've been amazed by the stock market's run since the March 2009 low and have been waiting for a chance to get back into the market ! Maybe it will finally come. Note also that a number of stock traders have mentioned that they expect a short bounce followed by further falls before it is time to get back in.

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