Thursday, September 8

Stocks to Buy?

Online Stock Trading - Stocks to Buy?

Are you looking for a good share tipster ? So are we. With this in mind we decided to take a look at the 'stocks to watch' for August and September from Jim Levi's stocks to watch column.

In July he singled out the following companies as being potentially rewarding investments for August - AQUARIUS PLATINUM, GREENKO GROUP, ECO ANIMAL HEALTH GROUP, ALLIED GOLD.

And here are the charts

AQP - 3 month chart

GKO - 3 month chart

EAH - 3 month chart

ALD - 2 month chart

August was not a good month for the stock markets it has to be said.
For September Jim Levi singled out

1 month chart

1 year chart

1 year chart

1 year chart

1 year chart

Personally, just looking at the charts and bearing in mind that I am a short term trader I don't fancy any of them. I steer clear of stocks that are trading below their 200 day moving average, so I would wait until they got back above it and have another look then.

Tipping stocks is a very difficult job, which is why I don't do it! One guy whose tips have impressed me over the years though is Robbie Burns - it's a pity he seems to be closing down his website (it used to be a hobby now it's taking up too much of his time, he is a trader after all)- but he does now have his books on how to make money trading shares for download for the Kindle at Amazon - a wise move given the way people are making milions from selling ebooks, got a novel gathering dust in your bottom drawer ? Then check out self-publishing via  ebooks.

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