Friday, November 25

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The Times


Weir Group, $675mn takeover of Texas frackiing firm Seaboard.

Tempus says they are a fracking buy.

Buy Pennon, ex. South West Water. Diversified into waste energy and management through Viridor.


No reason to get into QinetiQ yet

Johnson Matthey shares are about where they should be

Daily Telegraph
Questor Share Tips

Buy Compass at 544p
A well-run business with plenty of scope to win more business in the US, particularly in hospitals

Trading on a September 2012 multiple of 13.2 falling to 12 in 2013, the shares look cheap –

United Utilities
Buy at 603p - "take a dip in for the income". They plan to increase payout to shareholders by 2% above the retail price index until 2015.

Some of Thursday's Shares magazine tips

Plexus Holdings at 80p
Dunelm at 465.5p
Advanced Computer Software at 44p
Sage at 267.5p
Oxford Instruments at 938.5p

Clinton Cards at 14p
Mitie at 245.3p

Robbie Burns says markets are treacherous and he is generally waiting for next month
He has shorted Captertirght at 555p and Imagination Tech at 439p, Halfords at 328p
He likes MSI, Kentz and Telecom Plus