Monday, January 31

Wealthy Defaulting on Mortgages

Stock Trading - Wealthy Who Default on their Home Loans

There is an old adage that says "if you owe the bank $1,000 you've got a problem, if you owe the bank $1 million the bank's got a problem."

Well, it appears this is equally true when it applies to mortgages. If you are rich you can live by different rules to the poor, and owing the bank $1 million on your home loan is just another business problem and what is even better is that it's the bank's problem not yours ! (See video below of "strategic mortgage defaulter" explaining his thinking.)

CBS News has reported that in wealthy communities, as the price of houses has fallen, some home owners who have taken out morgages have quickly realized that it really is not in their best interest to pay back their loan at all. The banks, however, have also realized it is not in their interest to foreclose.

As one wealthy home owner said "I bought it [the home] for $1.385 million. It is worth less than $800,000, maybe less." So what did he do? Did he lose sleepless nights wondering how he would pay back his loan, or if his credit score would be affected ? Did he run around and grovel to the bank trying to get a remortgage or renegotiate a new home loan ?

Nah, why bother ? Let the bank worry about such trivia. He simply stopped paying back his home loan "I haven't made a payment in two years. It was a business decision. It was an easy decision. I have a property worth six or seven hundred thousand less than when I bought it. I was making payments of 10,000 a month."

He has gone into "strategic default". He is in fact quite able to make payments, he has just decided he won't, as there is no point sinking money into a home that is worth less than his home loan. He is not the only luxury homeowner to have made this decision.

The figures are quite revealing 1 in 7 homeowners with mortgages over $1 million are seriously delinquent compared to only one in 12 with loans of less than $1 million. People with money and a regular and high pay check have much more freedom about what they choose to do with their money, people living on the bread line often have nowhere else to go, so they have to keep paying their mortgage.

The banks are also often slower to foreclose on $ 1 million dollar homes, for a number of reasons. First, expensive homes are harder to sell and cost more in upkeep (which would become the bank's problem if they foreclosed).

Realtors say banks can be slow to foreclose on luxury homes because an empty house can be bad for business. Plus an empty luxury home is not good for sales of other homes nearby.

People with money but who find themselves in a negative equity situation, in which the mortgage is higher than the actual value of the home, do not like throwing good money after bad.

This could lead to a wave of sympathy for the bankers ! Lol, only kidding.

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Pall Shares Soar on Krasnoff News

Stock Trading - Pall Shares Soar 14%

Just in time for Valentine's Day, shares in filtration equipment manufacturer Pall finished the day nearly 14% up after they were upgraded by an analyst on news that its CEO will be retiring (in March 2012). The Directors will start looking for a replacement in the coming weeks.

Eric Krasnoff, the Pall Chief Executive, said he will retire next year after stating that he and the company's former general counsel Sandra Marino (responsible for legal affairs and governance and compliance issues)

are pursuing a "personal relationship." Ms Marino will also be stepping down.

After an investigation, the company determined that the relationship had not had any effect on Pall's operating or financial results.

Workplace relationships are apparently becoming much more common, and as women climb the corporate ladder, there are more and more executive romances.

Analysts at Credit Suisse upgraded Pall from neutral to outperform. Credit Suisse also raised its target on the stock from $54.00 to $66.00 (they closed the day at $55).

Credit analyst Hamzah Mazari also said the departure of the CEO increased the possibility of Pall being taken over or merging with another company.

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Sunday, January 30

Small Cap Stocks 2011

Online Stock Trading - Investing in Small Cap Stocks

Small cap stocks and shares can lead to big gains, i.e. 2000% in one year ! This explains why they are so
Small Cap Stocks to Watch
popular with small investors, but they are also of course riskier than large caps and if you pick the wrong small cap stocks then you may end up losing your shirt.

What are small cap stocks ?

The definitions of small cap stocks or shares vary, but generally speaking in the US a small cap stock is a company with a market capitalization of anywhere between $300 million and $2 billion, in the UK there is a small cap index and the market capitalization of the companies on it can be anything up to £350 million. The market capitalization is the number of company stocks in existence x the share price.

It is worth bearing in mind that small cap stocks make up around 20% of the US market, and beneath small caps you have two more categories - micro caps and nano caps.

In the UK in 2010 the small cap index rose 16% and the AIM (alternative investment market) index rose by 43%, while the large cap indexes rose by around 9%.

Small caps tend to do better when people (i.e. professional investors) are feeling more optimistic.

For an example of the gains possible with small cap stocks, consider Parkmead in the UK, if you invested in them last year then your investment rose by 2,714%, if you invested in Condor Resources then your investment rose by 2,429%.

I've just been listening to a podcast over at the Motley Fool where Maynard Paton was talking about small caps and saying that two small caps he has on his watchlist are Latchways (LTC) (safety equipment for the construction industry) and Fuller, Smith and Turner (a family run beer company which has increased its dividend since 1973 by a compounded rate of 13% !) both of which he considers too expensive at the moment, but he would be interested if they were to fall by around 30%.

Fuller, Smith and Turner 25 Year Shart - with 200 day moving average which the share price has been following since 2004

As mentioned above, small cap stocks involve a greater risk than larger caps so proceed with caution !

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Friday, January 28

IC and Friday's Newspaper Share Tips

Stock Trading - Friday's Newspaper Stocks and Shares Tips


Stocks and Shares Tips of the Week

Buy - Ferrexpo
Buy - BBA Aviation
Buy - Chesnara
Buy - Lifeline Scientific

Share Tips: Updates
Entertainment One – Buy
Invensys – Buy
Headlam – Sell

Company Results
Buy – Games Workshop, Porvair, NCC Group
Fairly-Priced – Misys, PZ Cussons, Renishaw
Good Value – Mattioli Woods, City of London Investment Group



BP - Latest row suggests one or both sides may be seeking to exit TNK-BP

The Lombard Column
High-frequency trading accounts for a third of UK share volumes

Stock market news
Bid talk pushes BG to record high


Tempus Stocks and Shares Tips

AstraZeneca – long-term questions are still there
Severfield-Rowan – shares now sell on about 29 x this year’s earnings and 16 x next year’s, which is hardly tempting
Britvic – Sell

Stock market news
BP’s Russian adventure hampered by snubs and injunctions
Cotton pickers beaten up as commodity prices hit record levels


Questor Stocks and Shares Tips

Centamin Egypt – Buy at 136p - falls are overdone and the shares are once again a buying opportunity, although speculative as the situation in Egypt may get worse before it gets better, not for widows and orphans.
Petropavlovsk – Buy

Questor on Oil and Gas Shares
In his latest podcast Questor has been talking about Oil and Gas - his conclusions were
Buy Heritage - found largest gas field in Iraq - market is undervaluing gas

Buy BG Group - made some significant discoveries offshore Brazil - undervalued by the market - found more oil exposure to oil will increase - market doesn't understand
Stock market news
H&M’s “cheap chic” woes unsettle retailers


Investment Share Tips

Mitchells & Butlers – Hold at 359p
Aquarius Platinum – Avoid at 359p
London Stock Exchange – Hold at 873p


Bank reform 'will hit RBS and Lloyds'
Rosneft deals BP double blow
Sarkozy says break-up of eurozone unthinkable
UK consumer poll finds 'astonishing collapse' in confidence


Stock market news
Oligarchs try to stop BP's Rosneft tie-up
BSkyB bid will have to rise
Alexon sorts out funding problems
Festive joy for Mitchells & Butlers
Diabetes drug hope for AstraZeneca

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Thursday, January 27

Stocks Shares Newspaper Tips Thursday

Stock Trading - Thursday Magazine and Newspaper Stocks and Shares Tips


Share Tips of the Week
Sports Direct - Buy
Goldstone Resources - Buy

Plays Updates
Babcock International - Buy
Xaar - Take profits

Spot the Stars : - Buy Craneware, Compass Group, Melrose and Fidessa
Sell Xchanging and Autonomy

Lookers - Buy
Petra Diamonds - Buy
International Greetings - Buy
Tate & Lyle - Buy
Northern Foods - Buy
BAE Systems - Buy
Vecture - Buy
Meggitt - Buy
Oxford Biomedica - Speculative buy
Mid-States - Speculative buy

Small Caps
Character - Buy
Stanley Gibbons - Buy
Parseq - Buy
Akers Bioscience - Speculative buy

PLUS Market
U308 Holdings - Speculative buy

Buy Ted Baker

Sector Report: Chemicals
Handle with care - Buy Carclo, Victrex, Zotefoams

Petroneft poised for swift progress (Buy)


Business Pages
1,000 jobs axed as Barclays pulls out of investment advice

The Dashboard Pages
Coalition is cutting too much, says Soros
India tells West, "You won't get your jobs back"

Tempus Stocks and Shares Tips
Cookson Group - they have a way further to run once the market catches up
Renishaw - High, but tock away and shares that become available
Afren - No reason to chase
China - Tempus believes bull market in Chinese luxury goods has a lot further to go


Questor Stocks and Shares Tips

BG Group - Buy
Afren - Buy

Stock market news
Pursuit Dynamics perks up as market rallies


Investment Stocks and Shares Tips

WH Smith - Buy at 482.5p
Cookson - Buy at 680.5p
System C Healthcare - Buy at 45p

Stock market news
Aggreko up as bulls spot 'powerful potential'


Stock market news

WH Smith in line for profit
Strong profits mean Blacks is not for sale
Gas blow to Heritage
JJB fined £455,000
Barclays take a £1.12m hit as FSA acts
Info. on Remortgage Deals <-- here Home : Buy Stocks Online

Tuesday, January 25

Newspaper Stock Trading Tips Jan25

Stock Trading - Newspaper Stocks and Shares Tips Jan25


Tempus Stocks and Shares Tips
Premier Foods - too early to chase the shares
Mitchells & Butlers - little upside for the shares
All Leisure - A firm hold

Deal of the Day - Gem Diamonds

Stock market news
Nighthawk Energy added 10% after announcing large increase to the oil-in-place estimate at its 50% Jolly Ranch acreage.
Pursuit Dynamics fell further 11.3% after negative comments on internet bulletin boards, making that a 32% fall in the past month.
Bellzone Mining fell 3.1% to 85p on news that the government in Guinea wants to raise its stake in mining projects to at least 33%


Questor Stocks and Shares Tips
UK Banking Sector - Hold
De La Rue - Buy


Investment Stocks and Shares Tips
Sportech - Buy at 42p
All leisure - Speculative buy at 44p
Amiad Filtration - Buy at 193.5p

Stock market news
Ocada merger chat returns


Ocado shares at new high on rumours it is on Morrisons's shopping list


Bid talk spurs on Ocado rally
Nighthawk's study at Jolly Ranch prospect in Colorado showed 14 x more oil than thought. Firm is some way from commercial production, but the shares jumped 10%.

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Friday, January 21

Demand Media IPO and Google

Online Stock Trading - Demand Media IPO, eHow, Content Farms and Google's Blocklist Extension

UPDATE 2 : After Google's much hyped 'farmer update' in which it is claimed that Google would be weeding out content farms from its search results, the world of Internet Marketing has been shocked to discover that eHow, considered by some to be the biggest content farm of them all, has not been weeded out along with the rest - ezinearticles, associated content, hubpages, articlesbase, etc... have all suffered big hits, but eHow has actually improved in the search results !

Aaron Wall from SEOBook says :
Article directories and topical hub sites have been online since before eHow was created. But eHow's marketing campaign was so caustic and so toxic that it literally destroyed the game for most of their competitors.

And now that Google has "fought content farms" (while managing to somehow miss eHow with TheAlgorithm) most of Demand Media's competitors are dead & Richard Rosenblatt gets to ride off into the sunset with another hundred million Dollars, as eHow is the chosen one.

Long live the content farm!
So it would appear that Google has done a sterling job for eHow and has not whacked it as many, including myself, were expecting. Google has decimated Demand Media/eHow's competition ! Now I wonder what that will do for the Demand Media share price ?

Demand Media (DMD) share chart since the IPO

UPDATE 1 : Matt Cutts from Google has just announced on their official blog that Google has introduced a new extension for their Chrome browser which allows users to create a blocklist to block any site that they no longer wish to see in their search results. The aim is to allow users to block what Google refers to as 'content farms' i.e. 'sites with shallow or low-quality content'. If you install the Chrome blocklist extension and use it then ther esults will be sent back to Google, who will then study the resulting feedback and may use it to tweak their page ranking systems.

This means it will be easy for users using Chrome to block so-called content farms (you have to block the whole site, not single pages)but it also means that there is apossibility for unscrupulous sites to go around the Internet blocking their competitors. So it seems this is a first shot in Google's battle against content farms, but how effective it is remains to be seen. Watch this space,as they say.
****** End of update ****

According to those in the know, Demand Media's IPO will take place later next week, after its investor road show.

It will trade as DMD on the NYSE with its shares expected, at the moment, to be priced at $14 to $16 each. It could sell up to 8.625 million shares and raise about $138 million with a worth of around $1.3 billion.

So is Demand Media a good investment ?
Well, I'm not an investment advisor so I'm not advising anyone. But bear in mind the risk factors as stated by Demand Media "We are dependent upon certain material agreements with Google for a significant portion of our revenue. A termination of these agreements, or a failure to renew them on favorable terms, would adversely affect our business."

Demand Media makes a lot of money from Google's ads that appear on its various sites. It produces content through Demand Studio on a variety of web properties notably eHow, LiveStrong, Cracked, GolfLink, AnswerBag, and People visit the sites for the content but a proportion of these visitors end up clicking on the ads and making Demand Media (and Google) quite a lot of money in the process.

These content sites are generally ranked quite highly at the moment in Google's pages, which is why they get so many visitors. If anything were to happen to cause these sites to get less visitors, then the company's revenues would be affected, possibly quite seriously.

Today (Jan 21) Matt Cutts from Google has just written an article entitled "Google search and search engine spam" - some people are taking this as a veiled attack on sites such as Ehow which some describe as "content farms" i.e. sites which contain low-quality content (the creation of which is farmed out to other people) but the right keywords to rank highly according to Google's algorithms. If Google is intent on a re-rating of such content farm sites, then Demand Media could find itself taking a serious hit on its revenues.

Points to bear in mind -

Wired magazine has criticized eHow and Demand Media, saying their content is "slapdash" and a "factory stamping out moneymaking content".

Wikipedia has blacklisted all eHow articles, which must mean something, given Wikipedia's high reputation :-).

I would expect to hear more about this in the coming days. It has already been mentioned on CNBC and with the Demand Media IPO not far away, the discussion could get interesting.

If such content farms were to be re-rated by Google, then humble blogs such as this one might actually rise higher through the ratings as a result !

If you came here looking for the share tips from Thursday's magazines and newspapers then you should click here

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Thursday, January 20

Newspaper Stocks Shares Tips

Stocks and Shares - Magazine and Newspaper Tips


Agenda Pages - Stocks and Shares to Buy

Sirius Minerals - Buy
Cranswick - Buy
Premier Oil - Buy
CareCapital - Speculative buy
Minerva - Sell

Share Plays of the Week
Mecom - Buy
Trinity Mirror - Buy

10 Hot Stocks (the fastest moving companies in the markets): - Buy Carclo, Amerisur, GKN, Griffin Mining, Impax Asset Management, Kentz, Skywest, Nature, R.E.A. Holdings, Optos,

Share Plays Updates
YouGov - Buy
Filtrona - Buy

Small Caps
Buy - GGG Resources
Speculative buy - Bahamas Petroleum, Inditherm,

PLUS market
Teknomining - Speculative buy

Coastal Energy CEO, Randy Bartley - The Investment Case - Buy

Stocks Sector Report: Personal Goods
Buy - Burberry, Theo Fennell, PZ Cussons,
Sell - McBride

Ascot Minerals - Buy


The changing High Street -
2008: Estate Agents, shops, pubs, and building societies
2011: Bookmakers, bakers, bargains, - and boarded up

Bookies are taking over the high street. Building societies are closing branches by the thousand. Betting shops are opening up instead, luring the populace with fixed-odds gambling machines

Further news
BAE falls on talk of acquisition
Falkland Oil & Gas up 8.6% after it lays out plans to survey its southern licences
Bezant Resources jumped 25.4% on a progress report from its Mankayan gold-copper project


Tempus Stocks and Shares Tips
ASOS - Not for widows and orphans
Land Securities - Hold
JD Wetherspoon - average forecast puts shares on 13 x this year's earnings. About right.
Iraqi oil - 2 steps forward, 1 step back

Tiddler to Watch - Bezant Resources


Questor Stocks and Shares Tips

Rio Tinto - Buy
Hochschild Mining - Hold

Stock market news
US housing glut hits struggling builders
High Street woes weigh on FTSE


Investment Stocks and Shares Tips
Land Securities - Hold
JD Wetherspoon - Buy
Jupiter - Buy


Goldman to lift £1m cap on UK bonuses
Takeover talk helps Tate & Lyle and Soco
Analyst says Tesco should launch a price war to damage the competition

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Friday, January 14

Online Stock Trading Tips from Newspapers

Stocks and Shares Tips from Today's Newspapers


Stocks and Shares Tips

RSM Tenon

SELLSmith & Nephew
 Share Tips: UpdatesFairly priced - Dialight, Asian Citrus, McBride

Top Sector Picks Precious Metals & Gold Mining – Precious metals face golden 2011
Life Assurance – Future uncertain for life assurers
Non- Life Insurance – Tough year ahead for insurers
General Retailers – Retail steadying itself for battering

Personal Goods – Luxury goods doing well
Tobacco & Beverages – Vice doing fine in 2011
Travel & Leisure – Gambling hits hurdles
Telecoms – Poor returns in telecoms
Media – Media recovering
Support Services: Recruiters – Overseas markets crucial


Tempus Stocks and Shares Tips
BT – Take profits
Filtrona – Hold
Booker – Hold
Faroe Petroleum - after increasing 4-fold since early 2009, its acquisition of a 28% stake in the undeveloped Perth oilfield added momentum

Tiddler to Watch - Eden Research

Stock market newsBanks thrive on rumours of stake sales as worries about Eurozone debt subside

KPMG’s degree in accountancy is good news for school leavers and employers

Questor Stocks and Share Tips Balfour Beatty – Buy at 323p - current rating significantly undervalues the business
Dechra Pharmaceuticals – Buy at 523p - rating still not too stretched as company has double-digit earnings growth for next few years.

Questor update - In his latest podcast Questor recomemnds the diamond sector, he likes Anglo American and rates Gem Diamonds as a hold but his preference is for Petra Diamonds (PDL) - you can listen to the podcast at if the site is working ! 
Stock market newsBlue-chips fall as Tesco disappoints
Short-sellers hit by ‘good news’ from Provident Financial

BoE keeps rates unchanged as the recovery slows sharply

Investment Stocks and Shares Tips
Provident Financial – Avoid at 999.5p
Balfour Beatty – Buy at 323p the multiple of 8.9 x forecast earnings is below sector average of 10 x. Expect a spike in share price when results are published in March
Filtrona – Buy at 278p - Filtrona's shares have performed well but remain affordable, trading on multiples of 11.7 x Altium's estimates for 2011.

Stock market newsBanks anticipate end of Eurozone debt worries

At a Glance - Game Group

Stock market newsNews that Monitise broke even in the first 6-months led to 0.75p rise in share price to 20.5p

Time to refinance your home loan ? See - remortgage deals

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Thursday, January 13

Stocks and Shares Magazine Tips

Stocks and Shares - Magazine and Newspaper Share Tips


Smith & nephew
BG Group
Stocks and shares and a pin
Royal Dutch Shell
Taylor Wimpey

Take Profits
Anglo Asian Mining

Plays of the Week
BUY - iShares MSCI Sweden Index Fund

Best Value Stocks and Shares (Quality names at cheap prices): - Aviva, Debenhams, ClearStream Technology, Gulfsands Petroleum, Fairpoint, Holidaybreak, Hightex, Imperial Tobacco, Hydro International, Kazakhmys, International Greetings, Norseman Gold, Nature, Stanley Gibbons, Parseq, Tristel, Tricorn, Walker Greenbank

Plays Updates
Buy - Ormonde Mining – Buy
Buy - XP Power
Buy - Hydrogen
Take profits - Northgate

Directors Deals
RnCore Oil - Buy

IS Pharma
Providence Resources
Blacks Leisure – Speculative buy

Focus on PLUS
Dominion Energy – Speculative buy

Sector Report: Leisure Goods
Buy – Photo-Me International, Character,
Sell – Hornby, Games Workshop, Tandem

Feature: Super-fit Stocks
Antofagasta, Maintel, Charles Stanley, Charlemagne Capital, Pan African Resources, Mattioli Woods, Asian Citrus, Rio Tinto, Indigo Vision, ACM Shipping, Pressure Technologies, Consort Medical, Northbridge Industrial Services, RSM Tenon, Patsystems

Metminco - Buy

Business Pages
Lloyds' Chief Banker to pick up £2-million for 6-months’ part-time work

Tempus Stocks and Shares Tips
Greggs – Buy only on weakness
NCC – Click to buy
Fortune Oil – A buy for the very brave

Deal of the Day - Clean Air Power

Stock market news
Portugal defies doubters with bond sale


Questor Stocks and Shares Tips
Barratt Developments – Buy at 92.9p News yesterday from the UK's biggest house builder was reassuring. They are on track to meet operational targets in financial year to June.

Greggs - Buy at 465p - there was some impact from the bad weather , but Greggs says it still expects to meet full-year forecasts.

From Wednesday
Buy Vedanta at 2411p
Buy Vodafone at 173.7p

Stock market news
Miners moving up as FTSE hits new high

Germany enjoys strongest growth in economy since reunification
Alaskan leak drives oil to 27-month high
'British Madoff' admits running £14m Ponzi scheme
Supergroup sales nearly double
Mecom rejected Trinity Mirror merger


Investment Stocks and Shares Tips

Sell Barratt Developments at 92.9p
Sell at 88.75p
Buy N Brown at 307.5p

Stock market news
Regulation worries weigh on Vodafone


Stock market news
Supergroup set for stupendous profit
Greggs buoyed by festive surge
Barratt loans to help first-timers
Snow chaos to cost airport operator £24m


Midas Stocks and Shares Tips

Midas verdict: Buy at 4053/4p. It may seem odd to recommend a wine retailer in an age of austerity, but Majestic sells wine that is often not available elsewhere, at a discount, it is extremely efficient, generates lots of cash, and has generous dividends. Plus, the UK's interest in wine has grown steadily over the years and will probably continue to grow. Shares have further to go.

Midas verdict: Oxford Instruments focuses on 3 industries in a fast-growing sector - energy, health and the environment. CEO Jonathan Flint is a physicist with a keen commercial sense and has helped turn research into saleable products. If you bought in 2007 you have done well and and may want to sell half to bank some profits. But keep half as Oxford Instruments ought to continue to do well. New investors may decide to buy on weakness

Click here for Midas' share tips for 2011

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Monday, January 10

Stocks Shares Sharply Lower

Stocks and Shares - Stock Markets Start Week Weak

Yesterday Oscar Carboni, despite being bullish for stocks and shares generally for 2011 - see stocks and shares 2011, said in his latest video that we may see a short retracement (1 or 2 days) in the stock markets. So far he is right, with the DOW down 85 Nasdaq down 15 and the SnP down 8.

The fall in US stocks is broad based - with 9 out of 10 sectors down. Only industrials are very slightly higher.

The dollar has been dragged down recently which has supported commodities, with the CRB Commodity Index up a solid 0.6%.

In London the FTSE is down around 30 points

Mining stocks are pulling the FTSE100 index down, but oil stocks are doing quite well.

Declining copper imports into China sent copper prices lower. Kazakhmys, is one of the heaviest fallers. ENRC, Xstrata and Vedanta likewise, silver miner Fresnillo is sharply lower again - it has not been a good 2011 so far for Fresnillo.

Oil prices are rising again, with Heritage Oil and Tullow following suit. Shares in BP fell after it shut down a major oil pipeline in Alaska as the result of a leak. It's worth noting however that BP has been above its 200 day moving average since December, which is a good sign for its recovery.

Smith & Nephew rose over 10% after reports it turned down a bid approach from Johnson & Johnson before Christmas. J&J have offered apparently 750p per share, and are contemplating an increased offer.

Housebuilder Persimmon says results will be at the top end of expectations, with a “significant” increase in profit before tax, the figures are towards the upper end of analysts’ forecasts of £75m to £96m. +

Pharmaceuticals firm ProStrakan is another bid target and touched its 12-month highs after gaining approval from US authorities for cancer pain drug Abstral.

Westminster Group (Security, defence and fire protection provider) has won a new contract to supply a sophisticated countermeasures system to a government in the Asia-pacific region - valued at around $645,000.

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Saturday, January 8

Stocks and Shares 2011 Predictions

Stocks and Shares- Where are the Stock Markets Headed in 2011 ?

[UPDATE - Sunday 10 Jan - Oscar is bearish for stocks for the very immediate future - next 1 or 2 days - for the SandP - expecting a slight drop]

According to Oscar stocks and shares are headed higher for 2011 - see the video below - love him or hate him Oscar Carboni certainly has lots of energy and is not afraid to say what he thinks before the event - he also gets a lot of views (relatively speaking) on youtube - so check out his predictions for where he thinks stocks and shares are headed for 2011 - he got the trend right for the stock markets right for 2010 and was only slightly overoptimistic with the figures

If you are a beginner to buying stocks and shares online and don't know where to start or what you should be looking out for - then check out this article aimed at explaining the basics of stock charts and onilne stock brokers --> stocks and shares
For other stocks and shares tips see - newspaper share tips for 2011
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Friday, January 7

Investors Chronicle Share Tips 2011

Stocks and Shares - Investors Chronicle stocks and shares tips for 2011

Asian Plantations, Aviva, Tesco, NCC, British Empire Securities, Charter International, Metric Property Investments , Chariot Oil and Gas,

Other newspaper stock picks for 2011
The Times
Tempus share tips
Buy Hays on weakness.

Avoid Cape until figures are published in March.

Hold Mouchel.

The Daily Telegraph

Questor share tips

Buy Cape at 414p - shares still appear undervalued compared with peers and remain a buy.
Buy Cineworld at 223p - shares were first recommended at 120p - they are still a buy

Daily Mail
Midas Share Tips for 2011

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Sunday, January 2

Newspaper Share Tips for 2011

Online Stocks and Shares Trading - Stocks and Shares Tips for 2011

The TimesCarrefour has opened its first store in India in the hope that the Government will soon relax restrictions on foreign investment in India's huge retail sector.

Tempus Stocks and Shares Tips for 2011
BG, BHP Billiton, Catlin Group, Northern Petroleum, Intermediate Capital Group, Tullett Prebon, Capita, Cookson Group, F&C Asset Management and e2v technologies.

The Independent
Share Tips and Stock Picks for 2011
Arm Holdings - the next generation of Apple's devices are due out this year, and there is talk that Microsoft will launch a Windows version running on Arm processors, suitable for tablets.

Domino Printing (650p) - labelling food packages - the stock is pretty defensive, including strong growth in China, India and South America plus a good dividend

Rio Tinto (4486.5p), Mozambique offers vast coal resources, - plus Rio's valuation, at 7 times forecast earnings, makes it look cheap.

BHP Billiton (2551p)

African Barrick Gold (611p) is the world's biggest gold miner - cheap at less than 10 times next year's forecast earnings.

BP (465.55p) - the worst is over but the shares don't know it yet. BP is fundamentally sound and the oil price is rising fast.

Morrisons (267.6p) - if consumers limit spending to essentials, Morrisons is more focused on food than its rivals.

Sports Direct (160.3p), - profits ought to continue rolling in.

Smith & Nephew (676.6p), - the group could breach 700p and the continued takeover chatter will continue to push it up.

F&C Asset Management (84p).

The Daily Telegraph

Share Tips for 2011

Questor (Garry White) - Avocet Mining
Kamal Ahmed - Petrofac
James Quinn - Aviva
Harry Wison - Royal Bank of Scotland
Graham Ruddick - Barratt Development
Rowena Mason - Royal Dutch Shell
Rupert Neate - Vodafone
James Hall - Mulberry
Amanda Andrews - Informa
Louise Armitstead - Bowleven

Daily Mail
A rise in fuel duty and VAT will see pump prices go up yet again, taking average petrol prices to around 127p per litre.

Midas Share Tips 2011
Aviva at 3923/4p, the stock is on a yield of more than 6%.

Midas verdict: At the beginning of the year, Aviva provides the comfort of a
solid dividend and good growth prospects too. Buy.

Beacon Hill Resources, on the Alternative Investment Market, owns the only coal-producing mine in the Tete province of Mozambique - widely considered to be the largest undeveloped coal region in the world,
Midas verdict: Beacon Hill is high-risk - but could be an exciting prospect. The shares are 151/4p. Buy.

Imperial Innovations also trades on the AIM - investing in early-stage companies
Midas verdict: Imperial Innovations offers the chance to invest in Britain’s brightest talent. Buy.

Daily Express


BHP Billiton, China Food, Capital Drilling, Endace, Entertainment One, Johnson­Matthey, Fenner, Renovo Group, Lloyds Banking Group, Unilever,

The Guardian
Paris-based A&F Markets is to offer investors shares in modern art works - to the horror of some critics; shares will start at €10 for works valued at more than €100,000.

Taxpayers have a £12.8 bn loss on their stakes in Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds Banking Group, dashing hopes that the government will start selling off its shares early in the new year.

Financial Times
Skype could be dealt a major blow as the Chinese government cracks down on what it calls "illegal Internet telephone providers".

ArcelorMittal has improved its offer for Baffinland Iron Mines in a battle to control one of the world’s largest undeveloped iron ore deposits.

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