Tuesday, August 30

Stock Markets Turn Bullish Again

Markets Back in an Uptrend

Stock trading master Lance Jepsen pointed out yesterday that the markets were back in an uptrend and that institutions have been bottom feeding in the bargain basement. However, he also points out that today (Tuesday) is according to the almanach very often a negative day.

At the moment with 20 mins left till the NYSE closes the markets are still positive the DOW is up 88 and the S+P is up 9 so maybe the almanach is wrong this time.

Be that as it may it may be time to start getting ready to get back into the markets on pullbacks.

In another area Barnes and Noble says it expects sales at Nook ebook sales expected to double this year to $1.8 bn - that's a lot of ebook sales. In this respect see also my post on the Amazon ebook reader and the future of ebooks and publishing in general.

Monday, August 29

Weekend Stocks and Shares Tips

Weekend Newspaper Stocks and Shares Tips

The Mail on Sunday
Midas Share Tips
Buy Renishaw at £12.22, recent fall looks overdone.
Interesting chart to say the least

Update: Hold Petrofac at £12.27, brokers expect a rebound to £16 or more.

The Investors Chronicle

Share Tips of the Week:
Buy Oakley Capital Investments at 149p; impressive investment performance - shares still well below NAV.
Buy Cineworld at 183p; for yield and potential bid target.
Buy Paragon Group at 145p; defensive play and could possibly attract private equity interest.
Sell Sceptre Leisure at 19p; old-fashioned fruit machines are almost obsolete in a pubs sector that is under pressure.

Keep buying Ladbrokes, at 118p.
Keep buying ITV, at 56p.

Tip Bits:
KSK Power Ventur,
Arian Silver,

News Tips: Buy
Goldplat at 12p,
Avocet Mining at 263p, plays on rising gold price.

Simon Thompson still a firm buyer of Polo Resources.

Feature Tips: Eight ‘unloved’ stocks which could rebound:
Scottish & Southern Energy,
J Sainsbury,
Dairy Crest,
Standard Life.

Results Tips:

John Menzies at 505p
Primary Health Properties at 291p
Alpha Pyrenees at 30p
Persimmon at 394p
Capital & Regional at 32p
Powerflute at 26p
Jupiter Fund Management at 190p
Tullow Oil at 970p
New World Resources at 556p
G4S at 261p
James Fisher at 510p
Carillion at 306p
Melrose at 290p
Serco at 514p.
Henry Boot at 118p
Unite at 161p

Sell Antofagasta at £12.45

Sunday Telegraph

Questor Share Tips

Hold Amlin

Friday, August 26

Ebooks - the Future is Amazon

Stocks and Shares - Amazon Looking Good

Some time ago I wrote about Amazon and how its Kindle was selling extraordinarily well - Amazon Kindle - and how Amazon shares could do well as a result.

Amazon 5 year weekly chart with 50 day and 200 day moving average

The popularity of the Kindle has been such that ebook sales on Amazon have now outstripped print book sales. I predict that this trend will continue! Borders bookstore chain has been one of the major casualties of this trend, closing down just a few weeks ago. Their demise was largely their own fault as they did not get with the program soon enough. Barnes and Noble might fare better as they have their own ebook reader and so have seen which way the wind is blowing.

One other consequence of the success of the Kindle and ebooks in general, is that writers now no longer need publishers and agents to get their books out to the public. This has already led to an upsurge in the number of wannabe best-selling authors. It really is very easy to get your novel in fron of the eyes of millions of people. Just write a novel (around 100,000 words), romantic vampires are a very popular subject. Convert it into the Kindle format (easy when you follow the instructions over at Amazon) and stick it up on Amazon's site for $0.99 or $2.99. Then sit back and wait for the money to flow in.

This has already happened with J A Konrath, Amanda Hocking- see her story at best-selling ebooks and Noleani Rodriguez,  who are making millions of dollars just by selling their ebooks at $2.99 a pop. Amanda Hocking has also now signed a $2 million book deal with St Martin's Press and an option on film rights.

The upshot of all this is that ebooks downloaded to ebook readers such as the Kindle and the Nook are the way publishing is going. So I predict hard times for traditional publishers who don't get their act together, hard times for literary agents as their services are no longer essential, good times for editors as some of the writers clearly have trouble with grammar and spelling (despite the ubiquity of spellcheckers), good times for writers who can write something interesting and more good times for Amazon!

Also if you have a novel stuck away in your bottom drawer that has been rejected 200 times, or if you have written a useful ebook on the stock market, stock trading, technical analysis etc... now is the time to dust it off and upload it to Amazon!

For ideas on stock trading ebooks check out the best-reviewed stock trading ebooks

Amanda Hocking received "literally like thousands" of rejection slips before she finally decided to make her unwanted books into much-loved ebooks and she has the millions to prove it!

See also Barnes and Noble on ebook readers

Thursday, August 25

Stocks and Shares Tips in Newspapers

Stocks and Shares Tips from Shares Magazines and Newspapers

Daily Telegraph -

Senior credit banker at a major European bank says "I think we are heading for a market shock in September or October that will match anything we have ever seen before".

Questor Share Tips

Buy BHP Billiton at 1932p -25% down from the highs - a buying opportunity - long-term prospects are good
BHP 5 Year Chart

Avoid Admiral at 1353p


The Daily Telegraph
Questor Share Tips

Buy Spirax-Sarco
Avoid Persimmon

The Independent

Investment Share Tips

Avoid Admiral at 1353p

Buy Carillion at 323p - shares are trading at just 7.5 x forecast earnings, with a very respectable prospective yield of 5.3% - far too cheap for a company with a rapidly growing pipeline and good opportunities.

Buy Derwent London at 1570p - shares have more than tripled since 2009 but results suggest there is more to come

From Wednesday
Investment Share Tips
Buy G4S
Buy Hochschild Mining
Sell Chime Communications

Financial Times

Phoenix Equity Partners getting ready to sell Asco Group, its oil and gas logistics business

Glencore launches $280 million bid for full control of Australia-based nickel miner Minara Resources.



Buy Gulf Keystone Petroleum at 129p
Buy Lochard Energy at 11p
Buy Micro Focus at 251p
Buy Berkeley at 1,037p
Sell Charter International at 770p

Buy Monetise at 33p
Buy Kentz at 405p

Buy Ryanair at 3.14 euros

Bargain Hunt

Buy Ashtead at 118.1p
Buy Aquarias Platinum at 243.6p
Buy Kofax at 315.1p
Buy Essar Energy at 294p
Buy SuperGroup at 980p
Buy United Business Media at 465.8p

Wednesday, August 24

Time to Buy Stocks and Shares?

Stocks and Shares - Time to Buy Stocks? Check out the Videos from these Online Stock Traders

The trend is still down but could there be a bounce worth trading? According to the two traders below 'yes'. 'Stock trading master' and Oscar Carboni both have similar takes on the markets for once and whether it is time to buy stocks at the moment. As day traders they are bullish for today ! (Wednesday 23 August). Stock trading master says we could bounce back to 1200 on the S+P. However, it is too early to say that the bottom is in, the markets can still be volatile and for online stock trading caution is still the watchword.

Oscar is bullish today too and long-term he says his target of 1650 for the S+P still stands.

Stock Trading Master - Lance Jepsen

Oscar Carboni

Saturday, August 20

Investors Chronicle and Newspaper Tips

Share Tips in Investors Chronicle and Newspapers

Investors Chronicle

This weeks share tips include:
Gulf Keystone Petroleum (GKP) at 137.38p

Smith and Williamson Global Gold and Resources Fund at 408.5p

Fidessa (FDSA) at 1,590p
Sell Genus (GNS) at 891p
Sell Asthead (AHT) at 114p

The Independent -

Investment Share Tips

Buy Savills at 314p - update was reassuring - trading on multiples of 11.6 x forward earnings and on under 10 x on the estimates for next year, according to UBS and dividend yields of more than 4%.

Buy Xaar - at 267p - long-term expansion suggests there is more to come

Avoid PV Cystalox Solar at 19p

The Daily Telegraph -

Questor Share Tips

Buy Savills at 314.1p
Buy Cineworld Group at 183p - CEO says openings could increase to 6 a year - undervalued

Stock charts for beginners

Thursday, August 18

How to Trade these Markets

Stock Market News - How to Trade these Markets ? - Watch this Video

Today the doodoo hit the fan again and all the markets got a liberal spraying. The DOW fell 420 points the S+P fell 53 the NASDAQ fell 131 and the FTSE fell 239 - plus there's still Japan and Asia to come and it can all start again tomorrow.

The problem is it's very difficult to make money in a market like this as it swings around too much, seemingly intent on causing the maximum amount of pain to the maximum number of all people. It makes you wonder if the guys running the show don't have a supercomputer designed to steal everybody's money at the speed of light.

Listen to 'stock trading master' harping on about how difficult it is even for him to get a handle on what's going on, although he probably made some money today as he was short I believe.

I like the old stock trading master - he tells it like it is. If even he is having trouble figuring out (guessing?) which way the markets are headed then I don't feel so bad. His analysis of the stock charts is always interesting and educational even if he gets it wrong now and then. We are close to what he calls a 'burial cross' on the DOW - other people call it a 'death cross' - when the 50 day moving average crosses the 200 day moving average on the down side. There were a lot of them back in 2007. They are generally not a good sign.

Friday is another day of course, end of the week and all that but I still fancy we'll see another down day. One analyst on CNBC was saying that we should bottom out at 1086 on the S+P, so at least that's something to look out for. I have been waiting for the markets to drop for a long time now, maybe they will finally drop enough so I can get back in!

Newspaper Stock Picks Today

Stock Market Today - Thursday's Stock Picks from the Newspapers

Scarlett Johansson

FTSE is down 122 to 5209 at the moment and the DOW futures are 200 down.
SCROLL DOWN to bottom for tips from Shares Magazine
In the meantime here's a pic of Scarlett Johannsson - did she win we wonder?

The Guardian

British lingerie company Rigby and Peller, whose clients include the Queen and Scarlett Johansson, has been bought by Belgians Van de Velde for £8 million.

Viewpoint Column

Gilt yields are falling due to the dire economic outlook

Financial Times
Sage the preferred bidder to take over Australian rival MYOB for over $1.4 bn.

Asahi set to agree $1.3 billion acquisition of Australian Independent Liquor.

Lex Column

EU Tobin tax: a desperate measure - a financial transaction tax is seductive but inherently complex and difficult to collect.

SABMiller / Foster’s: London-listed brewer has timing right with a A$11.2bn hostile bid for Foster’s. Investors should take the cash

Solar industry hardly thriving despite lower price of photovoltaic solar panels.

The Independent
Pearson should sell FT to finance expansion in education business, says one influential analyst who says the business could bring up to £900 million.

Investment Column
Hold ITV at 59p
Hold Marston's at 92.5p
Hold Keller at 382.5p.


RBS says providing access to other banks' ATMs is unsustainable

The Daily Telegraph

Merkel and Sarkozy fiddle as Europe slides to disaster - they are not facing up to the "crise existentielle" says Jeremy Warner.

Talk Talk (Tiscali/Pipex) fined £3 M for billing errors (a fraction of what they could have been fined) so check your bills if you are with Talk Talk over 65,000 customers have been affected

Sebastian Lyons of Troy Asset Management's multi-asset Trojan Fund says that if the current correction continues, then good-quality firms with low debt and good dividend records will fall along with the rest - such as Unilever, GSK, British American Tobacco, Sage and Nestlé which should be on investors' buy lists if prices fall. He also has 20% of his fund in gold and gold shares.

Daily Mail
Midas recommends a gold firm in Africa on the verge of production - unfortunately you need to be a subscriber to get the lowdown in which company it is

Shares Magazine
Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment (BPTY) – Speculative Buy - possible bid from the US

Misys (MSY) – Buy - “new bid speculation”

Sportingbet (SBT) – Speculative Buy - “Buy in anticipation of a full bid from Ladbrokes”

Buy Asian Citrus (ACHL:AIM) at 50.8p

Small Caps

Photon Kathaas Productions (PKP:AIM)
International Greetings (IGR:AIM)
Innovation (TIG)

Autonomy (AU.),
Netcall (NET:AIM),
Domino’s Pizza (DOM),
Tesco (TSCO),
Majestic Wine (MJW:AIM)

Wednesday, August 17

Todays Newspaper Tips

Online Stock Trading - Newspaper Stock Picks

Updated IC Tips here -> Weekend share tips

Financial Times
Ji Sung Park a proper no-nonsense footballer 
Manchester United plans to raise up to $1 bn via a partial flotation in Singapore.

Evolution Group shares jumped 9% yesterday on confirmation by Canaccord Financial that it was considering an approach

The Lex Column

Statoil's latest find will benefit international investors as Norwegians will rely on Statoil to produce even more oil.

The economic growth that was designed to relieve the pain of fiscal adjustment has all but vanished throughout the developed world.

The Independent

Investment Share Tips
Sell Resolution at 268p
Buy John Menzies at 505.5pexpect further growth as industry rebounds strongly - plus at 7x forwards earnings it looks cheap

Buy Highland Gold Mining at 175p - strong balance sheet and previously stated desire for acquisitions, ahead of half-year results next month it seems a steady prospect.

A strange spike down in the charts but now back above the 20 day moving average and the possibility of a golden cross forming (50 day crossing over the 200 day on the way up) - so could be interesting times ahead [Ed the Talking Horse]

Tips from Tuesday
Hold Michael Page at 368p
Buy RSA Insurance at 117.5p
Buy RPC at 330.5p

The Daily Telegraph

In recent months a number of companies, from Prada to Samsonite have chosen to float in Hong Kong rather than London.

The North Sea oil spill may have been reduced to a trickle, but Shell's reputation has already been damaged.

Daily Mail
Anyone hoping the Paris summit would lead to the end of the European debt crisis will be sorely disappointed. Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel have gone for political rather than market solutions.

Motley Fool - 3 companies with dividends rated 'A'

Wm Morrison - (MRW) - fund manager Neil Woodford says “the company remains poised to deliver considerable dividend growth in future years.”


Carillion (CLLN)
Video forecast for this trading week from the 'stock trading master' - stocks further down or back up ?

Monday, August 15

Stock Markets to Crash or Rebound?

Stock Trading - Is the Crash Over?

For the weekend and Investors Chronicle newspaper share tips see - stock picks

The FTSE is up around 20 points so far today and the DOW futures are indicating around 70 points higher at the opening.

The stock markets have fallen sharply in the last few weeks but where are they headed now? Some say back up and that what we saw was just a correction, others say further down, possibly back to the lows we saw back in 2009.

Stock trading master Lance Jepsen is of the second opinion, but whatever you think, it is interesting to watch his analysis of the various stock index charts - so take a look below

It's worth noting that other chartists think we have seen a pullback to the 200 day moving average and that the markets should rebound from here. Oscar Carboni still has his target of 1650 for the S+P this year, and so far sees no reason to change it.

Sunday, August 14

Share Tips in Weekend Newspapers

Stock Market Investing - Sunday Newspaper Share Tips and Investors Chronicle

Investors Chronicle Share Tips from Friday
Tips of the Week:
Buy Prudential at 617p looks too cheap given growth prospects.
Buy Local Shopping Reit at 49p; defensive niche with a generous yield.
Buy Amerisur Resources at 16.5p; significant long-term potential from undeveloped gas and oil assets.
Sell Dixons Retail at 13p; odds are against the retailer.

Keep buying Bellway, at 617p.
Keep buying Novae at 320p.
RSA, high enough at 118p.

Tip Bits:
Keep buying Software Radio Technology, Mears, and Group NBT

News Tips:
Keep buying French Connection at 65p, impressive trading resilience
Rockhopper Exploration still good value at 212p now it has discovered at least one commercial find
Charter International fairly priced at 690p, given Melrose bid uncertainty.
Keep selling Tui Travel at 168p, vulnerable to fragile holiday market.

Results Tips:
Catlin at 388p
Aviva at 352.5p
Rio Tinto at £35.16
Ladbrokes at 128.5p
William Hill at 218p
First Quantum Minerals at £14.05
Fiberweb at 47p
BBA Aviation at 177p
Interserve at 324p.

Premier Foods at 14p
Smith & Nephew at 547p

S&P 500: Mizuho Corporate Bank's Nicole Elliott sees the bear slide continuing.
Daily Telegraph
Questor Stock Picks

Buy Anglo Pacific at 280p
Buy Melrose at 306p

Podcast - Good time to pick up shares for yield such as RSA Insurance - National Grid - insurers/utilities/engineering cos./ - 1 stand out share - Weir Group - makes lots of money from spare parts and servicing oil and mining sectors - fell 25% at one point

The Independent

Friday Investment Share Tips
Buy Lloyds Banking Group at 32.2p
Buy Greggs at 446p

Sunday Telegraph
Cineworld, posts interim numbers next Thursday, second quarter expected to be stronger than first, - at 177.25p - buy for yield and capital appreciation.
Genus at 900p are a long-term strategic buy
IMI group shares are down 18% start of the month, - 860p looks like a good price to buy
Kenmare are still a buy at 44.43p.
Shares in oil producer and explorer Afren have fallen to 110.8p - a buy for exploration upside and because they trade at a discount to the wider sector

Mail on Sunday

Kazakhmys is a long-term buy at 1015p
Hold Axis- Shield.

Thursday, August 11

Share Tips for After the Falls

Stock Market Investing - Magazine and Newspaper Share Tips

DOW fell over 500 yesterday but today we are bouncing for some reason - FTSE is up 55 DAX is up 89 and the US futures are up - so anything can happen !

Shares Magazine

Share Tips

Buy Chariot Oil & Gas at 108p
10 year chart with 50 and 200 day moving average doesn't look good [Ed the Talking Horse]

Buy Blacks Leisure at 14.25p
Buy Spirent at 116p
Buy Misys at 249p

Share Tips Updates -
Afferro Mining
Hogg Robinson
Photo-Me International

Financial Times
Shares in Micro Focus rose 13% after it said talks were underway with private equity investors giving rise to hopes of a takeover.

Paulson & Co's flagship fund, the 3rd largest hedge fund in the world, lost over 10% of its value in the first week of August

Lex Column

Disney earnings miss estimates

If you hear a TV strategist saying the “Fed model” justifies buying equities, then change channel.

S&P says France’s rating is stable based on last year’s pension reforms and this year’s employers and unions joint policy document.


Tesco refuses to pay its fine for price fixing

The Times

Tempus Share Tips

Hold Quintain Estates & Development
Dragon Oil - be patient

The Independent
Investment Column
Buy Vodafone at 155p - it has been knocked into shape into last few years and the valuation is not high at 9.9x
Avoid Sportingbet at 48.25p
Hold French Connection at 64p

The Guardian
HSBC agrees to sell its $30 bn credit card loans portfolio for a premium of around $2.6 bn to US bank Capital One.

Mervyn King's assessment of UK economy did not close route to more fiscal stimulus.

The Daily Telegraph

Mervyn King spells out in detail the dire prospects for the UK economy.

Nicolas Sarkozy orders "general mobilization" to slash France's budget deficit to safeguard country's AAA rating

Questor Share Tips

Buy Weir Group at 1735p - engineering groups should see significant capital expenditure over next few years and recent fall is overdone
Buy International Power at 279.5p - mix of growth and steady income - good in a volatile market

Five quality businesses for when the markets return to normal
Buy Unilever at 1931p
Chart has held up quite well but it has just slipped below the 20 day moving average

Buy GSK ar 1243p
Buy Diageo at 1160p
Buy BAT at 2659p
Buy United Utilities at 565p

Video - Time to Buys Stocks ?

Tuesday, August 9

Stock Market Today

Stock Markets Today - What to Trade?

After starting the day in the green the FTSE and other European markets are now down heavily. The DOW fell 634 points yesterday, Asian markets fell overnight and the FTSE at the moment is down 220 at 4847 (4.4% - it was down more earlier) the DAX is down 358 (6%). We are also having riots here in the UK in case you hadn't heard, with several buildings burnt out.

So what to do ? Well 'stock trading master' made 25% yesterday see his video of what he did yesterday here - stock trading master. Today he is saying to buy silver - something called AGQ in a place called the USA.

He is also saying to wait for a bounce and then short it, now is not the moment to go long.

Newspaper Rumors and Share Tips

For the Investors Chronicle tips from Friday see - IC Tips

Investment Column

Hold Telecity at 450.5p
Buy Chariot Oil & Gas at 124p - they have signed a farm-out agreement with BP to explore for oil off the coast of Namibia
Buy Avon Rubber at 255p - a lucrative 3 year contract with US DoD for filters for the M50 gas mask

The Guardian

Barratt Developments is putting some of its shared-equity loans up for sale. Shared equity loans were issued to homebuyers in recent years to help them accumulate the deposit needed to get a mortgage.

The Daily Telegraph

Questor Share Tips

Gulfsands Petroleum - hold at 179p the situation in Syria is very unclear
Imperial Tobacco - buy at 2060p -

Daily Express

BP makes first move into oil exploration off the Namibian coast, after reaching a deal with Chariot Oil & Gas

Monday, August 8

Stock Market Charts Signals

Stock Market Investing - Where are the markets Headed?

On Sunday I put up a video from 'stock trading master' - time to buy stocks ? in which he advises extreme caution and says that there is even a possiblity that the markets are headed back to their 2009 lows (ouch) and the charts are certainly ugly (Dow futures are awful too with 10 minutes go to the open on Monday).

Here is a slightly different view on what is happening from Oscar Carboni, he too says proceed with caution, but for a slightly different reason, he thinks the markets may still be in an upward trend (albeit only just) based on the trading channel on the charts that you decide to look at, and once they have bottomed it could be time to get back in, it's certainly an interesting point of view and worth taking a close look at. Oscar has also left his call of 1650 for the S+P before the end of the year in tact for now. (If you are in a hurry you can fast forward through the first 5 minutes !) -

Ebooks on Stock Trading

Sunday, August 7

Stock Market Tips for This Week

Stock Trading - Tips in the Newspapers this Weekend

First things first - the DOW futures are down around 180 points at the moment  - 02:30 on Monday morning - second things second you may wish to watch 'stock trading master's' thoughts on where the markets are headed and what he will be buying Monday - here time to buy stocks ?, before you start snapping up all the stuff tipped below !

Investors Chronicle

Share Tips of the Week:
Buy Royal Dutch Shell at £22.62 (down 10% since it was tipped on Friday); appealing to long-term investors interested in income.

Another horrendous chart

Buy Shire at £20.53 for growth potential

Shire has been on an impressive run since 2003 but the drop off in the last few days is also impressive!

Buy Cluff Gold at 102p; about to get a boost from positive drilling results at its flagship Sierra Leone project.

Sell Tui Travel at 186p; too many headwinds in the travel sector

Share Tips Updates: Keep selling Ceres Power now at 32p.

Keep selling Xchanging now at 98p.

Keep buying Vodafone, now at 169p.

Tip Bits: Keep buying Paragon, Elektron, Norcros and Unite but sell Carpetright.

News Tips: Xstrata still good value after buoyant interims, with additional possibility of a Glencore bid

Spirit Pub Company fairly priced at 50p

Afren still a buy at 136p after latest move in Kurdistan.

Vernalis still a speculative buy, given the current momentum.

Keep buying GKN - business case for the shares unchanged after interims.

Amlin fairly priced at 342p after profit warning.

Keep buying 4imprint at 262p, after solid H1

Results Tips: [seem very bullish to me - given the way the markets seem to be headed -Ed the Talking Horse]
Inchcape at 385p;
UBM at 531p;
BAE Systems at 287p;
Rolls-Royce at 643p;
Jardine Lloyd Thompson at 646p;
Quadnetics at 201p;
HSBC at 621p;
Hutchison China Meditech at 450p;
NetPlay at 9p;
Millennium & Copthorne Hotels at 514p;
Elementis at 163p;
Collins Stewart Hawkpoint at 76p;
Zotefoams at 147.5p;
Cookson at 601p;
Centamin Egypt at 108p;
Devro at 265p;
Arbuthnot Banking at 342.5p;
Ferrexpo at 425p;
Standard Chartered at £15.82.

Barclays at 222p;

The Times

: long-term investors might want to buy unloved tech stocks, e.g. Sage, Autonomy, SDL and NCC which all trade at modest valuations.

David Budworth says International Public Partnerships is a defensive hold at 116.5p

The Sunday Times
James Ashton thinks that despite the turmoil in the stock markets, there are lots of stocks that are good value, e.g. Barclays and WPP where directors have been buying shares in recent days.

Greggs may announce better-than-expected results this week and surprise the markets.

Sunday Telegraph

Questor Share Tips:
drip-feed funds into the market in a contrarian perspective, the insurance sector seems particulary appealing - high-yielding stocks rated a buy for their defensive appeal: Aviva (yield 7.7%), RSA Insurance (7.9%), Scottish & Southern Energy (6.1%), National Grid (6.7%), United Utilities (5.6%), Vodafone (5.9%), British American Tobacco (4.7%) and Centrica (5.1%).

The Mail on Sunday

- buy Surgical Innovations at 9.5p, speculative growth stock for investors who are not risk averse

Update: Hold National Grid for income.

Time to Buy Stocks?

Stock Trading - Time to Buy Stocks Again? - See video below

With the sharp falls we saw last week in the stock markets around the world is this time to buy back into stocks at the new bargain basement prices? Especially as Standard and Poors have downgraded the US from AAA to AA+, which some people think is already priced in and based on the adage that you should sell the rumor and buy the fact ? Well I personally don't think this is the time to be a hero and 'stock trading master' Lance Jepsen doesn't think so either.

In his latest video LJ gives a very illuminating analysis of where he thinks the markets might be headed (back to the 2009 lows as it turns out) and he also tells us what he will be doing on Monday to make money from what he thinks will be a falling market. For a slightly different view from another day trader see - time to buy stocks ?

Let's not forget also that the downgrade by Standard and Poors is a huge event, even though some people are trying to downplay it. This is the first time since 1917 that the US has not had a AAA rating ! They said that this was due to 'ineffective, unstable policy making'. Quite shocking really and the Chinese are saying that the world should have a new reserve currency to replace the dollar.

Personally I've been amazed by the stock market's run since the March 2009 low and have been waiting for a chance to get back into the market ! Maybe it will finally come. Note also that a number of stock traders have mentioned that they expect a short bounce followed by further falls before it is time to get back in.

Top-Rated Stock Trading Ebooks

Friday, August 5

Pump and Dump Scam Video

Online Stock Trading - Pump and Dump Scams Caught on Video

What is a pump and dump scam ? It means someone buys a stock then artificially pumps up the price by false promises and analyses and by encouraging traders and investors to buy the stock, knowing full well that the stock is worth a lot less than they are claiming. Once they have pumped up the price they quietly sell out and leave all the investors who they persuaded to buy, holding the can.

It is illegal but that doesn't stop big names getting involved in the practice. This video from stock trading master is most illuminating. Stock trading master is an interesting guy and tells it as he sees it and apparently makes a living trading stocks and shares !

See also the video on how stocks are manipulated by guys with deep pockets - stock charting for beginners

Thursday, August 4

Stock Trading Tips

Online Stock Trading - Shares Magazine and Newspaper Tips

FTSE finished down 191 points - DOW finished the day 512 points down at the low point for the day - where will it all end ? Maria was certainly impressed.

Well according to one trader there should be a bounce then another sharp drop, after which it might be time to think of getting back in to the stock market (that actually sounds a bit optimistic to me, but I am a bit of a misery guts) - BoE and ECB interest rates unchanged (yawn)

Shares Magazine

Share tips
Centamin Egypt (CEY) at 105.8p
Trinity Mirror at 42p
Blinkx (BLNX:AIM) at 111p

Stanley Gibbons (SGI:AIM) at 173p

GAME (GMG) at 27p

10 stocks to hit the big time :-
China Food, Byotrol, dotDigital, Corac, Ferrex, KEFI Minerals, Scientific Digital Imaging, Omega Diagnostics, i-Design and Zetar

Other tips
Animalcare (ANCR:AIM) at 136.5p
Croda (CRDA) at 1,191p
Filtronic (FTC) at 25p
Immunodiagnostic Holdings (IDH:AIM) at 1,201p
Renew (RNWH:AIM) at 73.5p

The Times
Hitachi and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries said to be ready to start merger talks

Tempus Share Tips

Buy Rightmove another excellent performance in H1
Buy Legal and General at 104.5p - they look cheap
LEgal and General 5 year Chart

That break below the 200 day moving average looks ugly says Ed the Talking Horse

Hold Taylor Wimpey - making progress and improved customer satisfaction
Ferrexpo is high enough

The Independent

Investment Share Tips

Buy Legal and General at 104.5p - trading at a 21% discount to embedded value shares offer huge value
Buy Ferrexpo at 429.3p - fall is a good buying opportunity
Hold Capital and Counties Properties at 181.3p

Daily Telegraph

Questor Share Tips

Compass, the largest food service company in the world, has proved resilient but share price has shown weakness recently due to gloom in the stock markets and strong comparisons in the future. Defensive play in turbulent times, Buy at 551.5p

Almost convinced gold to reach $2000 by year end - There is an uncanny correlation between the price of gold and the US debt ceiling. As the gold price has tracked the ceiling whenever it has been raised over the last 30 years. A hedge against inflation and the weakening of currencies.

Misys under pressure yesterday on fears its US suitor was going to withdraw from £1.5 bn takeover

Financial Times

Evolution's shares surge as it reveals it is the subject of a takeover approach

Defence of Italy and Spain will decide eurozone future.

Do professional institutional traders manipulate stock prices ? Take a look at this informative video - stock trading warning

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Wednesday, August 3

Stock Trading Beginners Beware!

Stock Charting for Beginners - A Salutary Lesson to be Heeded if you Value your Money!

Watch this very interesting video below on stock charting by self-declared 'stock trading master' Lance Jepsen. It is interesting for a couple of reasons, firstly, stock trading master said (before the week started) that this week the stock markets would be in a weak downward trend, well he was right, apart from the fact that the downward trend is probably stronger than expected.

The second point he makes is, however, more intriguing. He says something that lots of people have long believed, namely that professional traders with very deep pockets can and do manipulate share prices to their own advantage. Some of stock trading masters own stock recommendations, he says, have been hit by professional traders deliberately targeting them so as to create forced sellers or hit people's stop losses and then they buy back the shares and make a whole load of money from the poor suckers who had to sell.

Stock trading master's share tips are provided free of charge BTW.

However, a more illuminating example that he quotes is that of Mark Skousen. Mark Skousen is a well-known economist/tipster/trader who sells subscriptions to his newsletter for $1000 a year apparently. Well, just recently he recommended a stock for purchase (AGNC American Capital Agency Corp.) that was trading at $28, and set his stop loss, for all his  subscribers to see, at $24. Strangely the stock had its very own "flash crash" as Mark Skousen himself describes it on his website.

The price plummeted from $28 down through the stop loss target of $24 (thus triggering more sells) and finally reached a low of the day at $22. After reaching this low it promptly turned around and shot back up to finish the day at $27. A lot of people in the know no doubt made a lot of money, while another load of people following Mark Skousen's advice lost a load of money. Stock trading master says he never posts his targets and stop losses when he posts his tips because he knows the games the instituional traders play.

Market manipulation that should be investigated by the SEC says Lance Jepsen. I won't hold my breath on that one says Ed the Talking Horse, but proof, if ever it was needed, that the stock market is a dangerous place to risk your hard earned cash when you don't have access to all the information.

Lance Jepsen's site is here http://www.guerillastocktrading.com/

For more info. on stock charting see - the basics about stock charts

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The FTSE finished the day down 133 points at 5584 - the Dow is currently down over 100 points again.  For an interesting video on how professional traders apparently manipulate the markets to fleece the unsuspecting see - stock charting beginners beware

The Times

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Don't chase Barclays shares higher

Barclays 5 year stock chart with 50 and 200 day moving averages

The Barclay share chart is starting to look very ugly IMHO [Ed the talking horse] - after recovering from the lows back in March 2009 they now appear to be dangling in the ether below their 200 day moving average (which is never a good sign) with the momentum dragging them back down - many banking stocks are the same BTW much as they were back in late 2007.

Avoid Hargreaves Lansdown.


The eurozone’s rescue fund needs more flexibility to protect Italy and the Greece rescue package may need to be rewritten even before it hits the eurozone statute books.

The Independent

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Buy Cookson at 597p - There are concerns but Cookson remains fundamentally strong - putting recent volatility aside, at their current levels the shares look undervalued.
Buy Devro at 262p -
Buy Umeco at 364p - down 30% since January but are a good long-term prospect.

The Daily Telegraph

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Buy Centamin Egypt at 109.5p - After the fall in the share price yesterday the shares are trading on a December 2011 earnings multiple of 9.3x falling to 7.2x next year. The shares are a risky, speculative buy due to the world-class quality of the Sukari gold mine. This is however a single-asset company operating in a region with political risk

Buy Weir Group at 2072p - despite the high17x earning rating they are still a buy.


There are fears in bond and equity markets that Italy and Spain could be the next to get a bail-out and that the global economy is heading for the famous double-dip recession as the spotlight moved from the USA back to the eurozone crisis.

Financial Times
EMI could attract bids of over $4 billion; which means Citigroup could recoup about 75% of the money it lent for the private equity buy-out in 2007.

The Chinese are coming - Cheung Kong Infrastructure, controlled by billionaire Li Ka-shing, is to buy Northumbrian Water.

The Lex Column

Xstrata has performed well in H1 but faces hurdles in H2.

Barclays looking cheap - discount looks too deep as investors appear very cynical about the future of Barclays' investment bank.

Daily Mail

Britain’s building societies have been slashing mortgage rates and offering attractive savings deals

Northumbrian Water, bought by Li Ka Shing, offers handsome profits and dividends.

For more info. on stock charting see - the basics about stock charts

Tuesday, August 2

Tuesday Newspaper Stock Picks

Online Stock Trading - Newspaper Tips

The Times

China’s factories are at their lowest level of activity for 28 months

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Buy Ultra Electronics
Buy Xchanging.

The Independent

Investment Column Stock Picks

Buy Intertek at 1990p
Buy Hornby at 137p
Avoid Rentokil Initial at 89.5p.


HSBC’s move away from the UK has begun. The bank will cut 30,000 jobs but will it also move its HQ 6,000 miles to Hong Kong?

Financial Times
Cooper Industries walks away from takeover talks with Laird after refusing to improve their offer of 220p a share

Macarthur Coal open to offers valuing its business at nearly A$5 billion after rejecting a A$4.7 billion bid from Peabody and ArcelorMittal.

The Daily Telegraph

Fears of a double-dip recession on both sides of the Atlantic dash hopes that Europe's summit deal in July would contain the crisis.

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Buy Hammerson at 472.5p
Hold HSBC at 607.5p
Caretech speculative buy at 128.5p - Traders believe Mr Griffiths may be involved in a management buyout and the company may be bought for 180p a share. For the more adventurous - could be worth a punt. Buy
Jardine Lloyd Thompson sell at 643.5p