Saturday, December 17

Is Fitch Ratings Agency French?

Is Fitch Ratings Agency owned by the French?

France and other countries have just been downgraded by Standard and Poor's ratings agency. France is now rated AA+., but it is worth remembering in all the hoohah and the whingeing by the French about US ratings agencies and God knows what Anglo-Saxon plot to downgrade the worthy and infinitely superior French, that one of the so-called US ratings agencies, Fitch, is actually majority-owned by French holding company Fimalac.

Fimalac, is a holding company that was set up by and is led by Marc Ladreit de Lacharrière (they don't come much more French than that - Enarque, billionaire, grand'croix de la Légion d'honneur). He controls the Banque Mutuelle Industrielle, and Fimalac controls FACOM, CASSINA and FITCH (ratings agency).

It currently has operations in three business areas, the first of these being: -

Fitch Group, which is 60%-owned by Fimalac alongside the Hearst Group. Fitch Group is a major financial services operation with a strong presence in the ratings sector (Fitch Ratings).

It has operations in over 50 countries and an average of 3,007 employees.

The French government's reaction to the possibility of a downgrade by the ratings agencies was both staggering and confused. On the one hand they claim that is is not important (despite the fact that their interest rates will rise as a result) and on the other hand they jump up and down and stamp their feet and complain to 'Sir' that those beastly perfidious English should be downgraded first. Dear oh dear.

On top of all that it turns out that one of the ratings agencies is majority-owned by a French company! Perhaps no-one told Sarkozy. Given his obsession with controlling everything, perhaps he should nationalize it?

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Wednesday, December 14

Newspaper Stock Picks and Tips

Newspaper Share Tips Week Dec 12

For video of week's trading ahead see - stock charts for beginners

Daily Telegraph

Questor Share Tips


IG Index- buy at 465.5p -

Petrofac - buy at 1443p - upgrade slightly above analysts' expectations - strong pipeline of new opportunities at its engineering, construction, operations and maintenance unit and its integrated energy services division - company's stated dividend policy is to pay out 35pc of net income. With revenues and profits rising over the next few years, this would imply the dividend will grow sharply - City is very upbeat on Petrofac's prospects, with an average price target of £17.40.


Pearson - hold at 1128p

CSR - hold at 183p


BG Group - buy at 1348p - rumours of the sale of part of the Brazilian oil assets in the coming weeks, Chinese state-controlled oil company Sinopec being named as a possible buyer - also a rumour that Shell or Exxon would buy BG Group - Questor is sceptical about Chinese rumour. LNG demand is likely to rise next year due to Japan, China, India, Latin America and Middle East - Italian group ENI recently announced a huge gas find in Mozambique in a block adjacent to BG’s Block 1 acreage, situated offshore Tanzania
- fundamentals are solid.

European Goldfields - potential bid approaches from a number of companies - got permits and funding - - still a buy

Platinum better than gold in 2012 - platinum usually more expensive than gold - (Anglo American obvious play but risky so can't recommend it) - but can buy platinum ETFs - Aquarius Platinum average price is 45% higher than now. Gold is going up may reach 2000 in 2012 but platinum is better bet.


Tempus Share Tips

Imagination Technology is a strong hold.

Pearson - hold but buy on weakness

The Independent

Investment Tips

Buy LSE (London Stock Exchange) at 780p

Buy Burford Capital at 123.5p - this fund finances litigation, raising money and lending it to those pursuing cases with the chance of a big payout. Recession proof.

Investors Chronicle Share Tips from December 9
Medicx Fund at 75p
UltraElectronics at 1,459p
Troy Spectrum Fund O Shares at 133.54p
HSBC at 512p
Thomas Cook at 16p

Sunday, December 11

Stocks Shares Charts Analysis December 12

Stock Markets for Week Starting Dec 12

Video from stock trading master, he is worth listening to. He says we are basically trading sideways and stock traders should be on the sidelines unless and until 1292 is broken on strong volume to the upside on the S&P.

Stock trading master says it like it is ! So I listen to his stock predictions and his stock chart analysis. Particularly useful for beginners to stock trading to see what people look for when carrying out technical analysis of stock charts.

Monday, December 5

Stocks and Shares for the Week Ahead

Newspaper Stock Picks plus Video for Next Week's Trading

A video from 'stock trading master' giving his thoughts on stock trading for the week ahead. Very interesting look at the stock and index charts.

Newspaper Share Tips

Daily Telegraph

Questor Share Tips

Buy Petra Diamonds at 126p - trading on a June 2012 earnings multiple of 11.2 times, falling to 7.6 in 2013 and 4.7 in 2014. First tipped by Questor in October 2009 at 68p they are still a buy.

The Independent

Investment Column Share Tips

Buy Tesco at 406p
Buy Consort Medical at 530p
Buy Telford Homes at 74p

Daily Mail

Midas Share Tips

Minera - (mining in Peru) - short-term may be a problem but over next five years could be very rewarding.
Chaarat gold - not for the cautious but the adventurous may want to have a punt

For Laslo Birinyi's stock picks for 2012 see - 2012 Stock Picks

Saturday, December 3

Stocks and Shares Newspaper Tips

Stocks and Shares Tips and Picks

How Warren Buffett Picks Shares - you can fast forward the first 2 minutes

For Laslo Birinyi's Stock Picks for 2012 see Laslo Birinyi Stock Picks


There are in the region of 6 billion mobile phones on the planet, almost 1 each (but some of us are still holding out!) but only 2 million subscribers to 4G networks, mainly in the US and the Far East. Anite, provides mobile phone companies with the equipment they use to test new phones and networks. Tempus has tipped them again, as a long-term buy an dhold.

Buy May Gurney says Questor .

Centrica - there seems little downside risk - it may take time, but the shares should start to pick up again says Tempus.

The Independent
Investment Share Tips

Buy Tesco at 406p
Buy Consort Medical at 530p
Buy Telford Homes at 74p

Investors Chronicle stocks and shares tips


William Sinclair at 155p
Worldspreads at 44p

Sell Rangold Resources at 6,480p
Sell International Consolidated Airlines at 143p


Tempus - Shaftesbury, - assets consist almost solely of shops, restaurants and bars in London's West End. A long-term hold if you think the London economy will continue to outperform.

Cineworld looks like a good bet says Tempus .

Buy RPC says Questor - for future growth

The Daily Telegraph has picked five Christmas retail shares to buy, and five to avoid.
Buys are
Carphone Warehouse, Next, Asos, WH Smith and US online co. Amazon

Dixons, Home Retail, Carpetright, GAME, French Connection and Marks & Spencer

Questor - hold Gem Diamonds if you are already an investor. Gem has revealed it has approved expansion of its 70% owned Letseng mine in Lesotho There may also be bid interest from Graff Diamonds.

The Independent
Investment Share Tips

Hold Shaftesbury at 501p
Buy Hogg Robinson at 55p
Buy Gem Diamonds at 200p

Shares magazine stocks and shares tips

Inchcape at 307.8p
Kentz Corporation at 470.1p
i-Design at 59p
Rangold Resources at 6480p
Kedco speculative buy at 2p
Goldplat at 11.75p

Stock Charts for Beginners

Friday, December 2

Five Stock Picks for 2012

5 Stock Picks for 2012 by Laslo Birinyi

2012 will soon be upon us and the FTSE, DOW, Nasdaq and S&P will no doubt be in for a torrid time. Here are some stock picks from Laszlo Birinyi founder and CEO of Birinyi Associates for 2012 - to buy and hold. Laslo Birinyi says you should buy the following stocks and hold them for 2012. Stocks that are somewhat protected from current economic issues.

General Motors (GM) - a long shot
Black Rock (BLK) - they write ETFs
People's United Financial (PBCT)
Hermes International (RMS.PA) - most iconic brand in the world
Research in Motion (RIMM) - another long shot