Monday, January 30

Stock Picks for 2012 ?

Stock Picks for 2012

FTSE down 51 points at the moment - DOW and Nasdaq to open lower (currently down 91 points) - see

Bob Doll from Blackrock has just been on CNBC - he likes the healthcare and energy sectors and stock picks he pecifically mentioned were United Healthcare, Chevron and Conoco Philips. He also likes high dividend stocks with good free cash flow that can raise their dividends higher.

Share Tips from the Motley Fool

The Motley Fool is well-known for its sage advice - here are ten of their latest stock picks for 2012 including well-known FTSE large caps and a selection of smaller companies.
Tesco Store

  1. Tesco - After its 20% slump in one day many people, including yours truly and Warren Buffett think it could be a good punt, but it may be worth waiting a while to see which way the wind is blowing. It could drop back as far as 275p (currently 320p) - unlikley though IMHO.
  2.  Invensys
  3. Man Group
  4. RSA Insurance
  5. Miners - Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton
  6. Balfour Beatty
  7. Devro
  8. Teva Pharmaceuticals
  9. GVC Holdings
  10. Punt of the month -Camco
For all the details and check out -

Tesco 3 month chart

Also from Mr Griffin who picks eight FTSE 100 shares he thinks are worth taking a close look at.

Company P/E Share price

Pearson(PSON)12.5 1,155p
Rolls-Royce(RR) 11.8 733p
Diageo(DGE) 14.3 1,418p
GlaxoSmithKline(GSK)10.5 1,427p
WPP(WPP) 9.8 737p
BG Group(BG) 13.2 1,404p
Johnson Matthey(JMAT)13.8 2,021p
Rio Tinto(RIO) 6.7 3,798p

For more stock picks for 2012 see this short video Five Stock Picks for 2012