Wednesday, January 18

Zynga a Good Investment?

The Zynga IPO - Is Zynga a Buy?

Here's an interesting video by 'stock trading master' about the Zynga IPO. Zynga make games like Farmville for places like Facebook, that some people (although not as many as you might think) actually pay real money to play. How many people actually pay to play Zynga's games? All is not as it seems. Check out what Mr Pincus really thinks. Some people think investing in stocks and shares is a much better game than Farmville.

This video may concern Zynga but it is actually worth bearing in mind for all IPOs. During the famous dotcom bubble privileged investors were allowed to buy stock in IPOs on the condition that they then bought more stock after the IPO to give the stock price a massive boost on the day it went public.

Zynga floated at $10 and is now worth $9.22.

Also, did you know the French already have their own  ratings agency ? It's called Fitch