Wednesday, April 4

Time to Sell Stocks?

Sell Signal on the S&P500

According to our old friend 'stock trading master' the MACD sell signal was triggered yesterday, which this means that the best 6 months of the year are over and it is time to exit, but no need to panic or rush. The more aggressive traders out there may want to start shorting stuff, but STM will no tbe doing that, for reason he explains in his video below.

The DOW is down 104 to 13095 today so far (oops now down145), the SnP is down 10 and the Nasdaq is down 28 to 3084, the FTSE is also down 77 to 5760.

Gold is also down to its lowest level since January 10. It's got to be a bubble when you see gold bar vending machines springing up in underground stations and hotel lobbies ! At least that what I thought six months ago, and to be fair to myself gold hass not been going higher over the last 6 months.

TESCO (TSCO) on the other hand are looking good, at some point they will look very good and I will buy some! Results coming soon and I don't like buying stocks before results, so hopefully they will slump and I can get in cheap when the results turn out to be not too bad. Then I can pop out and get that tux I've had my eye on - just 55 euros !