Tuesday, June 5

Good Buy and Hold Investments

Stocks to Invest in for the Long-Term

Buy and Hold Dividend Stocks to Boost Your Retirement

The stock market appears to closed again here in the UK so while you are waiting here are some stocks as picked by the Motley Fool. A further tip if you are new to this game, according to Warren Buffett's system you should also re-invest the dividends, thus benefitting from the effects of compound interest. After 30 years you may be a billionaire !

Johnson & Johnson (JNJ.US)
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)
Unilever (ULVR).
Diageo ( DGE) Coca-Cola (KO.US)
Tesco (TSCO), - especially since its been hammered in recent months. Down over 20% on poor results - but Buffett bought a shed load so if you've got a wheelbarrow then it may be time to help yourself - though personally I'd wait till they get down around 270p [Ed.]
City of London Investment (CLIG), lots of cash flow and 6.4% dividend

7 more shares with a dividend yield over 6%
Resolution (RSL) - 9.8%
Aviva (AV) - 9.3%
RSA Insurance (RSA) - 9.1%
BAE SYSTems (BA) - 6.9%
AstraZeneca (AZN) - 6.7%
ICAP (IAP) - 6.5%
SSE (SSE) - 6%

'Legendary investor' Neil Woodford likes the following for the long-term

British American Tobacoo
Imperial Tobacco
Reynolds American