Monday, February 13

Billboard Ads to Pay Your Mortgage

Get your Mortgage paid with billboard ads from Adzookie

Get your mortgage paid for you with Adzookie.

All you have to do is have the front of your house turned into a billboard! Adzookie say they are looking for houses to paint and to turn into giant billboards. In exchange, they are offering to pay your mortgage for every month that your house remains painted.

What are Adzookie looking for?

Turn your home into a billboard to pay the mortgage
You must own your home - no rentals or leases. They will paint the entire outside of the house, excluding the roof, the windows and awnings. They will need around 3 - 5 days to finish the paint job. Your house must remain in its newly acquired painted state for at least 1 month and the agreement may be extended up to 1 year. If you decide to cancel the agreement after 1 month or if Adzookie cancel it, they will repaint your house back the way it was.

In these hard economic times getting your home loan or mortgage paid for a year seems like a pretty good deal, and you also get you house repainted! So check out the link to Adzookie or Brainiacs from Mars in the sidebar.

Sunday, February 5

Stocks Shares Trend Next Week

Stocks and Shares Trends for Next Week

'Stock trading master' is long the market and very optimistic about next week and beyond ! Unfortunately biochemical processes make older people more negative as the brain breaks down (his words not mine).

Nasdaq at highest levels since December 2000. DOW, SnP and Nasdaq are all in strong uptrends - bulls have strong advantage for next week.

Could be entering a 'dartboard market' i.e. no matter what you pick it will go up (that would be cool if it were true for people like me!).

Indicators suggest major institutional buying.
Could finally be time to fill yer boots ?!

A lot of the bullish optimism is caused by the good jobs report on Friday that shows the US market is getting back on track and also the fact that interest rates will remain low until 2014.

Some Recent Share Tips from the Newspapers
Investors Chronicle

AMEC at 1,007p
Burford Capital at 127p
Buy Asian Citrus at 37p

PZ Cussons at 304p

2 February 2012 - Shares Magazine

Shares magazine
British Land at 490p
Buy New World Oil & Gas at 9.4p
Buy Rank at 129.9p
Buy Sanderson at 40p
Buy Lavendon at 72.2p
Speculative Buy
Pennon at 694p

5 February
Daily Telegraph
says BUY Compass at 624.5p
3 February
Buy Unilever
Buy Imperial Tobacco


JD Sports Fashion remain a BUY at 6.7 times forecast earnings.
Burberry's shares also remain a long-term hold.
Burberry 5 Year Chart with the 200 Day Moving Average in Red

Avoid HMV.
N Brown is a hold.
Sports Direct - wait and see - could be one to buy on weakness.
Caution advised on on SuperGroup, despite its slight bounce back

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