Wednesday, April 18

Tesco's Results May lead to More Value

Tesco's Results - Could do Better

Tesco's share price has slumped in recent months - today it is holding its own on a mixed bag of results.

Tesco 2 month chart

Bear in mind that Warren Buffett bought a few million shares at around 320p a few months ago. I have been waiting for them to dip below 300p but I'm not sure if that will happen. But today's results were not stellar by a long chalk - here is the Motley Fool's summary - they also advised buying them when they were at 321p.

The price today has bounced around between 335p and 327p

1. Revenue rises Sales growth was strongest in the US (up 27%), at Tesco Bank (+14%) and in Asia (+11%).
2. UK sales stagnate After 20 years of powerful progress, Tesco has (temporarily?) stalled in the UK. 3. Margins mixed
4. UK store growth to slow
5. Profit creeps up
6. Earnings increase
7. Dividend raised
8. Cash flow up
9. Net debt steady
10.Pension deficit explodes by over 40% to £1.4 billion,

CEO Philip Clarke said
"Whilst our International business is delivering excellent growth... we fully recognise that we need to raise our game in the UK."
Worth the risk On balance, the MF thinks that Tesco is still worth buying at 329p

Personally I'm still waiting for sub 300p :-)

Tuesday, April 10

Stock Charts Indicate Time to Step Aside

Time to Get on the Sidelines

Stock trading master is a good guy who talks a lot of sense, in his most recent video he says to get on the sidelines, into cash. The signals are mixed but this may well be the start of a downtrend, not time to start shorting stocks but time to close any open positions while you are still in profit and get on the sidelines as we wait to see which way the markets are headed. He also gives detailed analysis of his reasons - which is very useful for anyone trying to understand stock charts.

Newspaper Share Tips Updates 2012

Newspaper Share Tips and Updates for 2012

Questor's 2012 Share Tips have been doing rather well, but then so has the stock market as a whole. Here are his 6 selections and updates
A 507 carat diamond from Petra Diamonds
Petra Diamonds +45%  - still a buy.
EnQuest +39% - sill a buy rating
Informa +20% - shares are still a buy.
Centrica +8% - buy.
Shanks +7% - shares still a buy.
Kier Group -19% - buy.
Recent tips from Questor
29 March
Buy Kenmare Resources at  47.3p

28 March
EnQuest  buy at  129.6p
RPC - a buying opportunity
Independent Share Tips for 2012
Nine out of 10 of their stock picks are up
Providence was a gamble that paid off as it doubled in value
Burberry has gone global
JD Sports Fashion shares have surged.
William Hill,  remains a solid earner with a good yield.
Amec should have a place in almost any sensible portfolio.
Intermediate Capital has risen and should continue to do so.
Lloyds Banking Group shares looked to have fallen to ridiculous levels, although they are still risky
The only loser was African Barrick Gold, but there's still room for a recovery,
Selections from the papers's 8 professionals produced a positive return of 13%  from - Telecity, GlaxoSmithKline, Salamander Energy, Shell, Imperial Tobacco, Corero Network Security and Burberry (twice).
Investors Chronicle from 5th April  - Share Tips
Lamprell (LAM) at 340p
Berkeley (BKG) at 1,334p
Hilton Food (HFG) at 293p
United Drugs (UDG) at 178p
Unicorn Income A Inc at 148.87p
Sunday Times
International Power - rejected a bid of 390p a share from GDF Suez - smart money says a modest bump to the price, 10p or 15p, will be enough to win out.

Last but by no means least Robbie Burns' latest forays into the market on 28 March
Bought some more Kentz (KENZ) 429 - Kentz could be taken out sometime in the next 2 years possibly around 650p - the results were fine and it continues to look cheap with lots of cash. It could go down in a down market patience may be required.

Bought some Optos (OPTS) at 219p - problem is huge resistance at 225p. - if 225 can be breached then 250p looks on the cards. If it falls back to 210p- ish he would buy some more.

Shorted Wolfson (WLF) - at 188p - always a risk shorting a tech stock but a tight stop will limit the damage if any

Wednesday, April 4

Time to Sell Stocks?

Sell Signal on the S&P500

According to our old friend 'stock trading master' the MACD sell signal was triggered yesterday, which this means that the best 6 months of the year are over and it is time to exit, but no need to panic or rush. The more aggressive traders out there may want to start shorting stuff, but STM will no tbe doing that, for reason he explains in his video below.

The DOW is down 104 to 13095 today so far (oops now down145), the SnP is down 10 and the Nasdaq is down 28 to 3084, the FTSE is also down 77 to 5760.

Gold is also down to its lowest level since January 10. It's got to be a bubble when you see gold bar vending machines springing up in underground stations and hotel lobbies ! At least that what I thought six months ago, and to be fair to myself gold hass not been going higher over the last 6 months.

TESCO (TSCO) on the other hand are looking good, at some point they will look very good and I will buy some! Results coming soon and I don't like buying stocks before results, so hopefully they will slump and I can get in cheap when the results turn out to be not too bad. Then I can pop out and get that tux I've had my eye on - just 55 euros !