Sunday, September 30

Where Now for the Stock Markets?

Where are the Stock Markets Heading ?

The stock markets have been generally up since early 2009, which is very annoying for anyone not in the markets and also slightly incomprehensible given the turmoil in world economies over recent years (which still does appear to be finished).

Over the last couple of days however the markets have been in a very slight downtrend, and there hass been more turmoil in European economies, so where are the stock markets headed next?

According to day trading expert Oscar Carboni the downtrend is over and the S+P headed back up again. Check out his reasoning and analysis of the charts below.

For a more general analysis of stock charts and how to interpret them take a look at the old school chartist's basic analysis of trend lines and what to make of them.

The trend is your friend they say, so  understanding the trend is very important if you want to make money stock trading based on the charts.

For more information on trading using stock charts see - stock charts basics

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Thursday, September 6

Dump Facebook for Yelp?

Dump Facebook Invest in Yelp

Unlike Facebook, shares in YELP soared 64% on their opening day back in March from their opening price of $15.

Yelp is an online consumer-review site and it's price has held its own around $25 while Facebook has been slumping over 50% and some say it is on its way to $10. Mr Zuckerberg has said he will not sell his shares for 1 year but apparently he initially said, before the float, that he had no intention of selling any shares at all.

Yelp makes money from advertising (don't we all! Maybe I should float on the stock market). Most of their ads come from the local businesses that are reviewed by the users. In 2011, it had revenue of $83.3 million, up 74% from 2010. Still, it had a net loss of $16.7 million last year and $9.6 million the year before. gets 66 million monthly unique visitors and had 25 million reviews at the end of 2011. People used the company's mobile application, on 5.7 million mobiles a month. There is a possibility however that Google and Facebook "could grab more of the local advertising pie".
Visit to see more great charts.

My feeling is that at some point Yelp will be bought out by a bigger shark, maybe even Facebook?