Friday, September 26

Rare Earth Minerals - the future is lithium?

Rare Earth Minerals - worth a punt?

First things first - take a look at the 6 month chart

It's been consolidating since it spiked up from 0.6p to almost 2p - so there is potential!

Second things second - what a better chartist than me says about the charts

Third things third - here is a summary of what the Motley Fool has to say about Rare Earth Minerals

Rare Earth Minerals – Amazing 2014, but not done yet and could rise further.

3 reasons why you might want to consider an investment in REM (current price 1.43p).

1. Demand for lithium is on the increase

  • Rare Earth’s principal commodity is lithium. Lithium is essential in today’s world.
  • The company says demand for lithium ion batteries in electric vehicles will more than quadruple by 2020!
  • Demand for ‘smart-grids’ will also drive demand.
  • Global demand for lithium should double by 2021 and continue growing indefinitely.
  • As world becomes ever-more interconnected, notably due to the rise of the ‘internet of things’, demand for lithium ion batteries will surge. Rare Earth Minerals assets specifically focus on lithium.
2. Greenland

  • REM has exploration licenses in Greenland.
  • It has just been announced that these contained gold and silver deposits that were unidentified up to now, plus rare earth elements.
  • REM has major plans for these prospects, and the company is probably on the verge of finding a huge resource at the underexplored location.

3. Diversification

  • Rare Earth Minerals has a number of other projects under development, having acquired interests in lithium prospects around the world i.e. Mexico and Australia, thus reducing risks.
  • REM owns a share in the company operating the license thus further reducing risks.
  • It recently increased its holdings in Bacanora and Nevada Lithium Co.

REM has lots of attractive qualities but is still in the early stages of development. Therefore things could go wrong, or the share price could x 10 over time. DYOR etc…

There appears to be resistance at 1.6p on the charts, so you might want to watch it carefully to see what happens. After the recent announcement of gold in Greenland the shares spiked up above 1.6 but fell back quite quickly, so a gamble but not a very risky one IMHO!

Fourth things fourth - David Lenigas is the Executive Chairman and he generally knows what he is doing.

Monday, September 22

Audioboom about to fly?

Audioboom about to boom?

Audioboom has an interesting chart and there are interesting rumours about news on the way - a tech company that could be going places. Take a look at the chart From 4p to 16p in the last few months -but some say it should be at 640 ! That would be nice we shall see what happens tomorrow (Tuesday 23rd)


Audioboom used to be called Audioboo and has been described as the Youtube of audio - so it's a tech company that lots of people like wasting their time on and that may be bought out for billions by a bigger tech co. some way down the line - that's about as much as I know! It's also like Soundcloud apparently, only better and therefore should be worth the same or more.

 Audioboo works with some of the biggest names in sports and media, such as: NFL clubs, the English Premier League, AFL (Aussie Rules) and major broadcasters such as Southern Cross Austereo, YEA Networks & the BBC. The Audioboo platform allows our partners and ordinary users to bring their content to millions of listeners worldwide via our site, embeddable players, mobile applications, Facebook & Twitter. Audioboo also allows the monetisation of audio via the dynamic insertion of pre- and post-roll advertising - even into Twitter and Facebook.

Oh and Robbie Burns (Naked Trader Man) likes it and he is usually pretty reliable and seems to have the luck of the Irish ! He's also just published the latest edition of his Naked Trader book

Sunday, September 7

Aminex and MXO on the move at last!

Aminex and MXO on the Move

[Update 19th September : On 12th September AEX rocketed up 75% in one day! To a high of 2.35p - so a move from just under 1p to 2.35p in just a few days. Well done to all those who followed it all the way to the top! Since then it  has come back slightly to around 2.15p - so where it goes from here is anyone's guess - one to watch, but I'm not in it at the moment. I'm still in MXO though which showed some interesting movement again today]

Back in July I mentioned Aminex (AEX) as being one to watch as a possible very interesting recovery play, - Aminex - well it finally made a significant move last Friday (5 September) when it moved in the region of 30% after a presentation of the 4th
The new interpretation, over the Ntorya discovery, shows that Likonde and Ntorya are connected at the Cretaceous level and based on the recent 2014 seismic programme, management estimates of the resources have increased from 1.2 Tcf to 1.9 Tcf (Pmean GIIP). Jay Bhattacherjee, Chief Executive Officer commented: "We are highly encouraged by the results from the seismic programme. The increase in resource confirms the world-class potential of Ruvuma, which is being proven in the offshore blocks. We look forward to updating shareholders with our developments."
chartists will note that there is 1st resistance @ 1.375 with 2nd resistance @ 1.505. Monday could be an interesting day as one tipster, after recommending it as a buy at 1.83p and watching it collapse to below 0.8p is now saying it is a sell at 1.25p after a surge from .9p ! (It is now at 2.15p - he should recommend more sells if that is the effect he has!)

Sounds like a tipster who really knows his stuff ! Checkout the 9 month chart - note the volume - 5% of the total number of shares traded in 1 day apparently

Another share that is also well on the move is MXO

up from 4p to 4.6p in 2 days with the promise of a lot more to come - heading towards 20p according to some, well that would be nice ! At just over 1p AEX probably has the greater potential but it also offers the greater risk! MXO seems a safer bet but both look like they could be very interesting.