Thursday, February 5

Malcy's Bucket List of Oil Stocks !

Malcys Bucket List of Oil and Gas Stocks

Malcy was on explaining his Bucket List of 14 oil/gas stocks - here are my brief notes taken during the video - for full details check out here - Bucket list

premier oil - pmo - well-financed - well-hedged - no need for more cash - fantasitc long-term gas contracts in Asia

faroe - fpm - no need to raise money - good management - exciting exploration program

ithaca - iae - stellar to add to production - well-hedged - no need to raise money - cash flow will increase dramatically

cairn energy - cne - game changing stock - very excited about Senegal - lots of cash - legal dispute in India not important

bowleven - blvn - used to be bearish turned bullish in summer - deal to farm out to Lukoil - fingers crossed cash will come in - more than 28p in cash coming in - Cameroon has high demand for gas

sound oil - sou - Italy - only does onshore gas - 2 or 3 developments producing gas already all overheads covered - masses of upside - high quality management - one of the best in the pack

caza oil - caza - good cash flow

pantheon - panr - on shore USA - need to hire rig and drill if it goes ahead potential is huge

rockhopper - rkh - confirmed falklands drilling in March, 5 prospects at least - rkh not up much yet - undervalued

hurricane energy - hur - misunderstood by market - thought they would need money - they do not need any money at all - will be farming out acreage - upside is huge if Lancaster goes ahead

genel - genl - Kurdistan is most exciting place in the world for oil - massively increasing production - Miran is jewel in the crown as it will produce gas - Turkey will buy the gas 20 quid/share in due course

gulf keystone - gkp - thinks it will be taken over - already producing worth a lot more than 50p/share

veolcys - vls - small scale in USA - will do well even with low oil price - one for the radar screen

alkane - alk - coal mine methane - well-managed - power producer