Monday, February 9

Stock Market Today - Pull Back before further upside?

Markets expected to pull back before heading on higher (says Oscar)

In Oscar Carboni's latest video he says he expects to see a slight pull back in the markets (could be just 1 day or possibly 2 or 3 days) before they turn around and head on higher through the recent triple top. Looking for some stock picks from the newspaper stock pickers - check out here recent Newspaper Share Tips On the Flowgroup front - they have launched their marketing campaign!
the ability for customers to avoid the upfront cost of a Flow boiler is a key attraction. The Flow boiler costs £3,675 and can either be bought outright or financed over five years at a cost of £4,529.89 through our finance partner, Zopa. Over the same period, Flowgroup delivers fixed reductions in the customer's home energy bill each month that amounts to £4,800, which more than covers the cost of the Flow boiler itself. These packages have been designed to encourage adoption of this ground-breaking technology.
Here's the chart - why didn't I buy at 29p?