Tuesday, February 17

Markets Heading Higher ?

Where are the markets headed?

Oscar tells you ! Expects a dip at the open in the US then to buy the dip for a recovery during the day - we shall see For some small caps news and good-looking charts see - Small Caps Want to know what the newspapers are tipping ? Check out here - newspaper tips

Small Cap Rising Charts

Latest Small Caps from Chartist Zak Mir

Kenmare (KMR), Madagascar , Red Emperor, Union Jack (UJO)

And Greka (GDL), Oxus (OXS), Richland (RLD), SolGold (SOLG)

Another 2 tiddlers you might like to consider and that are recovering/improving quite sharply at the moment are MXO and UKOG - both rising on rumours of news on the way

MXO 6 month chart

UKOG 6 month chart

For shares tipped recently in the newspapers click here - Newspaper Share Tips

Sunday, February 15

Newspaper Share Tips

Some Share Tips from the Newspapers

TEMPUS - Times

Tempus says to buy ARM - dividend outlook is quite positive - bid may be successful - BUY Buy Babcock and Halma

MIDAS - Daily Mail

Unite has been good to shareholders and this is expected to continue says Midas says. Solid long-term home. Buy

DotDigital trading update shows revenues up 31% in the 6 months to end of December, and emails sent by dotDigital clients rose 52% to 2.6 billion. Analysts expect a 30% rise in revenues to £21.4million and an increase in profits of 44% to £5.2million and £8.6million next year. They also pay a dividend, Midas says Buy.

Questor Questor repeats hold recommendation on BT from September.

Investors Chronicle - Friday 13 February

Sell Aggreko (AGK) at 1,629p Sell Biotech Growth Trust (BIOG) at 710p Buy CRH (CRH) at 1,753p Buy Quartix (QTX) at 145p - Robbie Burns also has QTX as a buy - back in January he said "Quartix issued a steady update, - Energy Assets has won a decent metering deal with Westminster Council, one of many to come I suspect and directors are buying after it said revenue was up but its meter deal with BG was moving slower than expected. I am staying put for the long term here." Buy 32Red (TTR) at 48p

Wednesday, February 11

Markets back in Bullish Mode

The Brief Dip in the Markets Appears to be Over

Oscar says the pullback is over and admits he made a mistake ! Also intends trading Actavis (ACT) on the NYSE - a bull flag forming and reckons ACT is heading higher. Some small caps to consider - small caps

Small cap charts and the Sky is falling!

Bulletin Board Heroes from Zak Mir

DP Poland (DPP), Mosman (MSMN), Octagonal (OCT), Union Jack (UJO)

How to use the RSI (Relative Strength Index) in chart analysis - basically buy when the RSI moves up above fifty and sell when it dips below 50

Interestingly SKY's RSI has just fallen through 50 (the price is down4% to 919p) - due to its paying a lot of money for its football rights - so it might be worth watching to see when it gets back above 50 !

Tuesday, February 10

Penny Stock Charts

More Small Caps from Zak Mir's Charts

Asia Resource (ARMS), Clean Air (CAP), Plutus (PPG), Sareum (SAR), Savannah (SAV) UKOG is looking interesting again after finally getting above the resistance at 50p on rumours of rumours in the City - we are awaiting an RNS !

Here is also Oscar Carboni's expectations for the markets in general - triple tops usually get taken out after a brief dip - so he is expecting a brief pullback - so trading on Tuesday should start off to the downside (in the US) - (got to say +93 on the DOW at the moment doesn't look too negative but we only been open 10 minutes  - things can change)


More info. on UKOG

A list of interesting cheap oil stocks - Oil stocks

And Poundland - which may be interesting if it pulls back from its recent highs

Monday, February 9

Stock Market Today - Pull Back before further upside?

Markets expected to pull back before heading on higher (says Oscar)

In Oscar Carboni's latest video he says he expects to see a slight pull back in the markets (could be just 1 day or possibly 2 or 3 days) before they turn around and head on higher through the recent triple top. Looking for some stock picks from the newspaper stock pickers - check out here recent Newspaper Share Tips On the Flowgroup front - they have launched their marketing campaign!
the ability for customers to avoid the upfront cost of a Flow boiler is a key attraction. The Flow boiler costs £3,675 and can either be bought outright or financed over five years at a cost of £4,529.89 through our finance partner, Zopa. Over the same period, Flowgroup delivers fixed reductions in the customer's home energy bill each month that amounts to £4,800, which more than covers the cost of the Flow boiler itself. These packages have been designed to encourage adoption of this ground-breaking technology.
Here's the chart - why didn't I buy at 29p?

Sunday, February 8

Newspaper Share Tips / Picks

Some Newspaper Share Recommendations / Tips / Picks

Midas analyses French wine maker Domaine Chanzy, that is joining AIM via crowdfunding to raise money for the flotation. Crowdfunding is a novelty and not without controversy. But wine enthusiasts might like a tipple.

The company is a leading producer of Burgundy wines. The shares will be priced at 120p and the minimum investment will be just £10. But if you apply for 1,000 shares or more will be get substantial discounts, such as 30 per cent off a bottle of £16.95 wine or over 40 per cent off Premier and Grand Crus.

Shares will be allocated on a first come, first served basis over the next seven weeks. Novelty value and der Megreditchian seems sensible, but the wine industry is unpredictable - a good punt for wine lovers but they should not bet the farm on it.

The Sunday Times 'Inside the City' says investors think GSK may be about to turn a corner, with some interesting drugs to come particularly in the immune-oncology field. Verdict: Sounds like a long-term cure for Glaxo’s ills.

The Sunday Telegraph Questor also looked at GlaxoSmithKline saying it has a number of catalysts that could lift the shares this year. Expanding vaccines business - forming a consumer joint health venture with Novartis - plans to spin off and list ViiV Healthcare, in which it has an 80 per cent stake. He says the shares look cheap on a number of measures. Currently trading on 16 x forecast earnings, which is a 20 per cent discount to peers Novartis and Roche.

Shares now offer a 5.5 per cent prospective dividend, have by and large missed the rally of the past six years and the dollar strength should help. Verdict: Buy

Questor says Vodafone remains an attractive takeover target for US rivals. Thinks Vodafone has used the cash from the Verizon Wireless business sale wisely. It is looking to gain an edge on competitors by spending £19 bn upgrading its network through its ‘Project Spring’ program.

Questor says it is a solid long-term hold as you can get 4.8 per cent dividend yield while waiting for a potential US bid.

Other shares to consider - FLOWGROUP or POUNDLAND

Friday, February 6

Time to buy Flowgroup ?

Flowgroup tempting at new lower price !

Shares Magazine today recommend Flowgroup as a BUY. Shares in Flowgroup (FLOW:AIM) have collapsed by over 20% in 2 weeks but Shares Magazine believes the market has got it wrong, thus creating a fine buying opportunity.

Flowgroup launched its mCHP boilers on 26 January after years in development. But at a £3,675 price tag, investors appear to be presuming they are too expensive. The company issued an announcement on 28 January saying it was ‘not aware of any reason causing this. (the slump)’ Shares Mag believes the slump is due to a fundamental misunderstanding.

The core selling point to potential customers is in fact to be able to get a new mCHP boiler for no upfront cost, via financing provided by partner Zopa at a typical overall cost of £4,529.89, including interest. Customers will probably switch their energy supply to Flowgroup, and sign over their feed-in-tariff for five years, the company calculates average energy bill savings of £960 a year, and they get a new boiler. SM says this remains compelling to the approx. 1.6 million households that need to replace their boiler every year.

CEO Stiff reckons his company could supply as many as 480,000 units each year into the boiler replacement market. ‘We remain confident that our marketing programmes will continue to generate interest in what we expect to be one of the most revolutionary products in the home energy market,’.

This ambition appears to be supported by a firm commitment by manufacturing partner, the $4 billion global group Jabil Circuit to make no fewer than 500,000 units over the next few ears.

Shares Mag says : A potential game-changer energy company whose smart boiler technology and supply business heats homes, generates low carbon electricity and helps cut customer bills. An already compelling sales proposition will get better still as unit volumes drive down the boiler costs, and we see scope for the shares to rally strongly in 2015 towards.

Robbie Burns was also into these but sold for a small loss, he said however that at these new prices he could be tempted to buy back in. Me too! The price has already bounced back from 29p.

Poundland also looks tempting - Poundland

Check out too Malcy's list of 14 oil stocks that could prove a good investment - oil stocks

Poundland Takeover of Rival

Poundland to Buy Poundland -1

Poundland, a stock I always intended taking a look at and never did, floated on the market in 20014 at 300p (not open to Joe Public if I remember right) and is now trying to take over rival 99p Stores for £55 million in a deal that would make it one of the biggest retailers on the high street.

After the floatation the price went up down up and down again to 300p. It then bounced around for 9 months before starting to move in early January and has now risen from 330p to 410p in just over a month. It's almost as if someone knew what was happening beforehand!

The deal is agreed but needs the approval of the Competition and Markets Authority.

If successful Poundland would have more stores than WH Smith's and would be bigger than both Aldi and Lidl.

The founder of 99p Stores, Nadir Lalani, will pocket £47.5 million plus a further £7.5 million worth of Poundland shares.

Investors reacted positively with shares up 8% to 386.4p. They have risen nearly 30% since joining the stock market last year and the company is now well on its way to the 1000 stores CEO Jim McCarthy stated he wants.

"This is a good deal for both businesses and will benefit customers and shareholders. Through working together, Poundland will improve choice, value and service for 99p Stores’ customers, bringing Poundland’s proven know-how and range to 99p Stores. We also believe that we can improve the performance of the 99p Stores estate and generate further value for Poundland’s shareholders. We look forward to working with the CMA as it undertakes its review."

Pound stores have seen a boom in popularity since the downturn in 2008 and continue to gain customers.

Poundland's Christmas sales rose by 9.8% to £328.4 million.

Price wars between Poundlands and 99p Stores had seen prices reduced to 95p and 94p, presumably that will stop.

Poundland’s plans to open a further 60 stores this year are unchanged.

The sector is booming, there is less competition, Poundland has more stores, they are making money, what's not to like!? Except the share price, which might fall back a bit (hopefully), in which case I will buy a few million.

Flowgroup also looks tempting at its current price - Flow

Thursday, February 5

Malcy's Bucket List of Oil Stocks !

Malcys Bucket List of Oil and Gas Stocks

Malcy was on tiptv.co.uk explaining his Bucket List of 14 oil/gas stocks - here are my brief notes taken during the video - for full details check out here - Bucket list

premier oil - pmo - well-financed - well-hedged - no need for more cash - fantasitc long-term gas contracts in Asia

faroe - fpm - no need to raise money - good management - exciting exploration program

ithaca - iae - stellar to add to production - well-hedged - no need to raise money - cash flow will increase dramatically

cairn energy - cne - game changing stock - very excited about Senegal - lots of cash - legal dispute in India not important

bowleven - blvn - used to be bearish turned bullish in summer - deal to farm out to Lukoil - fingers crossed cash will come in - more than 28p in cash coming in - Cameroon has high demand for gas

sound oil - sou - Italy - only does onshore gas - 2 or 3 developments producing gas already all overheads covered - masses of upside - high quality management - one of the best in the pack

caza oil - caza - good cash flow

pantheon - panr - on shore USA - need to hire rig and drill if it goes ahead potential is huge

rockhopper - rkh - confirmed falklands drilling in March, 5 prospects at least - rkh not up much yet - undervalued

hurricane energy - hur - misunderstood by market - thought they would need money - they do not need any money at all - will be farming out acreage - upside is huge if Lancaster goes ahead

genel - genl - Kurdistan is most exciting place in the world for oil - massively increasing production - Miran is jewel in the crown as it will produce gas - Turkey will buy the gas 20 quid/share in due course

gulf keystone - gkp - thinks it will be taken over - already producing worth a lot more than 50p/share

veolcys - vls - small scale in USA - will do well even with low oil price - one for the radar screen

alkane - alk - coal mine methane - well-managed - power producer

Small Cap Charts by Zak Mir

More Small Cap Chart Analysis by Zak Mir

Bulletin Board heroes - Active Energy (AEG), UKOG (UKOG), West African (WAFM), Zincox (ZOX)

UKOG might finally be getting back on track - see the video presentation by Steven Sanderson here - UKOG presentation

Questor in the Daily Telegraph says to sell Hargreaves Lansdown

Hargreaves’ shares currently trade on more than 28 times forecast earnings per share. Hargreaves is a successful, profitable company with a 3.3pc forecast dividend yield that was given a 4pc boost at the interim stage – ex-dividend March 11 and paid April 10. Questor recommended selling the shares at £13.45 on February 5 last year, and they have fallen 29pc since then. The current price is still too expensive. Sell.

3-year chart

Wednesday, February 4

Video : Are the bulls back in charge of the stockmarket ?

Oscar's Take on the Markets

You gotta admire his energy ! I get tired just typing this blog !

Check out too Zak Mir's small cap charts analysis

Zak Mir Technical Analysis

Zak Mir's Small Caps Technical Analysis

Zak Mir's Bulletin Board Heroes

Beowulf (BEM), Forte Energy (FTE), Vast Resources (VAST)

See also - UKOG Video

a video presentation of UKOG's oil reserves and potential by Steven Sanderson

UKOG Video Presentation - Oil and Gas in the UK !

UKOG - UK Oil and Gas Production

Video presentation by Steven Sanderson (and David Lenigas) to show the potential of Horse Hill and the Isle of Wight for the UK.

Horse Hill has an amazing implication for the UK - a real paradigm shift for the UK govt. - says David Lenigas the CEO. So at 0.45p per share this could be a very good time to get involved !

And here's the 1 year chart - looks like it is recovering and could cross over the 50 day moving average (the thick black line) soon.

Tuesday, February 3

Bulletin Board Heroes Charts

Zak Mir's Bulletin Board Heroes - Chart Analysis and Argus Research Tips

Concha (CHA), Falkland (FOGL), Plutus (PPG), Rockhopper (RKH)

Amphion (AMP), Bowleven (BLVN), MX Oil (MXO), Sable (SBLM), Sefton (SER)

News is expected soon from MXO - hopefully good and we can get the price back to where it should be ! i.e. above the price I paid for them. Crude oil price may also continue to recover - although with the Saudis you can never be sure.

John Eade of Argus Research says:
Buy Amgen AMGN
at around 150 target 185

Buy Chubb Corp. CD
Highly profitable insurance stock - buy at 98 target 115

Monday, February 2

Stock Markets due a pull back ?

Are the stock markets heading for a pull back ?

Oscar Carboni thinks this might be the case. Check out his latest video update below - you might want to turn your volume down first !

For a slightly different view take a look at the Oldschoolchartist's analysis who says we are in a state of indecision in the S&P - doesn't think this is a major market top so as long as people feel that there is risk then things can keep on moving up

Sunday, February 1

Sunday Newspaper Share Tips 2015

Newspaper Share Tips - February

Here is a selection of juicy share tips for your consideration - with a pinch of salt of course - and some charts to see how they ahve been doing recently.

Daily Mail

Midas says Buy Grainger shares (GRI) - they were 250p last spring but are now 194p due to fears re. housing market and political uncertainty as we approach a General Election in the UK. Reaction overdone. Practically all its homes are reasonably priced and even its London properties are on average less than £500,000. Trading statement may reassure nervous investors.

Sunday Telegraph

Jim Slater recommends AIM shares that you can invest in without having to pay inheritance tax, provided they have been held for 24 months at the time of death. They might be interesting of course even if you don't plan on dying anytime son.

Clinigen - he bought a few more at 500p

And has also recommended Breedon Aggregates and CVS Group.

They should do well in the long term (so it might be worth waiting to see if they fall back a bit first).

Breedon Aggregates at 47p - it is a favourite of star fund manager Neil Woodward, price to earnings ratio (p/e), is high at 25, but next year’s spectacular prospective growth rate is more than 30pc and very good long-term prospects.

CVS Group at 472p - another of Peel Hunt’s 17 top growth picks, - operates veterinary practices and diagnostic businesses, pet crematoria and an online pharmacy - excellent free cash flow which it often uses to make acquisitions to increase its network of surgeries. Shares have a high p/e ratio of 21, but forecasts of strong growth are likely to be revised upwards as “like-for-like” sales were up by 8.7pc in the first 4 months of their financial year.

Sunday Times

Smith &Nephew being stalked by Stryker ? (they make hips and bone saws and bandages for post-surgery).
Scale helps - no shortage of demand. Americans will need a lot of new hips. Buy.

Some Newspaper Share Tips for 2015

Investors Chronicle

Growth tip for 2015 - St Mowden Properties (SMP) - Buy at 394p
Value tip for 2015 - Pace (PIC) - Buy at 338p
Reliable tip for 2015 - Hill & Smith (HILS) - Buy at 577p

Questor Share Tips for 2015

Imperial Tobacco
Smith & Nephew

Telegraph Share Tips for 2015

Avon Rubber
Tullow Oil
Just Retirement
J Sainsbury

The Guardian

CityFibre at 63p

Hargreaves Lansdown 

(a very fine broker - much better and more reliable than TDWaterhouse (plague avoid like the)

TalkTalk (for the shares presumably not the broadband service !)