Friday, February 19

UKOG - Lots of oil In SE England near Gatwick !

The Horse Hill Gatwick Gusher has started gushing - live video provided by the Horse Hill oil protesters

The flow tests carried out by UKOG on the oil fields under the Sussex countryside in the UK have been extremely encouraging so far. The share price is still cheap (2.15p) and lots of people are expecting big things to come from this penny share - it may take time to get to the high end of expectations 50p, 100p and beyond, but a short-term rise would seem quite possible up to around 3 - 4p in the near future. David Lenigas ex. UKOG Chairman is very upbeat in his latest post
"When the BBC’s energy correspondence John Moylan, announced at 7.03 am on April 9 last year, that there could be 100 billion barrels of oil in the Weald Basin south of London there was uproar. Not celebration. Not thanks. A kind of un-British scorn, cynicism and disbelief."
I would say that the scorn and cynicism is in fact very British, it's what a lot of people in Britain use to get through the day, trying to believe they are smarter than everyone else by dismissing everything as rubbish, but be that as it may, the oil is there and it is flowing under its own steam, without even the need for a pump. David Lenigas goes on
"Will Horse Hill be commercial? In my opinion – heck yeah. 450 barrels of oil per day and two more zones still to test. I’ll take that any day. The next step to transform this oil find in to a monster find is to drill a horizontal well and really up the oil output. Maybe even 18-20 horizontals from the same site. This is what the world is doing these days. Check it out on Google – It’s called Octopus drilling." Watch the Horse Hill tankers coming out of the site and being slowed up by the Horse Hill protesters live via video link