Monday, July 18

Penny Stocks that Might Rocket ?

Here are a couple of penny stocks that might rocket

For an update to this post see Penny Stocks that Might Rocket

1. Highland Natural Resources (HNR) They have just come out with an RNS today. Share price collapsed since May but now starting to rebound. "Market Investor" says we are witnessing an

"Exhaustion Gap Reversal" "with an end of day close today above the earlier July exhaustion gap at 21.5p" as long as we don't close below 20.5p, then there could be "further significant upside" back to the "50 day moving average at 39p" by the end of next month (August). "Dips back towards 21.5p and the gap top can be regarded as buy opportunities."
Current price 27p to buy - so I might wait to see if I can get them a bit cheaper before leaping in.

2. MXO
This has started to move after a disastrous few months/years - a number of Chinese investors have taken rather large stakes recently at around the 0.85p mark (they claim to not know each other) Current price 1.05p to buy

Billions of barrels of oil under the South East of England - more long term as various tests and permits still need to be carried out and obtained - but Theresa May (UK Prime Minister) recently said oil and gas were very important for the UK economy - after slumping the price has not been going anywhere for a while, but we are expecting big things when things do finally start moving - DYOR etc... Current price 1.45p to buy

NB: They are all risky penny stocks so don't gamble with any money you need to feed the family etc....!Penny Stocks that Might Rocket